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The Clock Family of Long Island

Information concerning Marten Arahams Clock S/O Abraham Martens Klock and Tryntie Alberts

     It appears Martin died with no children and named his siblings in his will. NOTE: "Catharine, wife of Jacob Boelen, of New York, goldsmith." In most files on the web Martin's sister Tryntie Clock is given as the wife of Jacob Boelen. She is also named as the mother of his children. In his will Martin names his sister Catherine as Jacob's wife. That is why we list Catherine as Jacob's wife in our file.
     It seems likely that a dying man would not name the correct sister as Jacob's wife. Consequently it appears if Tryntie did marry Jacob she would have had to do it before 1728, then died allowing Jacob to marry Catherine. It is a mystery we would appreciate help with - if you have any information that might clear this up please let us know so we can add it to our file or notes.

The WILL of MARTEN CLOCK referred to above.
"In the name of God, Amen. December 6, 1728. I, MARTEN CLOCK, of New York, shopkeeper, being very sick. I leave to my wife Elizabeth, all my estate, real and personal, where ever the same is to be found, for her support during her life. After her death, all is to be divided into two parts, and one part is to be given to my nearest relations, namely, to my sister Sarah, widow of Daniel Rapalye, Catharine, wife of Jacob Boelen, of New York, goldsmith, and the children of my brother, Albert Clock, late deceased. And the other part to my wife's nearest relations, To wit: Johanes Vanderheuil, and the children of Tryntie Clock, deceased, late wife of my brother, Albert Clock, deceased, and to Mary De Milt, widow of Peter De Milt, deceased, and to Femetye Wynkoop, wife of Benjamin Wynkoop, of New York, goldsmith, and to the children of Hendrick Vanderheuil, late of New York, deceased. My negro man Frank shall be free, and he shall not be esteemed part of my estate. And my executors are to use ?25 for his support, and he is to have one good new suit of apparell from head to foot, and three new shirts, and a new hat and cap, and all the wearing apparell that he has. I make my wife and Johanes Vanderheuil, and Henricus Boelen, executors."

Witnesses, James Parsell, Peter Felton. (One name illegible.) Proved, March 4, 1728.
[NOTE.--The residence of Martin Clock was the north corner of Pearl Street and Hanover Square, and was the home of the family for two or three generations.--W. S. P.]

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