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from Southold, Ny
to Salem, Nc
The Heritage of the Hortons

Descendants of

Barnabas Horton

Generation Index

Generation One - Barnabas (1600-1680)
Generation Two - Caleb (1640-1702)
Generation Three - Barnabas (1666-1696)
Generation Four - Caleb (1687-1772)
Generation Five - Captain Nathan (1720-1807)
Generation Six - Colonel Nathan (1757-1824)
Generation Seven - General William (1756-1845)
Generation Eight - Captain Alexander Hamilton (1831-1890)
Generation Nine - Dr. Phineas Edgar (1872-1940)
Generation Ten - Phineas Edgar, Jr. (1900-1971)

War/Pension Records for Nathan Horton (1757-1824)

More Horton Heritage
  • Aerial View Of Horton Pt, Southold
  • History of Southold, LI, NY
  • Southold Homes of the Hortons
  • Horton Point Lighthouse
  • Tablestone of Barnabas
  • Will of Barnabas (1600-1680)
  • Will of Benjamin (1627-1690)
  • Will of Caleb (1640-1702)
  • Will of Caleb (1687-1772) 
  • Elizabeth Eagles - "Belle of Broadway"
  • Obituary/Resolution for Capt. Alexander Hamilton (1831-1890)
  • Tributes to Phineas Edgar Horton (1872-1940)
  • Memoir Of Carrie Beard Horton (1889-1960)
  • Legislative Service of the Hortons of Western NC
  • God's Acre - Old Salem
  • Wedding of Phin Jr. & Frances Medearis
  • Memoir of Phineas Edgar, Jr. (1900-1970
  • News Articles - Phin Jr.
  • Old Salem - Past and Present
  • "Signs" of Old Salem
  • North Carolina & Horton Genealogical Links
  • Reunions of Winston-Salem High School
  •           Class of 1916 
  •           Class of 1917
  • Thanks

    Branches and Twigs of the Nc Horton Tree

    Medearis Family
    Beard Family Generations 1-5
    Beard family Generations 6-8

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