The Archibald Havens Papers
Barrington S. Havens

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    The late Archibald S. Havens of Center Moriches (1868-1951) was a dedicated student of the history and genealogy of the Havens family, particularly those members of it who settled in Brookhaven Township. He conducted many years of painstaking, thorough research into this subject, and his notes provide some valuable corrections to the fundamental work "Shelter Island and Its Presbyterian Church," by Rev. Jacob E. Mailman.
    The material which follows is based on, and consists mainly of quotations and abstracts from, a handwritten manuscript included in the papers in question, made available through the kindness of Robert H. Pel'letreau. Although the quotations are largely verbatim, it has been found necessary to edit and amplify the material in a few places. This was required not only to clarify his presentation for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the Havens family and its background, but also to add information of my own discovery that corroborates his conclusions. For this purpose, direct quotations are indicated by the use of quotation marks.
    Most historians agree that the Havens family was of Welsh origin. Henry C. Havens, historian of one branch of the family "The Havens Family in New Jersey," believed that William, first progenitor in this country, was an Englishman who came to the United States through Wales. Many Havens family traditions, including my own, have it that the family was originally Welsh.
    In any event, William Havens-1 is said to have come to the American colonies about 1635. He was one of the 29 men who joined to form the government in Portsmouth on the northern end of Aquidneck (Rhode Island) in 1638. Whether he went there directly from Wales or from the settlement in Massachusetts is uncertain. He died, according to Mallman, in 1683, and his wife, Dionis, survived him.
    Mailman lists 11 children of William-1, but H. C. Havens gives the figure as 13, the extra two being daughters. The New Jersey branch of the family, according to him, descended from the oldest child, John-2. He adds "Robert and Thomas settled in Rhode Island and Connecticut. George went to Shelter Island; of William there is only tradition, nothing sure. Descendants of the New England children scattered westward generation after generation, and many are now in Connecticut as well as in other states of the Union."
    Archibald Havens says that the Welsh ancestors were believed to have been Quakers, or that they married into Quaker families. He then concentrates on the Brookhaven descendants, saying that nearly all of the Havens name "now living in the Town are descendants of John Havens-3, son of George -2 of Shelter Island, son of William-1." He continues "The genealogical tables of John-3 in Mailman are probably the most complete and nearly correct of any. There are, however, some errors in them that I shall attempt to point out, as well as to give some additional data.
    "John Havens-3 (George-2, William-1) of Shelter Island bought Yaphank Neck with the mills at South Haven April 10, 1745, and he died there in 1750. In his will dated June 25, 1750 he calls himself John Havens Sr., mentions his wife Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah (Horton) Conklin, oldest son Henry-4, third son William-4, sons Jonathan-4 and Benjamin-4, daughters Sarah-4, Eleanor-4, Mary-4, Phebe-4, and Desire-4.

John vs.Jonathan

"From the above will there is no doubt there was a son Jonathan-4, but that he married Patience Tuthill and his descendants are as given by Mailman I believe to be wrong. I would have it that John-3 also had a son John-4, not mentioned in the will (possibly the second son, between Henry-4 and William4), who married Patience Tuthill. 'This is supported by Mather in his `Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut', pages 388 and 609, where the eight children are given as by John-4 and Patience rather than by Jonathan-4 and Patience."
    It has additional support. Moore's "Index of 1,698, Town of Southold," page 141, makes it John Havens who married Patience Tuthill, and he lists some of their children. And Mallman himself, on page 293, shows Patience, daughter of Daniel and Deliverance (King) Tuthill as marrying John Havens. In neither case is it Jonathan.
    "The assessment roll of Brookhaven for 1749 lists John, John Jr., Benjamin and George Havens. Ross' 'History of Long Island,' Vol. II page 331 lists John Havens as conveying to son John lands with buildings, etc. on Hog Neck (North Haven) in 1748.
    "Among unacknowledged deeds and other papers in the possession of my family for several generations, and now or formerly in mine, are deeds for the following: (1) Martha, widow of Joshua Halsey, conveys to John Havens part of a lot on Great Hog Neck January 14, 1744/ 5; (2) William Nicoll conveys to Henry Havens 99% acres on Shelter Island August 17, 1737; (3) Henry Havens conveys to John Havens Jr. of Southampton the same premises on Shelter Island June 10, 1748; (4) Thomas Conklin conveys to John Havens one undivided half of Warrata Neck (Center Moriches) 1755.
    "When a signature appears in these papers it is John, not Jonathan. The names John and Jonathan in early times were not synonymous. In 1769 and thereafter the wife of John-4 (probably the second wife) was Katurah. She is mentioned in his will, dated March 5, 1783, probated January 22, 1799, plus sons Benjamin-5, Nathaniel-5, John-5, and Jeremiah-5, plus daughter Charlotte-5. He also had two daughters, not mentioned in the will who lived at Oyster Ponds (Orient), possibly Mehitable-5 Moore and Bethia5 Rackett. Another daughter, Jerusha-5, Mallman says married Elkanah Smith. I am not so sure that she was a daughter of John-4, but there was a Jerusha of that period, and I think she may have married a Platt.
    "The Bible record of John Havens-5 (known as Captain John or John 3d to distinguish him from John Jr.-5, son of Henry-4) gives this: ` . . . s father of John Havens aforementioned . . . this life November 5, 1797 aged 86 years.' From the data given above I should say that the John Havens-4 who died November 5, 1797 aged 86 was born in 1711, a son of John-3 (George-2, William-1).
    "Whether Jonathan-4 left descendants or not I do not know: Mr. Dwight C. Haven of Wilmington, North Carolina, said in 1932 that there was a family living in Connecticut who descended from a Jonathan Havens from Long Island, and he thought this might be the line." The late Judge Haven was historian of both Haven and Havens families.
    "Benjamin Havens-5 (John-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) was mentioned in the will of John-4, and he and his son Selah in the will of Nathaniel-5." (See following paragraph) "He was living in Orange County September 25, 1780, when he signed a promissory note to John Havens-4. He married Abigail Amittee Moore December 19, 1769 (Salmon Record)." Mallman has it that Benjamin-5 married Lucretia, daughter of John and Phebe Payne, but Archibald's manuscript shows this to be in error and that he married as above. Judge Haven believed that the Benjamin who married Lucretia Payne was the one shown by the 1790 Census as residing at Cambridge, Albany County, where he died August 23, 1823 aged 63. "Bible records show he was born in 1744 and died August 11, 1798. Among other children were sons Benjamin-6 and Selah-6. Benjamin6 was the noted innkeeper made famous by the West Points cadets. Selah-6 was the youngest son mentioned in the will of his uncle Nathaniel-5."
    Benjamin Havens-5 was listed in the 1790 Census for New Windsor (then Ulster, now Orange County) as head of a family containing two males over 16, three under 16, and four females. This corresponds exactly with family records in my possession, which list his children as John Bradic-6, whose first wife was Eunice Gardner; Elizabeth-6 who married Daniel Sherwood; David-6, born July 12, 1777, married Elizabeth Aldrich; Sarah-6, born May 12, 1780, married John Buckingham; Patience6, married Walter Burling; Benjamin-6, born 1785 or 1789, married Letitia Sehriver, died May 29, 1877; and Selah-6, who died unmarried. "Nathaniel Havens-5 (John4, John-3, George-2, William1) married Pamela ................. She died at the age of 50; her gravestone is in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. There were no children. Nathaniel-5 is mentioned in the will of John-4.
    He lived on the former Dr. E. P. Jarvis place, Bellevue Avenue, Center Moriches. He signed the Association in 1775. His will, dated December 14, 1805 and probated February 1, 1809, mentions his wife Pamela, Selah-6 youngest son of his brother Benjamin, Ginnie (Jane), daughter of Jerusha-5 (Havens?) Platt, and Ginnie (Jane) daughter of Jeremiah-6 and Bethia (Youngs) Havens."
    The Jerusha-5 presumably was Nathaniel-5's sister who Mallman said married Elkanah Smith, but Archibald Havens said she married a Platt. Jeremiah-6, also above, was the son of Nathaniel's brother Captain John Havens -5, who married Abigail Bostwick (Mallman).

Other Listings

    At this point, Archibald Havens completed his analysis of the principal errors he ascribed to Mallman. His manuscript continues with listings of individuals in the fourth, fifth, and sixth generations. These are covered in the following paragraphs. /In this respect, his manuscript parallels one prepared by the late Osborn Shaw, Brookhaven town historian, and the two individuals may well have collaborated. Where it is helpful, I have drawn on both, plus material in my own possession concerning Benjamin Havens-4 and 5.

I. John Havens-5 (John-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) was known as Captain John or John 3d, to distinguish him from John Jr.-5 (Henry4, John-3, George-2, William1). He was born in South Haven Judy 14, 1748 and died in Moriches June 18, 1809. He married Abigail, daughter of Merriby and Mary _(Strong) Bostwick, who was born July 4, 1746 and died November 9, 1801. They had nine children, and the following listing, from a Strong family Bible, checks essentially with Mallman
    Mary-6, born May 6, 1770, died unmarried December 1, 1812. Nathan-6, born March 6, 1772, died unmarried February 27, 1797. Jeremiah-6, born July 6, 1774, moved to Scoharie County, N. Y., where he died February 11, 1864, leaving a large family, listed by Mallman. He married Bethia Youngs, daughter of Dea. David Youngs of Moriches. Charity-6, born January 8, 1777, married William Hawkins and had children John and Abigail. She was buried in Hawkins Cemetery, West Moriches. Sarah-6 was born June 13, 1779. Abigail-6 was born April 23, 1782. She and her sister Sarah died in infancy, and their stones are in the old Center Moriches Cemetery on Beachfern Road. Sarah died June 6, 1782 and Abigail, May 3, 1782.
    Charles H-6 was born December 4, 1784. Col. John (4th)-6 was born November 14, 1787. Sarah-6, born May 6, 1791 died October 11, 1863, married Dr. Nathaniel Miller of Fireplace (Brookhaven Village), and their children were Nathaniel who married Ellen Carman, Mary who married William Andrews, Jerusha who married Caleb Parrhall, Laura who married George Ashby, Dewitt who died unmarried, Caroline who married Caleb Green, Sarah who married George Andrews, and Julia P., who died unmarried in 1888.

II. Jeremiah Havens-5 (John-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) was born in 1757 and died August 21, 1820 aged 63. He married first Mehitable Brown, who died September 10, 1807; his second wife was Bethia Conklin (?). He bought Ariskonk Neck in Center Moriches from John and Sarah Gardiner in 1798; he sold it, except for 30 acres, to Benjamin Petty in 1801. At one time he owned the Mill property, more recently KalerWilson. He is said to have lived at one time in Aquebogue.
    His children, by his first wife: Daniel-6, born 1787, married Elizabeth Raynor. John Symes-6, born 1796 died April 6, 1864, married Nancy Smith. Joseph C-6 died unmarried June 2, 1807 aged 17. Jerusha-6, born 1791 died April 13, 1876, married Coe Downing.
    By his second wife he had a daughter Maria S-6, born January 9, 1810 died March 1, 1893, married Nathaniel N. Munsell of Middle Island. Over 120 offices in Now York City, Long Island and Westchester. Member F.D.I.C. 94 Daniel Tuthill Havens-6 (Jeremiah-5, John-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) was born June 9, 1787 died February 28, 1868. He married 1815 Elizabeth Raynor, she born April 13, 1791 died November 20, 1861. They lived in Center Moriches. Children Hattie-7, born 1817 died May 25, 1900, married William Murdock. John-7, born 1818, married (1) Phebe Mosher (2) Nettie White. Rebecca-7, born 1819, married James P. Baker. Jeremiah-7, born August 22, 1823 died October 18, 1894, married Mary G. Overton. Symes-7, born April 19, 1825 died December 1, 1901, married Phebe Ocame. Anna,-7 married Isaac Smith. Katie-7 married (1) George Burtsell (2) Silas Tuthill Jr. Andrew-7. Percy-7, born April 1867, married 1888 Isabel~le Carter. Matilda-7, born 1832 died October 23, 1907, married Elisha Lamb.

III. Henry Havens-4 (John -3, George-2, William-1) married Abigail, daughter of Daniel and Mehitable (Horton) Tuthill. Their children: John Jr.-5, who married Rebecca, daughter of Joseph Smith of Huntington, and a daughter-5, who married Elisha Havens. This Henry-4 was the eldest son of John-3, as mentioned in the latter's will of 1750.
    The Census of 1776 lists him as head of a family with one male over 50, one between 16 and 50, one under 16, four females over 16 and two under 16. About 1770 he owned the three Necks - Hog or Hawkins, Pines, and Littleworth (Moriches) - and at about that time, with Col. Josiah Smith, he built a dam and grist mill on the East Branch of the Mantic River (Paper Mill Pond?) with a run of native millstones.
    His son John Jr.-5 later had a sawmill on the site. The remains of this dam, just north and west of the Montauk Highway, were recently still visible. In 1775 or 1776 he sold Hog or Hawkins Neck to Daniel Downs; his wife Abigail also signed the deed. He is said later to have lived on the Wilcox place in Old Neck and possibly later in Brooklyn.
    John Havens Jr.-5 (Henry4, John-3, George-2, William1) died intestate in 1786, and letters of administration were granted to his sons Peter and Daniel and son-in-law Samuel Smith. He married Rebecca Smith of Huntington in West Moriches. At about that time Col. Josiah Smith and John's father Henry-4 built the dam and grist mill and this John later had a sawmill on that site. John Jr.-5 signed the Association in May 1775. He owned Pine Neck and parts of Littleworth Neck.
    Children: Daniel-6 married Phebe ............. Peter-6, born May 1, 1775, married Deborah Barteau. Patience-6 married Samuel Smith of Smithtown. There were probably also the following children, mentioned in the will of Joseph Smith as children of his daughter Rebecca: Henry-6, Rebecca-6, and Abigail6.
    Daniel Havens-6 (John Jr.5, Henry-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) married Phebe...... and owned the easterly side of Pine Neck, formerly his father's.
    Peter Havens-6 (John Jr.5, Henry-4, John-3, George-2, William-1), born May 1, 1775 died May 18, 1822, married Deborah Barteau January 10, 1786. He owned the west side of Pine Neck and part of Littleworth Neck, formerly his father's. He sold to William Smith, who sold to James Fanning, later James M. Fanning, and later Edmund Hallock. There are gravestones in the Bartow burying ground in South Haven.
    Children: Abbie Tuttle-7, born March 11, 1803, died April 18, 1886. Ann Maria-7, born September 18, 1809, died May 30, 1898. Unnamed daughter-5 (Henry-4, John-3, George-2, William-1) married Elisha Howell. Their daughters Julia P-7 and Sally H-7 are deceased.

IV. William Havens-4 (John-3, George-2, William1) married Ruth .........., who died in 1759 aged 39. He was the third son mentioned in the will of John-3, his father. On February 14, 1757 he conveyed to Benjamin Havens-4 (see below) Ariskonk Neck and half of Orchard Neck; his wife Ruth also signed the deed (Unacknowledged Deeds Liber 3 page 99). He may have conveyed the other half of Orchard Neck to John Havens-4, for the latter conveyed to his son John-5 part of the east side of the Neck in question.

V. Benjamin Havens-4 (John-3, George-2, William1) married Abigail daughter of Thomas and Susannah (Thompson) Strong. He is named in the will of his father John-3 and is bequeathed the eastern part of South Haven, including the mills. This land he sold within less than a year of his father's death to Mordecai Homan. He appears on the Brookhaven assessment rate in 1749, and he signed the Association in May 1775. He took the Census of 1776 for the Manor of St. George and the Patentship of Moriches, listing himself as the head of a family with one male over 50 (himself), two over 16, two boys under 16,   two females   over 16 (probably his wife and a daughter), and one female less than 16.
    In 1757 he bought of his brother William-4 Ariskonk Neck and half of Orchard Neck. He possibly lived and kept a tavern near the site of the later Moriches Inn. He was, the Benjamin Havens of the Manor of St. George referred to in a newspaper advertisement of March 5, 1772 mentioned in Overton's "Long Island Story."
   Onderdonk's "Revolutionary Incidents of Suffolk and Kings Counties" quotes him as being "a most pernicious caitiff" as of July 3, 1779, but this was the Tory or Loyalist viewpoint, possibly due in part to the fact that he was chosen on April 16, 1776 to be one of the members of the Committee of Safety.
    He was also the subject of an article, "Benjamin Havens of Moriches," by Chester G. Osborne, in Long Island Forum, July 1960. Archibald Havens, on the authority of the Strong Family Genealogy, said that he moved to Bedford, Westchester County, New York, where he died, but the Bedford in question was in Kings County, and I found his will in the Brooklyn Surrogate's Court files. Some of the above data are taken from that will.
    Children: Selah-5, born April 20, 1755 died January 29, 1785, married January 29, 1781 Sarah daughter of Selah and Hannah (Woodhull ) Strong. He signed the Association in 1775 and was a soldier in Rev. Strong's company, Joseph Smith's regiment. His gravestone is in the burying ground on Beachfern Road, Center Moriches. Susannah-5 married Daniel Voorhees and had children: Benjamin-6 and Phebe-6, who married a Webster. She survived her father, who died when the family was living in Bedford, Kings County, where her father made his will.
    Charity-5 died January 11, 1774 in the 8th year of her age. Her gravestone is next to that of her brother Selah-5 in the Beachfern Road Cemetery. Henry-5 and Thomas-5, mentioned in the will.

Other Havens Lines

    Archibald Havens' papers also included the following notes on others of the Havens family whose lines he could not fix and who may or may not have belonged to the Brookhaven family of John Havens-3  George Havens, Brookhaven Assessment, 1749.
    "Mr. Ralph E. Prince of Yonkers, New York, states in a letter of October 30, 1899 that his great grandmother Ruth Havens was born in and married from Brookhaven, born 1756, married Aaron Higbie in 1785, had a son Major Benjamin Higbie of Babylon and later of Troy, New York. I have heard both my father and Aunt Sarah Wickham say that we were related to the Higbie family of Babylon, but I do not know how.
    "Mr. Paul E. Havens of Leavenworth, Kansas in a letter of February 13, 1895 says his grandfather at one time lived at Sag Harbor and gives the grandfather's Bible record as follows
    "'Daniel Havens was born February 5, 1750 O.S. His ancestors were of Welsh origin. His wife Elizabeth Bostwick was born March 26, 1755. They were married July 7, 1776 and had the following children: Paul born October 7, 1777, Misodach born December 5, 1779, Abigail born December 25, 1782, and Selah born March 11, 1785. Daniel Havens died May 25, 1789 aged 39 years. His wife survived him 41 years and died June 15, 1830 aged 75 years.'
    "Letters of administration were granted to Elizabeth widow of Daniel Havens, mariner of Southampton December 28, 1789. She was a daughter of Mereby and Mary (Strong) Bostwick and a sister of Abigail Bostwick, wife of Captain J o h n Havens-5. She may have later married John Moore and lived out in New York State.
    "A Merodach Havens, possibly the son of Daniel and Elizabeth above, either lived at or owned property in Mt. Sinai about 1823 (Miss Kate Strong). In the old Davis graveyard on the Victor Floyd Davis place, about 100 feet back of the Mt. Sinai Postoffice, is the broken stone of Harriet, daughter of Merodach Havens, The year of her death is missing, but she was ten years old. The child's mother was probably a Davis, but her name is missing too.
    "Mrs. Patia H. THommedieu of Port Washington, Long Island, in a letter of August 10, 1932 gives the record of her great great grandfather Daniel Havens as being born 1745/50 died 1783, married Hammick Niskern born 1755 died 1790 of Chatham, Mass. He lived at Sag Harbor. He is probably the Captain Daniel given in Mather's `Refugees.'
    "Joseph Havens married Amy Buchanan March 20, 1781 (Smithtown Church Records).
    "Catherine Havens married Joseph Smith of Smithtown near Stony Brook April 6, 1785 (Smithtown Church Records). Their daughter Sara born about 1790 married .............. Case, and their daughter Sarah Case left a grandson Tunis B. Bun of Commack. I think this Catharine Havens may have been a daughter of John Havens Jr.-5 (Henry-4, J o h n - 3, George-2, William-1).

    "Henry Havens drowned on his way from Bellport 1833 (Diary of Miss Clarissa Smith."