The Tablestone of Barnabas Horton (1600-1680)

     It seems unlikely now, as was so long claimed, that Barnabas brought with him the 5x3 foot slab of slate that rests horizontally on a stone base 18 inches above his grave which is located in the old burying ground an easy stone's throw from and within clear view of what was his former home.  The same fine-grained slate, called bluestone, is used for grave markers in Leicestershire.  More recent speculation states it was imported at a later date from Mouseley in Leicestershire.

Barnabas is said to have written himself all of the following epitaph, except the Biblical quotation, inscribed on the stone.

Here Lyeth Buried The Body of
Here slepes my body tombed in its dust
Till Christ shall come & raise it with the just
My soulís assended to the throne of God
Where with sweet Jesus I make my aboad
Then hasten after me my dearest wife
To be pertaker of this blessed life
And you dear children all follow The lord
Hear & obey his publick sacred word
And in your houses call upon his name
For oft I have advisíd you to the same
then God will bless you with your children all
And to his blessed place he will you call.

Hebrews H & Y 4

He Being Dead Yet Speaketh

Also at his feet lie the remains of his youngest
Jonathan Horton
The first Captain of Calvary
in the County of Suffolk
He died Feb. 23, AD 1707, AE 60




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