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The Hunt family of Long Island

Descendants of Ralph Hunt
    Some say that this Ralph Hunt came to America in 1635 at age 22. Never proven.  Penn. Register of Colonial Dames, p. 221:  "Ralph Hunt, Newtown, Long Island, Lieut. under Gov. Nicholls in 1655". We have no problem with this.  Will recorded at Hall of Records in N. Y.  Will admitted to probate Feb. 26, 1676/7.
    The earliest information on Ralph Hunt is his arrival on Long Island near Manhattan Island in an area governed by the Dutch in 1652 "among a party of Englishmen". Some have added "came from England" but that is something not yet established as of 1985. For a meaningful and accurate treatise on this Ralph read Mitchell Hunt's "An Evaluation of the Consuelo Furman Manuscript" 1985. Copies available from LDS.
    His will dated Jan12 1676 codicil 13 Jan 1676-7, administration granted 25 Feb. 1676-7 to his son Edward as sole executor with Captain Betts and John Burroughs as overseers. He died at Newtown Long Island. Will could be in Hall of Records as stated above. When he came to America is a matter of speculation in spite of other speculative dates published in other genealogies.   NOTE:  Carl Fletcher, a descendant of Ralph Hunt, recenty sent a passenger list of the ship "Primrose" that sailed from London to Virginia, July 27, 1635 with 138  on board.  One of the passengers was a Ralph Hunt aged 22.  Perhaps this was our Ralph Hunt and provides the proof of when and how he arrived???  - Copy of  Passenger List: 'Primrose' - London to Virginia, July 27, 1635 originally discovered by Dr Allan Mortensen of Ripon WI. (another Ralph Hunt descendant).

    Lewis D. Cook of Philadelphia, PA has made the most thorough examination and documentation yet found on the descendants of Ralph Hunt of Long Island. Work extending through the period 1940-1970, with an unpublished manuscript and two other volumes of supporting information filed with the Pennsylvania Historical Society Library in Philadelphia. Mitchell J. Hunt of Willow Grove PA has refined and corrected this material in March 1990.
    THE NAME OF HIS WIFE  and where and when they were married has not been found with reliability although  there are different versions of her name as Ann, some saying Jessup. (Furman gives her name as Elizabeth Jessup, which is questionable and inconsistent with other dates on the Jessup family) (NOTE: She had a daughter ANNA.) Wife Not mentioned in husbands will. of 1676/77.

NOTE: Acknowledgements: Mitchell J. Hunt provided much encouragement and support and corrections. His scholarly compilations are found in most major genealogical libraries. The late Sanford B. Hunt generously provided Hunt researchers with access to his extensive files for years, both on and off the internet. Sandy has contributed most of the Jonathan of Northampton information found on this page. Thanks to you both.