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The Barto/Bartow (Barteau) Surname of Long Island
   Francis Barto (Barteau) came to America in 1657, possibly a French Huguenot (a Protestant political movement) or Waloon (French speaking Protestant refugees from the Spanish Netherlands). At that time in history, Holland was almost the only European country that practiced religious toleration. When they were encouraging settlement of New Netherland (as New York was then called) most Dutch citizens were not interested in migrating, many of the settlers were of other nationalities.
    Francis Barteaus name first appears with others as a petitioner for land in 1676 in Harlem, New York. This was denied so he went toFlushing, New York, and made a similar petition in which he stated hehad nine children.
    This must have been successful, for on 29 September 1683 he had the following taxable property: upland, 12 acres; meadow, 5 acres; horses, 3; two year olds, 1; oxen, 2; cows, 3; swine, 1; sheep, 8; taxes paid 9s.3d. listed in the 1698 Flushing, New York, census. He may have been a carpenter since he was early associated with Glaud LeMaistre, a carpenter of Harlem and Flatbush.
SourcesEarly Settlers of New York by Janet Wethy Foley p 6 & 7, Barto Genealogy by Eli Barto, LDS film # 1033991, Bartow Genealogy by Evelyn Bartow p 204 - 208, Portions of this file came from a file found on RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project  submitted by  Betty Ralph Wed Jun 28 19:46:45 2000