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The Conklin(g) Family of Long Island with the Conklin Family of Westchester

Special thanks to David Roberts and the CONKLIN-L mailing list for their help extending and correcting this database.
    There were two prominent Conklin lines of descent in New York State prior to 1700.  Name variants are numerous but Conklin is the most commonly agreed upon version.  The original English spelling did not possess a "g".
    John (1) and Ananias (1) Conklin(g) of Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Nottinghamshire, England and Salem, Massachusetts are the progenitors of two separate branches of the same family, on Long Island since about 1651.  Most of John's descendants trace their roots to the Huntington, Northport, Southold, Shelter Island and Riverhead areas of Long Island while the descendants of Ananias come from further east on the Island, the East Hampton area.  Both were glass makers by trade.

Edmond Conklin Estate Papers, 1701, includes a brief paper on the background of the estate documents of mariner Edmond Conklin, with transcriptions, followed by scanned images of the originals: Last Will and Testament, Inventory and Appraisal of the Estate, Power of Attorney to Act for the Estate, and Certificate of Identity.  These papers document the names of the parents of the Pre-1700 Westchester Conklin siblings as John and Elenor Conklin and reveal a previously unknown youngest sister, Sarah. Transcribed by Honor Conklin, with Debi Starr Leitch.
Note to all Conklin researchers:  Anyone researching the family should become familiar with the work of Conklin Mann cited below.  He is widely considered to have laid the foundation for Long Island and Westchester Conklin research
Conklin Mann Finding Aid - NOTE: Contact the Suffolk County Historical Society (SCHS) for copies.  Photocopies may be requested by regular mail, telephone or e-mail.  Research and copying fees upon request.  Suffolk County Historical Society, 300 West Main Street, Riverhead, New York 11901.  Phone: (631) 727-2881, FAX: (631) 727-3467, schsociety@optonline.net

Overviews of the families:
1The Genealogy of Joseph Inglis Conklin, Jr. of Brooklyn, NY, as compiled in the years 1875-1908, the time of his death.  As presented to the National Society of the daughters of the American Revolution by Tarrytown Chapter D.A.R., Tarrytown, N.Y. copied from the original by Violet Odell Lewis, #332574 Daughter of Harriet Sophia Conklin Odell and niece of Joseph Inglis Conklin, Jr., February 1947.  Conklin researchers please note:  A listing of all known errors in the text has been placed at the beginning.  If you locate any errors additional errors please let us know at ligenealogy@optonline.net so we can add them to the list to prevent their duplication.  PLEASE Remember, as with all family research, this should be used as a starting point and should to be backed up by documentation acquired though personal research.  We hope you find this text useful in your family research.
2.  The Conklin(G) Family From "East Hampton History, Genealogies of Early Families," by Jeannette Edwards Rattray
3Conklin Name Variants - A consistent spelling for the Conklin(g) surname is often a cause of confusion for researchers, an attempt at explanation
4.  The Descendants of Ananias & John Conklin(g) & Conklin of Westchester, NY - An excellent and well documented 1st generation report by Honor Conklin is now available as part of this file through the following links:  Ananias Conklin  Conklin/Conkling:  John Conklin of Huntington/Northport/Southold/Shelter Is/Riverhead/Salem, Mass:  Conklin/Cancklie of Westchester County, New York
5Two Colonial Conklin Families in America: Y-DNA Analysis of the ‘Long Island Conklins’ and the ‘Pre-1700 Westchester Conklins,’ Including the Origins of the ‘John Concklin of Flushing and Rye’ Theory by Honor Conklin, Copyright 2011, 124 pages, pdf.  Comments and queries regarding this paper should be posted to the Conklin list at Rootsweb.com.
6The Adventurous Life of Jacob Conklin  - Originally appearing in "The Human Story of Long Island," by Verne Dyson 1969 "Romance, adventure, and beauty have been contributed to central Long Island by the Half Way Hollow Hills, one of the most picturesque and attractive portions of Paumanok. A glance at the map of the old Town of Huntington will disclose the origin of the name. Just about half way between the Sound and the Atlantic Ocean is a pleasant wooded valley to which was given the name of Half Way Hollow. This delightful vale divided two groups of hills - Dix Hills on the north and Half Way Hollow Hills on the south. Many noted people have lived in the alluring southern uplands. The first of these was Jacob Conklin. "
7.  The Conkling Families of the First Aquebogue Division:  Three charts as provided in the reference publication  (S.C.H.S. Register , Vol. XXII No. 1, Summer 1996, "The Conkling Families of the First Aquebogue Division" by Leigh Mark Young) - Relationship to Other Conkling Families In Suffolk Co., New YorkHenry and Temperence Conkling's Descendants on the First Aquebogue DivisionApproximate Location of Conklings and Collateral Families on the First Aquebogue Division
8.  A compiled list of all Conklin/Concklin/Conkling heads of households that appear in NYC Directories  between the years 1814-1822.   The list includes: Head of household, Address, Occupation and some workplaces, Some relationships, Some spouses/widows, Some children, Some death years.  LINK For Viewing  (provided by Chris Miasnik )

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