Nicholas Wright b. 1609, wife Ann, he d. 1682.
  Peter Wright1 and wife Alice, she m. 2d Richard
    Crabb, she d. 1685.
  Anthony Wright died 1680, gave property to
    sister-in-law, Alice Crabb, and his brothers'
NICHOLAS1 WRIGHT and wife Ann had:

  Caleb2 b. 1645, m. Elisabeth.
  John2 m. Mary Townsend, dau. of Henry.
  Sarah2 m. Josias Latting.
  Edmond2 m. Sarah Wright, dau. of Peter and
  Mercy2 m. Robert Coles.
  Rebecca2 m. 1st Eleazer Leverich, divorced, she
    m. 2d 1672, William Frost.
  Deborah2 m. Nathaniel Coles.
CALEB2 and Elisabeth had:

  William3 b. 1680, m. Elisabeth Rhodes, he d. 1759.
  Elisabeth3 m. Joseph Cole.
  Penelope3 m. David Reynolds, of Conn.
JOHN2 WRIGHT and Mary (Townsend) had:

  Rose3 m. 1691, 1st Nathaniel Coles, jr., he d 1705,
    2d m. John Townsend, he d. 1709, 3d Samuel
  Eliphal3 m. 1st Henry3 Townsend, he d. 1709, 2d
    Daniel Wright.
  Mary3 m. 1st Jacob Underhill, 2d Richard Latting.
EDMOND2 and Sarah Wright, dau. of Peter and Alice, had:

  Nicholas,3 Caleb.3
  Edmond3 m. Sarah Townsend, dau. of Mill John.
  Daniel,3 Eliphal Wright, Jacob.3
WILLIAM3 WRIGHT (Caleb2 Nicholas1) and Elisabeth had:

  John4 b. 1701, m. 1736, Zervia Wright, dau. of
  Caleb4 m. Freelove Coles, dau. of Wright Coles,
    son of Nathaniel Coles and Rose (Wright).
  Mary4 m. Joseph Cooper.
  Sarah4 m. 1738, John Townsend, son of John and
EDMOND3 WRIGHT and Sarah Townsend had:

  Jotham4 b. 1708, m. Tabitha Sammis, he d. 1777.
  Thomas4 m. Sarah Cooper.
  Edmond.4 Jacob.4
  Zervia4 m. 1736, John Wright, son of Wm. and

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