HENRY1 WILLIS, a native of England, lived in Wiltshire where his six chiidren were born, m. (???) (???), he d. 1675. Children were:
  Sarah2 b. 1626.
Henry2 b. 1628, Sept. 14, m. 1654, Mary Peace, b. July 12, 1632; she d. April 23, 1714; he d. July 11, 1714.
  Alice2 b. 1630, Catharine2 b. 1632, Elisabeth2 b. 1636, Margery2 b. 1638.
Henry2 and Mary lived at town of Devizes until 1667. Elder children born there. The year after the great fire they removed to London, where several children were born. About 1675 Henry and his family (except dau. Mary who came later), emigrated to America, apparently stopped at Philadelphia From thence found a temporary home in Oysterbay. Afterward bought land of Capt. John Seaman and made a home at Wood Edge, now Westbury.

In 1683 Henry Willis bought of Capt. John Seaman 50 acres at the south west end of the great plains at a place called Foster's Meadow. Joseph Petit on the north, on the west Foster's river, on the south a lot of Edmond Titus, east the Common.

"In the house of Henry Willis, Westbury, the 27th of the 9th mo., 1678, George Masters of New York, tailor, married Mary Willis, dau. of Henry and Mary." Henry was fined for allowing his dau. to be married by Friends ceremony.

Children of Mary and George Masters were: Mary b. 1679, m. 1702, William Haig, merchant of Antigua; Philadelphia b. 1684, m. Jeremiah Williams, of New York, she d. 1715. Mary and William Haig had daus. Mary b. 1704, and Sarah. Parents both d. 1718 at Pasquotank, North Carolina.

HENRY2 WILLIS (Henry1) m. Mary Peace and had:
  Mary3 m. 1678, George Masters, he d. 1686, she d. 18, 7, 1702.
  Elisabeth3 m. Robert Zane, from Ireland.
  William3 b. 1663, m. 1687, Mary Titus, dau. of  Edmond, he d. 3, 7, 1736.
  Henry3 b. 1666, d. 1675.
  Rachel3 m. 8, 9, 1695, Nathaniel Seaman, she d. 1739.
  Sarah b. 1671, m. 8, 9, 1695, John Titus, son of  Edmond, she d. 1, 1, 1730.
  Hester b. at Westbury, 1677, m. 1695, Wm. Albertson,  son of William of Newtown, West New  Jersey.
WILLIAM3 WILLIS (Henry2 Henry1) and Mary  Titus had:
  William4 b. 1688, m. 1712, Hannah Powell, dau. of  Thomas1 and Elisabeth, he d. 1750.
  Henry4 b. 1690, m. 1712, Phebe Powell, dau. of  Thomas1 and Elisabeth, he d. 1744.
  John4 b. 1693, m. 1715, Abigail Willets, dau. of  Richard and Abigail (Powell), he d. 1777.
  Jacob4 b. 1695.
  Silas4 b. 1700.
  Samuel4 b. 1704, m. 1728, Mary Fry b. 1713, she d.  1800, he d. 1790.
  Mary4 b. 1707.

WILLIAM4 WILLIS (William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Hannah (Powell), she born 1691, had:
  Mary5 b. 11, 4, 1713, m. Wm. Bedell, had Mordecai,
    Rachel, Jehiel, and others.
  Hannah5 b. 27, 12, 1715, m. Micah Spragg.
  Elisabeth5 b. 1716, m. Richard Post, widower.
  Rachel5 b. 5, 7, 1718, she d. 12, 7, 1738.
  Jacob5 b. 5, 5, 1720, m. Elisabeth (Denton), dau. of James, widow Dusenbury.
  Samuel5 b. 27, 12, 1721, m. Mary Wright, dau. of
    Joseph, of Westbury.
  Amy5 b. 1723, d. 1729.
  Mordecai5 b. 14, 10, 1725, m. 1752, Mary Clements.
  Silas5 b. 5, 7, 1727, he d. 1750, Martha5 b. 29, 7, 1729.
  William5 b. 5, 12, 1730, m. 1756, Sarah Clements, dau. of Joseph.
  Joseph5 b. 15, 4, 1734, m., had several children.

HENRY4 WILLIS (William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Phebe (Powell), had:
  Mary5 b. 22, 2, 1713, m. 1732, Richard Post, son of Richard, she d. 13, 5, 1744.
  Silas5 b. 4, 1, 1715, m. 1741, Ann Pearsall, dau. of  Henry, he d. 1745.
  Phebe5 b. 1, 1, 1718, m. Benjamin Downing, and  had Silas, b. 1747, m. Phebe Rushmore, dau. of  Isaac, and had son Stephen Downing.

JOHN4 WILLIS (William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Abigail, had:
  Phebe5 b. 1715, m. John Post.
  Richard5 b. 1716, m. Elisabeth Pine, dau. of James.
  Elisabeth5 b. 1718, m. Jonathan Seaman, she d. 1777.
  William5 b. 1720, m. Mary Townsend of Reumourn.
  John5 b. 1726, m. Margaret Cornell, dau. of Caleb,  he d. 1813.
  Stephen5 b. 1730, m. Sarah Smith, dau. of Jonathan.

SAMUEL4 WILLIS (William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Mary Fry, had:
  Mary5 b. 1731, m. 1st 1748, Thomas Jackson, son  of Samuel of Jerusalem, m. 2d, Thomas Jackson  of Jericho.
  John5 b. 1734, m. 1755, Elisabeth Mott.|Ch. of Adam
 |Mott & Phebe
  Sarah5 b. 1736, m. 1755, Adam Mott.|Willets, dau. of Richard &
  Amy5 b. 1738, m. 1762, Stephen Mott.|Abigail (Powell)
  Jane5 b. 1740, m. a Parsons.
  Fry5 b. 1744, m. Anna Seaman.
  Kesia5 b. 1747, Henry5 b. 1749, did not marry.
  Edmond5 b. 1752, m. 1778, Abigail Titus, dau. of William and Sarah.
  Phebe5 b. 1756, m. 1779, Edmond Prior, son of  Joseph and Phebe.

JACOB5 WILLIS (William4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Elisabeth (Denton), had:
  Amy,6 Mary6 Jane6 and Abigail.6

MORDECAI5 WILLIS (William4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Mary Clement, had:
  Silas,6 Oliver,6 Sarah,6 Daniel,6 Betsy,6 Polly6 and

SILAS5 WILLIS (Henry4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Ann Pearsall, had:
  Jordan6 b. 15, 2, 1752.
  Phebe6 b. 25, 3, 1745, m. 1766, Solomon Whitson,  son of David and Clement (Powell).

WILLIAM5 WILLIS (John4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Mary Townsend, had:
  Ruth6 b. 1751, m. Samuel Hewlett.
  Sarah6 b. (???), d. 1787.
  Abigail6 b. 1755, m. 1775, Richard Townsend.
  Townsend6 b. 1757, m. 1783, Hannah Bowne.
  Mary,6 Esther.6

JOHN5 WILLIS (John4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Margaret Cornell, had:
  Cornell6 m. Elisabeth Hicks, dau. of (???).
  John6 m. Sarah Jones.
  Richard6 died early.
  Charles6 m, Hannah Whitson.
  William6 Joshua6 Elisabeth6 m. Hewlett Cornell.
  Mary6 m. a Cornell.

CHARLES6 WILLIS (John5 John4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Hannah Whitson had:
  Charles7 m. Abigail Albertson, he d. 1894.
  Elisabeth7 m. Hicks Albertson.

TOWNSEND6 WILLIS (Wm.5 John4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Hannah Bonwe had:
  Mary7 b. 1783, m. John J. Hewlett.
  Sarah7 m. William Simonson.
  Townsend7 m. Mary Coles.
  Abigail7 m. 1st Samuel Jones, no ch.; m. 2d Robert  Seaman, no ch.
  Jacob7 m. Phebe Hewlett.
  William7 m. Letitia Downing.

TOWNSEND7 WILLIS (Townsend6 William5 John4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Mary Coles had:
  Townsend8 m. Mary Jackson, dau. of Jacob and  Phebe.
  Ethelinda8 m. Timothy Jackson, son of Obadiah.
  Esther8 m. Thomas Jackson, son of Obadiah.
  Hannah8 m. a Whitson.

JOHN5 WILLIS (Samuel4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) m. 1st Elisabeth Mott, and had:
  Adam6 b. 13, 7, 1757, died in youth.
  Samuel6 b. 7, 3, 1759, m. 1785, Rachel Pearsall,  dau. of Thomas, he d. 1838.
Phebe6 b. 5, 4, 1761, m. Joshua4 Powell, son of  Joshua.3
  Elizabeth6 d. 1683.

SAMUEL5 WILLIS (John4 Samuel3 William2 Henry2 Henry1) and Rachel Pearsall had:
  Henry7 b. 1786, m. 1813 Phebe Post, dau. of Edmond,  he d. 1865.
    Phebe7 b. 1787, m. James Post, son of Henry,  she d. 1883.
  John7 b. 1793, m. Mary W. Kirby, dau. of Jacob  and Mary.
  Amy7 b. 1797, m. Townsend Rushmore, son of  Isaac and Phebe.

HENRY7 WILLIS and Phebe Post had:
  Samuel8 m. Catherine Post, dau. of Joseph.
  Edmond P.8 m. 1st (???), m. 2d Sarah (Kirby),  widow of Jeffries Hallowell.
  Catherine8 unm.
  Isaac8 m. Mary H. Seaman, dau. of Robert.
  Samuel8 and Catherine had Mary, m. Augustus Albertson, and Phebe.
  Isaac8 and Mary H. had Henry and Robert S.

JOHN7 WILLIS (Samuel6 John5 Samuel4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) and Mary (Kirby) had:
  Edward8 m. Elisabeth H. Seaman, dau. of Robert.
  Mary F.8 m. Isaac Hicks, son of John and Sarah.
  Rachel W.8 b. 1820, m. Samuel Hicks, son of John  and Sarah.
  Lucretia Mott8 died small.
Edward8 and Elisabeth H. (Seaman) Willis had:
  Sarah.9 2 ch. died.
  Henrietta9 m. Stephen Underhill, son of Jordon  and Hannah.

FRY5 WILLIS (Samuel4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) m. 1746, Annie Seaman, dau. of Thomas and Hannah (Willets) Seaman and had:
  Isaac6 died.
  Thomas6 b. 1771, m. 1st 1795, Phebe Searing; 2d
    Phebe Young, dau. of (???) Young and Dorcas
    Hallock, had Mary7 m. Samuel Smith.

EDMOND5 WILLIS (Samuel4 William3 Henry2 Henry1) m. 1778 Abigail Titus and had:
  William6 m. Annie W.

Hutton says: May, 1638, shipped for New England from Southampton, John Fry, of Basing (wheelwright), his wife and three children.
Westbury Monthly Meeting Records give us the m. 1707, of Mary, dau. of Wm. and Tamison Fry (she d. 1758), from Old England, and William Gladding, by Friends' ceremony. Wm. Fry died 1717.

In 1686 John Fry, jr., son of John and Frances Fry, came from England. m. Mary, dau. of Richard and Mary Willets. She died 1687. Son John b. 1687, m. 1711, 10, 19, Mary, dau. of John Urquhart. Their little dau. Mary b. 1712, was left an orphan by the death of both parents in 1714. John Urquhart and the elder John Fry had both removed to New Jersey and the little one was brought up by the executors of her father's will. Wm. Willis was one of the executors and she was often cared for in his family. A Bible given to the little one by Francis Fry, her great grandmother, has a name written in it three times by Samuel Willis. First, Mary Fry, her book; years afterwards, Mary Willis, her book; still later, Samuel Willis, his book.

Fry Willis' house stands on land adjoining the fence and upon the hill in the line of the division between the town of Oyster bay and Robert Williams, his patent, northeastly course by William Kirby's cow yard east 28 degrees till it comes to Wm. Jones' Round Swamp, between my land and Jeremiah Robbins his land. SAMUEL WILLIS.

ZANE, Elisabeth Willis and Robert Zane had:

Esther, Rachel and Robert Zane.

In 1677 Robert Zane came from Ireland with friends named Thompson and settled first at Salem, removed in 1682 to Newtown with Thomas Sharpless and others.

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