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The King(e) family of Long Island

Other information on Long island genealogy
1.  The King Family From "East Hampton History, Genealogies of Early Families," by Jeannette Edwards Rattray
2.  The King Family of Southold - 1595-1901

The Kings of Amagansett, LI, NY
Ellis King, son of Madison and Isadora (Bennett) King, died at age  nineteen, leaving a widow, Bernice, and a daughter, Mariellis. His sister Esther, married to Charles Barnes Edwards, had a son shortly after Ellis' death, whom she names Ellis King Edwards.
Albert Bennett (1806-1843) had this photograph taken, perhaps for his  wife-to-be Fanny Edwards, and probably with a bittersweet sense of how  important such mementoes were to those awaiting "the sailor's return." Two of his relatives had drowned in Gardiner's Bay, and his half brother Joshua, first mate on a Dutch whale ship, died in Rotterdam after sailing  from Madagascar.  Albert made it home to Amagansett but did not live  long enough to know his great-nephew, Ellis King (1876-1895), the only  son of Madison King and Albert's niece, Isadora Bennett.  It is typical  of Amagansett's heritage that these men are directly related.
Harold King, Eva (King) Edwards, and Iantha Capitola (Bennett) King are shown here; not shown are Iantha Capitola and Egbert's  third child, Abner Morton.  "Mort" was married to Marietta  (Abrams), who, to distinguish her from a village full of Mary's,  was called "Mary Mort."  Affixing a husband's first name, or  nickname, to his wife's for purposes of accurate identification in  conversation is a long-standing Amagansett custom.
Elijah Bennett, lifesaving captain, died in 1887.  When this photograph   was taken of his house, his wife, Sarah, son Frank, and daughter-in-law   Lottie (King) lived there.  From left to right are Sarah (Conklin) Bennett, Asenath (Conklin) Sherman, Esther (Conklin) (Mrs Abner) Bennett,  Harold King, Iantha Capitola (Bennett) King, Bertha Case Miller, Abner Bennett, Frank Bennett, and, in front, Edna Bennett (Frank and Lottie's daughter).  Sarah's sister Esther married Elijah's brother Abner.
These images as well as many other vintage Amagansett photos can be found in the book, Images of America Amagansett," by Carleton Kelsey and Lucinda Mayo.
It is published by Arcadia Books and can be acquired through their web site or amazon.com.