Photos from Early Moriches - abt. 1890-1920

Any individuals not identified need your attention.  If you think you might know who the individual might be please let me know.
Taken of individuals within the Brookhaven town, specifically Moriches, Center Moriches area.

Moriches, LI Grammer School Photos circa 1930s

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Benjamin Franklin MacGregor
Charter Member of the Center Moriches Fire Department - In Uniform


Susan (Susie) Raynor born Oct. 4, 1871- died June 23 1911 - daughter of Laura Robinson and Horace Raynor, married Howard Oakley Penney

Katherine Reardon  - daughter of Annie Louise Robinson grand daughter of Jacob Hart Robinson and Louisa Robinson
Susan (Susie) Raynor - daughter of Lottie E. Reardon and Frederick C. Raynor, married Howard Oakley Penney
George Ross married Angeline Rogers Penney

Lottie E. Reardon Raynor wife of Frederick C. Raynor

Robbie Porterfield

Lottie Rose daughter of John Wilton Rose


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