Generation Seven

General William (1786-1845)

    General William Horton married Mildred Amelia Dula (a second cousin to Tom Dula about  whom the song “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley” was written).  He and “Milley” moved from New River to the Yadkin Valley near the mouth of Elk Creek in Elkville, Ashe County (now Wilkes County) where he acquired large acreage and up to 75 slaves.  William was a Brigadier General of the Ninth Brigade, North Carolina Militia and as a “prominent citizen” he represented, successively,  Ashe, Wilkes and Watuaga Counties in the State Legislature for fourteen years.

GENERAL WILLIAM7 HORTON  (NATHAN6, NATHAN5, CALEB4, BARNABAS3, CALEB2, BARNABAS1)1 was born August 15, 1786 in New River, Wilkes County, Nc2,3, and died November 29, 18453   He married Mildred Amelia Dula4 Abt. 1814, daughter of William Dula and Theodosia Beasley.  She was born January 08, 1792 in Wilkes County, Nc5, and died September 12, 18695 Both are buried in the Horton Cemetery, Wilkes County, Nc5.

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