Source - "Litchfield, Through the Years"  compiled by the Litchfield Historical Committee, 1976
Litchfield Town Board, R.D # 1
Llion, NY 13357

(one page missing)

Grave of Revolutionary Soldier, Richard Smith who settled at Cedar Lake Farm. His daughter Mary Smith, married John Gird (should read Henry H. Gird). In a circular graveyard surrounded by Cedars, Henry Tarza, formerly of Litchfiled, now resideing in Ll, has erected a flagpole. P 45 & p 46. the gravestones are mostly field stones and 2 cut gravestones mark the graves of Sylvanius KING who died 1851 and Sally (Sarah) King ( his wife) and the other of Laura King Gird (their dau.), wife of John Gird.

P. 42 - Cedar Lake farm stayed in the Gird family until 1891, when it became the property of the S. Morgan Estate.
John Gird was the first member of the NY State Legislature elected on the GOP ticket in Herkimer County. (doesn't say "which John Gird" or give a date....)
John Gird once owned the sawmill at Cedar lake (community).
p. 170 - Road Warrants showing John and Wm. Gird, as well as Goodiers. issued Mar, 16th, 1870.
p. 206 - a Picture of Oxen at Cedar Lake Farm  - John M. Gird  is a small boy on the wagon.

In 1933 John Gird (John Albert Gird) sold the 350 acres of land (what was left of the original family land), to Mr & Mrs. Clarence Currier. The farm was renamed "Currier Farm".

Page 44 says: "The area surrounding the triangle shaped patch of grass formed by the intersection of Goodier, Cedar Lake and Upper Albany Rds. could well be called Currier Corners.

The GOODIER Family are related through marriage. Maria Goodier married Henry Gird, son of Levi John Gird and grand- son of the first John Gird from Ireland (Henry Hatton Gird II's brother).

Copy of a paper titled:

      [ coat of arms in left corner]                                


You are Cordially Invited to attend a Celebration
Commemorating the
One Hundredth Anniversary
at the Settlement
in America of
Aaron Goodier,
which will be held by his descendants at the Old Homestead in
Litchfield,  on
August 29th, 1894,

The Goodier centennial reunion, 29 Aug., 1894. Cover and Recto page of the invitation 
showing the Goodier coat of arms as visualized for the reunion.

Note:  The Goodier Family Cemetery, est. prior to 1810, is now called the Cedar Lake Cem on Goodier Rd.

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