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Descendants of Robert Bedell

    Robert was an inhabitant of Hempstead, Long Island, New York, as early as 17 Mar 1657. Robert was one of the few men chosen by the town of Hempstead for townsmen on 17 Mar 1657. Previous history of this ancestor was unknown to the author, although the book states that he was probably born in England, probably before 1620 as the birth date of his son Matthew, who was not his eldest child can be placed about 1645.  The writer presumes that Robert married before 1644, probably to the Blanch(e) Bedell (maiden name unknown) whom he called wife shortly after 11 Dec 1667. Robert Bedell was a farmer and also, at least twice, acted as cowkeeper for the town of Hempstead.  He does not appear to have held any local office other than townsman, mentioned at the beginning of the article. Robert's death occurred sometime between the date of the Hempstead census of Aug 1698 and 20 Mar 1701/2, when an inventory was taken of his estate, as he had died intestate.

Robert appears several times in the public records of Hempstead:

     In 1657 "Robord Beedell" owned 8 head of cattle at least, and 6 "gats...at the neck"
     Probably during that same year he was granted 16 acres of land by the town and on 29 Nov 1658 he "concluded" to take up more land. Among the "cowes" kept by Spragg in 1658 were 5 which belonged to Robert.
     On 8 Mar 1659, the townsmen of Hempstead "made a rate for the levy of the public charge for the year 1658."  Robert's share was 28 shillings.
     The townsmen of Hempstead made an agreement with Robert "Beedle" on 25 Mar 1659 to the "effect that he take charge of ye west herd of cowes belonging to the town from May 1 on."  The inhabitants were to send out their cows when Robert blew his horn and then he was to take the herd to pasture when the sun was "a half hour above the horizon" and to return them a half-hour before sunset."  He or his eldest son was to consider this his sole employment.  His salary was 14 shillings per week.  He was replaced by Walter Wall on 13 Apr 1660.
     On the last day of Feb 1660 at a general town meeting the home-lot belonging to the town of Hempstead was leased to Robert for 20 shillings.
     George Mills of Rusdorp sold his house, barn and home-lot in Hempstead and another adjoining it to Robert Bedell on 13 Dec 1661, and the remainder of his land to Thomas Ellison.
     Among the calves which were to be kept in the "north woods" in "the height of fly time" were 6 of Robert's.
     On 9 Feb 1663 he leased the home-lot belonging to the town house for 14 shillings.
     On 14 Jun 1665 Robert recorded the ownership of a mare marked with a half penny under each ear and on 13 Sep of the same year he sold a cow, marked in the same way, to Mr. Ogdin Broun.  This cattle mark, was with slight additions such as a slit in the off ear, etc., used by his descendants for over a century.
     Robert Bedell and William Thickstun each sold a cow to Arynn Lambartsun of "the flatbush" on 23 Jun 1666.
     During the year of 1667 Robert sold two cows and a mare, purchasers unknown.
     The records of the house and land which Robert Beddell bought of Steaven Hudson, and the home-lot and house, formerly Hope Washburne's, which he purchased from George Hewlett and William Osborne, are to be found on the town books of Hempstead under date of 11 Dec 1667.
     "Robert Beadle doth frely acknowledge that his wife Blanch Beadle shall have use and improvement of the house and land in this bill of sale (probably that one formerly belonging to Washburne) her whole life time in case her husband die before her."  He signed by making his mark, as usual.  The writer has been unable to find, indeed, any document to which Robert's autograph is attached.
     Robert was witness to a deed of Thomas Iarland's dated 31 Mar 1668.
     On 11 Jan 1668 Robert was in Mr. Seaman's company to draw lots for land for planting.
     At a town meeting 30 Jan 1668, he leased the "home lot" of the town for 16 shillings.
     On 3 Jun 1669 it was agreed that Goodman Bedle was to keep the east herd of cattle belonging to the town for 14 shillings per week, and on the following 19 Mar he began his "coucekeeping".
     Sometime during 1669 Robert recorded his ownership of a lot at the "half neck," containing 4 acres and 69-1/2 rods, on the town books.
     Robert bought the old town barn for 3 pounds on 22 Jun 1670 and the town house for 9 pounds 25 Apr 1671.
     On 30 Jun 1671 Robert deeded a tract on "Cowes great neck," south of the town of Hempstead, to his obedient and loving sons, Daniel and John husbandmen.  Blanch Bedell signed the release too, making her mark.
     On the same date, Robert Beedel of Hempstead, husbandman, sold to his son, Daniel, 3 acres and 1 sq. rd. of land in the southern part of the town, formerly the property of Stephen Hudson and 4 acres in the "Half neck," north of land belonging to John Smith, Rock, Jr.
     In the Hempstead census of 1673 appear the names of the following members of the Bedell family:  Robert, Daniel, Matthew, and John.
     At a town meeting in Hempstead 8 Mar 1674, the same four men whose names appear in the preceding paragraph leased some land from the town.
     At a court held by the constable and overseers of Hempstead 7 Apr 1675, Henry Boman alleged that Robert Bedell owed him for cow keeping. The disposition of the case does not appear.
     On 5 May 1675, at a similar court, Thomas Ellison brought suit against Robert Bedell.  The plaintiff claimed that he had kept a company of "Mat" Bedell's cattle for three or four days and that he should have been paid 3 shillings a day for his service.  Robert Bedell was named as defendant because, Ellison alleged, Robert had promised to pay the charge if Matthew did not, and that neither had done so.  The court found for the plaintiff.
     At a court held 2 June 1675, John Junnins entered an action of debt against Matthew Bedell for a new cart and wheels, value 3 pounds.  Robert Bedell appeared as a witness for his "soone" Matthew, and stated that the plaintiff was to have "pined and earebred" and which he had not done. The court ordered the work to be finished and then the plaintiff was to be paid.
     At a court on 6 July 1675, Robert Jackson entered an action of the case against John Junnins, a settler with whom the Bedells had several legal quarrels.  Robert, Matthew, John, and "Betty" testified for the plaintiff, no doubt gladly, but were unable to cause the defendant much discomfort as the case was thrown out of court.
     At a town meeting 9 Apr 1677 the proprietors of Hempstead were empowered to take up 100 acres of woodland apiece.  Robert Bedell was among this number, as was also Daniel; the latter, however, was granted but a half-share.
     On 20 Jun 1679 at a town meeting Robert Bedell was given 50 acres and Daniel 25 acres, as proprietors of Hempstead.
     On 1 Sep 1681 "Robert Bedle, Senr, of Hempstead" conveyed to his son, Robert the elder's "now dwelling house witt home lott and orchard and all housing, barns," etc.  Robert, Jr., was not to take possession until his father's decease, and he was to allow his mother, Blanch, to dwell there during her lifetime, should her husband predecease her, and she was to have use of the orchard whenever she wished.
     "Robert Bedell, the elder, husbandman," deeded to his son-in-law, "Charls Abrams," a hollow on Hempstead Plain on 26 Nov 1681.
     On 24 May 1682 the inhabitants of Hempstead agreed to maintain Jeremy Hubbard, as minister.  The Bedells were to contribute as follows toward the expense, yearly:  Robert, Sr 1 pound, Daniel 1 pound, John 10 shillings, Matthew 5 shillings, and Robert Jr. 5 shillings, the contributions to be made in corn or cattle.
     Robert Bedell, Sr., sold to Richard Minthorne 5 Jan 1682 all his right in the east "ox pasture," consisting of 4 "ox gattes".
     An Account of ye vallvation of the Estates of thee inhabbitants of ye towne of Hampsted on Long Island" on 11 Oct 1683:  "Robert Beagle, Senior" 3 cows and 3 sheep.  At this time he evidently possessed no farm land, having transferred all to his sons and others.  The sons owned 35-1/2 acres of "land and meadows."
     Thomas Ellison of Hempstead conveyed to John Tredwell a meadow lot on the west side of "cose Neck" on 16 Nov 1683; said meadow being "bounded on the south end by a whit oak tree next ye woods adjoining to goodman Begles fence".  This notice probably refers to Robert, Sr.
     By a vote of the town Simon Garman was given about 1-1/2 acres south of Jeremiah Wood's and "near his father bedle" on 22 Jun 1684 or 1685. Simon Garman (Jarman, Jerman, etc.) was most likely a son-in-law of Robert, Sr.
     On 14 Apr 1685 Thomas Higam of Hempstead sold to Robart Bedle his "now dwelling house and home lott" consisting of about 3 acres and located east of Daniel Bedle's 50-acre lot.  The writer is not certain to which of the Robert Bedells this notice refers.  The "Vallvation" list mentioned above of date 11 Oct 1683 seems to indicate the Robert, the elder, had transferred all of this holding, with the possible exception of a "house lot" or two, to others, and was probably no longer actively engaged in business, and therefore, should have no use for the three-acre lot.  However, Robert, Sr., might have decided to move, or perhaps, wished to make an investment.
     In a deed dated 16 Jul 1685, Charles Abrahams of Hempstead and his wife conveyed to Josias Starr a hollow, which had been given to Abrahams by his father-in-law "Robart Bedall" situated on Hempstead Plains, the hollow being about 1-1/2 miles north of the town.  This conveyance was signed by Charles and "Serah" Abrahams by making their marks.  The document was witnessed by "Robart Bedle" and "John Bedall" the latter signing his own name and thereby gaining for himself an enviable distinction of being the first member of the family ever to do so on any public record.
     A deed of John Ellison's of 23 Feb 1686/7 contains a notice of a lot which had been sold by his father, "Laranc Ellison," to Robard Bedle, Sener.
     Robert Bedel, Sener., deeded certain real property in Hempstead to Elias Doughty 1 Mar 1686.
     On 7 Apr 1686 Robert Bedele, Sener, made a gift to his son John of the house and lot where the latter was then dwelling, aid property being east of Daniel's land and west of the donor's.
     Robert, Sr., Daniel, and John Bedell were among the proprietors of Hempstead to whom John Stuard addressed his petition for a grant of 18 or 20 acres, dated 16 Feb 1691/2.  Stuard stated that he intended to pursue the trades of "coper" and surgeon, and so impressed the townsmen by his versatility that his request was granted.
     Richard Cornell of Hempstead in his will dated 7 Nov 1693 mentioned land in the "fresh cove" in which a meadow of Robert Bedell had been laid out.  This may refer to Robert Jr.
     On 3 Apr 1697, Robert Beedel, Sener, planter, conveyed to his son Robert 1/4 of the meadow on Coes Neck, bounded, westerly by Hicks Neck Creek, northerly by Thomas Ellison's land, and easterly by land of John Smith, Rock.
     In the census of 1698 for Hempstead, Robert Bedle's name occurs immediately before that of his son John, with whom he may have been living at the time.
     On 15 May 1699, Daniel Bedle caused an entry to be made on the town books concerning 24 acres of his "on ye south part of ye town...bounded north by ye lot of Robert Bedle" (Which one?).
     Among the "nams of those yet paid to ye pattin with ye number of aceres" appear John 4-1/2 shillings, Daniel 1 pound and 3 shillings, Robard (Jr.?) 3-1/2 pence, Robard (Sr.?) 3 pence.  Undated.
    As mentioned earlier, Robert Bedell, the founder of the Long Island family, died intestate, and an inventory was taken of his estate 20 mar 1701/2 and on 28 May following, his eldest son Daniel was appointed administrator. Robert Bedell's family consisted of four sons and probably three daughters.  His wife, Blanch, may have been mother of all of the children but there is proof of maternity in the case of Robert, Jr. only.
    The order of the children's births is unknown to the compiler; Daniel, however, was the eldest son.  Their places in the arrangement is based on their first appearances on the records as probably adults.  There may have been other children but the writer is reasonably certain that no other sons reached maturity.

Descendancy Report for  of Robert Bedell - submitted by Steven P. Frost