Death of Capt. Alexander Hamilton Horton

“Capt. A. H. Horton, one of the landmarks of Wilkes County died at his residence in Wilkesboro Monday night, 15th inst. at 9:30 o’clock, after a lingering illness of several months.The cause of his death was heart trouble. For several weeks his life had been despairof, laying as it were in a balance liable at any moment to go down.But he battled manfully against the Pale Horse, and at times it looked like that he might conquer.But he gradually grew weeker under the constant conflict, and at last was overcome.The fitful dream called life was over.

The funeral service will be conducted by Rev. R. W. Barber, to-day, 17th at 2 o’clock at the Presbyterian church, of which he was a member.

His remains will be interred Thursday at 10 o’clock at the Horton Cemetery at J. T. Horton’s in Caldwell county, it being the old family burying ground.He will be buried with Masonic honors.

Capt. Horton was born Dec. 30 1831. at the old homestead on Beaver Creek, this county, and was 58 years, 11 months and 15 days old at his death.He was the son of Gen. Wm. and Mildred Horton.There were six brothers and five sister of the family, of which 4 brothers, Lee, Nathan, James, and Rufus, and 1 sister, Mrs. Bower. still, live, the others having died in the last few years.

He was married, Sept. 8th, 1863 to Mary J. Vogler, of Salem, and leaves behind his wife and two sons.

In the year 1861, Mr. Horton volenteerd in Capt. Bynum Carmichael’s company, from this county.Carmichael being soon after promoted, Mr. Horton was elected Captain of the company.He soon after become afflicted with a severe sore leg and was discharged from duty on that account.He then returned home.Cormichael had been elected Clerk of Superior Court in 1861, and had left I.S. Call as his deputy.In 1862, Carmichael was killed leaving the office vacant, and Capt. Horton, was appointed by Judge Kerr to fill the unexpired term.At the election of ’64, he was a candidate for the office and was elected, but soon after in ’65, the offices were all declared vacant, when the provisional government was established.At the fall term of superior court, held by Judge Mitchell, Capt. Horton was again appointed Clerk.At the election of 1866, he was again a candidate for the office, but was defeated by G. S. Brown, who held the office for 8 years.Again in 1874, he was a candidate against Brown and was elected.He ran again in ’78 and was elected.In 1882, he again ran.This time he was defeated by Mr. I. S. Call, by about 200 votes.He ran for the Legislature in 1884, but was defeated.

He was an honored and faithful member of the order of Free Masons, and was one of the oldest members of old Liberty Grove Lodge, of Wilkesboro.

Capt. Horton was a kind, social, genial gentleman, loved and honored by all who knew him.In his death, Wilkes loses one of her best and most remarkable citizens.His is not a loss alone to relatives and friends but to the country.Our deepest sympathy is extended to the bereaved family.”

(Special cor. Of State Chronicle)

“Winston, N. C., dec. 20 - Several of our good citizens went up to Wilkesboro and returned yesterday.Their mission was to pay respects to the memory of Capt. Hamilton Horton, one of the pioneers of that mountainous section, who died on last Monday and whose remains were interred in the old family burying ground near Wilkesboro on Thursday.

Capt. Horton was an estimable, high toned old gentleman and was one of the best heads in the county.After a long and useful life he died in his fifty ninth year.”

Burial of Capt. Hamilton Horton.

“Several of our citizens yesterday participated in the last sad rites over the body of Capt. Hamilton Horton whose lamented death has been before noticed.He was laid to rest in the old family burying ground in Wilkes county.

Capt. Horton was a pioneer in that good society which has characterized the older inhabitants of Wilkes,being in his fifty ninth year, and his death is lamented by a large circle of relatives and dear friends.He was the father of our townsman, Dr. H. V. Horton, to whom, with all others who feel this great loss, we extend our heartfelt sympathy.”

Resolution of Condolence.

“Whereas, it has please the supreme being and Ruler of all things, to remove from our midst our beloved Bro. Capt. A. H. Horton, President of the Farmers Alliances of Wiles county,

Resolved, That while we bow in humble submission to HIS will, we feel we have sustained an irrepablo loss both to our order and the state.

Resolved, That we recognize in Capt. Horton a patriot and a christian gentleman congenial neighbor a good citizen, an affectionate husband and a kind father,

Resolved, that we extend our heart felt sympathy to his bereaved family in the great loss they have sustained in his death.

Resolved, that a copy of these Resolutions be sent to his family and that they be also spread upon our minutes.” 

Milton McNeil

Com. J. R. Henderson

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