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The Denton Family of Long Island
Descendants and Ancestors of Samuel Denton

    Samuel Denton was born abt 1631 probably in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Christened on 29 May 1631 in Coley Chapel, Halifax, England. Died on 20 Mar 1713 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY. He was a farmer in the Town of Hempstead, probably in the part that is now the Town of North Hempstead.  Samuel was listed on the 1673 Dutch Census at Hempstead, NY and owned property in Hempstead from 1662 and lived in the area most of his life. Transactions in 1703 show that he owned slaves. In 1685, he was reported to be owning 240 acres of land. The 1698 Census at Hempstead, NY lists six of his nine children. "New York Surrogate 8-305: Adm. Samuel Denton, late of Hempstead, intestate March 20, 1713 to his sons Samuel and Jonas." Papers filed with the clerk in Court of Appeals, Albany, NY named a daughter, "Hannah, wife of Thomas Treadwell," also spelled Tredwell. From the "Tennessee Valley Historical Review:" Hempstead town records show that Samuel Denton and others took up land, 50 acres each, on the same terms as the first proprietors. In 1663, jointly with Thomas Rushmour, Samuel Denton obtained all rights and privileges upon Matthew Garrison's Neck and at Mattinacock, from Jeremy Wood of Hempstead. On April 18, 1665, John Smith of Hempstead sold to "my son-in-law Samuel Denton" certain lands. In 1698 he was called Samuel Denton, Senior. A deed of gifts from Samuel Denton of Hempstead, Yeoman, in consideration of "paternal love and affection I have and do bear toward my well-beloved son James Denton of Hempstead, Yeoman" to land within the township of Hempstead. December 16, 1710. The date of Samuel's inventory was March 15, 1713 and was taken by Obediah Volintine and James Serion. "March 10, 1713, Hempstead. Mary Denton ye widdow and Relict of Samuel Denton, late of Hempstead in Queens County, doth for divers good causes and consideration hereunto moving, refuses to administer upon the estate of her deceased husband, Samuel Denton." So the administration was granted to Samuel and Jonas Denton, sons of said deceased.
    The records pertaining to the administration of the estate clearly show receipts from the children calling each by name. Therefore we have a definite list of the children of Samuel and Mary Smith Denton. From Genelogical Data from Inventories of NY Estates 1666-1825 by Kenneth Scott and James Owne. "Denton, Samuel of Hempstead, Queens CO., yeoman - Renunciation (20 March 1713/4) of Mary Denton of her right to administer the estate of her dec'd husband in favor of his sons, Samuel and Jonas Denton. Her renunciation was witnessed by Jacob Smith and John Sprague. Inventory (15 March 1713/4) taken and appraised by Obadiah Volentine and James Searing, by order of Col. John. Jackson, J.P. The chief item was a negro boy and girl (90 Pounds) and a Negro man listed as 'worth nothing.' Account of Samuel and Jonas Denton, administrators, records the following payments to heirs of the dec'd.: to Mary Denton (Widow of the dec'd.) to Peter Smith (Son of Mary Ellison, dec'd who was a daughter of the intestate), to Joseph Robinson and Jane his wife (who was a daughter of the dec'd., to Jonathan Seaman and Elizabeth his wife (a daughter of the intestate), to Abraham Denton (son of the intestate, to James Denton (son of the intestate), to Thomas Beadwell and Hannah his wife (a daughter of the intestate), to Robert Mitchell and Phoebe his wife (a daughter of the intestate), to Ezekiel Smith and Martha his wife (a daughter of the intestate) and to Jonas Denton (a son of the intestate)." He married Mary "Rock" SMITH in 1654 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY. Mary "Rock" SMITH was born on 20 Jul 1630 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA. Died on 15 Mar 1713 in after in Hempstead, Queens, N

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