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The Mott family of Long Island
PLEASE Note - There is another reference work on this family available here on Long Island Genealogy:
Descendants of Adam Mott of Hempstead, LI, N.Y: Edward D. Harris Ca 1890 pdf file

Information regarding the Long Island and Rhode Island Lines of the Adam Motts
     Adam Mott of Long Island is believed to be the Adam Mott, age 19, who appears on the ship list for the "Bevis" in 1639.  I don't know exactly where this ship landed, but this Adam was a single man when he arrived and was the right age to be Adam of Long Island.  This Adam is the one who "is first heard of in New York in 1645.....etc."  He did have two wives, Jane Hewlett or Hulet, first and Elizabeth Richbell or Redman second.
      Adam Mott of Rhode Island arrived in 1635 on the ship "Defence", along with his (second) wife, Sarah (Jennings) Lott Mott.  With them were Adams children by his first marriage:  John, Adam, Jonathan, and Elizabeth;  and Sarah's daughter by her first marriage: Mary Lott.  Adam and Sarah had three sons after their arrival.  This Mott family went to Rhode Island and remained there, creating a line of Motts that later merged with the Long Island Mott families.
     Mary Lott (daughter of Sarah Jennings by her first husband) married Adam Mott (son of Adam Mott by his first wife).  Mary and her husband, Adam, were step siblings, no blood relation.  Their daughter, Abigail, married Benjamin Haviland.  The Haviland family also originated in Rhode Island according to the Haviland book by Frost.  Benjamin and Abigail Haviland removed to Long Island.  Their descendants mixed with the descendants of Adam Mott of Long Island resulting in individuals who are descendants of both Mott lines.
     This Adam, born 1623 in England who married Mary Lott, is not the same individual as the Adam, born 1621 in England, who is the progenitor of the Long Island Mott line.  They may be related, possibly cousins, but they are two different individuals.  Many people still confuse these two early Mott families, basing their information on some the older genealogical works that were incorrect.

Thank you to Kathy (Sparr) Mott   for her help in attempting to sort this mess of Motts out as well as the descriptive paragraphs above.

She has a database at: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~mottgene/longlead.html She asks that it be noted that -   "this is not to be considered research, it is a compilation of the data I have collected.  The sources are given, and where there are discrepancies, they are noted."  This database is made up of the data she has collected while searching for Major William Mott. Since there is such a large amount, and a couple of the sources are not readily available to all, she decided to publish it.  Quite a few who belong to this Mott line have provided corrections and have contributed additions to the lines that were not complete.