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The Brush Family of Long Island
   Thomas and Richard Brush were the founders of two distinct lines of the Brush family.  It has been speculated that they were the sons of John Brush abt 1600, England.  That information is included within this file as speculation only.  I know of no proof at this time.  Thomas Brush was in Southold, Long Island, probably as early as 1650 or 1651.  Richard Brush was in Cambridge, Mass., in the spring of 1658.  He was in Long Island waters by the summer of that year.  Soon therafter they owned adjoining lands in Huntington, Long Island.  Though early town and land records mention both Thomas and Richard Brush many times, and their children and grandchildren were prominent in the town for a hundred years, no hint of the relationship existing between the two has been found.  The intimacy between their families is so apparent in the records it may be assumed they were brothers or perhaps cousins.  There is much evidence to show that a father and son relationship did not exist; a relationship frequently stated in print as a fact.  It is indicated they were both Englishmen.
    When the American Revolution came, descendants of Thomas or Richard Brush were to be found not only in central Long Island but also in Westchester, Orange, Ulster and Dutchess Counties, in several towns of Fairfield County, Conn., in Hunterdon and Gloucester Counties, N.J., and in Bennington, Vt.  (taken from Genealogies of long Island Families, Volume 1)
Special thanks to Varla for the addition of her Brush family file which has been encluded in the update of this file (5/17/99)

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