Generation Three

GEORGE HAVENS--312 : son of George--205 & Eleanor (Thurston) Havens (p 7), was born pr ca 1675 (based on parents' m date) Rhode Island died 1734 (R2,3) or before 1734 (R23), married pr ca 1700 Mary Remington da John & Abigail (Richmond) Remington (R52); issue:

Joseph--401 ca 1700 (est. from parents' m date).
Edward--402 ca 1700 (est. from parents' m date). m Desire Terry.
George--403  ca 1705 (est. from parents' m date).
William--404 ca 1705 (est. from parents' m date).
Ebenezer--405 ca 1710 m Oct 15 1752 m Abigail Child, in Woodstock, Conn. (R26).
Thurston--406 ca 1710 m Mar 2 1752 m Jerusha Polly, in New London, Conn. (R26, 41); she d Apr 9 1767-8 (R16).
John--407 ca 1710
Eleanor--408 m ---- Davilt.
Abigail--409 m 1726 Nathan Fish.

    MaIlman says George--312 was born on Shelter Island. In a deed he calls himself George son of George of Shelter Island. He was a resident there in 1730 (A 19,23), and he owned property on both Rhode Island and Fisher's Island (R23). His will, however, was dated Fisher's Island Oct 31 1726 pr Apr 13 1738 (Ri); it mentions all the above children in the above birth order but Joseph, who may have died. Mather says he lived on Fisher's Island. It seems probable he was born on Shelter Island and moved to Fisher's Island.
    At least some of his children, however, must have remained on Shelter Island. The late Archibald S. Havens, Moriches historian and genealogist (Appendix II), stated that all the Havenses of Shelter Island were descended from Jonathan--313 and George--312 (R23), and I have found Shelter Island records of Havenses of that period whom I could not connect with Jonathan--313.

JONATHAN HAVENS--313: son of George--205 & Eleanor (Thurston) Havens, was born Feb 2 1681 Jamestown, R.l., died Aug 5 1748 ae 68 (R13); he married Jan 1 1706-7 Hannah Brown da Jeremiah--3 (John--2, Chad--1) & Mary (Cook?) Brown of Providence, RI. (R45), she b Newport, R.l. 1688-9 d Aug 4 1754 (R13), buried Shelter Island (RI, 14, 16, 17, 23, 43); issue:

George--413 d 1733-4 m Mary
Jonathan--414  bJan 29 1709 d Nov 1 1774 m Catherine M. Nicoll.
Constant--415 b 1713 d Jan 3 1761 m 1) Abigail --.2)Wid Elizabeth Crook.
Joseph--416  b 1714 d May 311775 m 1) Wid Mary Watts 2) Jemima Glover.
William--417  b 1719 d May 4 1763 m Sarah Case.
Sarah--418 d 1790 bur Middletown, Conn. May 13 1790 (R42) m Dec 15 1737 Alexander King son John & Katherine (Osborne) King; their da
     Abigail m May 17 1753 Nathaniel Tuthill (b ca 1728 Oysterponds, drowned late 1750's Oysterponds) son of Henry b ca 1690. Alexander
     King was of Bridgehampton. Abigail m 2) Abraham Parsons of Easthampton; issue: Jonathan b ca 1753; Abigail bca 1755 (Ri, 2, 12, 16). Hannah--419 m Samuel King 1760; their da Hannah b May 18 1712 Oysterponds d Oct 17 1750 Oysterponds m 1) Nathaniel Tuthill b Jul 1
     1708 Oysterponds, drowned Mar 1 1732 Plum Gut; son of Daniel b Jan 23 1680. Hannah m 2) Dec 4 1737 Jonathan Rackett of Rocky Pt.;
     their son Nathaniel b JuI 3 1731 (R3, 12, 16)
Jemima--420 b 1726 d Jul 8 1761 (R13); m Geo. Duval; they had Elizabeth b & d 1759 (R13).
Keziah--421 m Jan 2-22-25 1756 Joshua Hempstead (R3-16-22).
Walter-422 d Jan 19 1740
Catherine-433 (not listed by Mallman) m Sep 19 1752 Thomas Momfort of New London, Conn. (R14)

    John Howell of South Charlestown, W.Va., says there may have been another son John, but family group sheet supplied by him does not show John (R43).

    The will of Jonathan--313, husbandman, Shelter Island Sep 22 1746 pr Aug 13 1748 (NY Will Liber 16 p 324, IV p 188) mentions wife Hannah, sons Jonathan, Constant, Joseph, William George, daughters Sarah King, Hannah Havens, Jemima, Keziah Havens(Rl0).

    Moore's Index (R3) adds son Savage, saying Jonathan was a resident of Shelter Island in i73C inherited 100 acres there from his father in 1705 and bought 50 acres more in 1713.

    The Osborn Shaw ms (R23) says Hannah Brown was the daughter of Jonathan Brown, citin Ross' "Long Island" III p 147, but John Howell, mentioned above, cites "Chad Brown o Providence, R.I. and Four Generations of His Descendants" by William Bradford Brown in disprool

    A pedigree chart prepared by the late Archibald S. Havens (R23) had the note that the Havense of Shelter Island ca late 1700 and later were descended from this Jonathan and his brothe George--312.

    MaIlman (Rl) lists a Jonathan as town assessor on Shelter Island in 1732, and he probably was Jonathan--313.

WILLIAM HAVENS--314: son of George--205 & Eleanor (Thurston) Havens (p 7 died 1746 unmarried. His will: yeoman, Shelter Island Apr 13 1746 proved Aug 7 1746 (Lib. 16 I 34) mentions mother Eleanor, brothers George, Jonathan, John and sisters Ruth Terry, Conten Payne, "Pacion" Loper, Desire Gardiner, Abigail Havens; John Havens executor (RiO).

JOHN HAVENS--315): son of George--205 & Eleanor (Thurston) Havens (p 7 born prob ca 1685 Rhode Island (est. from siblings' birth order), died Brookhaven 1750, marrie( Sarah Conkling da John & Sarah (Horton) Conkling, although Mailman says Sarah died unmarried (R1O, 23); issue:
Henry--423 b ca 1710 d after 1790 m Abigail Tuthill.
William--424 b ca 1708 m Ruth Falconer (R14).
Jonathan --425 (p 14) a mystery.
John--426 b 1711 d Nov 51797 m Patience Tuthill.
Ben /amin--427 b ca 1700-1710 d ca 1797 m Abigail Strong.
Phebe--428 m Nathaniel Jessup; their da Phebe b Mar 3, 1736 d Nov 4 1806 m Nov 11 1756 Danie Fordham son Nathan & Abigail
     (Bowditch) Fordham; issue: Nathan, Frances, Charlotte Frederick, Jares, Thaddeus, Samuel, Joel, Daniel, Thaddeus m Jan 26 1796
     Clarissa Havens--700 da Obadiah--6001 & Phebe (Havens) Havens.
Desire--431 m Benjamin Hawkins. His will, Brookhaven, yeoman, Jul 5 1774 pr Jan 16 1776 mentions sons William Havens Hawkins,
     Benjamin, Eleazer, wife Desire, daughters Sarah, Desire Martha, Juliana Smith. Another da Sophia m William Smith son Ezekiel; Eliphalet
     Smith m Saral da Benjamin & Desire (Havens) Hawkins. Benjamin was son of Eleazer and grandson of Zacharial Hawkins, one of the
     original proprietors of Brookhaven (Rll, 14).
Mary--432 m Dec 21 1735 Daniel Brown of Shelter Island, son of Daniel & Esther (Fanning) Brown who m2) Oct11 1787 Henry Hudson. (Rll)

    John--315 was born on Shelter Island and moved to Brookhaven. He was an assessor on Shelter Island in 1734 and overseer of the poor there in 1741; he held the same post again for various terms until 1744.  Moore's Index (R3) makes him resident of Shelter Island in 1730.  Munsell (R19) says he moved to Brookhaven and that the Havens families in Moriches are descended from him, a viewpoint shared by the late Archibald S. Havens (R23), who declared "nearly all the Havenses now living in the town" are descendants of John-315.  His children all seem to have been born on Shelter Island, judging by a check of dates, and his son Henry-423 is given by Mallman as one of the founders of Shelter Island township.

    The A.S. Havens ms (R23) says he owned land on Yaphank Neck (South Haven), Hog Neck (Southampton); in one deed he is referred to as of Shelter Island. But in his will he refers to himself as "late of Shelter Island, now of Brookhaven," and he died there in 1750. He was on the assessment roll there in 1749. The will of William Paine (Rl5) of Southampton says that "Jonathan Pain in 1742 sold lands to John Havens of Shelter Island. Those lands and lands adjoining were the Havens-Gleason farm." -- W.S. Pelletreau. But this could also refer to John--407 son of George--3l2, who died on Fisher's Island, and the John who held town offices for Shelter Island could have been that John.

    His will (Liber 17 NY p 287), Jun 23 1750 pr Nov 29 1750, calls him John Sr and mentions eIdest son Henry, third son William, dau Elinor and Sarah, sons Jonathan and Benjamin, dau Phebe, wife Sarah, dau Desire and Mary, with Nathaniel Havens a witness.

    That MaIlman was in error in saying it was Jonathan--425 son of John--315 who married Patience Tuthill has been well established (R23), but that he did have a son Jonathan--425 is also without question, for that son is mentioned in his will, and John is not. There seems, however, to be complete absence of information on Jonathan--425, and his existence is shrouded in mystery p 14). Another possibility is that there was no son born John but that Jonathan came to be known as John. The late A.S. Havens (R23) declared, however, that the two names were not interchangeable in those days.