The Will of Benjamin Horton
Will of Benjamin Horton

的n ye name of God Amen, febr ye 19 1685-6, according to the computation of ye Church of England, I Benjamin Horton, in ye County of Suffolk in ye Province of N. Yorke on Long Island, being in perfect memory, doe make & ordain this my last will & testament. 的tem. - I give to Caleb Horton & Josuha Horton & to Johnathan Horton & Mersey Youngs 80 bushels of wheate & Indian, 20 swine, 20 sheep, to be devided to them four alike. 
的tem. - I give my house & land & meadows except my Meadow of Common over the River to the Sacrament table yearly for evermore. 
的tem. - I give to  my friend Thomas Tusten one lot of the common meadows over the River, and a coate cloth that is at Stephen Bayles, and the corne that is more than the 80 bushels I give to Thomas Tusten. 
的tem. - I give ten oxen for a bell for the meeting-house to call ye people together to worship the Lord God.
的tem. - I give the rest to the poore.
的tem. - My man Joseph one cow, one gun, one sheep & his time, to be out next may day.
的tem. - I give to my sisters my wives cloathes to be divided to them two.
的tem. - I give all the rest of my goods to my brother Joseph Horton.
的 make my brother Joshua Horton sole executor of this my last will and testament, revoking all other wills & testaments, to see all my debts paid.

釘enjamin Horton.

1683. History of Suffolk County, New York with Illustrations, Portraits, & Sketches of Prominent Families and Individuals; New York: W. W. Munsell & Co., 1882, pg. 28

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