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The Descendants of Thomas Baker

Thomas  BAKER, son of Thomas BAKER and Frances DOWNE, was born in Hothfield, Kent, England September 29, 1618.  Thomas died April 30, 1700 in East Hampton, Suffolk County, New York at 81 years of age.  He was interred May 1700 at the South End Burial Ground, in East Hampton, Suffolk County, New York.

He married Alice DAYTON June 20, 1643 in New Haven, New Haven Colony, Connecticut.  Alice was born May 1620 in Ashford, Kent, England. Alice was the daughter of Ralph DAYTON and Alice GOLDHATCH. Alice died February 6, 1708/9 in Amagansett, Suffolk County, New York at 88 years of age.  She was interred February 1708/9 at the Amagansett Burial Ground, in Amagansett, Suffolk County, New York.  She was baptized May 21, 1620 at Saint Mary's Church in Ashford, Kent, England.

A great Baker Descendant Resourde if THOMAS BAKER OF EAST HAMPTON - for further information and contacts please make a visit.