The Horton Point Lighthouse, Southold, LI, Ny

Pen & Ink Art by Anthony Montague
15 East Cedar Street Central Islip, NY 11722

Built in 1856, first lit in 1857. It's third-order light, moved to a skeletal structure in 1933, was returned to it's tower and recommissioned by the U.S. Coast Guard in 1990.   The light was originally fueled by whale oil and kerosene with no electricity until after 1900.  The "green" light is working up to this day. During World war II the Coast Guard used it as an air watch station.  Overlooking Long Island Sound, the building and property, abandoned by the Coast Guard in 1933, was acquired by the Southold Park District, and was cooperatively restored with the Southold Historical Society, which now operates the Horton Point Lighthouse Marine Museum.

For further information please visit the web site Horton Point Lighthouse and Nautical Museum maintained by Robert G. Muller.

- An Interesting Web Site to visit - 

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