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The Long Island Baldwin Family

   "Henry Baldwin, of Woburn, was a freeman there in 1652. Sewell's "History of Woburn" says he was a subscriber in Charlestown to the town orders for Woburn, in 1640, and after that a distinguished citizen of the latter town. I doubt whether "subscriber" means he signed them. The copy in Woburn Records has such peculiarities of spelling as shows the whole was written by one man, probably Edward Johnson. The name appears there as Henry Bolden; but his own signature to his will is well written and spelled. Henry was then evidently young. On p. 385, of his valuable history, Sewell give the date of the town orders as 1641.
    He lived at "New Bridge," or North Woburn, where in each succeeding generation some of his descendants have lived and been large owners of land. He was Selectman in 1681, and a Deacon from 1686 to his death.
    There is a tradition in later days that he came from Devonshire, in England, as there is also among the descendants of John, of Billerica. The latter married Mary Richardson, cousin of wife of Henry. I think it not unlikely that they are related. It will be seen in my account of John, that the older tradition was that he was from Hertfordshire. The name Henry was one very common in the family of Bucks and Herts. The suggestion that they came from Devonshire, has arisen apparently in later times, and probably from the fact that the name Baldwin was there an old one - the first Earl of Devonshire, under William the Conqueror, having that name. This tradition is found in the "Vinton Memorial" and other places. The arms to be found in this branch of Baldwins do not belong to the Devonshire Baldwins.
    Henry married November 1, 1649 (Sewell says Nov 1, and Savage says Sept 1) Phebe, eldest daughter of Ezekiel Richardson, of Woburn, and born perhaps in England; baptized in Boston, June 3, 1632, and perhaps born there (Charlestown), where her parents, Ezekiel and Susanna, appeared in 1630. He died February 14, 1697/98; his widow, Phebe, Sept 13, 1716. His original will was admitted to Probate April 4, 1698, where he is called Deacon Henry, and is to be found in East Cambridge, Mass. His children were: Susanna (died young), Susanna, Phoebe, John, Daniel, Timothy, Mary, Henry, Abigail, Ruth, Benjamin."  Source: The Baldwin Genealogy - From 1500 to 1881, Charles Candee Baldwin, Cleveland, Ohio, 1881 Henry Baldwin, of Woburn, Massachusetts, and His Descendants, Pg. 616.

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