RICHARD WILLETS, said to have come from the west of England, was at Hempstead, L. I., in 1657, probably he was there at a much earlier date, as he then had 6 gates, 6 cattle, 6 milch cows, and 28 acres of land. Only 12 men in the town paid more taxes for public charges than he did, and none paid twice as much. He died 1664 or 5.

1657. Richard Willets was present, with the widow Jane, at the reading of the Will of William Washburn, by John James, Town Clerk.

At Hempstead at the Court holden April 18, 1658.

Richard Gildersleeve, Magistrate. Richard Willets, John Hicks and Robert Forman, Assistants.

Mary, wife of Joseph Scott and the wife of Francis Weeks, fined 20 guilders and cost, each. Offence, attending a Quaker meeting.

1659. Richard Willets was surveyor of highways.

1662. Richard Willets was chosen Townsman by vote.

24 day of March, 1666 or 7, widow Willets lately of Hempstead, now of Oyster bay, sells unto Joseph Williams of Hempstead, the home lot and housing next to the lot of Joseph Langdon on the north side of it, "said home lot and housing I did lately dwell in."
Previous to 1650 R. W. married Mary, dau. of Wm and Jane Washburne. Their children were:

  Thomas born in 3 mo. 1650, m. Dinah Townsend,
    he d. 1710.
  Hope b. 7 mo. 1652, m. Mercy.
  John b. 5 mo. 1655, single.
  Richard b. 12 mo. 1660, m. 1st 1686 Abigail Bowne,
    she d. 1688; m. 2d 15, 3 mo. 1690, Abigail Powell,
    Richard Willets d. 1703.
  Mary b. 2 mo. 1663, m. 1686 John Fry, she d. 1687.
June 10, 1665, widow Mary Willets made returns, six horses.

1667. Mary, widow of Richard1 Willets, bought a portion of her brother in law Robert Williams' Oyster Bay Patent or Purchase, and settled at Jericho, where she and some of her children resided the rest of their lives. She joined the Society of Friends, became a minister, had meetings at her house, suffered distraint of property at the hands of the Authorities on account of her nonpayment of Ministers' and Church Rates.

The youngest son, Richard2 Willets, died at Jericho 14, 3 mo. 1703, his widow lived till 1757, "having seen her granddaughter's grand child, and having her understanding and memory to admiration to the last." Richard2 Willets and wife Abigail (nee Powell) were both active members of the Society of Friends, and great unanimity seems to have subsisted between the two widows, mother in law Mary and daughter in law Abigail in their long continued widowhood.

William and Jane Washburne were among the earliest settlers of the Town of Hempstead. Their children were:

  John m. Mary Butler, dau. of Richard, he d. 30,
    8, 1658; widow m. Thomas Hicks.
Mary b. 1629, m. Richard Willets, she d. 17, 12,
  Martha m. Edmond Titus, she d. 17, 2, 1727.
  Sarah m. Robert Williams, died about 1695.
  Agnes m. Robert Jackson.
  Hope single, and perhaps other sons.
  Phebe m. John Ashman, had dau. Phebe, she d. 1665.

THOMAS2 WILLETTS (Richard) married Dinah, dau. of Richard Townsend and Deliverance Cole, dau. of Robert and Mary (Hawkhurst) Cole, he d. 1710 at Secatague, L. I., children:
  Isaac3 m. 1st, 1716, Clement Hallock,
    both died at Islip in 4th mo. 1736.
  Amos3 m. 1st 1713, Mary Hallock,
   m. 2d 1719, Rebecca Whitson,
   he d. 1748.                     |Daughters of
  Richard3 m. 1st Sarah Hallock, m.    John and
    2d Margaret (Hallock) widow of     Abigail
    John Powell.                       Hallock.
  Thomas3 b. 1683, m. 1st 1706, Catharine
    Hallock, m. 2d Rachel Powell,
    dau. of Thomas.1
  Mary3 m. 1691 Thomas2 Powell, son of Thos1 she
    d. 1739.
  Elisabeth3 m. John Underhill|Sons of John &
  Hannah3 m. Samuel Underhill |  Mary (Prior)
  Dinah3 perhaps m. William Hallock.
In 1673 Thomas Willets bought land at Jericho of Robt Williams; but most of the families lived at Secatague now (Islip).

ISAAC3 WILLETS (Thomas2 Richard1) and Clement, had children:
  Dinah4 m. Abraham Underhill.
  Catharine4 & Zebulun4 both d. 1736 of small pox.
  David4 m. 1742 Deborah Willets, his cousin and
   had Ezra,5 died young; Charity5 m. 1770, Job
   Willets, no children, she d. 1846.

JONAH5 b. 1762, m. 1784, Mary, dau. of Samuel Willets, she d. 1821, he d. 1837. They had children:
  David6 b. 1785, m. 1818, Deborah Whitson, dau, of
   Amos, he d. 1837.
  Abraham6 m. Henriette, dau. of Caleb Frost.
  Samuel6 b. 1789, died 1820.
  Deborah6 b. 1791, unm., she d. 1846.
  Amy6 m. Zebulun Pinkham, no children.

DAVID6 WILLETTS (Jonah5 David4 Isaac3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Deborah Whitson, had:
  Isaac7 m. Mary, dau. of Oliver Cromwell.
  Wm.7 m. a Mitchell.

ABRAHAM6 WILLETS (Jonah,5 David,4 Isaac,3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Henrietta, had children:

AMOS3 WILLETTS (Thos.2 Richard1) and 1st wife Mary Hallock, had:
  Samuel,4 m. 1742, Jane, dau. of Wait3 Powell and
    Mary (Mudge).
  Ruth4 m. 1743, Richard Willets, son of Jacob of
  Mary,4 perhaps of the first children.
Amos3 m. 1719 Rebecca Whitson, dau. of Thos. and Martha, children of 2d marriage:
  Catharine4 m. Jacob Underhill.
  Sarah4 m. John Willis, was his 2d wife, no children.
  Jacob4 b. 19, 2, 1723, m. 1744, Hannah, dau. of John
    Powell and Margaret.
  Amos4 m. 1754 Rebecca, not in meeting.
  Joseph4 b. 1728 (m. 1752 Phebe Williams), m. 7, 5,
    1755 Hannah Titus, dau. of William.
  Jemima4 m. William Jervis.
  Martha4 m. 13, 11, 1755, Thomas, son of Samuel
   Prior and Mary (Powell).
  Hannah4 b. 1734, m. Wait Powell.
  Thomas4 b. 1738, m. 1762, Leah b. 1744, dau. of
   Zebulun Seaman, both d. 1813.

SAMUEL4 WILLETS (Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Jane, had children:
  Jemima5 m. 1773, Amos Powell, son of Joshua.3
  Ann5 m. 1773, Zebulun Powell, son of Isaac.3
         Mary5 m. 1784, Jonah Willets, son of David,
  Twins| she d. 1821.
         Amy5 m. 1782, Daniel Titus, son of Henry
           and Sarah (Birdsall).
  Wait5 m. Mary Post, dau. of John.

WAIT5 WILLETS (Samuel4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Mary, had children:
  Samuel6 m. Hannah Carpenter.
  John6 m. Elisabeth Horton.
  Henry6 m. (???) Tompkins.
  Amy6 m. Eleazar Thrall.

JACOB4 WILLETS (Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Hannah (Powell) had:
  John5 b. 3, 9, 1745, m. children: Jacob6, Rhoda6,
  Job5 b. 10, 7, 1748, m. 1733, Deborah, dau. of
    Joseph Udal.
  Jacob5 b. 20, 11, 1750, m.
  Daniel5 b. 24, 5, 1753, m. Martha, dau. of Zebulun
   Seaman, he d. 1825.
  Henry5 b. 13, 10, 1755, m.
  James5 b. 1, 5, 1758, m. 1784, Johanna Titus, dau.
    of Henry.
  Thomas5 b. 12, 9, 1760, m.
  Samuel5 b. 1, 1, 1763, m. Hannah Seaman, b. 1776,
    dau. of William.
  Phebe5 b. 14, 6, 1765, m. 1st Stephen Titus, son of
    Stephen; m. 2d George Townsend, had dau.
    Mary m. Obadiah Titus, of Dutchess county.
  George5 b. 10, 5, 1769, m. Mary, dau. of Jacob

JOB5 WILLETS (Jacob4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Deborah, had:
  Amy6 m. Wm. Griffin.
  George6 m. Jemima Secor.
  Jacob6 m. Susan Clark.
  Rachel6 m. Job Freeland.
  Ann6 m. Isaac Secor.
  Phebe6 m. Samuel Lewis.

JACOB5 WILLETS (Jacob4 Amos3 Thos2 Richard1) m. and had:
  Jacob6 m. Deborah Rogers.
  Rachel,6 Ann,6 Phebe6 and Amy.6

DANIEL5 WILLETS (Jacob4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Martha, had children:
  Charles6 m. (???) Lawrie.
  Seaman6 m. Ann Pearsall, dau. of Samuel, he d.

SEAMAN6 WILLETS (Daniel5 Jacob4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Ann, had children:
  Thos. S.7 m. Rebecca Leggett.
  Mary7 m. Jordan Wright (once Cox).
  Margaret Ann7 m. Robert Willets, son of Samuel
    and Sarah.

JAMES5 WILLETS (Jacob4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Johanna, had:
  Jacob,6 Henry,6 Stephen,6 Samuel,6 John,6 Sarah,6
    Mary,6 Johanna.6

THOMAS5 WILLETS (Jacob4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) m. and had children:
  Edmond,6 Mary,6 Charity,6 Ann,6 Hannah.6

SAMUEL5 WILLETS (Jacob,4 Amos,3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Hannah (Seaman), had children:
  Isaac6 m. Amy Underhill, dau. of Daniel.
  Mary6 m. Samuel J. Underhill, son of Daniel.
  William6 m. Phebe Prior, no children.
  Jane6 unm.
  Henry6 b. 6, 10, 1812, m. Sophia Underhill, no
  Esther6 unm., Hannah,6 b. 21, 1, 1818.

ISAAC6 WILLETS (Samuel5 Jacob4 Amos.3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Amy, had children:
  William7 m. Mary Valentine.
  John7 m., had one son.
  Daniel7 m. Lydia Moore, and had three daughters.
Mary7 m. Thomas Whitson.
  Phebe7 m. William Frame.
  Hannah7 m.
  Amy7 m.

GEORGE5 WILLETS (Jacob4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Mary (Mudge), had:
  Henry6 died young.
  David6 m. Jane Hutchings.
  Eliza6 m. John Burtis.
  Mary,6 Martha,6 Elizabeth,6 Edwin,6 Deborah,6 Johanna,6
   John Henry.6

AMOS4 WILLETS (Amos.3 Thos.2 Richard1) m. 1754 Rebecca, and had:
  Jemima5 m. Wm. Jarvis.
  Amos5 m. Mary Platt, dau. of Jonas.
  Platt5 m. Amy Buffet.
  John,5 Elisha,5 Lott.5
  Samuel5 m. Mehitable Jennings, dau. of Hezakiah.
  Kesia5 m. Cornelius Stadge.
  Isaac5 m. Catharine Edwards.
  Mary5 m. (???) Mobrey.
  Ruth5 m. Jesse Bryant, no children.

ISAAC5 WILLETS (Amos4 Amos3 Thos.2 Rich'd1) m. 1792 Catharine, dau. of John and Sarah Edwards, of Sayville, and had:
  Mary Mowbray6 m. Josiah R. Smith.
  Charlotte6 m. 1818, William T. Brown.
  Isaac6 m. Phebe Williams, dau. of (???) and Sarah
    (Rock Smith) Williams.
  Samuel6 m. 1st (???), 2d (???), 3d Henrietta (???).
  Platt,6 Eliphalet,6 John Edwards,6 all died.
Edmond6 S.
  Mehitable Catharine,6 m. 1833, Benj. Lewis Penny
   of Cutchogue.

AMOS5 WILLETS (Amos4 Amos3 Thos.2 Rich'd1) and Mary (Platt), had:
Platt,6 Kesia,6 Eliphalet,6 Rebecca,6 Oliver,6 Ruth,6 Mary.6

JOSEPH4 WILLETS (Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Hannah (Titus), had:
  Phebe5 b. 1756, d. 1760.
  Amy5 b. 1758, m, 1774, Amos Whitson.
  Elizabeth5 b. 1761, m. Benjamin Baldwin.
  William5 b. 1763, m. Letitia Valentine, dau. of  Charles.
  Catharine5 b. 1766, m. Edmond Post, she d. 1844.
  Robert5 b. 1768, m. 1790, Mary Robbins, dau. of  Stephen.
  Richard5 b. 1772.
  Joseph5 b. 1775, d. 1777.
  Rachel5 b. 1777, m. Benjamin Hicks.

WILLIAM5 WILLETS (Joseph4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Letitia, had:
  Joseph6 m. Phebe Smith.
  Charles6 died young.
  Valentine6 m. Jane Rushmore.
  Jacob6 m. (???) Underhill.
  George,6 Benjamin,6 Stephen.6
  Mary6 m. Gideon Frost.
Perhaps, as some records say, Wm.5 Willets had 2d wife, Amy Bedell.

ROBERT5 WILLETS (Joseph4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Mary (Robbins), had:
  Amos6 b. 1792, m. 1814, Annie Titus, dau. of Daniel
    and Amy.
  Samuel6 b. 1795, m. Sarah Hicks.
Stephen6 b. 1797, m. 1822, Maria Titus, dau. of
    John and Sarah (Post).
  Edmund6 b. 1800, m. Martha Whitson, dau. of
  Robert R.6 b. 1802, m. Lydia Titus, dau. of John
    and Sarah (Post).
  Phebe6 b. 1805, m. 1823, William Titus, dau. of
    Daniel and Amy.
  William6 b. 1808, m. 1st 1835, Ann Whitson, m. 2d
    Elisabeth P. Titus, dau. of Samuel and Mary
    (Powell) Titus.

AMOS6 WILLETS (Robert5 Joseph4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Annie Titus, had:
  Daniel7 m. Elisabeth Bowne, dau. of Sidney.
  Mary7 m. Aaron Wright.

SAMUEL6 WILLETS (Robt.5 Joseph4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Sarah, had:
  Jacob7 m. Sarah Powell.
  Robert7 m. 1st Margaret Ann Willets, dau. of Seaman,
    m. 2d (???) Nicol.
  Amelia7 m. Edward Merritt.
  Edward7 m. Cornelia Crossman.

STEPHEN6 WILLETS (Robt.5 Joseph4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Maria, had:
  Stephen7 Lydia7 Sarah.7

EDMUND6 WILLETS (Robt.5 Joseph4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Martha, had:
  Joseph7 m. Griffin.
  Anna7 unm.
  Sarah M.7 m. Caleb Shepherd.
  Martha H.7
  Thomas7 m. (???) Keese, dau. of John.
  Daniel,7 Edward.7

ROBERT6 R. (Robt.5 Joseph4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1)   and Lydia, had:
  John7 T. m.
  William H.7 m.
  Maria7 Robert R. jr.7
  Cornelia7 m. John J. Carle, son of John.

WILLIAM6 WILLETS (Robert5 Joseph4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) m. 1st 1835, Ann Whitson, had:
  Thomas1 died an infant.
m. 2d Elizabeth P. Titus, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Powell) and had:
  Mary7 b. 1737, m. Isaac H. Cocks.
  Ann T.7 b. 1839.
  William W.7 b. 1843, m.

THOMAS4 WILLETTS (Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Leah (Seaman), b. 1744, had:
  Charles5 b. 1764, m. 1789, Esther Powell, dau. of  Richard, no children, she d. 1828.
  Mary5 b. 1768.
  Phebe5 b. 1770, m. Richard Eldred, she d 1830.
  Rachel5 b. 1773, m. 1794, Edmond Pearsell, she d.  1830.
  Rebecca5 b. 1776, m. Benjamin Prince.
  Joseph5 b. 1778, m. Abigail Lyon, dau. of Walker.
  Sarah5 b. 1784, m. 1806, Benjamin Albertson, she d. 1871.
  Zebulun5 b. 1786, m. and had: Edmond,6 Lawrence,6
    Mary,6 Henry,6 Elizabeth,6 Charlotte,6 he d. 1827.

JOSEPH5 WILLETS (Thos.4 Amos3 Thos.2 Richard1) m. Abigail Lyon, dau. of Walker and Senor (Van Wycke Lyon), their children were:
Thomas6 m. Catharine, dau. of David and Rachel
    (Acker) Stillwaggon.
  Anna6 m. Henry Valentine.
  Mary6 m. (???) Kirk.

THOMAS6 WILLETS (Joseph5 Thos.4 Amos3 Richard1) and Catharine, had:
  David7 m. (???) Field, family live in Flushing.
  There were other children.
Abraham Acker m. Catharine Van Wart. Their dau. Rachel Acker b. 18, 9, 1785, at Tarrytown, m. 1810, David Stillwaggon of Flushing, she d. 11, 1, 1891, at Flushing, L. I., aged 105 years, 3 mos. 23 days. Rachel's mother saw Benedict Arnold go on board the British ship and sail down the river after betraying his country. The captors of Andres, (???) Williams and Van Wart were both her relatives.
The children of David and Rachel Stillwaggon were:
  Catharine m. Thomas Willets.
  Cornelia, single.
  George m. lives at Flushing, has dau. Minnie.

RICHARD3 WILLETS (Thos.2 Richard1) m. Sarah Hallock, dau. of John and Abigail of Brookhaven, children:
  Thomas4 died single in 1756.
  Richard4 m. 1736 Hannah, dau. of Selah Strong.
  Daniel4 m. 1742 Phebe, dau. of Joseph Carpenter,  she died in 1744, m. 2d Amy, dau. of John  Powell and Margaret.
  Sarah4 m. about 1734, Wm. Kirbie, died before her  father.
  Jane4 she d. 1776.

Deborah4 m. David Willets.
In 1740 Richard3 Willets, widower, married Margaret (nee Hallock), widow of John Powell and sister of his first wife Sarah Hallock.

Clement Willets says of her Aunt Margaret, "She was, I think, a "mother in Israel." I lived with her more than two years, and the meeting was kept at her house and she often appeared very ably therein, I thought she was the wisest woman I ever lived with." Richard and Margaret each secured his or her property to his or her own children previous to their marriage.

RICHARD4 WILLETS (Richard3 Thos.2 Rich'd1) and wife Hannah, had children:
  Ann5 m. Samuel Underhill.
  Deborah5 m. 1774 Andrew Underhill.
  Samuel5 b 1740, d. 1768.

DANIEL4 WILLETS (Richard3 Thos.2 Richard1) m. Phebe Carpenter, dau. of Joseph and had:
  Jacob5 b. 1743, m. 1766, Hannah Powell, dau. of
    Joshua3, m. 2d, Catherine (Seaman) widow Powell.
  Daniel4 m. 2d 1745, Amy Powell, dau. of John1 and
    Margaret, and had:
  Phebe5 b. 1746, 12, 14, m. Adonijah Underhill.
  Charity5 not m.
  Children of JACOB5 and Hannah Willets:
  Daniel6 m. Kitty, dau. of Henry Smith.
  Joshua6 b. 1769, m. Phebe, dau. of Elias Hicks, no   children.
  Richard6 not m.
  Phebe6 m. Elijah Seaman.
  Ann6 m. 1804 Thomas Whitson, son of Henry.
  Rebecca6 d. 1778.

DANIEL6 WILLETS (Jacob5 Daniel4 Richard3 Thos.2 Richard1) and Kitty (Smith) had:
  Hannah7 m. Richard Udall.
  Jacob7 m.

Thomas3 Willets, son of Thomas and Dinah lived at Sectague, L. I., till 1736, when he removed with his second wife and some of his children to Pennsylvania. His home was at a place called Lebanon. He was born in 1683, married 1706, Catharine Hallock, dau. of John and Abigail (Swezey) Hallock, of Brookhaven. They had five children. She died 1718 and in 1719 he married Rachel Powell, daughter of Thomas1 Powell of Bethpage and his second wife Elizabeth (Phillips).

THOMAS3 WILLETTS (Thos.2 Richard1) m. 1704 Catharine Hallock, dau. of John and Abigail (Swezey), had children of both m.
  Clement4 b. 15, 9, 1709, at Islip, d. 1772, after being confined to her bed with rheumatism 39  years. For 20 years she could not see her hand,  she died at Thomas Jackson's of Jericho, was  buried at Westbury. She was remarkably patient  under her sufferings. The Record of her  life, painful as it is, is also very interesting.
  Hannah4 b. 1712, m. 1743, Thomas Seaman, son of  Nathaniel, she d. 1755.
  Jesse4 b. 1714, m. 1751 Elisabeth (???), removed to
    Pennsylvania 1762, had children: Richard5 b.
    25, 4, 1753; Martha5 b. 16, 9, 1755.
  Amy4 m. 1738, William Hughes, she d. 1760.
  Isaiah4 m. in Pennsylvania.
  Elisabeth4 b. 1725, m. 1747, Samuel Hughes, had son Ellis, dau. Rachel Hughes b. 28, 1, 1748,
    m. 1768, John Willets of Bucks county, Penn.

Great grandson of Hope2 Willets and Mercy.
  And perhaps others.
Children of AMY4 (Willets) and William Hughes: Amy5 m. Moses Roberts.

JOB5 b. 1741, m. Eleanor Lee, and had: Amos,6 Samuel,6 Job,6 Joel,6 Sarah,6 Rachel,6 Abigail,6 Amy6 m. 1812, Stephen Bowman from Dutchess county, N. Y. At the time of their marriage, he was a resident of Prince Edward county, Ontario, Canada. Job and Moses were at one time in Lancaster jail. Removed to Canada after the Revolution.

HOPE2 WILLETS (Richard1) m. Mercy Langdon, dau. of Joseph. They had children:
  Joseph3 b. 1677, m. 1702, Deborah Seaman, dau.
    of Solomon.
  Mary3 b. 1679, m. 8, 9, 1702, Richard Ridgeway at
    Jerusalem, he was of West Jersey.
  Elisabeth3 b. 1681, m. 1701, Jervis Ffaro.
  Richard3 b. 1683, m. 15, 7, 1704, Elisabeth Ridgeway
    at Springfield Meeting.
  Esther3 b. 1686.
  Timothy3 b. 1687.
  Hope3 b. 1689.
  Phebe3 b. 1690.
  Three b. |Hannah3
  3, 8, 1696|Patience3
              Abigail3m. 1716, Thomas Cranmer.
Hope2 Willets had grist-mill at Jerusalem, lived and died there. Widow Mercy was selling land there in 1706.

About 1706 Joseph3 and Richard3 Willets removed from farms at Jerusalem and settled on farms at Egg Harbor, N. J. The other members of the family soon followed.

JOSEPH3 WILLETS (Hope2 Richard1) and Deborah, had:
  Solomon4 b. 1703.
  Mary4 b. 1705.
  Hope4 b. 1707.
  Joseph4 b. 1710, m. 1734, Sarah Beck, dau. of  Henry. Out of Meeting, repented and was reinstated.
  Deborah4 b. 1712, m. 1732, at Chesterfield, Samuel  Wilson, son of Samuel.
  Henry4 b. 1714, m. 1746, Sarah Lee b. 1717, dau.  of Anthony. She d. 1754, he d. 1755. Family  removed to Haddonfield in 1730.

HENRY4 WILLETS (Joseph3 Hope2 Richard1) and Sarah (Lee), had children:
Samuel5 b. 19, 11, 1746, m., went to Deer Creek, Fayette county, Pa.
  John5 b. 1748, m. 1772, Rachel Hughes, dau. of
    Samuel of Exeter, he d. 1826.
  Jesse5 b. 1750, m. 1779, Phebe Hutton, dau. of
    John of Maiden Creek, he d. 1817.
  Amos5 b. 1753.
Children of JESSE5 and Phebe b. 1762, were:
  John H.6 b. 1782, d. 1861, Sarah6 b. 1784, d. 1809,
    Mary6 b. 1785, d. 1786, Mary6 b. 1786 m. John
  William6 b. 1789, m. Esther Lightfoot.
  Elisabeth6 b. 1791, d. 1869, Henry6 b. 1793, Esther6
    b. 1795.
  Phebe6 b. 1797, m. Thomas Pearson, she d. 1865.
  Susanna6 b. 1799, d. 1831, Jesse6 b. 1802, Deborah6
    b. 1805, she d. 20, 7, 1841.

RICHARD3 WILLETS (Hope2 Richard1) and Elisabeth Ridgeway, had children:
  Mercy4 b. 1705.
Richard4 b. 1707, m. Sarah Barton.
  Elisabeth4 b. 1709, Amos4 b. 1711, Mary4 b. 1713,
    Deliverance4 b. 1715.
  Micajah4 b. 1718, m. Elizabeth.
  Cornelius4 b. 1720, Sarah4 b. 1724.
Children of RICHARD4 WILLETS and Sarah (Barton):
  Micajah5 m. Hannah Parker.
  Deliverance5 m. Stephen Birdsall.

MICAJAH5 and Hannah Willets had children:
  Micajah6 m. Judith Cranmer, and went west.
  Richard6 m. Rachel Birdsall.
  Mercy6 m. Jesse Andrews.
  Deliverance6 m. Samuel Cranmer.

MICAJAH4 WILLETS (Richard3 Hope2 Rich'd1) and Elisabeth, had:
  Elisabeth5 b. 1742, Mary5 b. 1743, Richard5 b. 1746,
    Sarah5 b. 1748, Deliverance5 b. 1751, Micajah5
    b. 1753, Hannah5 b. 1756, Mercy5 b. 1760.

RICHARD2 WILLETS (Richard1) m. 1st 25, 1, 1686 Abigail, dau. of John and Hannah Bowne, and had:
  Hannah3 b. 24, 11, 1687, m. 1710, Job Carr, son of  Samuel, she d. 1727.
Abigail d. 16, 4, 1688. Richard m. 2d 15, 3, 1690 Abigail b. 1668, dau. of 1st Thomas Powell, and they had:
  Abigail3 b. 27, 12, 1690, m. 1714 John Willis, she  d. 1777.
  Mary3 b. 16, 1, 1692, m. 1710 Henry Scudder, he  d. 1715, she m. 2d 1717 Thos. Williams, she d.  1750.
  Martha3 b. 24, 11, 1694, m. 1715, Obadiah Valentine
Jacob3 b. 6, 4, 1697, m. 1717, Mary Jackson, dau. of James and Rebecca, he d 1722.
  Phebe3 b. 14, 2, 1699, m. 1731 Adam Mott, he d.  1738, she m. 2d Tristram Dodge, he d. 1760,
    she d. 7, 9, 1782.
  Elisabeth3 b. 27, 4, 1701, she d. 1722.


CALEB1 CARR b. 1624, came to Rhode Island 1635, d. 1695 (had brother Robert Carr), m. 1st Mercy Easton b. 1631, d. 1651; m. 2d Sarah Clarke, sister of Gov. Walter Clarke. CALEB and Mercy had:
  Samuel2 Carr b. 1650, m. unknown, had son Job3
    m. Hannah Willets.
  Nicholas2 and Mercy2 died young.

CALEB1 and second wife Sarah Clarke had:
  Mercy2 John2 Edward2 Francis2 James2 Sarah2
    and Elisabeth.2

JOB3 CARR (Samuel2 Caleb1) and Hannah (Willets), dau. of Richard and Abigail Bowne Willets, had:
  Mary4 b. 1712.
  Samuel4 b. 1714, d. 1743.
  Hannah4 b. 1716, m. Jeremiah Robbins of (???).
  CALEB4 b. 1719, m. 1746 Sarah Ridgeway, dau.
    of T. Ridgeway, jr., and had: Mary4 b. 1747,
    Job b. 1750, Joseph, Samuel b. 1754, Catharine
    and James.
1714 or 15 Job Carr and Hannah to George Townsend, 500 acres in Bucks county, Penn., by Neshaming Creek, formerly laid out to John Bowne, dec. in 1688 and conveyed by his son Samuel Bowne in 1696 to Hannah Carr.
"In 1717 Laid out to Job Carr 58 acres on Rights that were Wm. Washburne's dec. West side of road from Lusum to Matinecock near the ridge of hills that lies on the north side of the level Land so called. Several courses given, last course being N. E. by the south side of the ridge of hills to the road aforesaid.

"1718, Job Carr of Jericho to Ebenazer Dodge of Cold Spring Land adjoining John Ireland. "In 1750, Nathaniel Dodge (house Carpenter) & Ann (his mother) son of Ebenezer dec. to Solomon Weeks, place described as farm where I now live near Cold Spring in O. B. bought by my father of Job Ireland and Job Carr."

"Witnessed by Job Carr in 1750."

JACOB3 WILLETS (Richard2 Richard1) m. 1717, Mary Jackson, dau. of James of Flushing, and Rebecca (Hallett), children:
  Richard4 b. 28, 9, 1718, m. July 7, 1743, Ruth b.
    Oct. 16, 1718, dau. of Amos Willets, he d. Dec.  9, 1787.
  Mary4 b. 1721, m. 1737, David Seaman, son of  David.

RICHARD4 WILLETS (Jacob3 Richard2 Richard1) and Ruth, had:
  Jacob5 b. 8, 6, 1744, m. Martha Williams, dau. of  John and Elizabeth. he d. Feb. 20, 1823.
  Mary5 b. 27, 6, 1746, died in youth.
  Richard5 b. 20, 6, 1748, m. Abigail Seaman, dau.  of Samuel and Martha (Valentine).
  James5 b. 21, 2, 1751, died in infancy.
  Amos5 b. 21, 4, 1754, m. Phebe Powell, dau. of  Joshua and Phebe, he d. Dec. 21, 1831.
  Thomas5 b. 7, 4, 1757, d. 1758.
Sarah5 b. 23 Oct. 1759, d. Jan. 27, 1779.
  Richard4 Willets m. 2d 1786, Phebe, widow of
    Joshua Powell, he d. 1787.

JACOB5 WILLETS (Richard4 Jacob3 Richard2 Richard1) and Martha, dau. of John, son of Thos. Williams and Mary (nee Willets) widow Scudder, dau. of Richard2 Willets and Abigail2 (Powell), and Elisabeth, dau. of Obadiah Valentine and Martha (nee Willets), dau. of Richard2 and A. (Powell), had children:
  Mary6 b. 22, 8, 1768.
  Ruth6 b. 24, 6, 1770.
  Elizabeth6 b. 25, 12, 1771, m. (???) Rushmore, no  children, she d. 1836.
  Martha6 b. 19, 7, 1774, m. Obadiah Willets, his 3d  wife .
  Williams6 b. 10, 10, 1780, m. 1835, Phebe Underhill,  dau. of Richard, no children.
  Jacob6 b. 14, 6, 1784, m. Abigail Willets, dau. of   Obadiah and Elisabeth (Robbins).
  Phebe6 b. 10, 9, 1788, m. David Ketchum, son of  David and Jane.

JACOB6 WILLETS and Abigail, had children:
  William7 m. Fannie Hewlett, dau. of Israel, had:
    Elisabeth, Frederick, Annie, Mary, Alice, Martha.
  Elisabeth7, Martha7 m. Townsend Jackson; Ruth,7
    Caroline,7 Phebe,7 Mary.7
  Mary8, dau. of William and Fannie Willets, is a graduate of Swathmore College, Pa. These families spell their name Willits.

RICHARD5 WILLETS (Richard4 Jacob3 Richard2 Richard1) m. Abigail Seaman, b. 1749, dau. of Samuel and Martha, and had:
  James6 b. 3, 10, 1770, d. 8, 11, 1776.
Obadiah6 b. 28, 2, 1772, m. 1st Elisabeth Robbins,
    dau. of Jacob, b. 20, 8, 1788, she d. 1815, he d.  1842.
  Richard6 b. 28, 5, 1774, m. 30, 4, 1800, Mary, b.
    May 10, 1783, d. Dec. 30, 1805, dau. of Gideon  Seaman.
  Martha6 b. 21, 11, 1776, m. Simeon Loines, she d.  18, 4, 1850.

OBADIAH6 WILLETS (Richard5 Richard4 Jacob3 Richard2 Richard1) m. 1807, Elisabeth Robbins b. 20, 8, 1788, d. 11, 4, 1815, dau. of Jacob, and had:
Richard R.7 b. 26, 2, 1808, m. and has children:
  Abigail7 b. 3, 11, 1809, m. Jacob Willets, dau. of  Jacob and Murtha.
  Mary R.7 b. 26, 2, 1812, m. Edmond Kirby.
  Elisabeth7 b. 28, 3, 1814, m. William Robbins of  Willet.
Married 2d Aug. 20, 1820 Widow Phebe Dodge, formerly Downing, and had:
  Hannah7 m. Jordan Underhill.
  Jacob7 m.
  Charles7 b. 17, 5, 1826, m. 1st     m. 2d

RICHARD6 WILLETS (Richard5 Richard4 Jacob3 Richard2 Richard1) and Mary Seaman, had:
  Edward S.7 b. 22, 9, 1803, m. 1st Esther, and 2d
    Amy, dau's of Abraham Whitson.
  Ann7 b. 18, 7, 1806, d. small.
Married Dec. 4, 1812, 2d Mary b. 1783, dau. of Samuel and Abigail (Robbins) Titus, and had:
  James7 b. 6 10, 1813.
  Henry7 b. 22, 11, 1815.
  Martha7 b. 16, 1, 1819.
  Mary7 b. 10, 2, 1822.

AMOS5 WILLETS (Richard4 Jacob3 Richard2 Richard1) m. 1774 (Phebe Powell), dau. of Joshua and Phebe (Post) of Bethpage), b. 17, 9, 1749, and had:
  Hannah6 b. 26, 8, 1775, m. 1797, Thomas Whitson,
    no children.
  Joshua6 b. 21, 10, 1780, m. Sarah, dau. of Henry
    Robbins, and had: Phebe,7 William,7 Amos,7
    Sarah7 and Joshua.7
Sarah6 m. Dr. Morris M. Rogers, and had:
    Charles m. Sarah Hicks, dau. of Benjamin, of Great Neck, and had two children, d. small.
    Amos m. Caroline Hicks, dau. of Benjamin of  Great Neck.
    Martha m. Isaac Sherwood.
Amos5 Willets m. 2d Elisabeth Birdsall, dau. of Thomas (she m. 1st Parmenas Jackson, m. 2d James Downing) Downing, widow of James.
The will of Phebe Willets of Jericho, 1691, says: daughters Hannah and Phebe, granddaughters Phebe Seaman and Ann Whitson, dau's of Jacob Willets and Hannah Powell, Hannah and Sarah, dau's of Amos Willets and Phebe Powell.
Phebe was widow of Richard,4 father of Amos.5

1757. PROVED 25 OCT. 1757

I will and bequeath unto my three daughters, Abigail Willis, Martha Valentine and Phebe Dodge my wearing apparel of all sorts to be equally divided between them.

I will and bequeath unto my daughter Abigail Willis three of my silver spoons,--to Martha Valentine three of my silver spoons. I will to my grand-daughters Elisabeth Hewlett, Phebe Doty and Ann Williams each of them one silver spoon. To my grand-daughter Elisabeth Willis the wife of John Willis of Oyster Bay one silver spoon--to my two grand-sons Adam Mott and Stephen Mott each of them one silver spoon. To my grandson Richard Willets of Jericho my couch and my great table at Jericho in his possession. Unto my grand-daughter Mary Seaman the wife of David Seaman, my great iron pot, one pair of Andirons and my spit all in her possession.

I will to my four grand-daughters, to wit, Elisabeth the wife of Jonathan Seaman, Elisabeth Willis the wife of John Willis, Esther the wife of Samuel Way and Ann Williams dau. of Thomas Williams dec. to each of them one silver spoon. I will to my grand children that is the children of my deceased daughter Mary Williams as much of my Estate, as to be equal in value, with the fourth part of the value of my close, and the value of one of my silver porringers, to be equally divided amongst them all, as fully as if named.

I will unto my daughter Abigail Willis one of my silver porringers. I will to my daughter Martha Valentine one of my silver porringers. I will to my three grand children Elisabeth Willis, Adam Mott and Stephen Mott the other of my silver porringers. To my dau Martha Valentine my Bible and pye pan. I will and bequeath all the remainder of my estate, that is, my silver tankard and all the money I have out at interest, and all debts due to me and all other of my Estate whatsoever to be equally divided, that is, to my daughter Abigail 1 fourth part,--to my daughter Martha 1 fourth part,--to the children of my deceased daughter Mary Williams the equal fourth part to be equally divided amongst them,--and the other fourth part I will, to my three grand children Elisabeth Willis, Adam Mott and Stephen Mott, to be equally divided amongst them.

Appoint my two sonsinlaw Obadiah Valentine and John Willis to be my Executors of this my last Will and Testament.


Witnesses Nathaniel Seaman jnr, Richard Townsend, Richard Townsend jnr.

Nathaniel Seaman a Quaker was duly affirmed, Rich'd Townsend jnr was duly sworn.

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