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The Doughty Family of Long Island

     Francis Doughty, of Taunton, Mass., in 1639, removed to Long, Island in 1641, lived in Rhode Island awhile. "In 1649, Franciscus Douthy, an English clergyman here, came to N. E., at the time of the persecution in England. He betook himself under the protection of the Netherlands, in order that he may, according to Dutch Reformation, enjoy freedom of conscience, which he unexpectedly missed in New England.
    In 1642. The Director granted and conveyed to him an absolute patent with manoral privileges. He added some families to his settlement, at Maspeth, L. I., in the course of a year, but the war breaking out, they were all driven off their lands, some were killed -- and almost all they had was lost. They fled as all refugees did, to Manhattan, and Master Douthy was minister there. He was without means and his land was seized by the Director; Douthy appealed but the Director said there was no appeal, his decision must be final, and for his remarks, Doughty was sentenced to imprisonment 24 hours, and to pay 25 Guilders. The deed was for 6,666 acres of land, at Maspeth, from Gov. Keift. Col. Rec.
    In 1685. The sons of Rev. Francis Doughty, viz: Francis, Charles, Elias and Jacob, of Flushing, petition for a grant of 250 acres each on L. I.
    In 1680. Elias Doughty was to have 200 acres between Hempstead and Jamaica to settle his children on. Elias d. 1743.
    In 1688. Elias Doughty gave deeds of gift to sons Francis, Charles, Elias, Jacob (Benjamin and William not of age).
    "In 1648. Francis Doughty departed for the English Virginias;" he had previously conferred on his daughter Mary, on her marriage, in 1645, with Adrian VonDerDonck, his farm on Flushing bay, now owned by Abraham and John Rapelye.