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The Fleet Family of Long Island

Also Available on site - Submitted by Mary Dawson - if you have any corrections or comments please contact Mary. 
Biography of Capt. Thomas Fleet

To the best of our knowledge it has not been discovered exactly where in England Capt. Thomas Fleet hails from, British Naval records during the period of Oliver Cromwell and Parliamentary Rule, as quoted in DAR records and other sources, show that Capt. Thomas Fleet in 1656 and 1657 was in command of the gunboat "Falcon". In 1658-59, he was in command of the "Success", a 38-gun man-of-war.   After the restoration of the monarchy, he brought his family to Huntington (possibly with four of his own ships) and went into private trade.  He arrived in Huntington circa the mid-1660's. By 1670 he was overseer of the Town and one of the largest landowners.  Unfortunately, the name of his wife is unknown at this time.

Page 355.--THOMAS FLEET. In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Fleet, of Huntington, in Suffolk County. I leave to my wife Esther, my lot of land I bought of Henry Soper, at the place called Dicks Hills, which lyeth joining to the land of Timothy Carle, Also all that land that is or shall fall to my lot in the New Purchase, lying to the south of the High Country road, Also my movable estate, to be disposed of among her children as she shall think fit. I leave to my son Thomas my farm called Clapboard Hollow, with the land and meadow that lies at Crab meadow, and a €150 right of Commonage, that doth belong to said farm, Also all my land and meadow that lies on a neck of land called by the name of Sumpwams, on the south side of the Island, Also one half of my land and meadow hat lies on the East Neck at South. I leave to my son Simon the house I now dwell in, and the lot with barn, orchards, and fences, Also my field which is in clear, and to make it full 20 acres, with some woodland that lies on the south side of my farm in the East Neck, which will join the land of my son Parott, Also that piece of meadow which lies joining to the Chichester land, in the general field called the East Neck, And a €100 right of Commonage. I leave to my son, Parott Fleet, all my land that lies in the East Neck, except the 20 acres left to my son Simon; Also my land and meadow that lieth at a place called the Cedars, which lies in the East Neck, And a €200 right of Commonage; Also the other half of my land and meadow that lies in the East Neck at South. I make my wife Ester executor, with power to sell.

Dated April 11, 1713. Witnesses, Abel Titus, John Bryan. Proved, October 19, 1714.

[NOTE.--Sumpwams Neck is now Babylon. The expression "at South," frequently found in deeds, means that part of Huntington lying on the south side of the Island, now the Town of Babylon.--W. S. P.]

Source: http://www.rootsweb.com/~nysuffol/wills3.html