The Will of Caleb Horton
     In ye name of God Amen I Caleb Horton of Southold in ye county of Suffolk on Nassau Island in ye province of N. York Yeoman being in good health of body & of soud & perfect memory praise be therefore given to Almighty God do make and ordain this my last will & testament. In manner & form following - That is to say first & principally I commend my soul into ye hands of Almighty God hoping through ye merits death & passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ to have full pardon of my sins & to inherit everlasting life & my body I commit to ye earth to be decently buried according to ye discretion of my Executors hereafter named & as touching ye disposition of all such temporal estate as it hath please Almighty God to bestow upon me I give & dispose thereof as followeth - First my mind & will is yt all my just debts & funeral charges be duly & truly paid & discharged by my Executors - Item _ I do devise give & bequeath unto my beloved wife Hester forty shillings yearly & every year to be duly paid unto her by my Executors in goods provisions wheat & meal at price current as it passeth from man to man as long as she shall remain my widow & also my executors are to cart all ye firewood she shall have occasion of for her use she to be only at ye charge of cutting ye same at some convenient place on ye lands yt was mine & also she have liberty to keep 20 dunghill fowls during her natural life or widowhood all which is over & above w is expressed & agreed upon in writing under hand & seal bearing the date ye 26 day of April 1699.  I do give devise & bequeath unto my son Jonathan Horton all my lands meadow houses barn orchards gardens & yards on ye neck it now standeth on ye Southside of ye highway (excepting fifty acres I purchased of Jeremiah Veile as low as Spring) also I give my son Jonathan all my creak thatch purchased of Mr. Tuthill Senr & Mr. Thomas Mapes & also sixty acres of land more or less adjoining to ye land of John Cleaves & also two fifths of my great lot of land adjoining to ye land of Thomas Tusten on ye West & West side of said great lot that remaineth mine two fifths to be enjoyed by my son Jonathan when he shall attain to ye age to twenty years old & to his heirs & assigns for ever to enjoy occupy & improve & posses all & every part & parcel of ye aboves premises (except what is excepted) in his & their own proper right use & behoof provided of sed land & meadow before he shall attain to ye age of twenty three years old & he my son Jonathan to duly fulfil & perform what agreem I made with Hester my wife before our marriage & also what is herein bequeath unto her in this my last will & testamt. & for ye better enabling my son Jonathan to perform ye injunctions aboves to my widow I do give & bequeath unto him two oxen & two cows & one iron hake he to have his choice out of ye three & half my husbandry implements of all sorts (excepting my log chain) also I give my son Jonathan my great table & ye form belonging & my great Bible & a book upon ye deceitfulness of mans hearty by Jeremiah Dike & a commentary upon ye Revelation sby David Pareus & one flock bed bolster & covering belonging & and one great chair & half ye hogsheads barrels & corn casks & ye loom & what tackling belongeth to ye same - Item my and & will is yt if it soe happen that my son Jonathan die without issue then my son David & his heirs &  assigns to enjoy all ye premises he died possessed of - Item - It is my Will & mind yt my son Jonathan shall live upon ye farm bequeathed to him if it happen yt I die before he come to ye age of twenty one years & make ye best improvemt that he can to defray ye injunctions laid on him but in case he shall neglect to improve ye same my Executors shall have power to let it out to ye best advantage for ye use above until he shall comply provided they let it out but for one year at a time & what overplus may be shall be for Jonathanís use.  Item - I do give devise & bequeath unto my son David Horton fifty acres more or less which I purchased from Isaac Willman of Síhampton & also ye meadow which I purchased from Jeremiah Vaile so low as ye Apring up to ye highway as it was excepted above in my son Jonathanís part also three fifths of my of my great lot being ye Eastwrad part of ye sd lot adjoining to ye land of John Reeves & bounded by ye south North on ye South by ye land of my son Jonathan on ye West also forty acres more or less in ye fort Neck & ye meadow I purchased from Joseph Youngs  adjoining to ye sd. Land & also ye meadow and Creek thatch purchased by me from my brother Joshua Horton lying in ye Fort Neck also a second lot of meadow I purchased from Coll. John Youngs deceased.  Also a second lot of meadow I purchased from Mr. Christopher Youngs deceased lying and being in ye great meadow of Cortchaugue all & Every part & parcel of ye aboves premises I give to my son David Horton & his heirs & assigns for ever to occupy posses & enjoy after he shall attain to ye age of 21 years neither shall attain ye age of twenty three years but in case my son David happen to die without any lawful issue of his body begotten in wedlock nor any of the lands alienated then all ye sd lands & meadows to return to my son Johnathan & heirs and assigns forever - Also I give unto my son David one bile & a commentary on ye ten commandments & a book entitle ye Excellency of holy carriage in evil times by Mrs. Burroughs also a sermon book by Mr. Jeremy Turner also two oxen three cows one horse my log chain half my husbandry implements & my small eight square table one iron hake & half ye hogshead barrels corn casks - Item - I do give devise & bequeath unto my grandson ye eldest son of my son Barnabas deceased all my right of upland in Occabaugue divisions and all my shares and allotmts of meadow on both sides Peaconnecke River all & every part thereof to be enjoyed & possessed by my grandson Caleb & his heirs & assigns forever - I do give devise & bequeath unto my daughter Mary ye wife of Nathaniel Teryy one first lot of Commonage & a lot of upland in ye last division of ye old town bounds to have & to hold forever to her & her heirs & assigns forever - Item - I do give devise & bequeath my youngest daughter Phebe Horton a box & what is in it which was her motherís desire before her decease - Also I give her a feather bed bolster curtains & valens & two pillows with covering & all furniture belonging & one iron pot which I shall appoint & one small iron pot about a quart & one brim pewter basis yt was her grandmothers & one iron hake one box iron & heaters & two cows - Item - My mind & will is that my grandson Barnabas Horton shall be put after my decease to William Whitier until he shall attain to ye age of one and twenty years old to learn ye art & trade of a weaver & to learn to read & write in the consideration thereof my executors are to deliver to William Whitier a cow out of my estate when he shall receive ye boy he ye sd Whitier to return to ye boy at expiration of his time he is to live with him another cow as good but  in case William Whitier do not see cause to accept ye boy then my Executors are to put him to some good place to be educated & brought up to ye childs benefit according to their best discretion - Item - It is my mind & will yt my son David after my decease shall be put to Mr. Joshua Wells to live with him until he attain to ye age of twenty one years old, Mr. Wells to profit him in his reading and learning him to write & instruct him in carpenter work but if Mr. Wells refuse I leave my son to disposal of my executors according to their best discretion for my sons good - Item - My mind & will is that my daughter Phebe shall live with her sister Hester Mapes until she shall attain to age to make choice of her Guardians but if Jonathan Mapes see cause not to accept I leave it to ye executors to dispose of her to one of her sisters but let Jonathan Mapes have ye first refusal & those of her sisters she shall live with may & shall have ye use of her two cows & the three cows bequeath to David & use all of ye meadows given to David until she shall attain to ye age of fourteen years to choose her guardians they returning ye principal good again for ye use as they are bequeathed - Item - I do give devise and bequeath unto my two sons Jonathan & David my grandson Caleb Horton all my wearing clothes to be equally divided between them three - Item - I do give & bequeath unto my son David Horton the feather bed I lye on after my wife Hester is remarried or deceased which shall first happen together  with furniture shall there to it -  Item -  My will and mind is yt all my just debts shall be truly paid & also necessary charges yt may arise about ye premises to be paid by my executors out of my moveables estate yt  is not yet already bequeathed or disposed of by any contract or this my last Will & testamt. saving grain & provisions necessary for my wife & those yt shall remain in ye family - Item I do give devise & bequeath unto my five daughters & one grandchild (vize) Mary ye wife of Nathaniel Terry, Hannah ye wife of Ensign John Booth, Hester ye wife of Jonathan Mapes, Abigail ye wife of Benjamin Moor, & Phebe my youngest daughter & Barnabas Horton my grandson all my moveable good and chattels of what kind or nature soever within doors or without except what is given & bequeathed by contracts or aforesd in this my last Will and Testmant. & it is to be understood that my beloved wife if to have her choice first of ye household goods for her use during her natural life or widowhood according to our agreemt before marriage & afterward that part is also to be equally divided between my five daughters & grandchild aforesd & my mind is that my widow shall have ye use of ye warming pan during her widowhood & what estate or goods my wife Hester brought with her or have brought since or shall hereafter bring of her own estate or yt was hersí together with all her wearing clothes of what sort soever she or any of her children shall have free liberty to take & dispose of ye same at their will & pleasure & to remove them at or before or after her decease without any molestation - Item - It is my mind & will yt my Executors may be careful to preserve ye timber on Davidís and make use of none but what may be of pure necessity until he come to enjoy it himself - Item - I do hereby make authorize & appoint my son Jonathan Horton and Nathl Terry & John Booth to be my whole & sole Executors of this my last Will & testamt & do hereby revoke & call back all former wills & bequests & do by these presents appoint this only to stand in force for my last Will & Testamt. Witness my hand & seal this 30th Decr 1699.

Signed sealed & declared by Caleb Horton to be his last Will & testamt in presence of us
 Thomas Mapes
 John Goldsmith
 Stephen Bayley 

Taken from Early Long Island Wills of Suffolk County, 1691-1703, pgs. 245-252

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