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The Brewster Family of Long Island

(ca 1620 - ca 1690)

Setauket Long Island, NY March 2002
    Nathaniel was the son of Francis BREWSTER of Bristol, England.  Nathaniel, b.c1620-24, came to New Haven, CT with his parents Francis BREWSTER (son of an earlier Francis), and Lucy b.c.1640. Nathaniel was enrolled in Harvard, graduating in what was said to have been the first graduating class of Harvard, in 1642. Later that year, he was in Dublin, Ireland, and thereafter back in England. Nathaniel's father Francis, was supposedly lost at sea in 1646 on a ship known as Lamberton's ship or the Phantom ship. Nathaniel's mother, Lucy, had remarried to Thomas PELL by Dec 7, 1647.
    To paraphrase the work of Mr. JACOBUS: Nathaniel was a minister of Neatishead and Irstead, County, Norfolk, England, as early as 1650, but about 1654 became minister at Alby. County, Norfolk. In 1655 and 1656 he made trips to Ireland with Henry CROMWELL. Also possible is that during or before 1658 he made another trip to New England, based on a reference to him in a petition there in 1658, but Nathaniel may have headed this petition without leaving England, via a written request through his stepfather Dr. PELL in Fairfield, CT.
    In 1662, the will of John REYMES of Edgefield, Norfolk, England makes the reference to Nathaniel BREWSTER having married his daughter. The method of mention of her in the will, however, gives the inference that she was deceased at the time.
    By 1656-60, Nathaniel had married Sarah LUDLOW, daughter of Roger LUDLOW (of established Royal descent). most likely having met and/or married her in Dublin, Ireland, as Roger LUDLOW and his family are recorded as having been in Dublin at the time of Nathaniel BREWSTER'S and Henry CROMWELL'S visits there.
    It is generally accepted that Nathaniel's first wife, the daughter of John REYMES, was most likely the mother of Nathaniel's first three or four children--John, Abigail, Sarah, and possibly Timothy--and that Sarah LUDLOW BREWSTER therefore the mother of the latter children; (possibly Timothy), Daniel (baptized Oct 31, 1662 in Alby as the son of Nathaniel and Sarah), Deborah, Dinah, and Hannah.
    By September 1663, Nathaniel had returned to America with his family, this time in Boston, MA. By 1665, they had relocated to Setauket, Brookhaven, Long Island, where Nathaniel and Sarah remained for the rest of their lives.
    Nathaniel BREWSTER made his will March 16, 1684/5 in Suffolk County, Long Island. He is noted as having died c.Dec. 18, 1690 (his will was proved May 3, 1695). In the will he mentions his wife Sarah, his sons Timothy, Daniel, and John, and grandchildren Daniel and Abigail BURR (who were the children of his daughter Abigail who had married Daniel BURR).
Submitted by John C. Carter of St. Petersburg, Florida

The Children of Rev. Nathaniel BREWSTER and ________ REYMES were.
1. John
2. Abigail m.c 1668, Stamford, CT to Daniel BURR; d.c.Dec 11, 1678.
3. Sarah b.c. 1656; m.c1674 Jonathan SMITH.
4. (possibly) Timothy b.England c.1660 m.c 1685 to Mary HAWKINS.

The Children of Rev. Nathaniel BREWSTER and Sarah LUDLOW were.

4. (possibly) Timothy b.England c1660: m.c.1685 to Mary HAWKINS.
5. Daniel bap. Alby, Norfolk, England, Oct 31, 1662; m.c 1693 to Anna JAYNE; d.c. 1742
6. Deborah
7. Dinah b.c.1666; m.April 6, 1685, Brookhaven, LI, to Joseph TOOKER.
8. Hannah b.c. 1669; m (1st) John MUNCY; m. (2nd) to Samuel THOMPSON.




Long Island Surname Myths
Relating to The Long Island Brewster Surname
  There is a discrepancy in the leineage of the Brewsters.  Family notes indicate that Nathaniel Bewster was the son of Jonathon Brewster and Lucretia Oldham. Jonathon was the eldest son of Elder William Brewster. No record exists that Jonathon had a son Nathaniel. Nathaniel rather is the son of Francis Brewster - probably no relation to William. Francis was the first Brewster to come to America,  He was one of the original settlers of the New Haven Colony and was a barber surgeon who was originally from Bristol, England.  His wife was Lucy and in the colony wealth census of 1638, his household numbered 9 members which probably included servants. The family estate of 1,000 pounds sterling wasa great deal of money. Mark Simmons has determined 4 children to date, leaving 3 undetermined.  Francis was a planter in the New World. In February 1646 a ship constructed during the winter under the direction of Capt. Lamberton left New Haven loaded with furs, crops, and other New World materials for England but was never heard from again. There was a sizable passenger list including Francis Brewster. Lucy subsequently married Dr. Thomas Pell and moved to New Jersey. Two of Francis's daughters testified at the New Haven witch trials.

    Reverend Nathaniel Brewster was born in England, probably London. He was a bright student and was a member of the first graduating class at Harvard in 1642. He then went to England and was a Church of England cleric. He married Abigail Reynes in 1644 who bore 3 children. Abigail died and Nathaniel attended Trinity, Dublin University attaining a B.D. in 1656. While there he married Sarah Ludlow who bore 7 children. The Oliver Cromwell regime was threatening and Nathaniel returned to America in Boston in the fall of 1663. Rev. Brewster then became the first minister of the Presbyterian Church at Setauket, Long Island (Brookhaven Twp.) on the North shore of L.I. One daughter, Hannah Brewster Thompson is buried in the church cemetary, but others cannot be determined as the cemetary was desecrated during the Revolutionary War.

    Daniel Brewster was born in Alby while his father was minister there. Upon coming to America he apparently took up farming. His wife bore 9 children and he is likely buried in the Brewster burying ground, Brewster Hill, E. Setauket, L. I.

    A copy of Benjamin Sr. Brewsters will (which itself is a copy of the original probated will originally documented in Suffolk County) can be found among all the early probated wills of New York State in the archives of New York County. It is a copy of this probated will found in New York County archives, volume 35 (1782-1783), pages 6-8, that is presented below:

       His Excellency James Robertson, Esquire, Captain General and Governor in chief in and over the Province of New York and the Territories depending thereon in America, Chancellor, and Vice Admiral of the same, and Lieutenant General of his Majesty's Forces.
  To All to whom these Presents shall come or may in any wise concern  Sendeth Greeting.

Know ye that at Suffolk County on the on the  fourteenth day of March last past, before Nathan Woodhull Esquire, Thereunto Delegated and appointed, the last Will and Testament of Benjamin Brewster Deceased (a copy whereof is hereunto annexed) was proved and is now approved and allowed of by me; and the said Deceased having whilst he lived and at the time of his Death, Goods Chattels and Credits within this Province by means whereof the proving and Registering the said Will, and the granting Administration of all and Singular the said Goods Chattels and Credits, and also the Auditting allowing and final discharging the Account thereof doth belong unto me, The Administration of all and Singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said Deceased, and any way Concerning his Will is granted unto Benjamin Brewster, one of the Executors in the said Will named, who is duly sworn well and faithfully to Administer the same, and to make and Exhibit a true and Perfect Inventory of all and Singular the said Goods Chattels and Credits, and also to render a just and true Account thereof when thereunto required,_In Testamony whereof I have Caused the
Prorogative Seal of the Province of New York to be hereunto affixed at Fort George in the City of New York the Twenty second Day of May One
thousand seven hundred and eighty two.
                                      Sam Bayard Junr; Secry

I Benjamin Brewster, of Brookhaven in the County of Suffolk and Province of New York, having my understanding good, and being of perfect mind and Memory, do this ninth Day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and Eighty Two, make and Ordain this present Writing to be my last Will and Testament in the manner and form Following; First I do Order all my Just Debts and Funeral Charges to be paid by my Executors herein after mentioned and appointed. I give to my Wife Mehetable a living in my now Dwelling House, for so long a time she Remains my Widdow, I give unto my son Benjamin Brewster to him his Heirs and and assigns for ever, all the following Articles and Tracts of Land and Meadow, First all that Tract of Land Called my home lot, together with my House Barn Orchards and all other improvements thereon, also my Tract of Land lying on the West side of the Road that leads from my Barn to Nessekeig, as far South as the Sheep Pasture path, Also all my Tract of Land lying on the East side of Nassekeig Road leading from my Barn, Commonly Called Old Nassekeig, together with the Lot Joyning to the same Commonly Called the East Lot, Also my share of Meadowat the West Meadows, lying on the East side of the said Meadows together with the up Land or Spreading yard Joyning to the same as it is now with in Fence, also the equal half of my share of meadow lying on the northward part of the said West Meadows to be Equally Divided in quantity and Quallity, and the Equal half of the Spreading yard Joyning to the same as it is now within fence, Also I give to my son Benjamin all my farming tackling. I give unto my Son Caleb Brewster to him his heirs and assigns for Ever, all the following Rights and Tracts of Land and Meadow, first one Whole Right and one third part of a Right of Commonage throuout the Township, Also all my Right or Lotts of meadow on the South Beach, also one third part of a Lot in the Old Mans Sheep pasture drawn on the Right of Thomas Bigg Junr, also a Lot on One third part of a Lot in Sheep Pasture at the Southeast part of the Town, also a Lot and one third part of a Lot in the the little Division near Nassekeig swamp. Also the third part of a Twenty Acre Lot lying Over the Hills at the southwest part of the Town, drawn on Thomas Biggs Junrs, Right. Also a Lot in the little Division at South, Also the Equal half of my share of meadow lying in the Northward part of the West Meadows, to be equally divided in quantity and quallity, together with the equal half of the Spreading Yard Joyning to the same as it is now within fence. further it is my will and I do Order and Authorize my Executors herein after mentioned to sell all my Movable Estate, Except what is given to my son Benjamin, and to pay all my Just Debts and Funeral Charges out of the Money arising from the same, and if
any thing Remains after paying my said Debts, It is my Will and I do Order the same to Equally Divided between my two Daughters Peninah and Orpha or their Children, and if either of my said Daughters should Die, leaving no Issue, then her part to go to the surviving one of her Children. Lastly I do Constitute and appoint Nathan Woodhull, Elnathan Satterly and my son Benjamin Brewster, Executors of my last Will and Testament. Signed Sealed published and Declared by the said Benjamin Brewster, as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of Benj. Brewster (LS) -- Elijah Smith, John Tyler, Amos Smith, -- Suffolk County)

Be it Remembered that on the fourteenth day of March one thousand seven hundred and Eighty two, personally Came and appeared before me Nathan Woodhull Surrogate of the said County, Elijah Smith and Amos Smith of the County aforesaid Yeoman, and being duly Sworn on their Oaths declared, that they did see Benjamin Brewster sign and Seal the within written Instrument, purporting to be the Will of the said Benjamin Brewster, Bearing date the ninth Day of January One thousand seven hundred and Eighty two, and heard him publish and Declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament; That at the time thereof he the said Benjamin Brewster, was of sound disposing mind and memory to the best of the Knowledge and Belief of them the Deponents; and their Names subscribed to the said Will, is of their respective proper hands Writing which they subscribed as Witness to the said Will in the Testators presence. And that they the Diponents did see John Tyler the other witness to the said Will, Subscribe his Name to the said Will, as a Witness also in the Testators presence.

Caleb Brewster - Captain in Revolutionary War

The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut, Pages 278-279 Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, N.Y.

Brewster Caleb, Capt.- From Setauket, in Brookhaven. He was in Norwalk, in 1780; and in Fairfield, Mar., 1781; at which time he was allowed to take Ebenezer Platt to L. I. (F. 5) He signed the Association, in 1775- (H. 19, 21)
  He was 2d Lt. of Minute Men, in Brookhaven, Dec. 22, 1775 and Apr. 4, 1776, in Col. Smith's Regt. (Jour. Prov'l Cong. Also G. 4, 6, 18, 35) He was Ens. in the 4th Line (G. 47, 48); and Capt.-Lt. in the 2d Art'y of the line. (G. 50)
  He was in the Whale-Boat Expedition to Brookhaven, late in 1776 (Pages 220, 222); and he was prominent in Gen. Parsons' Raid on Setauket, in 1777, and in Maj. Tallmadge's attack on Fort St. George, in 1780. (Pages 83, 228, 234, 237, 238) In 1781, he reported that a raid on Miller's Place had been made (Pages 204, 205); and, in the same year, he captured an armed boat from the enemy, and brought both boat and crew to Black Rock Cove. (Page 219)
  In 1728, he was employed as a confidential and secret agent of Congress; and he devoted himself, throughout the remainder of the struggle; in procuring and transmitting the most minute, accurate and important intelligence relative to the movements and intentions of the enemy at different points, and, particularly in New York and on Long Island; for which he was uncommonly qualified.
  He was badly wounded in "the Boat Fight," on Dec. 7, 1782. During this short, but terrible, conflict, his shoulder was pierced by a rifle ball, which passed out at his back. His prudence and resolution enabled him to keep this occurence a profound secret till the enemy surrendered; when he found himself exhausted from the profusion of blood. After reaching the shore, he was confined, under the hands of a surgeon, for some time. For the injury thus received he was placed upon the
Pension Roll of the Army, and continued to receive a gratuity from his Country for the remainder of his life.  On Mar. 9, 1783, he captured the British Ship "Fox". He participated in several other important and hazardous engagements, while attached to the Line of the Army.
  On June 21, 1790, Gen. Henry Knox, U. S. Sec'y of War, reported to the House of Representatives on the petition of Capt. Brewster (reciting his services, as above.) That he performed this arduous and hazardous service with fidelity, judgement, and bravery, and to the entire approbation of Gen. Washington, appears by his letter written to Captain Brewster, as well as by his certificate, bearing date June 10, 1784. (Thompson's "Long Island", 2.513-516)
    He was a pensioner, in 1790; and a member of the Cinncinnati. ("N. Y. State Soc'y of the Cinncinnati") He was Lt. and then Capt. of the Revenue Cutter for the district of New York from 1793 to 1816, excepting three years. He was Sheriff of "Suffolk Co..," from 1810 and 1812-1814.
    He was b. at Setauket, in 1747; m. Apr. 18, 1784, Anne, dau. of Jonathan Lewis, of Fairfield, Conn; d., at Black Rock, Conn., Feb. 13, 1827, aged 79. (Thompson's, as above.  Also Fairfield, Conn. Ch. Rec.)
    Caleb Brewster made his will on February 25, 1825. This will can be found in the Probate Records of Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticutt, Vol. 30 (1807-1827), pages 497-502 (Mormon Microfilm #0004284, and is as follows:

  Know all persons to whom these presents may come I Caleb Brewster of the Town and County of Fairfield in the State of Connecticutt do make this my last Will and Testament viz - Sect 1st I order my Executor hereafter named to pay all my Bills that may be legally due at the time of my decease out of such of my Estate as he may think to be most beneficial for my Estate-
  Sec.2d. next, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Brewster one horse and Carriage & harness for the same & one Cow which  horse carriage harness and Cow shall be Just as she may choose among them which I may own at my decease. And so ["must" crossed out] much of the provissions on hand at my death as she may Judge needful for herself and such Family as she may think proper to have the property thus given to my said Wife to be her own forever and exempt from the payment of Debts expenses and Legacies and in lieu of all dower in my Estate in this state - the state of New York and Elsewhere and of all other claim in my Estate whatsoever_
  Sec.III. Next I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sally hereafter named the sum of one hundred dollars over and above what I shall hereafter give her to be paid out of my Estate before a divission thereof be made as her own forever - and to be paid to her  within one year after my decease with the Interest Thereon as long as the same may remain unpaid to be computed after the expiration of said year until paid --
  Sec. 4th. Next, I give and bequeath to my grandson Caleb B. Brewster the sum of Fifteen hundred dollars to be paid with the interest that may arise thereon when he arrives to the Age of Twenty one years - unless such Interest be applied from time to time for his education but in case my said Grandson shall die before he arrive to the age of twenty one years, leaving no issue of his Body this legacy and such part of the Interest as may then be unexpended for education is to be and belong equally to my surviving children & grand children and their representatives - and to be divided between them in such manner and portions as I hereafter give and provide for them in this Will; but in case of his leaving Issue on his death before he arrives at the age of twenty one this legacy is to be considered as having vested in my said Grandson, and if he attains to the age of twenty one the same to be his forever whether he leaves issue or not -
  Sec. 5th, Next if any devise or legacy in this Will shall not take effect by reason of any event hapening before my death the same shall be considered as part of the rest and residue of my Estate
  Sec 6., Next after my debts, funeral expenses, the said legacies or Charges of settling my Estate are paid (the legacies be the same I hereby my sd Wife & daughter) my Will is that all my Estate both Real and personal in what state or place where the same may be (although I know of no Real Estate belonging to me except in the State of New York) shall be divided into four parts equal in value. And I give devise and bequeath to my son Sturges Brewster the one of said parts which he shall choose to be his own farm, to be set off and aparted to him by metes and bounds so far as regards my real Estate by persons hereafter named in this Will - This fourth part however I make Subject to and chargable with the payment of the one fourth part of the legacy hereafter given hereafter given to my Grandson Caleb B Hackley, and in case his legacy not vesting in the said Caleb B Hackley by reason of the happening of any event before mentioned, then the said fourth part of that legacy with the unexpended Interest thereon shall be and belong to my said ["for" crossed-out] son Sturgis forever --
  Sec 7th next I give devise and bequeath to my Daughter Sally forever one other of one said fourth part; and the real Estate contained in sd part shall be set off to her by wetes and bounds by the same persons before refered To this fourth part given to my daughter Sally I make also subject to and chargeable with the payment of one fourth part of the legacy heretofor given to my Grandson Caleb B Hackley and in case his legacy not vesting in the said Caleb B Hackley by reason of the hapening of any Event before mentioned then the said fourth part of that legacy with the unexpended Interest thereon shall be and belong to my said Daughter Sally --
  Sec 8th Next I give devise and bequeath to my said son Sturgis subject to and chargeable with one fourth of said legacy to said Caleb B Hackley one other fourth part of the said [another "of the said" crossed out] fourth part of my Estate and the Real Estate contained in said fourth part shall be designated and set off by metes and bounds by the same persons before referd to and the said fourth part thus given to my said son Sturgis he is To hold in trust for the following Uses, Intents and
purposes (viz) the said Sturgis Brewster shall use occupy and improve the same both real and personal in such manner as shall be most in the benefit and Value thereof, and the clear profits and products of the same after deducting all necessary charges and expences incident to the management thereof - he shall account for and pay over to my son Jonathan L Brewster for so long a time as the said Jonathan shall live and be personally entitled to the same and no longer - but if he shall die or in any way to cease to be personally entittled to the same, my will is that two third parts of said clear profits and products thereof which shall thereafter accrue shall be paid to the Children of said Jonathan & their issue or to their legal Guardians respectively in equal parts respectively -- the issue of any child to be entitled to such part as such Child would have been entitled to if living - And the other third thereof to the present Wife of said Jonathan to her sole and separate Use so long as she shall live and be personally entitled to the same and no longer, and whenever neither the said Jonathan nor his said Wife shall be living or whenever they both in any way cease to be entitled to my part thereof of the said fourth part shall go over to and vest equally in the Children of the said Jonathan and the issue of such as shall then be dead - the issue to have such part as the parent would have been entitled to if living - and thereupon the trust hereby vested in the said Sturgis shall thereafter cease and determine and if there be no issue of said Jonathan then living the said Fourth part shall enure to and follow such of the bequests, devises and trusts herein made and declared of the other three fourths of the said residue of my Estate as relate to any of my issue then living -
  Sec 9th Next, I give, devise and bequeathto my sd son Sturgis Brewster subject to and chargeable with the one quarter part of the said Caleb B Hackley, one other fourth partof said Residue of my Estate, and the Real Estate contained in such fourth part shall be set off by metes and bounds by the same personsbefore alluded to them the said Fourth part thus given to my said son Sturgis he is to hold in trust for the following uses - Intents and purposes viz, the said Sturges Brewster shall use occupy and improve the same both real and personal in such manner as shall be most for the benefit and Value thereof -- and the clear products and profits of the same after deducting all necessary charges and expences incident to the management thereof - he shall account for and pay over to my daughter Ann, the wife of Robert Anderson to her sole and Separate use for so long a time as she shall live and be perssonaly entitled thereto and no longer, And if she shall die and the said Robert shall survive her, the clear profits and products which shall thereafter accrue shall be paid to my son in law, the said Robert Anderson, for so long as he
shall live and be personally entitled to the same and whenever the said Robert and Ann shall die, or both shall cease in any way  to be entitled to said profit and products, the said Fourth shall go over and vest equally to the Children of the said Ann and other issue of any of such as are then dead - the issue to take such part as the parent of such Issue if living would be entitledto, and thereupon the trusts hereby vested in said Sturgis in regard to this fourth part shall cease and determine, but if there be no issue of the said Ann then living this fourth partshall enure to and follow the bequests, devises and trusts herein made and declared as to such of the other three fourths of said Residue as relates to any of my Issue then living --
Sec 10th next, I order and direct that in case of the said legacy hereafter given to my Grandson Caleb B Hackley shall not vest in him by reason of the happening of any Event before mentioned then the two fourths of said legacy chargeable in the two devises under the Eighth and ninth paragraphs of this Will shall with the unexpended Interest thereon, he and tiling(?) to such devises respectively, and be considered as parts thereof, subject to the same trusts and be treated in the same manner as is directed respecting under the said two devises --
  Sec 11th I order and direct that if any of my Children shall exhibit for payment for any account or demand against my Estate that such Child shall be deprived of the Gift therein and hereafter given them and the Property within the devises or devise to such Child or children shall go to and be considered as belonging equally to be under the same conditions and trusts as heretofore mentioned as regards each devisee respectively -
  Sec 12th next, in order to make a just divission of said residue of my said real Estate in the State of New York agreeable to the directions and provissions of this Will I do hereby nominate and appoint and enpower Thomas Paines Esqr and Mr. Robert Shoemaker of the Town of German Flatts - Jonas Bleeland(?) Esquire - Dut(?) Rufus Craine and Nicolas Shoemaker of the Town of Warren all in the County of Herkimer in said State of New York, any three or more of whom to have the Power of the whole, to make the aforesaid divission (and after the choice of said Sturges as to his part) to set off and apart the other three parts and designate to whom each separate three parts shall belong to severally - having reference to the equal Value of each part, to make the divission equal and Just betwean my said Children, and such designation to be meted and bounded by plain monumental marks &c and in case any one or more of the above nominated and appointed Gentleman die before or refuse at the time when their services may be wanted to perform the duties of this appointment by me desired - I then do request authorise and enpower the surrogate or Judge of Probate to return(?) office(?) in the probation of this Will in the State of New York, shall might or may appurtain, to fill up such ["the" crossed out] vacancy whether by death or refusal as aforesaid, with such Person or Persoons as such Surrogate or Judge for the time being may Judge proper for the purposes intended --Sec 13th Next, if by the death of my son Sturges Brewster or any other cause it should so happen that their should be no constituted Trustee to perform the trusts herein before declared at any time before the same are fully executed and accomplished, then I do devise and bequeath the
premisses mentioned in the Eighth and ninth paragraphs or sections of the Will to such Person or Persons in succession as the said Judge or Surrogate shall from time to time appoint administrator with the Will annexed or Trustee for the purposes therein named, and do hereby devise and bequeath to such person for the time being all the trusts and duties and confer on him all the powers which are in said sections or paragraphs theresaid --
  Sec 14th next, I order and direct that there be charged as part payment of the legacy hereafter given my said Grand son Caleb B Hackley the sum of two hundred fifty dollars having advanced his dead Mother that sum before her death - Also I order and direct that there be charged as part payment of the legacy, bequest and devise made under the ninth Section of this Will to my sd son Sturges in trust for Mrs Anderson the sum of five hundred dollars having advanced her that sum before my decease. And I hereby discharge all my Children & Grandchild from any demand I may have or ought to have against them or either of them in book --
  Sec 15th Next I hereby order and direct that if the said Sturges Brewster which trustee as aforesaid, be disposed to sell said two fourth parts to him given in trust as aforesaid, or any part or parts thereof and convey the same in fee simple or any less Estate and to invest the avails in Bank stock, Canal stock or any other safe stock he is hereby fully authorized to do the same and the stock in which he shall invest the avails of such sale or sales shall be and remain for the same uses, trusts, bequests, devises Limitations and Import as the property so sold was subject to - Finally I hereby nominate appoint and empower my said son Sturges Brewster to be the Executor of this my Last Will and Testament annuling and revoking all former Wills by me made - in Testimony whereof I have hereby set my hand and seal this twenty fifth day of Februy Anno Domini 1825 Signed sealed declared and pronounced as the last Will and Testament of the Testator in presence of -
Joseph O Nichols                             Caleb Brewster (Seal)

Samuel Inslie (?)
Ransom Tryon
                           State of Connecticutt Fairfield County ss Fairfield February the 25th 1825 -- personally appeared before me the subscribing Authority Joseph C Nichols Samuel Inslie(?) and Ransom Tryon the three Subscribed Witnesses together, and made solemn? oath that they saw Caleb Brewster the signer and maker of the same sign and seal and heard him declare the same to be his Last Will and Testament, that they set to their hands as witnesses in presence of the Testator and of each other and that they Judged him to be of a sound and disposing mind and memory - The Court of Probate held at Fairfield February 17th 1827 Samuel Newton(?) Jus Peace the original Will of which the foregoing is a true copy being proved was approved and ordered to be recorded -

David Hill Ju Clerk(?)
The Court of Probate held at Fairfield February the 17th 1827 Sturges Brewster of said Fairfield appeared accepted of the appointment of Executor of the last Will of Caleb Brewster dec -- and gave Bonds of twenty thousand dollars with Robert Andissin(?) of Hartford in Connecticutt as surety for a faithful performance of the duties of the trustee -- Six months was limited for the exhibition of claims, and Seth Perry and Agur Judsen of said Fairfield were appointed appraisers of the said Estate --                   David Will Judge

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