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Notes on the Havens Family in the Town of Brookhaven

Nearly all of the name now living in the town are descendants of John Havens, son of George of Shelter Island, son of William, an early settler of Rhode Island. There is a tradition in the family that they were of Welch ancestry and were then Quakers or married late Quaker families.

The genealogical tables of John and Henry Havens, page 163, MaIlman's "Shelter Island and Its Presbyterian Church," are probably the most complete and more nearly correct of any. There are, however, some errors in them that I shall attempt to point out, as well as to give some additional data.

John Havens--3 (George--2, William--i) of Shelter Island, bought Yaphank Neck with the mills at South Haven, April 10, 1745 and died there in 1750. In his will dated June 25, 1750 he calls himself John Havens Sr., mentions wife Sarah (daughter of John and Sarah (Horton) Conklin), oldest son Henry--4, third son William--4, sons Jonathan--4 and Benjamin--4, daughters Sarah--4, Eleanor--4, Mary--4, Phebe--4, and Desire--4.

From the above will there is no doubt there was a son Jonathan--4, but that he married PatienceTuthiII and that his descendants are as given by MaIlman I believe to be wrong. I would have it that

John Havens--3 also had a son John--4, not mentioned in the will, possibly the second son between
Henry--4 and William--4, who married Patience Tuthill. See Mather's "Refugees" pages 388 and 609 and that the eight children were by John and Patience rather than by Jonathan and Patience as given.

The assessment roll of Brookhaven for 1749 lists the following Havens names: John, John Jr., Benjamin, and George. In Ross' History of Long Island, Vol. II p 331, he records John Havens as conveying to son John lands with buildings, etc. on Hog Neck (North Haven) in 1748.

In unacknowledged deeds and other papers in possession of my family for several generations and now or formerly in mine are (1) a deed in which Martha (widow of Joshua) Halsey conveys to John Havens part of a lot on Great Hog Neck Jan 14 1744-5; (2) a deed in which William NicoIl conveys to Henry Havens 99Y2 acres on Shelter Island Aug 17 1737; (3) a deed in which Henry Havens conveys to John Havens Jr. of Southampton the same premises on Shelter Island Jun 10 1748; and (4) a deed in which Thomas Conklin conveys to John Havens one undivided half of Warrata Neck (Center Moriches) in 1955. When a signature appears in these papers it is John, not Jonathan.

The names John and Jonathan in the early times were not synonymous. In 1769 and after,

John--4's wife was Katurah (probably second wife). His will, dated March 5 1783 probated Jan 22 1799 mentions wife Katurah, sons Benjamin--5, Nathaniel--5, John--5, Jeremiah--5, daughter

Charlotte--5. He also had two daughters not mentioned in his will, who lived at Oyster Ponds (Orient), possibly Mehitable--5 Moore and Bethiah--5 Hackett. Another daughter, Jerusha, Mailman says married Elkanah Smith. I am not sure that she was a daughter of John--4, but there was a Jerusha of that period, and I think she may have married a Platt.
The Bible record of John Havens--5 (Captain John or John 3d, to distinguish him from John Jr--5 son of Henry--4) gives this: ".. .s father of John Havens aforementioned this life Nov 5 1797 aged 86 years."

From the data given above I should say that the John Havens who died Nov 5 1797 aged 86 was born in 1711 a son of John--3 (George--2, William--i).

Whether Jonathan--4 left descendants or not I do not know. Mr. Dwight C. Haven of Wilmington, N.C. in 1932 said there is a family living in Connecticut who descend from a Jonathan Havens from Long Island, and he thought this may be the line.

BENJAMIN HAVENS --5 (John--4, John--3) mentioned in the will of John--4, was living in Orange County Sept 25, 1790, where he signed a promissory note to John Havens--4.  A Benjamin married Mitty Moore Dec 19 1789 (Salmon Record). Mr. Dwight C. Haven gives the Bible record a Benjamin of Orange County as Benjamin Havens b 1744 d Aug 111798 m Abigail Amittee Mooi they had, among other children, sons Benjamin--6 and Selah--6. Mr. Haven also said that the si Benjamin--6 was the noted innkeeper made famous by the West Point cadets.

SELAH HAVENS--6 is named in the will of his uncle Nathaniel Havens--5.

NATHANIEL HAVENS--S (John--4, John--3) married Pamela ---- who died aged 50; h gravestone is in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. There were no children. He is mentioned in the will John--4. He lived on the former Dr. E. P. Jarvis place, Bellevue Avenue, Center Moriches. He signi the Association in 1775. His will, dated Dec 14 1805, probated Feb 11809, mentions wife Pamel Selah the youngest son of his brother Benjamin, Ginnie (Jane) daughter of Jerusha--5 Platt ai Ginnie (Jane) daughter of Jerusha--6 and Beth iah (Youngs) Havens.

CHARLOTTE HAVENS--5 (John--4, John--3) probably died unmarried.

JOHN HAVENS--5 (John--4, John--3) was known as Captain John or John 3d to distinguish hi from John Jr--5 son of Henry--4. He married Abigail daughter of Merriby and Mary (Stron Bostwick. They had nine children. The line as given by MaIlman is substantially correct. He sign~ the Association in May 1775. The census of 1776 makes him head of a family. He at one tin owned all of Warrata Neck (on which I now live), half from his father John--4, a third from Thom Conkling, and a sixth from Henry and Katurah Moore. He was commissioned an ensign by Govern DeLancy in 1796 and was made captain by Governor George Cheston in 1786.

JEREMIAH HAVENS--5 (John--4, John--3) died Aug 211820 aged 63; he married 1) Mehitable ... who died Sep 10 1807 age 47; 2) ----. Their issue: Joseph C--6 d Jun 3 1801 ae 18; Daniel T--6 1789 m Elizabeth Raynor d Feb 28 1868; John Symes--6 b 1796 m Nancy Smith d Apr 6 186 Jerusha--6 b 1791 m Coe Downing d Apr 13 1876; Maria S--6 b Jan 9 1810 m Nathaniel Munsell Mar 1 1893.

Jeremiah bought Ariskonk Neck (Center Moriches) from John and Sarah Gardiner in 1798 ar sold same except 30 acres to Benjamin Petty in 1801. At one time he owned the mill property no Kaler-Wilson and is said at some time to have lived in Aquebogue.

DANIEL T HAVENS--6 among other children had son Symes from whom most of the fami~ name here are descendants. John Symes--6 had sons Joseph Conkling--7 of East Moriches ar Charles S--7 of Brooklyn. Maria S-6 had descendants Willard and Frank Munsell-Ashtins of Midd Island and others.

HENRY HAVENS--4 (John--3) married Abigail daughter of Daniel and Mehitable (Hortor Tuthill; issue: John Jr--5 who married Rebecca daughter of Joseph Smith of Huntington; daughter--5 who married Elisha Howell. Henry--4 was the oldest son of John--3, as mentioned i the latter's will of 1750. The census of 1776 lists him as head of a family with one male over 16 ar two under 16. About 1770 he owned the three necks: Hog or Hawkins, Pines, and Littlewori (Moriches), and at about that time, with Col. Josiah Smith, he built a dam and grist mill on the ea branch of the Mantic River (Paper Mill Pond) with a run of native millstones. His son John Jr-- later had a sawmill on the site. The remains of this dam, just north and west of the present Montau Highway, are still visible. In 1775 or 1776 he sold Hog or Hawkins Neck to Daniel Downs; his wit Abigail also signed the deed. He is said later to have lived on the present Wilcox place, Old Ned and possibly later in Brooklyn.

JOHN HAVENS JR--5 son of Henry--4 (John--3) died 1786 married Rebecca Smith daughter of Joseph Smith of Huntington. Children: Daniel--6 married Phebe ----; Peter--6 married Deborah Bartow; Patience--6 married Samuel Smith of Smithtown Jan 10 1786 (S.T. Church Record); Henry--6; Rebecca--6; Abigail--6.

John--5 signed the Association May 1775.  The census of 1776 makes him head of a family with one male over 16, two under 16, one female over 16 and four under.  The will of Joseph Smith of Huntington Mar 30 1773 (Smith Wills), wife Martha, mentions "the two daughters of my daughter ebecca Havens, Abigail and Rebecca and her son Henry." (See Mr. Shaw for deed, Havens to awkins, Brookhaven). Possibly the Rebecca Havens mentioned above was the wife of John Jr--5. Ihn--5 died intestate in 1786 and letters of administration were granted Nov 28 1798 to sons Peter Id Daniel and son-in-law Samuel Smith of Smithtown. He owned Pine and possibly Littleworth Neck, probably from his father Henry--4.

DANIEL HAVENS--6 son of John Jr--5 (Henry--4, John--3) married Phebe ---- and owned the sterly side of Pine Neck, formerly his father's. No further record.

PETER HAVENS--6 (John Jr--5, Henry--4, John--3) was born May 1 1775 died May 18 1822; married Deborah Bartow born Feb 29 1780 died May 1 1866. Children: Abbie Tuttle--7 b Mar 11803 d Apr 18 1886; Ann Maria--7 b Sep 18 1809 d May30 1898. Their gravestones are in the ~rtow burying ground, South Haven. Peter--6 owned the west side of Pine Neck and part of ttleworth Neck, formerly his father's (John Jr--5). He sold it to William Smith, who sold it to mes Fanning, later James M. Fanning, later Edmund Halleck.

DAUGHTER--5 (Henry--4, John--3) married Elisha Howell; their daughter Sarah--6 married ~astus Foster of Quogue and had daughters Julia P--7 and Sally H--i, both now deceased.

WI LLIAM HAVENS--4 (John--3) married Ruth ---- who died 1759 aged 39. He was the third son entioned in John 3's will. On Feb 14 1757 he conveyed to Benjamin Havens--4 Ariskonk Neck id half of Orchard Neck; his wife Ruth also signed the deed (Unacknowledged Deeds Lib III p 99). e may have conveyed the other half of Orchard Neck to John Havens--4, for the latter in 1769 conveyed to his son John--5 part of the east side of the Neck.

BENJAMIN HAVENS--4 (John--3) married Abigail daughter of Thomas and Susannah hompson) Strong. Children: Selah--5 married Sarah Strong, died Jan 29 1785; Charity--S d Jan I 1774 in 8th year of her age -- her gravestone is next to that of Selah--5 in the burying ground in sachfern Road.

Benjamin--4 is mentioned in the will of John--3, 1750. He was on the assessment roll of ~ookhaven in 1749 and signed the Association in May 1775. The census of 1776 for St. George anor and the Patentship of Moriches, taken by him, makes him head of a family with one male 'er 50, two above 16, two under 16, two females over 16, and one under. He bought from his other William--4 Ariskonk Neck and half of Orchard Neck in 1757. He possibly lived and kept a vern near the site of the p!esent Moriches Inn. He is the Benjamin Havens of St. George's Manor ferred to in the advertisement in a newspaper of March 5 1772 (Long Island's History by cqueline Overton) and again as "a most pernicious caitiff" (Onderdonk's Revolutionary Incidents Suffolk and Kings counties, page 84, Jul 3 1779). He later lived at Bedford, N.Y. where he died trong family history).

SELAH HAVENS--S (Benjamin--4, John--3) b 1755 d 1785 married Sarah daughter of Nathan :rong of Orange County; no record of any children. He signed the Association May 1775 and was a Idier in the Rev. (Capt. Selah) Strong's company, Joseph Smith's regiment. His gravestone is in e burying ground on Beachfern Road. His widow afterwards married the Rev. David Rose.

Author's Note: The manuscript concludes with some notes on others of the family name whose lines Archibald Havens could not fix and who might or might not belong to the Brookhaven families.