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The Hallock Family of Long Island

Descendants and Ancesters of Peter Hallock

    The identity of the immigrant, between whether a father (Peter) of William Hallock existed, or if William Hallock came by himself, is not known. Peter Hallock is described from family legend in the first published Hallock Genealogy, circa the Civil War, and has taken his place in the published genealogies of the family since then. No evidence with his name on it has been found in the colonies, however. Regardless of whether he existed or not, his son, William, certainly did, and was probably of majority age on immigration. Hopefully, the mystery might be solved in English records, if the origins of William, and Peter - if he existed, are found there.
    "Peter Hallock, the ancestor of those of the name in this country, was one of thirteen pilgrim fathers, including Rev. John Youngs, who in 1640 fled from civil and religious oppression in England, and landed at New Haven (Connecticut). Peter hallock was probably an English Puritan that landed at Southold about 1640 with 12  others, all members of a Presbyterian Church in Hingham, Norfolk Co.,  England, about 100 miles NE of London.  They were accompanied by Rev.  John Youngs, their pastor and immediately set up a church, naming the  place Southold apparently after a Southold in their native land. Sources:  For all Hallock information came from "A Hallock Genealogy" by  William, Charles, Lucius Hallock put out by the Hallock family, 1989
    Peter Hallock's great-great granddaughter, Elzabeth Hallock-Corwin, born 1732, who died at Old Aquebogue Feb 12, 1831, age 98, wife of Silas Corwin, gave to her granddaughters, Mrs. James Hallock, now of Quogue, and Mrs. Rev. James T. Hamlin of Mattituck, Mr. Jonathon G. Horton, and others now living, the following facts, which are confirmed by multiplied records and memorials: that Peter Hallock was the first of the thirteen who ventured to step on shore among the Indians at Southold, that part of the village being still called "Hallock's Neck", and the beach extending from it " Hallocks Beach", of which beach Mr. Horton (who lives in the first frame house erected at Southold by his ancestor Barnabas Horton), is one of the joint owners; that Peter Hallock purchased from the Indians the tract since called Oyster Ponds, now Orient, the eastern end of this branch of the Island, that he then returned to England for his wife, who when he married her was a widow and had a son by her former husband Mr. Howell; that he promised her that, if she now accompanied him, her son should share with him in his property; that on coming back he found the Indians had resold what is now Orient; that e then purchased about ten miles from Southold village, a farm extending from Long Island Sound on the north, to Peconic Bay on the south, (three miles) on which he settled in Aquebogue, about two miles west of Mattituck village and creek, all these places being then in Southold Town.
    His original homestead on Long Island and that of his wife's son Howell were on adjacent lots, and ar still occupied (1866) by their respective descendants, Benjamin Laurens Hallock and Sylvester Howell. On the south part of the purchase are the farms of Col. Micah W. and Dea. Ezra Hallock, great grandsons of Zerubabel Hallock, who was great grandson of the (original) Peter.

Numerous other families of Hallocks, most of them prosperous farmers, reside on, or near, this purchase by Peter Hallock, but of the burial place of either himself or his son William, or his grandsons Thomas and Peter, who inherited the same premises, they have no knowledge."

Another site to visit if you are interested in Hallock connections would be the site of Bettie Holmes  at http://members.tripod.com/~BettieHolmes  She connects with the lines of Hallock/Swayze/Sliker /Bilby/Seals/Ball / Holmes/Blazek/Micka.
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