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The Long Island Abrams Surname

    Sometime before 1704 one William Abraham(S) or Abram(s) is said to have settled at Charlestown, Mass.. but from whence he came cannot be ascertained. By his first wife Mary Evens or Evans, whom he married in the above mentioned year, he probably had no issue, and by his second wife Martha Hill, Whom he married shortly before 1720, he is believed to have been the father of Martha, William, Mary, Woodward, .Abraham-Hill, Nathaniel, Sarah, and Elizabeth.     William, eldest son of the emigrant William, was first married in 1745 to Elizabeth Reneuff, by whom he was the father of William, Elizabeth, Woodward, Mary, Tabitha, and at least one other son, who died in infancy, Records  indicate that he left no issue by his second wife Jeanna Trow, whom he married in 1764 at Boston, mass., but this is not certain. indicate that he left no issue by his second wife
    Woodward Abraham or Abrahams, second son of the emigrant William, made his home at Salem and Marblehead, Mass, . and was married in 1751 to Tabitha Smethurst of the latter - place. He was the father of Tabitha, Martha, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Woodward, Hannall, Joseph (died in infancy) , another Joseph, Nathaniel, and Betsey.
    One Ralph Abrams, who was probably a member of the last mentioned family, is said to have been living in Charlestown, Mass., before 1773 and to have dj-ed at Boston in 1827 at eiglaty years of age, which would make his date of birth 1747, but the names of his parents have not been determined.
    One John Abrams or Abram, whose connection,, if any, with the above mentioned family is not known, is said by some authorities to have been a Jew and to have been accompanied to New England at an early date by a brother named William, but most of this information seems to be based on family tradition and cannot be definitely stated. This Jobn made his home about 1766 at Amesbury, Mass., whence he removed in 1771 to Salisbury, and thence to Sanbornton, N. H., about 1775, By his wife Mary he is believed to have been the father of John, William, Betsey, and Mary, of whom the first was married in 1789 to Mehitable or Mehetabel Harriman, by whom he was the father of Mary, John, Betsey, and Hannala.

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