Generation Four

JOSEPH HAVENS--401: son of George--312 & Mary (Remington) Havens (p 8) was porn pr ca 1700 (estimate from parents' marriage date). If he remained on Shelter Island, where his ather lived before moving to Fisher's Island, he may have been the Joseph who held town office here in 1737, 1767, and 1769. I have been unable to uncover any information on him.

EDWARD HAVENS--402: son of George--312 & Mary (Remington) Havens (p 8), born pr ca 1700 (estimated from parents' marriage date), married Desire Terry in 1724 (Ri, 16). He ~as the one listed as first collector for the Shelter Island town board in 1730. MaIlman says he was ne of 20 men living there at that time who organized Shelter Island into a political unit. The late ~rchibald Havens (R23) said that nearly all the Havenses of Shelter Island were descended from him nd Jonathan--313. If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, then at least some of the :hildren of George--312 must have stayed on Shelter Island.

GEORGE HAVENS--403 : son of George--312 & Mary (Remington) Havens, born  ca 1705 (estimated from parents' & siblings' marriage date), married Mary ---- and they had:

George--501 -- I have no information on him.

    George--403, too, probably stayed on Shelter Island, for he was undoubtedly the one who held own office in 1735 and 1738. His brother Edward--402 also held town office -- see notes under Edward--402, above.

WILLIAM HAVENS--404: son of George--312 & Mary (Remington) Havens born  ca 1705 (see siblings) died 1766. A N.Y. Historical Society record (R15) lists a William, undoubtedly this one, who died intestate and for whom letters of administration were granted Sept 22 1766

JOHN HAVENS--407 : son of George--312 & Mary (Remington) Havens, born pr ca 1710 (see siblings) and probably was the John who died ca 1765, for the will dated May20 1761 was proved Apr 26 1765 (A 15). He may have gone to Moriches, for a probate witness was Nathaniel Smith of that place.

GEORGE HAVENS--413: son of Jonathan--313 & Hannah (Brown) Havens born ca 1707 (based on sibling dates) died 1733-4, married Mary ----, who probably was the one listed in the Salmon Records (R16) as having died May 3 1786 "widow Mary Havens;" issue:

George--502   b ca 1720 m 1) Feb 4 1747-8 (R14) Patience Booth 2) Amy/Anne Johnson.

    George--413 was a resident of Shelter Island. He could be the one who was elected assessor in 1735 and overseer of the poor in 1738, but this could not be so if he died in 1733-4. His son George--502 later held office, but whether he was old enough to do so in 1738 is not known. The most likely prospect as town office holder is George--403, son of George--312 .

JONATHAN HAVENS--414: son of Jonathan--313 & Hannah (Brown) Havens, born Jan 29 1709 died Nov 1 1774 ae 66 (R1,13, 16); married Jan 27 1728 Catherine Nicoll da William & Ann (Van Rensselaer) Nicoll, Islip patentee (R19), she born Dec 17 1700 died May 4 1779 ae 70 ; issue:

Anna--503 b Apr 25 1729 m Nov 28 1748 Dr. Thomas Fosdick son of Thomas & Esther (Updike) Fosdick, she d Sept 24 1782 ae 53 (R13, 14); their dau Mary Ann b 1752 d Jan 111753 (R13).
Elizabeth--504  b Jan 11731 m Jan 2-20 1751 David Howell son of Israel (R14, 16).
NicoII--505  b Feb 10 1733 m 1) Sarah Fosdick 2) Desire Brown.
Catherine--506 b May 25 1735 m Dec 7 1752 Thomas Mumford; Southold Presbyterian church records (R22) give the marriage date as Sept 19 1752 to "Thomas Momfort".
Frances--507 b Feb18 1737 d Apr 24 1758 m Ephraim Baker; their dau m ----Colt.
Hanna--508 b May 19 1739 m William Chadwick, but other records (R17) say she married Charles Chadwick Apr 24 1759, but that may have been another Hannah.
Margaret--509 b Dec 6 1741 d unmarried Sept 23 1762.
Gloriana--510 b Oct 22 1745 m as 2d wife Charles Eldridge; no issue.
Wi/Iiam--511 is listed as another son by Munsell (A 19).
Rensselaer--512 is also listed as another son by Munsell (R19).

    The tombstone of Jonathan--414 is in the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church cemetery; Nov 1774 ae 66 (R8). Letters of administration were granted in 1793 on his widow Catherine of Shelter Island to daughter Elizabeth, wife of David Howell, "only next of kin within the state" (R1O, 13).

    He held various Shelter Island town offices from 1736 to 1747, including assessor and supervisor. Mallman's record calls him Jonathan Jr to distinguish him from his father Jonathan--313, also of Shelter Island. Thus we know that both he and his father held town office at the same time, alternating various posts. As his father died in 1748, the offices after that date were held by Jonathan--414. He was overseer of the poor and collector & constable before he died in 1774. There was, however, another Jonathan in the picture at the time: Jonathan--516.

    Historian R.M. Baylor writes (R49): "In 1742 Jonathan Havens, jr. gave half an acre of ground near the middle of the Island (Shelter Island) for a meeting-house site and burying ground. In 1743 Jonathan Havens and others united in erecting a house for religious worship and obtained contributions for the purpose from the neighboring towns, and from Boston and New York as well. This was the first meeting house on the island, and its site was the same spot where the present Presbyterian church stands."

    He was listed in the Shelter Island 1771 census as head of a family consisting of one male over 60, two females over 16, and one under. He was not listed in the 1776 census, having died in 1774.

CONSTANT HAVENS-415:son of Jonathan-313 & Hannah (Brown) Havens born 1713 Shelter Islanddied Jan 3 1761 Bridgehampton, married 1) Abigail---- b 1705-6 ed Sep 10-19 1751-2  m2) Wid Elizabeth Crook (relict of Samuel, master carpenter) da William & Rebecca Hopkins; she died Hog Neck Nov 1784 (R1O). The Salmon Records (R16) give the date of Feb 18 1751 for the marriage of Constant and Elizabeth. Another record calls him Constable Havens. (R14, 22, 43).

Issue First Marriage

Constant--513 b 1734 d Sep 1797 m 1) Bethiah Brown 2) Martha ----3) Temperance
Mary--514 b Jul-Aug 20 1735 m Nov 22 1759 Nathaniel Tuthill d Nov 1822. Another record gives the marriage date as Nov 22 1758 (R16).
     The Tuthill genealogy (R12) gives: Mary b Jul 20 1735 Sag Harbor d Nov 12 1822 Newburgh, N.Y. m as 2d wife Nov 22 1759 Nathaniel
     Tuthill b July 3 1731 Long Island son of Nathaniel (b 1798) d Apr 8 1768. Mary m 2) Azariah Tuthill b ca 1724; issue: Michal, Feb 25 1756;
     Mary, Jan 1761; Hannah, May 1762: child d young; Elizabeth, Aug 1764; Lucretia, July 14 1768. This Lucretia Tuthill became the wife of
     Augustus Griffin, author of the first published history of the town of Southhold (R44).
Abigail --515 m 1752 Thomas Terry -- Mather calls him Col. Thomas.
Jonathan--516 b 1737-8 d Apr 26 1801 Sag Harbor (R43), m. Abigail Tiley/Tyler.
Lucretia--517 b Mar31 1741 m James Howell d Nov 14 1791. John H. Howell of So. Charleston, W. Va. (R43) has informed me that he is
     descended from Lucretia as follows: Lucretia & James Howell had Matthew who m Hannah Latham; they had Charles J. who m Lydia H.
     Spear; they had John H. who m Agnes Liston; they had John H. jr. who m Clara G. Moore; they had John H. 3d of So. Charleston who m
     Dorothy A. Michie.
Eizabeth--518 b 1743 died unmarried Dec 9 1823.

Scond Marriage

Walter--519 b Oct 1757 d Mar 10 1759.

    His will, dated Dec 22 1760 Southampton (R15) proved Jan 8 1761 mentions wife Elizabeth, sons Constant and Jonathan, daughters Abigail Terry, Mary Tuthill, Lucretia Howell, Elizabeth Havens, grandson Walter Havens. The will of his wife Elizabeth, 1784, says she was of Hog Neck and mentions grandson ----Crook; Hannah Havens a witness -- she was the daughter of Elizabeth's bother-in-law Jonathan--414 (R1O). The N.Y. Historical Society record of Constant's will (R15) refers to Pelletreau's "History of Shelter Island" for the genealogy of Constant--415 and his family.

Constant--415, yeoman, bought much land at Hog Neck, North Haven and was the ancestor of families there and of the Gleasons at Sag Harbor (R19). One record (R14) gives his name as Constable.

JOSEPH HAVENS--416: son of Jonathan--313 & Hannah (Brown) Havens  rn 1714 died May 31 1775 married 1) Mary Watts widow of John; she b 1690 (1693 -- R13) d Aug 20 1768 -- R13 (Aug 2 1768 -- R16); he m 2) Nov 22 1769 Jemima Glover b 1744 d May 18 1772 ae 28 (R13) issue, second marriage:

Jseph--520 b May 18 1772 d Oct 13 1775
Cynthia --555

    Joseph--416 signed the Association in Shelter Island in May 1775 and died that month ae 61, which proves his birth date (R8). His tombstone in the Presbyterian church cemetery, Shelter Island, gives his date plus that of his wife Jemima (d May 1772 ae 28). His will, Oct 12 1771 Southampton proved May 31 1775 (R 10), mentions wife Jemima a codicil Apr 29 1775 says his wife died giving birth to a son. A note in the record (R15) says the son Joseph grew to maturity and lived on Shelter Island near the ferry and that he had a son Joseph, who died unmarried, and a daughter Cynthia.

    Joseph -416 was constable and collector for Shelter Island in 1737.  Although he was an old-timer, he was the only Joseph in the area at the time, excepting possibly Joseph--401 son of George--312, who may have remained on Shelter Island, although his father died on Fisher's Island.  If the office holder was Joseph--416, he could not have removed to Southampton until after 1769 for he had the responsibility in 1767 "to make out and levy the quit rents" for Shelter Island, a he was assessor in 1769.

    He is listed in the Shelter Island census for 1771 as head of a household containing one male between 16 and 60, one under 16, and one female over 16. He was not listed in the 1776 census, for he died the year before it was taken.

WILLIAM HAVENS--417: son of Jonathan--313 & Hannah (Brown) Havens  born 1719 died May 4 1763 (R13, 23, 25) married Sarah Case b 1719 d Oct 8 1769 ae 50 (R1) issue:

James--521 b Feb 12 1742 m Elizabeth Bowditch d Mar 15 1810.
Walter--522 b ca 1743 d May 1 1806 m LoisTuthill.
Samue/--523  b ca 1745 m Mary Parker.
Peter--524 b ca 1750 d Sep 3 1775 m Sally/Sarah
Ezekiel--525  b 1759 m 1) Mary Stratton 2) Jemima Case.
William--526  b ca 1749 d May 7 1808.
Phebe--527 b 1749 d Oct 28 1752 bap Jul 111752-3 (R22).
Desire--528 b Jun 22 1749-50 Shelter Island (R14) m Capt. William Havens--535, her second cousin, son William--424; she died Jun 22--Jul
     4 1776  Nov 5 1771 (R1) ae 22 (R13) but one of those dates may have been for her husband's Aunt (R14).
Phebe--529 b Apr 22 1753 m Capt Joseph Havens--534 , her second cousin. Her death recorded as Mar 17 1806, Shelter Island (R26).

    The will of William--417 dated Sep 2 1761 proved June 2 1763 (Sep 10 -- R15), mentions w Sarah, eldest son James, sons Walter, Samuel, Peter, Ezekiel, daughters Desire and Phebe, youngest  son William jr. (a minor), James and Nicoll Havens executors, and Jonathan, Thurston and Nicoll Havens witnesses. (R 10).

    The 1776 Suffolk Co. census shows William as head of a household containing one male over 50 two from 16 to 50, one under 16, one female over 16 and one under, Shelter Island. This checks with family statistics.

    William served Shelter Island as overseer of the poor in 1742. There were three Williams there that general period of time, and they all seem to have held office. This one was probably the first and he served the board on and off from 1745 through 1753 as overseer of the poor and assessor.

HENRY HAVENS--423  son of John--315 & Sarah (Conklin) Havens  born ca 1710 died after 1790, married Abigail Tuthill b Apr 7-9 1710 da Daniel & Mehital C Horton) Tuthill and sister of the Patience Tuthill who married Henry's brother John--426. The Osborne Shaw (R23) ms. lists the following children:

John Jr--530  died 1786 married Rebecca Smith.
Sally--531 m Apr 6 1807 Elisha Howell at Westhampton  their da Sarah m Erastus Foster of Quogue; issue: Julia F., Sally H. (R23)

    Evidently Henry--423 was one of the founders of the Town of Shelter Island (R1). He held to office there in 1733 (assessor), 1734 (collector & constable), 1741 (overseer of the poor), a several times later. But he must have removed to Brookhaven, for the Tuthill genealogy (R12) gives his residence as Moriches when he married Abigail. The 1776 census lists him there as head of family with one male over 50, one from 16 to 50, one under 16, two females over 16 and  two under. He is listed for the same township in the 1790 census: one male over 16. two under, and two females.  He is missing from the 1800 census there, although a Henry is listed for Kings County.

    Archibald S. Havens said (R23) that Henry--423 owned land in Southold and Brookhaven and that he built a dam and grist mill in the latter place. He sold the Southold land in 1775. He was called oldest son in his father's will.

WILLIAM HAVENS--424: son of John--315 and Sarah (Conklin) Havens  born ca 1708 on Shelter Island died Mar 26 1780 at Hog Neck, now North Haven (R14, 16); married prior to 1740 Ruth Falconer b 1720 d Feb 18 1759 ae 39 (R13, 14, 23); issue:

Ebenezer--532  b ca 1740 d unmarried 1787.
Eunice--533 b 1742-3 (R14) No further record.
Joseph--534  b 1745 d Oct 18 1827 m Phebe Havens.
William--535 b 1747 m 1) Desire Havens 2) Bethiah Bowditch.
Daniel--536  b ca 1745-50 d Feb 1783 m Hannah Nickerson.
Lydia --537 b ca 1750 No further record.
John--538 b ca 1754 (R14) drowned Oct 6 1789 ae 34 (R13), evidently unmarried. He is buried in the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church
     cemetery (R8) Letters of administration granted Dec 26 1789 to James Havens, Shelter Island merchant, given as cousin -- prJames--521,
     second cousin (R10).
Hannah--539 b Dec 10 1751 d Apr 7 1783 m ca 1768-9 Phineas Parker b May 10 1749 son of Abraham & Mary (Budd) Parker; their da
     Deborah (b Nov 5 1769 Sag Harbor d Feb 8 1864 bur Patchogue) m Daniel Tuthill (b ca 1769 Cutchogue) son of Samuel (b 1727) &
     Phebe (Davis) Tuthill; issue: Benjamin F., Spicer D., Sarah, Hannah, Phineas, child d young (R12).

    William--424 was a Shelter Islander, the only one listed there in the 1776 census of that age. He was also listed in the 1771 census there as having three males in his family between 16 and 60, one under 16, one female over 16 and one under. The 1776 census gives him one male over 50, one from 16 to 50, one under, one female over 16 and one under. He signed the Association for Shelter Island in 1775, but he removed to Southampton, for he died at North Haven (A 14).

    All his sons given above were seafaring men -- three of them, Joseph, William and Daniel, being captains, and three of them, William, Daniel and John, dying by drowning.

    Mallman's record of Shelter Island town officers has William--424 as overseer of the poor in 1758, when he was designated William son of John. He held that post in 1749, 1760, and 1761, and he may have been the assessor elected in 1762, but by that time other Wihiams were in the picture. On Feb 14 1757 he conveyed land to Benjamin--427, and his wife Ruth signed the deed (R23). Mather says he was the Lt./Capt. William of Revolutionary War fame, but Mather erred; that William has been identified as this William's son, WiIIiam--535

     He may have had another son, Benjamin--554 , for the late Judge Dwight C. Haven of Wilmington, N.C. said: "Now it is reported by the descendants of this Benjamin that he was a brother of the William Havens (--535) who MaIlman states was a noted privateer."

JONATHAN HAVENS--425 : son of John--315 & Sarah (Conklin) Havens  is something of a mystery. That he was the son of John--315 is unquestioned, for he was mentioned in his father's will, but that he married Patience Tuthill and raised the family MaIlman attributes to him has just as definitely been disproved (R23).

    He is not listed in any of the early censuses. He could not have died young, for his father's will was made in 1750 and, judging by his siblings' dates, he was born early in the century. He may have moved out of the state, or he may have never married, living in his father's household. The Salmon Records (R16) show a Jonathan as dying Oct 25 1799, and that could have been he. The will of a Jonathan Havens dated Mar 30 1771 proved May 25 1771 mentions wife Susannah and daughter Patience, with Nicoll Havens as executor and Obadiah Havens a witness. He could have been the one who held Shelter Island office.

JOHN HAVENS--426 : son of John--315 & Sarah (Conklin) Havens (p 9 ) born 1711 d Nov 5 1797 ae 86 , married Oct 21-29 1733 (R3, 8, 9, 12, 16) 1) Patience Tuthill da Daniel & Mehitable (Horton) Tuthill, she b Mar 11 1716 Oysterponds, her father b Jan 23 1680. John--426 was born on Shelter Island and died in Moriches (R12. He m 2) Katurah ---- (R23)
Issue, first marriage:

Mehitable--540 b ca 1742 m Nov 30 1758 (R1, 16) John Moore of Rocky Point son of John--4 & Rachel (Conklin) Moore (John--3,
     Nathaniel--2, Thomas--1) -- R50. He was probably brother of Abigail Moore who married Mehitable's brother Benjamin--541, next below.
     Their dau Elizabeth (d Oct 16 1862 ae 86, Greenport) m Jan 15 1805 Luther TuthiII (b ca 1774 Oysterponds) son of Jeremiah (b 1744) d
     Apr 5 1843 Greenport; issue: Elizabeth A., May 21 1810; and Patience Ann, Mar 22 1814 (R12).
Benjamin--541  b 1744 d Aug 11 1798 m Abigail Amittee Moore pr sister of John who m Mehitable--540 next above.
John--542 b Jul 14 1748 m 1) Abigail Bostwick 2) Hannah
Bethiah--543 b 1750 m Daniel Rackett of Rocky Point, b 1744 son Jonathan & Hannah (King) Aackett (R3, 12).
Nathaniel--544  b ca 1755, was listed third in his father's will.
Jeremiah--545 b 1757 d 1820 ae 63 m 1) MehitabIe Brown 2) Mary/Bethiah Conklin
Jerusha--546  b ca 1760 m Jan 8 1788 Elcanah Smith (R5).
Charlotte--547 pr b ca 1770 pr d unmarried (R23).

    The above birth order follows my own research and departs from that given by Mailman. Mailman says Benjamin--541 married Lucretia Payne, but the late Archibald Havens (R23) proved him wrong, and my own family research confirms that of Archibald. MaIlman also lists this John as Jonathan, but all other records name him John, not Jonathan, including Mailman himself in his record of the Tuthill line (R23).

    The 1776 Suffolk County census lists John--426 as head of a family consisting of one male over 50, one female over 16, and two under, in Brookhaven. His household at the time of the 1790 census had one male over 16 and one female, also in Brookhaven. As indicated above, although born on Shelter Island he died and was buried in Moriches (R8). His will, May 3-Mar 51783 (Liber B pp 24-25) proved Jan 2-22 1799 (R10, 23) mentions all his sons by name and only his daughter Charlotte by name; son John--542 was executor.

    He was on the assessment roll of Brookhaven in 1749. Although his father, John--3i5, held town office on Shelter Island, John--426 did not, according to my analysis of Mailman's list of town office holders.

BENJAMIN HAVENS--427: son of John--315 & Sarah (Conklin) Havens pr b ca 1700-17 10 died ca 1797, married Jan 31 1754 (R14) Abigail Strong daughter of Thomas & Susannah (Thompson) Strong (R30) issue:

Selah Strong--548  b Apr 20 1755 d Jan 29 1785 m Sarah Strong (R9).
Susannah--549 m Daniel Voorhees. She survived her father, for she is mentioned in his will. A church record (R22) says she m Apr 20 1774
     Joshua Horton, but her father calls her Susannah Van Voorhees in his will. She had 2 ch. Benjamin & Phebe, who m ----Webster.
Charity--550 b ca 1766 d Jan 1 1774 ae 8. Her grave is next to that of her brother Selah in the Beach Fern Road burying ground, Center Moriches (R23, 31).
Ruth--551 a probable daughter b 1756 Brookhaven, married Aaron Higbie 1785. The late Archibald Havens (R23) quotes a letter by Ralph E.
     Price of Yonkers dated Oct 30 1899 saying that Price's great grandmother Ruth Havens was born in and married from Brookhaven -- b
     1756 m Aaron Higbie 1785; they had Major Benjamin Higbie of Babylon, Long Island, and later of Troy, N.Y. Said Archibald Havens: "I have
     heard both my father and Aunt Sarah Wickham say that we were related to the Higbie family of Babylon. Certainly Benjamin--427 had a
     daughter who married a Higbie, for his will mentions granddaughter Charity Higbie. Archibald Havens also said there was a
     great-grandson Ralph E. Price in Yonkers in 1899.
Henry--552 is mentioned in his father's will and therefore survived him.
Thomas--553 is also mentioned in his father's will and therefore survived him. He could be the Thomas who was a private in three different regiments in the New York State levies for the Revolutionary War (R35).

Benjamin--427 was a patriot of some repute at the time of the Revolutionary War, and hebecame a thorn in the side of the British. Under date of July 3 1779 Onderdonk's "Revolutionary Incidents of Suffolk & Kings Counties" says: "Last week a party of rebels had a feast at the home of Benjamin Havens of Moriches (a most pernicious caitiff)." Benjamin has been the subject of an article, "Benjamin Havens of Moriches," by Chester G. Osborne in Long Island Forum, July 1960.

    He signed the Association in Brookhaven in 1775 and Apr 9 1776 was chosen a member of the Committee of Safety for Moriches. He was on the assessment roll of Brookhaven in 1749. He bought land from his brother William--424 in 1757 (R23). He took the 1776 Suffolk Co. census for the Manor of St. George and the Patentship of Moriches, listing himself as head of a household containing one male over 50, two between 16 and 50, two under 16, two females over 16 and one under. This makes a total of eight, of which we can account for seven if we assume all the children listed above were born by that time.

    Jacqueline Overton's "History of Long Island" quotes a newspaper advertisement of Mar 5 1772: "A stage will run from Brooklyn to Sag Harbor once a week as follows: From Brooklyn Ferry to Samuel Nicholl's in Hempstead Plains, where the passengers will stay all night, fare four shillings. To Epentus Smith at Smithtown four shillings. To Benjamin Havens at St. George's Manor four shillings and stay all night. To Nathan Fordham's, Sag Harbor, six shillings. Thus passengers may be conveyed 120 miles in three days on a pleasant road for 10 shillings." From this it will be seen that he ran a tavern at St. George's Manor.

    Benjamin's sister Phebe--428 married Nathaniel Jessup (R1) and their daughter Phebe married Daniel Fordham, son of Nathan and Abigail (Bowditch) Fordham (A 1). This Nathan Fordham was one of those who ran the stage line described above with Benjamin Havens, so the two men were related by marriage. (Phebe & Daniel Fordham's son Thaddeus m another Havens.

    The Strong genealogy CR30) says that Abigail Strong married Benjamin Havens of Moriches, "a farmer at Bedford, N.Y. where he died," and this has always been construed to mean that he died at Bedford, Westchester Co., N.Y. However, in his will he identifies himself as Benjamin Havens "of the township of Bedford in Kings County," which was the community now known as Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn.

    I am indebted to Chester G. Osborne of Moriches for the information that Benjamin--427performed many services for Tangier Smith and William Floyd of that period, serving their interests in New York City and Brooklyn when his stage line took him there, and perhaps later when he moved to Brooklyn. He is also mentioned in "As Told by the Attic Letters," by Cornelia Floyd Nichols, 1952, as follows:

    "From the 9th of October to the 1st of November the General keeps a horse with Benjamin Havens in Brooklyn. For five days the horse eats eight quarts of oats a day, the next few days four quarts, the next two weeks two quarts a day. This sounds like the famous experiment in teaching a horse to live on one straw a day; it suggests, however, that he only used the horse for travel to and from Mastic and not during his stay in town."

    Another extract from the same publication: "... and Benjamin Havens communicates on the subject to grass, hay and oats in July. Side by side with David Titus and Benjamin Havens' signatures this comes to hand: 'Reed of William Floyd esq £50 10 sh being the amount of a note in hand with interest from May to John Carter alias John Church for £50 N.Y. currency dated in Philadelphia some time about the last of April in the year 1783 and which note has been mislaid in my hands."

Earlier members of my own family must have had Benjamin--427 in mind when they said they had relatives in Bedford, N.Y., for Benjamin--427 was the uncle of Benjamin--541, my ancestor. This relationship may have led to the naming of the youngest son of Benjamin--541: Selah --61O3. Selah--6103 was born in 1787 and Selah--548, above, died in 1785. It would have been natural for Benjamin--541 to name his next-born son after that cousin Selah--548 who had but recently died.