Generation 6




WILLIAM ASHBURY1 BEARD was born in 1797 and died in 1876.  In 1819 he married MARTHA HENLEY, daughter of John and Martha Hubbard Henley.  Martha was dismissed from the Quaker church for marrying out of unity. They settled at Midway in Davidson County, NC.


“In a letter from David to his son, James in Illinois before 1839 he says: ‘As for  thy brother William, at last account they were well.  William preaching some,   making hats, some pottery.  And still having children.’


From a letter in 1842 from David to James in Illinois.  ‘As to thy brother  William, he is following the same trade and preaching and that is one of the most expensive families I know of.’


Two of William’s sons, Augustus and JAMES, settled in Kernersville, North Carolina, where James organized the mercantile and tobacco firm of BEARD AND ROBERTS and operated this business successfully for a number of years after the Civil War.  James died in 1897.


The James Beard homestead was still standing in 1950 but has since  been torn down.”


WILLIAM and MARTHA had twelve children:

               i.    ALVARON S. BEARD was born in 1820 and died in 1908.  He married MARTHA HENSON and they moved to Mississippi and then to California.

                  ii.    ELIZA JANE BEARD was born in 1822 and died in 1895. She married ROBERT GOLDING.

             iii.    CORNELIA BEARD was born in 1824 and died in 1849.  She married DR. SAUNDERS.  They had no children.

                 iv.    SUSAN REBECCA BEARD was born in 1826 and died in 1907.  She married  J. P. SICELOFF.

                  v.    AUGUSTUS H. S. BEARD was born in 1829 and died in 1905.  He married SUSAN L. FIELDS.  They lived in Kernersville, Forsyth County, NC.

                 vi.    ADALINE ALMIRA BEARD was born in 1830 and died in 1831.

               vii.    “Molly” MARY E. BEARD was born in 1832 and died in 1903. She married GEORGE MCGHEE and they moved to Kansas.

              viii.    "FANNIE" LYDIA FRANCES BEARD was born in 1834 and died in 1867. She married GEORGE MILLER.

                 ix.    SARAH D. BEARD was born in 1836 and died in 1902.  She married HALEY DAVID.  They had no children

                  x.    CAPTAIN JOHN WESLEY BEARD was born in 1839 and died in 1910.  He married ANNA HENLEY and they moved to Kansas

.                xi.    JAMES WILLIAM ASHBURY BEARD was born April 22, 1841 near Midway, NC and died October 19, 1897.  He married Susan Phillips who was born July 17, 1850 and died January 16, 1922

               xii.    "MATTIE" MARTHA VIRGINIA BEARD was born in 1844 and died in 1916. She married WILLIAM BAILEY.




Generation 7




JAMES WILLIAM ASHBURY2 BEARD (WILLIAM ASBURY1) was born April 22, 1841 near Midway, NC (now Davidson County), and died October 19, 1897.  On February 24, 1869 he married SUSAN PHILLIPS, daughter of JOHN PHILLIPS and MARY PEEBLES.  Born July 17, 1850, she was educated at Salem Academy, and died January 16, 1922.  They had six children and were members of the Methodist Church of Kernersville and are buried in the graveyard there.


      ‘James was a resident of Kernersville for about twenty-five    years.  Soon after locating in Kernersville he was engaged in the mercantile business with Mr. J.       C. Roberts, the firm name being Beard and Roberts.


      Kernersville, North Carolina had its beginning in 1756 when Caleb Story bought 400 acres for “four gallons of rum.”  Caleb Story, recently from Ireland,    had made his home about twelve miles east of present-day Winston-Salem and   near the Guilford County line, and sometime between the years 1756-1760 he       bought the 400 acres, comprising at that time, the boundaries of that settlement for “four gallons of rum”, according to tradition.


      The territory was subsequently sold to a Mr. Dobson, which gave to the little     township the name “Dobson’s Cross Roads”, a name which it retained for many years.  Sometime after Gottlich Shober had purchased the site from Dobson, Shober surrendered his title to the property in 1819 to a native of Germany, Joseph Kerner.  Sixty-one years later Kerner had died, leaving the original 400 acres and 700 additional which he had bought to his three children.


      James traveled for several years for Nanbury, Lauer, Krous Company, a large clothing firm of New York City.  Then he and Mr. Roberts built a large brick factory and engaged in the manufacture of tobacco.  In this they were not successful due to pressure from big tobacco interests and this business was discontinued.’


JAMES and SUSAN had six children:

i.   JAMES WILLIAM3 BEARD was born January 13, 1870 in Mowfield, NC 

     at the home of his Maternal grandparents and he died August 09, 1953 in 

     Norfolk, VA.  He married CARRIE BOYD LOWREY on February 09, 1894 

     in the parlor of the Central Hotel in Salisbury, Rowan County, NC.  He 

     was brought up in Kernersville and attended a business school in 

     Poukeepsie, NY


from J. W. Beard’s Journal


“Friday: We left Statesville, N.C. Thursday night February 8, 1894 intending tohave our marriage consummated as soon as we reached Salisbury, and while waiting for the north-bound train, was unable to find Register of Deeds and decided to go on home, but the Hotel Clerk promised to help us so we staied.  Register of Deeds refused      to grant license without some one affirming Carrie was of lawful age.  This we could not do, so we remained at the Central Hotel until the following day and after a good deal of trouble and delay finally got Dr. J. W. Griffith to testify to her age, and on his testimony and my oath that Carrie was over twenty, I succeeded in getting the License and went back to Hotel and after a little longer delay found a Minister who went at once the Hotel “and made us happy.”


“Carrie wore a lavender green traveling dress.  I had on a black business suit,  but  we got there just the same.”


“We left Salisbury on the 10:00 P.M. train and went to Greensboro, Carrie going to the Greensboro Female College and spending the night with Emma.  I stopped at the Buron House and went to Winston the next day.”


 “Scared, but awfully Happy.”                                      Rev. W. H. Leith


                         JAMES AND CARRIE had three children:

                              i.   Gladys was born October 29, 1895 in Bennettsville, Marlboro County, SC.  On November 22, 1916 she married Dr. John

                                    Woolfolk Winston, son of  Samuel Fauntleroy Winston and      

                              ii.   Elizabeth Woolfolk.  He was born in 1879 and died in 1939

                                    Ruth Wallace was born October 03, 1897 and married Robert F. Sledge, USN on June 04, 1921.  They had no children.

                            iii.    Ralph William Beard was born April 13, 1899 and married Edith McFarland of Warren, OH.  She was the daughter of Colonel                                    Thomas Davis and Clara McClelland.


 “After a few years spent in Bennettsville, SC working as an for a large department store there, James and Carrie moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where he was employed for nearly fifty years for the Royster Guano Company.  He was retired in 1948.  They were active in the Methodist Church for many years and then joined the Christian Science Church of Norfolk.  They had three children.”


                  ii.    MINNIE PEEBLES BEARD was born in 1871 and died in 1892.  She never married.

                 iii.  ROBERT BRUCE BEARD was born March 21, 1874 in Kernersville, 

      Forsyth County, NC and died April 26, 1930.  He married METS  

      UPCHURCH on January 1904.


Bruce Beard was educated at A&M College (now NC State University) in Raleigh, NC.  Around 1912 he moved to Florida  residing most of that time with his family in Jacksonville.  At the time of his marriage in January of 1904 to Meta Upchurch of Raleigh, he  was an engineer on the Seaboard and City Engineer of Jacksonville,  Florida, for over eleven years.  He held that position in Gainesville,  Florida at the time of his death.  Meta was the daughter of John  William Upchurch of Raleigh, a retail and wholesale merchant.  They  had six children.


iv.  CARRIE ALICE BEARD was born August 01, 1879 in Kernersville,

 Forsyth County, NC and died October 31, 1960 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth 

 County, NC. 

v.    ANNIE MABEL BEARD was born January 11, 1882 and died September 25, 1903.

vi. JOHN GROVER BEARD was born April 15, 1888 and died April 23, 

1946.  On April 22, 1913 he married Mary Polk “Polkie” McGee who died

                       in 1930. He later married Gladys Angel of Liberty, NY.


Grover Beard graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1909.  He became a Professor of Pharmacy there and at his

death  was Dean of the School of Pharmacy.  The School of Pharmacy Building at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill now bears

his name.


                   GROVER AND “POLKIE” had one child:

                         i.   “Jack” JOHN GROVER4 BEARD, JR. was born July 11, 1915



Generation 8




CARRIE ALICE3 BEARD (JAMES WILLIAM ASBURY2, WILLIAM ASBURY1) was born August 01, 1879 in Kernersville, Forsyth County, NC1, and died October 31, 1960 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC.  She married DR. PHINEAS EDGAR HORTON2 August 16, 1899, son of ALEXANDER HAMILTON HORTON and MARY JANE VOGLER.  He was born September 26, 1872 in Salem, Forsyth County, NC, and died April 14, 1940 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC.  Both are buried in God’s Acre, Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC


CARRIE and PHINEAS had one child:

                   i.    PHINEAS EDGAR4 HORTON, JR3 was born April 28, 1900, "at the Home Place", Salem, Forsyth County, NC4; died February 09, 1971 in Stokes County, NC5 and is buried in God’s Acre, Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC.  He married LAURA FRANCES MEDEARIS6 on May 02, 1925 in Centenary Methodist Church, Winston-Salem, NC7.  She was born November 12, 1899 in Winston, Forsyth County, NC and was the daughter of Newton Harris Medearis and Laura Frances Roberson.  She died December 10, 1984 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC and is buried in Salem Cemetery, Winston-Salem, NC.



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