John Hallock's Diary
John Hallock of Moriches, carpenter by trade, storekeeper, sometime teacher and whaleman was born April 2, 1803 and died April 4, 1881

NOTE From Thomas R. Bayles Middle Island In connection with the Hallock diary entries
NOTE From  Chester Osborne   In connection with the Hallock diary entries

    Ralph Jackson of East Moriches found a century-old diary, kept by John Hallock, in a bookcase bought from his great aunt, Florence Kirby, and loaned it to us about a year ago. We took excerpts from it and will offer them now, and in the months ahead, as a backward glance as to how it was on Long Island 100 years ago.    This is a fascinating record, and altho the diarist is chary with comments and thoughts that would allow you to "know" him, bits and pieces will finally give you a tantalizing glimpse at his personality and character.    When we first had possession of the diary we sought help from contributing editor Chester G. Osborne. He, with help from Mrs. 'Sherman Robinson, and James A. Hallock of Center Moriches, as well as the Museum, Manor of St. George, of which he is a Curator of Manuscripts, combine to provide information that allows us to know more about John Hallock than his diary reveals. Some of that information is here published and should assist in a better understanding of his recordings.

Jan. 1st, 1874. The New Year comes in rather auspiciously. We are in comparative good health. No misfortune has directly befallen us during the past year. While death and misfortune has visited many in our neighborhood, we have in the good Providence of God escaped, for which mercies and blessings let us be thankful, and take courage. Strong S.W. wind in the morning and a little cloudy. Charles, the brother of Wm. H. Clark is buried this A.M., service at the M.E. Church 10 Oc A.M.    Charles Hallock has gone to Riverhead enroute east. Neighboring children came in with the usual "Happy New Years" congratulations. East Moriches out in force sleigh riding. Stormy night.
Friday - 2 Stormy in the morning. Westerly wind. Prof. Candee came here in Stage. No mail matter (for a rarity) to-day. A swift thaw and the snow is going off fast. Foggy rainy day. Sis came home in the evening. Traveling very bad. Clear in the night, then again cloudy, still thawing. Saturday, Jan. 3 - Foggy morning, calm. Mr. Candee went away in the Stage this morning. Mr. Fanning came over and t o o k Mary's "draft" to collect. Theodore Carter here to dinner. Geo. Smith of Islip called on his way to see his Sister 'Tina. Recv'd a letter from Charles at Green Port.
Monday (Feb) 2 - "CandleMas Day" very cold N.E. snow storm. Took Sa to Centre. JMF, Fan Pelton and Phebe Rulan went to Bridgehampton to prove Mrs. Walkman's will. Drs. Jarvis and Preston met at Dolan's who is badly off with inflamation of bladder. Sid Hawkins sent a pot of butter to Nyac (Coals to Newcastle). Dr. Baker down to Capt. Barns. Mr. Fanning returned P.M. train. Snow all day moderately, terrible snow storm in the night. Toothach all night.
Sunday 8th-Clear and pleasant. Northerly wind. Snow is drifting some today. Dolan quite comfortable. Capt. B. Ross, J. A. Howell, Ed. Cessman, wife, myself and others in to disturb Dolan. James Rowland and others passed each way in a sleigh. Dr. Baker also.
Monday 9th - Extremely cold and cloudy. N. E. wind and looks stormy. Dolan not so well this morning. Dr. Baker went east early. Ed took Sa over in sleigh. Parker Lane and Rumsey Rose in the Stage going East. Every body Sleighing.
Thursday 12th - Clear, warm & pleasant S.E. wind. A large company of sleigh riders from Riverhead went to Patchogue. A six horse sled went to Yaphank from E. Moriches.
Wednesday 18th - Cold, northerly wind. Mr. Owens' house burned down with the most of the contents - himself badly burnt. Friday 20th - Rainy morning and wet day. S.W. wind & rather chilly. Salome came over this P.M. and JMF went over to see Mrs. Pering (Aunt Katy). No "Signal" today and the "Club" runs out this week and none of the members have intimated that they shall renew their Subscription. Katy Lane died this morning at the Co. house, Yaphank.
Saturday 21 - Easterly wind, cloud and warm, sometimes clear on the P.M., wind SW. Went to see Egbert Ross about Poland rooster for David. Dolan has sent for a Catholic Priest, which is all very proper. Twenty one newspapers this week.
Tuesday 24 - Cold cloudy, rough day, northerly wind. Sent 3 Poland crested fowls to David. Took Sa over to Centre. Frank Hawkins more easy. Dolan most gone; and died about 7 o'clock P.M. Sa. came over with Mr. Robinson's folk, and returned with them. Mr. Filmer here at tea. Dolan's age 74. Thursday 26 - Warm, pleasant day, and the snow is going a streak. Many people came to Mrs. Dolan's this P.M. supposing that the buriel was to take place. Sa. came home. J. W. Putty came this evening. South west wind. Commenced burning coal. Mr. Whaley came in.
Friday 27 - Chilly N.W. wind and clear. P.M. Buried Capt. Dolan in the Presbyterian Cemetery. A large train followed him to the grave. John Hawkins and myself were sworn appraisers of the estate of Lucinda Walkman. Currie quite sick with the measles. John Sweeney and John Dolan came over in the evening.
Saturday 28 - Clear and pleasant - westerly wind. David came up on the P.M. train and returned on the evening train. Wesley and John Sweeney went back to the city on the morning train. Jacob Carter wife, Schuyler Terril, wife, son and other relatives, who came up to Capt. Dolan's funeral have returned today. Recvd 22 newspapers this week. Capt. B. Ross came home. Lambert has a new light wagon and harness. (Quite a "rig").
Thursday (March) 5 - Clear warm & pleasant northerly wind. Trimmed grape vines. Eggs only 18 cents pr dozen.
Saturday 21 - Somewhat cloudy. Strong S.W. wind. Clinton Ross' sloop at the dock with guano for Mr. Fanning and freight for others. Eg. Ross fixing to start his schooner. Harvey Penny is going with him a n d he will probably stick a while. Took a chair to Mr. Davis to bottom. Mr. Owen is visiting at Mr. Fannings this P.M. Planted some raddish seeds in a box SS the house. Trimmed rasberry bushes. Recvd 23 newspapers and 2 pamphlets this week.
Sunday 22 - Cloudy. S.W. wind in morning. Mary and Currie gone to Church this A.M. P.M. cleared off pleasant & cool. Capt. Chs Howell of Southampton at Church today with his little wife Mary Hawkins. Very windy night.
Monday 23 - Tremendous blow from N.W. & cold. Clear. Took Sa over to Centre and brot. Charles back from Esq. Clark's. Currie went over with me. Syms Havens' son gone around with his cows, will take it when he gets on the Beach if the wind continues to blow. Charles went west en route. Very cold night.
Tuesday 24 - Very cold morning, high N.W. wind. Everything frozen like winter this morning. Dan'l Davis had another fit this morning. It has been very cold and blustering all day, and ends with a prospect of a cold freezing night. Lent Josh Rider my gun.
Wednesday 25-Tremendous S.W. wind & very cold. Moria came over A.M. Sis recd by Stage a box from J. Kinner New York. P.M. Rev. Mr. Whaley and his lady and Rev. Mr. Owen here to tea. Mr. Whaley and lady are very companionable indeed. comparatively warm night. Sis observed of Mr. & Mrs. Whaley (very appropriately) that the "Gray Mare was the better horse". Mrs. Ann Hawkins called in the P.M. and left some pamphlets and tracts.
Thursday - 26 - Cloudy threatening day S.W. wind P.M. Mr. Smith Stone Cutter of Port Jefferson called to see Sis about grave stones for Van & co. He also called at Dolan's on the same business. Ed. took his broad wheels over to blacksmith. Mrs. Mary Libby (Hawkins) Osborn here this P.M. on a visit. Rev. Mr. Seely of Manor along the street and to Mr. Owens.
Friday - 27 - Clear & cold morning. Strong N.W. wind. Work on "Highway" P.M. wind S.E. and quite warm and pleasant. John Howell of Quogue passed each way. Carpenter ,& Roger passed with a large load of very nice dry oak wood. Rain & snow in the night, hail also.
Saturday 28 - Easterly snow storm in the morning. Cleared off with N.W. wind very pleasant. Bot a mess of fish of Robinson Raynor. A few are at work on Highway this P.M. Took up some Dogwood trees for Lyman F. Smith's wife. Cold chilly night. My wife sick all night.
April 1st, 1874 - Cold, cloudy day NNE wind & looks stormy. Set a hen on 16 eggs in the Stable. Sis sent the money to John Kinner for Hams & Bacon, by the mail. Cold, rough day and has not thawed much. A remarkable cold spring thus far.
Thursday 2 - Chilly East Southerly & Westerly wind. Carted some manure on my garden. I am 71 years old to-day. Austen Roe called at the Store says he is 66 years old. J. G. Floyd sold wood to Osborn (Merchant) for $3 pr cord to raise his guano. the man has lost all pride. I believe he drinks up all the money he gets, and is obliged to sacrifice something to keep going.
Tuesday 7 - Easterly rain storm - cold day. Ugly day for Town Meeting. Thunder & lightning early in the morning. The Dems that are pure in heart have made a general stampede for Coram in the rain. P.M. it cleared off quite fine, but chilly. Ed plowed a strip of garden for me. Charles S. Havens Dean was elected Supervisor by 161 maj. Hohnes Swezey, Rep., Collector.
Thursday 9 - Easterly rain storm and chilly "all day long". Mr. Win S. Howell at the store and gave us all the Town Meeting news. "Of how they fought, and how they bled; "And what they of each other said; "And the final termination "How the Democrats were undismayed "Spite of Hack Bishop's unseemly raid "Against theregular nomination "We elected our Supervisor with a whew "And all the rest of the ticket too "Except three, of some importance "But that is enough to cause us grief  "For the Collector is next to Chief  "In all things, except importance." Win Howell took Sa and his daughter Georgie to the Station en-route for Sag Harbor, to attend School Association to-morrrow and Saturday. A very stormy night.
Saturday 11 - Clear and cold. Gale of wind from West & South. Mary gone to Riverhead with Lewis Hulse. Planted some early rose potatoes & onions for seed. Had two calls for hay today. Hen came off 12 chickens. Rev. Mr. Whaley called in rain storm, suddenly at evening. Very cold night. Friday 24 - Clear & cold morning. Northerly wind. A.M. cleared off quite pleasant. Solon Culver & Charles Gerard passed with a black horse "in tow". Alpheus Hawkins plowed Mrs. Patty's garden & also in a lot below. Gave Alpheus Hawkins some grape vines. Blind man (Russell) planting Mrs. Petty's garden. Two organ grinders along street making music hideous.
Set out some elm trees. Mr. Elihu Hawkins came along and said that we were to old to set out trees, but I could not "see the point". Ann Murry called this P.M. for some dalias but she came to the wrong shop. Harry Ackerly cut two of his toes off and another partly off. Sa came home by land tired most to death. Dr. did not take but one of Harry's toes off.
Sunday 26 - Clear & cold. Northerly wind. Went to see Harry. Dr. came looked at his foot and told him he would come again in four or five days and dress his foot. Mr. E. A. Smith at Ed's for dinner. Mr. Fanning's folks do not go to Church today. Danl T. Hawkins at Harry's. Rough windy day. Mrs. Dolan over here and is right smart. Cold night.
Friday May 1 - Clear, cool & pleasant morning, westerly wind. Ed. came and took the remainder of my meadow hay. Cleaned out my backhouse and hen roost this A.M. Enoch Miller buried this A.M. 9 o'c. Dave To~mpson peddling beef for Edwards. Mary sick all day. Dr. Jarvis stopped at Mrs. Patty's & said she was taking some of Margarett's medicine, and he told her he thought it would do her good. Lambert began to plow for Mrs. Dolan. Saw Mrs. Petty out. Sa came home in the evening. Wife sat up in bed all night & Mary sick. Sunday 3 - Cold, frosty morning. Ice pretty thick. Set a hen under table by cellar. Quite a fine day. Mrs. Dolan went over to M. E. Church. Paid John Robert for two bu corn ($2). Harry seems to have symtom of lock jaw & had bad night.
Monday 4 - Hazy morning though quite pleasant for so icy a time. Southerly wind. Ed gone to New York by early train. Took Sa. over to Centre. Chs S. Haven and Esq. Clark gone to Coram, probably to deliver the Documents. C'ar'ting out manure and ashes. Mr. Garage moved his family to Riverhead. P.M. Harry Ackerly died in a spasm of the "lock jaw". Clouded up and looks like a storm. Wife had a very bad night.
Tuesday 5 - N. E. rain storm and chilly. Did not rain during the day though it threatened it all the time. P.M. spread manure. Edwards brat over a coffin for Hurry to rest in till the "Resurrection of the last day". Ed. came home by evening train.
Wednesday 6 - Clear & pleasant Southerly wind. Took up and reset a large quantity of currunt bushes. Harry Ackerly was buried at the Presbyterian - Cemetery ground. Mrs. Phebe Rulan called this P.M. Neck tie sociable at the M. E. Parsonage in the evening a success.
Monday June 1 - Is ushered in with a "ronching" (?) easterly storm of rain. Turned my cow in the lot with J.M.F.'s cows, Laura and the children went home by the midday train. Cleared off warm and pleasant, northerly wind. Ed. gone to Yaphank with potatoes for M. Chichester. J. M. F. gave me a pig (23 lb) - Moved the stove into the fireplace, painted an oil cloth. Ed took 23'/2 bushels of potatoes to Station (15 of J.M.F. & 81/2 of Sips') Sis has scold 2 bush. second size for 75c pr bu. Mrs. Sweeney at Mrs, Dolans.
Tuesday 2 - Clear cool morning northerly wind. Planted some A. Roe potatoes between squash hills. E. A. Smith called and said that his daughter Mary was sick at Huntington & Sarah had gone after her. Johan Raynor died at Frank Hawkins' this evening.
Wednesday 3 - Cold cloudy morning and easterly wind. At the mill for W. N. Lame. Set out same early cabbage & tomatoes. Mrs. Dolan's old cow Suke tumbled over a ditch and broke her neck. Began to rain at night and continued all night. Hon. David G. Floyd passed each way in the A.M.
Friday 5 - Cloudy morning. Calm. Surf roaring smartly. Bill Howell went early to Roberts to hoe cprn ('he said.) Esq. Clark too went west early. Making a gate frame. Cloudy misty day, westerly wind. Boot a pig of Mrs. Do-Ian (9 lb at 16c pr lb $1.44) 5 weeks old ,just.
Thursday 11 - Cloudy easterly wind and looks stormy. Charles Smith went to R.iverhead. Transplanted sum. sav. commenced to rain about 11 of A.M. Jno Roberts old stud horse dropd dead in the harness. Chauncey Chichester married and gone to Washington on wedding tour.
Saturday 13 - Clear and cold, calm morning. Soon struck up a fresh gale from N.W. Payneville is on the rampage in the shape of a beach party. Dr. Jarvis returned this P.M. & called here. It blows hard for Tomps crank boat. Lewis Hulse took his two cows to Nicoll's Mastick to save a dollar and "get the breed". Harry Howard ("our Harry") came up from Green Port to attend "Great Meeting" at Poospattuck, and called along to see his old friends and "relations". He is full of religion as ever. Dave Thompson peddling for Edwards. Cold night. Ed. sold his calf wt 205 lbs.
Sunday 14 - Clear and cold, calm morning. "Great Meeting" at Poospattuck & a grand turn out from far and near. Caleb Ceasar died this morning. Harry was here to tea and went to Luther's. cold night - Capt B. Ross, arrived. Monday 22 - Clear & pleasant light northerly air. Hoeing corn. P.M. southerly wind & hot. Just at night a suspicious looking man with a Scotch L. dog called and asked to sleep in our barn. As we had no barn he did not stay, he pint up at Alp Hawkins & Eg. Ross hired him.
Saturday July 4, 1874 - T h e 98th anniversary of the Independence of these United States and is being suitably celebrated in various places and in various ways. Cloudy and looks rainy, S.E. wind. Beach parties seem to be the order of the day. Some have gone to Patchogue to,go up in a balloon. Mr. W. S. Robert up to the store this P.M. & very smart. Ed raked and risked the hay on "little point lot" before it rained. Considerable lightning and thunder & rain.
Monday 6 - Cloudy morning, cool N.E. wind. Silas Hand gone home by early train. J.M.F. & Ed went to Old Neck to lot off some grass. J. W. Pelletreau came over to engage us for sale of G. Flats. Dr. Jarvis pulled my two front teeth. Edwards & Clark took Mrs Petty's & my calf - mine weighed 156 pounds. Ed mowed half west Lot & carted that in little point.
Wednesday 8 - Cloudy but cleared off early in the morning. S.W. wind strong. Soon clouded up again suspiciously. Carted the remainder of the east side (2 loads). Randalls after Charlie Ross' cattle. P.M. raked and risked the hay on the west side of the lot. J. Russell Penny called to see me in the lot among the hay, his two boys were with him and he says they are the smartest boys in the county. Mr. Dobson & his wife at J.M.F. and Mrs. Whaley and Mrs. Durant called on us.
Monday 13 - Scuddy morning South wind. Ed. mowed the grass on Sis' lot and I raked it up partly. Ed Cessman cut wheat for Ed. H. Comet shone bright & tail.
Saturday 18 - Clear & cool in the morning & calm. Hot Southerly wind. My family all gone on the Beach (sick & well). Carted my hay from Sis all right. P.M. Mr. Fanning & myself went over to s a 1 e of grass on "German Flats" which did not fetch much, about half of the lots were left unsold. Our beach party did not get home till evening. Bot sack corn of C. S. Haven, $2.10. Mrs. Dolan's dog bitted J. W. Petty. Sunday Aug 2 - Cleared off in the morning, very fine, calm. After a while a westerly breeze sprung up, hot day. Rev. Mr. Seeley preached at Pres Church. A charity sermon for a parsonage at the Manor. Shower P.M.
Monday 3 - Clear & warm, northerly wind. Gathered my onions. Nathl Fanning of Southampton up. Loaned Lewis Hulse talking iron. Made extra "hand poles" for haying. Charles and Gilley came up in the evening.
Tuesday 4 - Very nice day. Northerly wind. Went on to the Island with Ed. Cessman & Geo Ackerly to rake hay. Gid. Smith went to NYork for a man to repair his "Boiler".
Wednesday 5 - Clear & cool morning, N.E. wind. Ed. carted me a load of wood. Mrs. Whaley called and returned my books. Charles gone west on his route. Paid Esq. Clark $2.50 for New Island for the current year, he being on his way to Coram to attend "Trustee Meeting". Bot ham of C. S. Haven $1.58.
Thursday Oct 16 - Cold frosty morning & calm. David & Charles helpd dig potatoes.
Thursday Oct 15 - Clear & cold. Southerly wind (very frosty with ice last night) and this morning. Mr. Whaley called. Telegraphed to Kate to come home immediately. David came up by P.M. train. Mary & Sarah Penny called. Kate came about 9 o'c P.M. Saturday 24 - Clear morning, Northerly wind. My wife died at 1 o'c this morning. Charles gone home via midday train. Dan'l Davis digging grave. Mr. Edwards gone to Patchogue for trimmings to coffin. Got some ice of Al Hawkins. Phebe came up viaP.M. train. Mr. Whaley called in the evening.
Monday 26 - Foggy morning. Nick went to Station after David & Charles & Laura. A.M. funeral and burial of my wife. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. They shall rest from their labours". There was a large attendence of friends & kind neighbors. David, Laura, Nick & Phebe went home by evening train.
Monday Nov. 2 - Clear chilly day S.W. wind. Took Sa. over to her school in morning. then went with Ed. to Floyd's after apples. We got 10'/z bush. Cap 50c pr bu. Mrs. Barns was there at the same time for apples also. Sa. came home in the evening. Very cold freezing night.
Wednesday 4 - Warm -smokey day, Southerly wind and very light. Capt. Dan. caught a great haul of sea perch in the river last night. Say two tons (4000 pounds). Pulled and stored my beets (three barrels). Many East Moriches folks to Mastic after apples. John Hawkins & Sarah Chichester married.
Thursday 5 - Clear & pleasant, fresh S.W. wind. Bot 100 pounds blue fish of Syms H. Havens for $3 & salted same.
Thursday 12 - Clear & cool N.W. wind. "Tax gatherer" at C. S. Havens today. Mr. Gamage moved up from Riverhead. My tax $6.82. Put potatoes and apples in cellar. Very cold freezing night. Saturday 21 - Cold blustery day N.W. wind. Sent cider & hens to Charles. bathing tub to Topping, Sag Harbor. Put up new stove in the dining room.
Tuesday 24 - Clear, cold & blustering N W wind. Schooner Mabel (Lent?) loaded with molasses & suger came ashore yesterday, near the great hill and is high up on the Beech. Terrible gale all day. Mrs., Mr. Whaley and Mr. Elihu Hawkins called on "Pastoral Visit".
Wednesday 25 - Clear & cold, strong westerly wind. Carted 2 cords wood from Mrs. Petty's woods & Ed. carted 3 cords to the dock for Mr. J. H. Gordon at Bellport. Sa. came home at evening. "Evacuation Day".
Thursday 26 - Cold morning, moderate Northerly wind. "Thanksgiving Day". Recvd our usual Thanksgiving present from David, whereof we desire to tender unto God thanksgiving and praise, for inspiring our children with loving kindness and tender benevolent hearts. Sis & Ed. & his family were home to dinner. Mr. Owen had a donation this evening.
Friday 27 - Pleasant tho chilly day. Southerly wind. Took Sa. over this morning. Paid Charles Chichester the dyers bill for Sa. $4.85. Ed took a cord of wood over to Sa. Took up my celery & put it under boards in a trench & covered with sea weed.
Tuesday December 1 - Winter comes in with a very cold snow storm, light easterly wind. Mr. E. A. Smith gave me some citron to preserve.
Wednesday 2 - Drove of horses went east.
Friday 4 - Saml Randall passed with a flock of sheep.
Saturday 5 - Clear & pleasant, Southerly wind. Ed. carted up from the dock two tons of coal for us ($7.00 pr ton). Clouded up in P.M. & looks snowy. The coal was brot by David Tuttle of Speonk and it was short of measure. Thursday 17 - Went to Bellport to get some clothes cut.
Friday 18 - Cold blustering N.W. wind. Charles started for Riverhead & Sa. for school. Gershon (?) R. Smith & Son carted past  a very nice load of dry wood and Old Ben thinks it doubtful whether all the Centre Moriches folks know exactly whose land they all get it on. There are many people who get fire wood in Mastic. Sa. came home in evening.
Monday 21 - Cold rough N.W. wind & very icy morning. Ed. took Sa. over & Sis also. Mail on Runners to-day. Cold night.
Thursday 24 - Cloudy windy morning and some scattering drops of rain. P.M. Clear and rough, westerly wind. Sa. came home in the evening. We had a Christmas tree & the children enjoyed it wonderfully.
Friday 25 - Clear cold morning, Northerly wind. Neighbors children c a m e in as usual for a Christmas present. Mr. & Mrs. Fanning gone to keep Christmas at "Watchogue". Norton Hawkins in the diggings.

Friday, Jan. 1875: The New Year comes in clear and cold.
Jan. 8th - Old friend James Edwards called to see us.
9th Went to Fire Place with C. S. Havens and sold a School house land, furniture &c.
10th   Alph Hawkins a n d John Robert filled their ice houses. 14th Wm S Howell carting ice & Ed helping him. Jeremiah Culver carted past a large stick of timber.
19th Clear & extremely cold. Snow about shoe deep. JMF & Ed gone to Riverhead via Manor. Quite a pleasant day though 6 below zero thus morning.
20th Excessively cold morning . . . could not be better sleighing & every body that can are enjoying it.
30th   Hon. Alvah Jones went west in stage.
Monday Feb 1st Snow in morning. Took Sa over in sled. JMF gone to Southold. Cleared off warm and pleasant. JMF returned in evening.
2nd Candlemas Day. Mr. E. Sweezey, wife and little girl came to see us. (May's Middle Island friends).
3rd Silas Whiston's sons came after their legatee from Mrs. Walkman's estate today.
4th No mail today, suppose the storm last night must have torn the track up somewhere.
12th Zopher Tooker of Baltimore buried three children in Pres. Cemetery and Maltby Edwards was buried in Moriche~s also today.
13th D. G. Floyd of Greenport in stage (west). Miss C. Hulse of Newark, N.J. at JMF.
16th F. Simonson at Mr. Nicoll's appraising stock &c &c.
18th JMF killing hogs. Eg. Ross butcher. Josh. Rider & Co. finishe~d cutting Mrs. Petty's woodpile. A drove of cows and two bulls passed west.
19th Bo:t 1 bu corn of Ed (from Chauncey Ross) c$1.
20th Warm, easterly rainstorm all day. Jonah Turner at the store P.M.
22nd "Washington's birthday". Went over to Centre with Ed and took Sa over.
23rd   Wash woman here today. 24th Mrs Duryea in the Stage, going to Tina's.
25th Ed and Josh Rider went oystering (yesterday) some where at Mastic. Josh Rider mending boots and shoes for Currie & myself. Charge hoc.
26th Clear and pleasant westerly wind. My stack tumbled over. Over in evening to Church to hear Mr. E. A. Smith's lecture. There was a very full house, and every body seemed pleased & applauded, with a vote of thanks.
27th Mr. Corson of Brookhaven (Fireplace) at the store. Mrs. Ann Hawkins called.
28th Very cold day. Northerly wind. No body passed to Church. Monday, March 1st Spring comes to us very cold, the earth is mantled with snow. As much again snow fell this A.M. than we have had at any time during the win ter. P.M. it turned into a rain storm as the other snow storms of the winter have done.
12th Evening gave my Lecture (Sunny Memories of an Old Sailor) at Pres. Church.
16th No mail to-day. Rail Road carried away by freshet.
22nd   Tom Davis came to see title to Poospattuc.
30th "The Pure democracy" have gone to Coram to nominate Town officers - the five to represent this Dis. was 3 old S. Whigs, 1 Fremont Rep. 1 Dem. & knew no better.
Thursday, April 1st Trimmed Sis' grape vines. Trimming my orchard.
2nd.   My birthday (72). Trimmed my grape vines. Largest flight of wild geese yesterday and to-day that I have observed in many years. Great Tea Party at Mrs. Whaley's this P.M. gotten up by Mrs. Baker & she did not put in appearance.
3d Kate came home in the Stage from Tina's.
5th Kate gone home by way of Tina's & Sa. went over too.
6th Quite a goodly number gone to Town Meeting.
7th Snow storm in morning.
9th Gave Chauncey Ross & Charles Chichester some grape vines. Set a hen on 15 eggs under coop.
10th   Usher H. Benjamin died. 11th   A very nice warm day. Two young Elders (Hiram Raynor & Elkanah Robinson Pres) were ordained.
14th More snow on the ground than at any time this winter. Warm sunny day and snow is going fast.
19th Mr. Filmer moving to Bay Port.
23rd Ed gone on "the Island" to burn the meadow.
24th   Salome a n d   Sa.   gone B. Hampton.
25th   Laura died this P.M.
26 Went to B. Hampton to Laura's funeral at 2 PM.
27 Came up from B. Hampton. Tina Raynor died this morning. 28th Kate came down to Tina's funeral. Kate and Mary gone over with JMF.
29th Kate gone home with rest of the Smiths who came down to the funeral. Transplanted Gooseberry bushes.
30   JMF's man Willie carting out my manure for garden & some plowing.
Saturday, May 1st Planted early potatoes.
5th Planting potatoes. Sent to Mill by J. Hawkins 1 bush chickenfeed & 1 Bu. for Meal (corn). P.M. Charles came up and brot. me some Late Rose Potatoes. Cleaning house.
6th Charles gone west on route. Ed. setting out trees.
Friday 7th 9 chickens from 30 eggs. Sett out onions and sowed some also.
8th   Ed. digging up trees (apples) to sett out at his place. Planted Late Rose Potatoes on East side next Beans & corn. Planted beans, early sweet corn & Hub. squash. loth Peter Linington sent me some sweet potatoes. Bot 1 qt peas Chas. S. Havens. JMF sold wood to Slanson Edwards. Planted peas in potatoes. Sett out grape vines. Daisy has a calf.
11th Planted pease and beets among the potatoes. Sowed summer savory. Planted cucumbers. Sett out in front 2 Norway Spruce. 12th Chauncey Chichester's wife died. Sett out trees all day.
13th Dr. Jarvis called at the fence & gave him some shrubbery. P.M. Mary gone to Mrs. Chichester's funeral with the Fannings. JMF returned from City by Stage & is planting corn this P.M. 14th   Chauncey Ross carting some dirt for me, for Hennery &c & helped clean out both houses & charged $1. Mr. Wm S. Robert up and smart.
15th Sold J. Lewis Hulse 1 Bu. potatoes 75c. Mrs. Pond (Rulan) of Centre Moriches died suddenly in the night.
16th Great fire in the woods which started from Mr. Whaley's East Moriches. Putting out bean poles. There was a fire also back of Quogue.
18th Mrs. J. T. Smith (Arlington's mother) was burried to day (as per letter from Kate).
19th   Willie plowing my lot. Made a pen, bot a pig of Frank Hawkins $3.32 @a 17c.
20th JMF cow Dutches has a heifer calf.
Friday, 21st. Planted my corn, water, musk melons, cucumbers, citrons, tomatoes &c.
24th Hill & Gerard of Riverhead sett my wife's tomb stones. price paid $76.05.
31st   Turned my cow in the Neck. Sa. rode over with Mr. Fanning's gang going to Watchogue for logs. The calf that Ed had of David we shall call "Rachel", because it is "Ring Streaked" like "Jacob's cattle". She was calved the 22nd of this month (May). Eds folks call the calf Nellie.
Friday, June 4, 1875: "Old Dutch" along with his sweet potato plants. Sick every day this week so far.
5th At evening it looked like rain, and I set out 225 cauliflowers.
9th Highway day.
l0th   P.M. went on the High Way. "Census" man along.
11th Win Roe of Patchogue and Doctor Preston both passed each way. Sat. came home in season. Charles fetched in from the west.
12th Ed. carted plank or boards from East port mill.
Sunday 13th.   "Great Meeting" at Poospattuc & Pinkey Downs gone early with load of his famous appetizers. Sent my cow to John Hawkins by Charles Hulse. Paid Charlie Hulse 25 cents.
Monday 14 Took Sa. over & brat Belle Ross home with me.
15th Willie plowing out my corn and potatoes.
17th   Sick all nyte. 18th I am sick. 20th Rev Mr. at Pres. Church.
21st Sa. rode over with her Uncle Matthew this morning.
23rd Hoed out my corn.
Thursday, July 1 Planted early Rose potatoes. Had 2 bu corn from Osborn's $2. Set a hen in stable. Ed sold his calf to J. Roberts for $8. (two weeks old).
2nd  Ed  gone to Win Sidney Smith's & a lot of other carriages to carry and return to Station Robert R. Smith's bridal party.
4th   Nice  morning S. W. wind. And thus the grand day of Independence is ushered in. Eveline Petty has come back to Mrs. Dolan's after a residence of 8 to 9 months in the city and looks fine. The Elephant belong to the great Show to be a Patchog tomorrow passed this morning accompanied by five horses and two men; and followed up by all the darkies in the neighborhood supposing, (and correctly too) that he would halt at the Mill Pond.
5th Set out cabbage, tomatoes, sweet potatoes. Mary Clark died this AM. Quite a number went to Patchogue to the circus.
6th Mary S. (Harned) Dill called.
7th A child of Charles Barber was found dead in bed this morning.
8th Dr. I. H. Gibley (?) came on stage.
12th Dr. Gibbs & myself hoed potatoes & garden.
14th   Ed carted me a load of English hay.
15th Topd a stack. Mary and Currie gone to Bridge Hampton by evening train. JMF began to cut his wheat.
17th   Took Charles to Yaphank to early train. P.M. Sale of German Flats.
20th Paid J. Lewis Hulse $2.69 School Tax. Capt. B. Ross launched his fine yacht to-day.
Saturday, 31st Jubilee Singers at M. E. Church this evening.
Sunday, Aug. 1st Some of our folks over to Pres. Church in the evening to hear Jubilee Singers.
3rd   Sa. started for Niagara Falls via Southside R. R. Elizabeth Ryder moved to the Centre.
11th Ed. wife & Mary gone to North Comac berrying. Grand Sunday School picnic in Capt. Norman Terry's sloop to some grove.
12th Josh and Sarah Penny at the store.
Friday, 13th Dr. Gibb's and Gilley gone on the meadow with Ed and Willie. Sent $20 to Sa. in letter directed to care of L. Swift, Rochester, N. Y.
16th JMF, Dr. Gibbs, Ed & Gilley went to Boat race. J. E. Roe died this morning.
Sunday 29th Dr. Gibbs gone home, or N. Y. by P.M. train. Nellie and Kittie went home by Noon train. Paid W H (?) Clark the rent for New Island, for the current year $2.50.
31st Mrs. E. T. Smith's funeral this P.M. Smith himself was not seen, and has not been seen since his wife died. (Shut up in his room 'tis said). Mr. E. Hawkins said that were quite a good many there.
Thursday, Sept, 9th Ed carted us 3 tons of coal for E. Smith.
17th Aggie (Topping) Rowland came over here staid all night.
18th Misses Howell, Wines, Gildersleeve & Culver were over from East Moriches,
Monday 20th Went to East Station for Charles this morning. Sa. commenced her school to day. Ed had some stray sheep shut up in the yard which Charles Ross took away, claiming to have bot them of E. T. Smith (Paint) .
25th   At Smith's Point - Nicoll's - & Floyd's with Ed.
Friday Oct 1 Esq Clark and his new wife came home.
8th Peter Linington died this evening about 10 o'c.
13th Very pleasant day at the Hampton Fair which was a very successful exhibition.
14th At the Fair P.M.
15th A.M. went to Sag Harbor & P.M. came home by 3 o'c train.
18th Butchers  took Lulu this morning.
19th Tea'd out to Ed's all of us, viz. Kate, S is, Lida, Mary, Maria Currie & myself, quite a gang.
20th Pulled my beets. Lewis Hulse digging Mrs. Petty's potatoes.
21st James Edwads and B. Lyon passed each way today.
28th Israel Rogers peddling scallops.
Tuesday Nov. 2nd Went to Election in P.M. quite a crowd and very civil.
5th Put my squashes in cellar. Very frosty last night. Mr. N.. Edwards paid me $49.28 for cow. 8th Pulled turnips.
9th   Went to South Haven to Mill. Sid Howell here.
11th Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin of Riverhead called and dined at Mr. Fannings.
18th Sa. came home on account of the Smallpox in Centre Moriches (Frank Howells son).
20th   Carted my stalks & Sis' also, gathered my cabbage and put under stalk stack. Eg. Wines carting boat timber from Mr. Roberts. Frank Howell's son (small pox) died and buried this evening.
24th Funeral of Jim Baldwin's wife, daughter of Murry Smith. 27th Paid (by JMF) tax of $7.07. Bot of B. Ross a cow for which paid him $48. in full (call her Belle).
30th Recvd box of pear grafts and & currant & Irish gooseberry cuttirgs from Dr. Gibbs.
Thursday Dec. 2nd   Samuel Penny one of our oldest citizens died at Southold last Sunday aged about 88 years, his health was good to the last, though he had been   deaf and blind for some years. When quite advanced in years his eyesight was renewed so he could read without spectacles, but finally failed again, and he became entirely blind. he had all his life been a harmless and inoffensive citizen. Peace to his ashes; may his future be foreverJoy and Peace. Cold night.
11th   John Bishop along the street on foot. A drove of young cattle driven east (for sale).
14th Killed my hog with JMF. John Thurston commenced peddling meat this morning in the place of N. Edward whom he has bot out. (Sorry).
23rd Clear warm springlike day. 24th Capt. Lindley Tyler found dead in the woods. Snow storm east.
Saturday from the abundant Ed. came this P.M.
25th The usual calls children. Received an Christanas from David. home from BHampton
Sunday 26th Capt Tyler buried. Ed & family over here to Turkey dinner.
final entry 187
Nota Bene - When I bat the cow of Capt. B. Ross, Charlie declared that she went to Bull in the winter & he knew that was not in heat after she was put on the Beach. All of which was a barefaced falsehood. He also stated that Elkanah Robinson wanted the cow, which also false. His father corroborated the whole.

Jan. 1 Sat. Nice spring like morning. P.M. Mahlon Chichester died. Evening a Spelling School at our house.
5th P.M. Went with Edmund to E. T. Smith's (Point) and hired Pattersquash Island for five years at twelve dollars per year (to have a lease for it immediately) in presence of his two daughters and myself-which was unreservedly clear of the Town claim on the said Islands, which he agreed to warrentee to Ed.
6th Josephine Ross married tonight.
7th Died at East Moriches Mrs. Lidia Topping aged 72 years & 8 months.
13th Clear, cold rough day. Wood moving past constantly.
15th Two men along remarking the mile atones.
25th Mrs Fanning and Kate Smith gone to Mastic. Wm S Howell took his Obie heifer to John S. Roberts. Hung hams up in smoke house.
26th Chauncey & Charlie Ross threshing in Mrs Petty's barn.
Tuesday Feb 1st SE snow storm in morning. Messrs Havens, Clark & Howell went up to transact the Town business to-day. Of such is the "Town of Brookhaven's rulers." Rain storm in the night. 2nd Mrs E A Smith died this morning.
4th Snow about 4 inches deep & P.M. at Mrs Smith's cold and disagreeable Quite a good number snowing. funeral, weather. out. Monday, 7th Took Sa over & went to Dentist & had all my upper teeth taken out. Warm day.
9th Subpoened by Hallock J. Bishop to attend a Justice Court at Patchogue Wednesday 16th at 10 A.M.
10th Set out 2 white pine trees from Floyd's woods.
16th Went to Patchogue to attend a trial between the Gerards & H. J. Bishop which was adjourned to the first of March 10 o'c a.m.
25th Every body are filling their ice houses.
26th Seth Raynor & Esq Osborn here for a deed from Mrs Fanning for "right of way" for S.S.R.R.
March 3d The baker subpoened me to Bellport for 9th Marchfor H. J. Bishop trial with Mrs Nancy Gerard 10 o'c a.m.
4th Nath'1 Tuttle Yaphank buried this P.M. Ged Smith's old mare runaway.
5th Today Elihu Hawkins 81 years, Daniel Davis died this P.M. aged (looks like) 78 years.
7th Old cow has a calf (Red Bull "Centennial") Dan'l Davis buried at the Manor.
8th Went to Bellport to attend a court between Mrs Nancy Gerard & H J Bishop. Dined at David Osborn's.
23rd Blue birds first seen to-day. 24th Sent Chas. Hawkins (Dan'1's son) my gun. Some few wild geese have flown over.
26th Robins made their appearance this morning.
29th At Bellport to attend a trial. Went to see Hiram Post. Sunday, April 2d I am 73 years old today & Currie appeared to me with a whip early in the morning.
5th Ground about covered with snowy. Set out 3 Paw Paw trees recvd from Dr. Gibbs & gave Ed two also.
6th Wild geese en route. Set out some asparagus roots given me by E A Smith.
15th Sold my calf (Centennial) to David Thompson 160 at 7c $11.20 and received cash.
17th Aunt Katie Penny died this morning in her 75th year.
May 10 David married to Hannah Hedges at Sag Harbor. Grafted 30 pear trees.
13th Attended all day at the proposed Auction of the effects of the late M. Chichester, but not a single person attended as purchasers. Chs J. Smith died.
16th Funeral of Chs Jeffrey Smith at Mastic.
29th Elizabeth (Rulan) Robinson very sick (fitts).
31st Elizabeth Robinson died last evening.
June 8th Attended the sale of Mahlon Chichester's effects all day.
Sunday 11th Fine day S W Wind Great Meeting at Poospattuck which seems quite largely attended.
15th Transplanted sweet potato plants that have been just three weeks out of the ground. A child of Jo,siah Overton died with croup.
17th Very hot day. S E wind. Cultivated my corn and when finished, the Old Mare & I were both glad.
23rd Susan Hulse here w'hitewas'hing.
28th Hon E T Smith sent me 14 guinea hens eggs and have started them for chickens immediately. B. Ross Jr mowing (or what he calls mowing) for Lambert on Dolan's place.
29th The old blind man (Russell) swinging his sythe very artistically for an old man when I got up in the morning (at Mrs Petty's farm). Some time before sunrise.
Saturday, July 1st Hot & dry - At potato bugs. Lyman F. Smith died.
Sunday 2d Rev Mr Young (of Yaphank) preached in Pres Church. Esq. Norton came down with him - dined at JMFs.
3d Lyman F Smith buried at Bellport. Planted pits of the Coe seedling cherry between the grape vines in the east row.
4th Centennial birth day of the Independence of our country and cannon can be heard in all directions at sunrise. Clear, hot and dry. Our families & every body else gone to the Beach. The day passed off pleasantly. No accident occurred.
13th Chs Moses gone to fishing.
15th Attended the Sale of German flats, very few lots taken to them.
19th Ed's gone to Pattersquash to mow with horses & machine.
22nd Took Moses Russell's baggage up to Payneville viz: chest, bed & rocking chair. Joel Wicks went East with three horses & omnibus Bawagon. quite three carriages viz. rouche and Buggy a train.
26th Ed gone on Pattersquash.Judge Jones and caw over this morning. Ed sent a boatload of hay off the Island (Pattersquash) he staid all night with his horses. 27th Ed came up with a boat load of hay & we unloaded though late and quite dark.
28th Ed & his company went back to the Island last night & finished up today with hay on dock.
31st Ed went to Yaphank to mill.
Tuesday, Aug. 1 Very pleasant day and all creation have gone (huckelberrying) - whortelberry.
4th Ed carted me 4 loads Pattersquash hay. Children all gone to Festival M.E.C. East Moriches & found none. Grand ball on beach to-night.
7th Sis', Ed's and our children gone berrying. Began to pick apples.
8th Clear & warm. The people are off early for berries.
9th Went on to the beach in A.M. Wm R Smith caught a large haul of Bluefish (some six thousand). 11th Mary & Currie gone to Centre. The Michiganders came to Smith's. Had forward shoes put on old Dolly 40c. Currie had his picture taken, also.
August 12th Paid school (to J. Lewis Hulse).
14th Ed gone to Station with E. A. Smith's boarders. Marcus Robinson appeals to the Charitable. Great boat race at Centre Annie Bell winner.
17th Dr. Koch came up from Water Mill to see Sa's foot & returned by evening train.
28th Ed went to East Fort with apples for cider.
Sept. 13th Asked Judge Floyd for liberty to cut some fire (burnt) wood between Lane's and Murray's, and he utterly refused. Said: Let it rot there.
14th Joel Davis' widow (Poospattuck) buried today.
15th Sa,. had her scholars here on picknic.
18th Took Sa. over to her school, then helped Mr Fanning thresh.
25th Alanson Edwards' wife died yesterday P.M.
October 4th Children gone to the Co. fair.
5th Topping Sanford buried today (died day before yesterday) aged 87.
11th Went to Bridgehampton & to the Fair.
15th Snow storm in morning. Northerly wind and cold. Just 36 years today there was a snow storm & much more snow.
23rd Mrs Fanning and Sa have started for the Centennial this morning.
27th Ed has the Highway. 28th Highway Day again today. Sunday 29th Fanny Gildersleeve & Alice Wines called with Nath'1 Jackson.
November 2nd Wm Howell's little son Charles died of Diptheria.
7th Went to Election and deposited my vote for Hiayes & Wheeler for President & Vice President. Democrats were out in force.
8th Clark himself along peddling meat. Esq. J. W. Peil'letreau died today.
9th G Lambert was shot at through window tonight.
13th Constable arrested Elbert (Luther's son) for shooting at Lambert & he acknowledged the fact & said he was instigated by Rum & the Devil. Sent up for 60 his district out on days but upon what assumption of Law I am at a loss do conceive. 23rd School commenced this morning by a Miss Jones from Setauket. Capt. B. Ross setting out apple trees on his farm on "Littleworth" (upwards olf one hundred) the finest fruit.
28th Ed carted his goods up yesterday and Gid Smith shipped some paper boards on the same sloop. .
29th Recvd our usual Thanksgiving presents from David today by express. Warren Wines unloading wood at Gilbert Miller's, East Moriches. Ed & Sis received their stoves yesterday.
Thursday Nov. 30th Thanksgiving day and every body seem to be keeping it in a manner they think suitable to the occasion. The Liningtons have gone away far the winter. Bot a boat load of seaweed of Tomp. Howell delivered yesterday for $6. Mr. Mrs. & Miss Fanning here to dinner. Chauncey drove the stage west today. Mr. E. Hawkins' children & grandchildren gave him a surprise party this evening, and a grand ball at Gill Terry's.
Friday, Nov. 1st Mercury down to 12 this morning. Snow squalls. J M F taken suddenly ill and in the night had a second attack of paralysis. Dr. Jarvis came in the morning of 2d at 5 o'cl.
2d Matthew no better, cannot speak to be understood. Dr. Jarvis over at noon, thinks he may in a measure recover, and had a comfortable night.
3d Mr. Fanning is gaining nicely. Many of the Ross family have gone to Bellport to attend the funeral of Charlie (son of Oscar Ross) who died in Brooklyn of diptheria. The Doctor was called to John Tooker's this morning.
4th Mr. Fanning more comfortable. Went to see Mrs. Linington's farm wagon, but it was so much out of order, that I dare not take it without consulting with personally.
11th Snow storm in the morning N. E. J. Conklin Havens & Miss C. Smith over today. Sam'l Randall drove some young cattle past. 16th Gale from the West. Three wagon loads of men from Wading River & the Manor have gone to Mastic to look for Michael Moger who was drowned off Roberts dock day before yesterday. Not found.
22nd Daniel Bradley opening a house of entertainment in Poospattuck.
25th Excessively cold & very slippery. 41 years ago today I was at Cape Town (Carpe of Good Hope) in the midst of summer & summer fruits. Charlie took a load of males and females up to the Station & back, together with the U. S. Mail.
Friday 29th Easterly & cold. P.M. cold rain storm, and night sets in with a terrific storm of rain & wind; a dreadful night for vessels on the coast. Cleared off in the night with a N.W. gale.
Sunday 31st Cold freezing morning. Lida came slipping over here after letter for Sis who has gone slipping over to Church (S. School). Frank Hawkins shaved Mr. Fanning, who is "right smart". Clear & pleasant tho very cold. "The year endeth".
The wrecker had got the Ship Circassian (which had been ashore at Bridgehampton) off at anchor, when the gale of Friday came on, and when it shifted into the South & West she rode bottom and went entirely to pieces and 29 out of 33 men on board were drowned, 9 of whom Indians from Shinnicock Neck.  She went to pieces about Saturday morning.

NOTE From Thomas R. Bayles Middle Island In connection with the Hallock diary entries

    Moriches post office was established in 1827 with James M. Fanning as postmaster. This was the only post office in that area at that time. The Center Moriches office was not opened until 1854, and the East Moriches office in 1849. James Fanning held the office until 1877, when Edmund Hallock was appointed postmaster. Charles H. Hallock was appointed postmaster in 1915, and Ernest Rogers in 1919. (This record is from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.)
    There was no railroad to Patchogue until 1868 and east of Patchogue until 1881. Until that time the mail was carried from the main line at Medford a good deal of the time by Chauncey Chichester of Center Moriches. The mail was thrown off at Medford in one bag and taken to Patchogue, where the mail for that village was taken out, the bag relocked and taken east to Fireplace, later Brookhaven, which was opened in 1803, and then on to Moriches.
    The post office was at first kept in a hotel operated by the Fanning's and from 1877 in the country store of Edmund Hallock. The store conducted by the Hallock's was a typical general store of that day, and sold nearly everything needed by the farmers for miles around. It was also the social center for the men and boys of the neighborhood who came to get the mail and discuss the news from the outside, world.

NOTE From  Chester Osborne   In connection with the Hallock diary entries

    John Hallock in a booklet compiled by James Alexis Hallock, Jr., "The Ancestry of James Currie Hallock, 1869-1918," compiled January, 1969. First generation in America was William, b. England, 1610, son of Peter Hallock. The author lists Peter as 1, but to conform to usual American geneology practice, this summary starts with Peter's son William.

Line is: William (1); William (2), b. Southold; Joshua (3) David (4) (1743-1812); John (5) b. April 2, 1803, d. April 4, 1881. In 1826, John (5) m. Mary Fanning (1807-1874).(David (4) "signed on as an enlisted man in Brookhaven in 1775 and served under Col. Jesse Woodhull. He is buried on Beachfern Ave., in Center Moriches with his wife Joanna . . ." John (5) had eleven children, among whom were Edmond who had a general store "in Mastic". His dates were 1842-1930.    "John was a carpenter by trade and made several voyages on whaling ships to the Antarctic. At least twice he visited St. Helena Island, the exile of Napoleon ... made his home in Moriches." In 1862, John's home was burned by a "terrific fire which swept the whole country from Islip to Shinnycock Plains . . . "    The Hallock booklet contains a poem written by John in 1822, and an interesting account "Reminiscence of Gen. Jackson's French War," about six typed pages, and other stories about members of the Hallock family. Museum sources show that he did business with Egbert T. Smith, about whom I've written extensively for Forum, and with William Smith, "Point Billy", idem, Egbert's father.    The newspaper "Suffolk Union", Nov. 2, 1860 (File # C5) has an advt. for Northville Academy mentioning J. N. Hallock A.M., Principal and Emilie Hallock, assistant. The file of old bills and receipts (BA) contains references to David, Edmund, John, Jonathan and Philip.    The file of Egbert T. Smith Miscellaneous Papers contains a bill from E. Hallook, Moriches, N. Y. July 29, 1889, for flour, meal, nails, oranges, vanilla, Mason Jars, salt, and a knife, molasses, etc. and is signed. E. Hallook also signed as Agent for an insurance policy in 1891, at Moriches; another, 1889.

The Excerpts from John Hallock's Diary originally appeared in The Long Island Forum in several issues in 1974 - no copyright data was listed