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The Crane Family of Long Island

In April, 1790, the State appropriated œ100 "for the purpose of erecting a bridge across the East Canada Creek, not exceeding three miles from the mouth thereof, upon the road from the Mohawk River to the Royal Grant." Three years later the Legislature provided for the erection of a bridge over East Canada Creek, "nearly opposite the Canajoharie Castle, on the public road leading from Tribes Hill to the Little Falls;" and another over the West Canada Creek "on the public road or highway leading from the Little Falls to Fort Stanwix." A still more important improvement was made through the charter of a company in April, 1800, for the construction of the Mohawk turnpike along the north bank of the river from Schenectady to Utica. The work was done within the next few years, under the direction of Seth Wetmore, a surveyor, who died in Canajoharie in 1836. This road became a part of the great east and west highway from Albany to Buffalo. These means of transportation sufficed for the inhabitants until the construction of the Erie canal in 1825.
    Other highways that passed through parts of this county and were of considerable importance to the inhabitants, were the State road, so called because it was constructed by the State through the medium of a lottery, authorized in 1803, to raise $41,500. This road ran from Johnstown through the Black River country to Sackett's Harbor, passing through parts of Manheim, Salisbury, and the towns of Norway and Russia. The road was much used in the early years of the present century.
    In 1804 the Fall Hill Turnpike and Bridge Company was incorporated and authorized to build a toll bridge over the Mohawk River at Little Falls, and construct a road from the house of Ira Crane in Minden, Montgomery county, to the Mohawk River, thence along the river to Henry A. Vrooman's in German Flats, and thence to Samuel Abbott's house and Kassler's Mills. The principal object of this road was to avoid climbing the steeps at Fall Hill. The bridge was erected and used many years, but the road was not constructed. (History of Herkimer County, New York)