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The Robinson family of Long Island

Descendants of John Robinson of Oyster Bay

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    John of Oyster Bay was a carpenter by trade.  In 1679 he built a modest one room house for his family in Cold Spring Harbor on the grounds where the State Fish Hatchery would later be located.  He was also given permission to build a mill there but no evidence that the mill was ever constructed has been found.   At the same time that he was living in Cold Spring, he acquired 100 acres near Success lake in Hempstead Town.
    In 1698 John and his sons were given permission by the Town of Hempstead to build a fulling mill at the head of today's Hempstead Harbor in Roslyn.  It took him a few years to start work on the mill, but he did complete it and sold it in 1709 to Charles Mott. The mill still stands today and is owned by the County of Nassau.  It was shortly after the sale of this mill that the Robinson family moved to Brookhaven Town.  He lived at Old Manor, now Mount Sinai and probably died there.

    John Robinson first appears in recorded history as a witness to a deed on October 2, 1675. He  lists his residence as Oyster Bay. Based on later testimony, he would appear to have been just 21 years of age in 1675, making the year of his birth approximately 1654. It has been offered by several experts that he came to Long Island from Lynn, Massachusetts or he may have been an immigrant direct from  England.  Others list him as being born in Oyster Bay, Huntington Abt. 1654.  As far as I know none of these statements have been proven sufficiently.  The origins of John and Jane currently remain elusive and any statement otherwise should be viewed as speculation.
At the age of 37 he was chosen to represent Queens County in the  provincial legislature which met in New York City on April 9,1691.

NOTE: John Robinson's wife is listed in this file as Jane Jeake Or Jekes.  To the best of my knowledge the surname of John's spouse has never been substantially proven. Anyone having different information please let me know.

Some of the Information in this file was provided by Jim York  (descendant of Martin Luther Robinson) and the municipal historian for the Inc. Village of Hempstead