HENRY1 WHITSON was resident of Hempstead, L. I. in 1647, his wife was a Foster. They removed to Huntington about 1653, where he died in 1669, leaving a widow and minor son, Thomas, who afterwards m. Martha, dau. of Thomas Jones and Catharine (Estes), dau. of Jeffrey, he d. 1657, the first death in Huntington. Thomas Whitson purchased 1-3 of the Bethpage Purchase in 1700, died there in 1742, aged 90 years.

Children of THOMAS2 and Martha Whitson:

  Thomas3 b. 1689, m. 1716, Deborah Feeks, b. 1695,
    he d.
  Martha3 b. 1691.
  Ruth3 b. 1694.
  John3 b. 1697, m. 1722, Esther Seaman.
  Rebecca3 b. 1699, m. 1719, Amos Willets, son of
    Thomas and Dinah.
  David3 b. 1701, m. Clement Powell, dau. of John
    and Margaret.
  Henry3 b. 1705, m. 1739, Hannah Powell, dau. of
    Thomas,2 he d. 1790.
  Hannah3 b. 1707, she d. 1789.
  THOMAS3 WHITSON (Thomas2 Henry1) and
    Deborah (Feaks) had:
  John4 b. 1718, m. 1744, Deborah Powell, b. 1715,
    dau. of Thomas,2 he d. 1804.
  Thomas4 m. went to N. Jersey or Penn'a.
Children of JOHN4 and Deborah (Powell) Whitson:

  Mary5 b. 1745, m. 1767, Jonathan Titus, b. 1743.
  Deborah5 b. 1747, m. James Rushmore, b. 1745,
    she d. 1796.
  Elisabeth5 b. 1749.
  Amos5 b. 1751, m. 1772, Amy Willets, dau. of
  Children of AMOS5 and Amy (Willets) Whitson.
  Thomas6 b. 1773, m. 1797, Hannah Willets, dau.
    of Amos of Jericho (of Herricks).
  Robert6 m. 1809, Annie Whitson, dau. of Isaac.
  Rebecca6 b. 1780, m. 1804, Enos Alley.
  Joseph6 b. 1782, m. 1804,(???)Smith, dau. of Jacob.
  Hannah6 b. 1784, m. 1807, Isaac Frost, son of
  Deborah6 m. 1818, David Willets, son of Jonah.
Children of Deborah6 Whitson and James Rushmore:

  Jacob b. 1767, m. Esther Dingee, he d. 1824.
  John b. 1770, d. 1775.
  Mary b. 1772, d. 1796.
  Deborah b. 1778, d. 1857.
  Annie b. 1781, m. Elkanah Wood and had son Dr.
    James R. Wood, of N. Y.
  MARY RUSHMORE dau. of Jacob and Esther
    (Dingee) Rushmore, m. ALFRED CROSSMAN
    and their children were named Alonzo,
    Jacob, Cornelia m. Edward Willets, Frank m.
    Emily, Alice m. Dr. Marsh of N. Y. Huntington,
    West Neck.
JOHN3 WHITSON (Thomas1 Henry1) m. 1722, Esther Seaman, dau. of Nathaniel,1 children:

  John4 m. 1747, Martha Whitman, in church at
Nathaniel4 m. 1749, Mary Powell, dau. of Wait.
Children of JOHN4 and Martha (Whitman) WHITSON.

  John5 m. Mary, dau. of Daniel Powell.
  Richard5 m. Abigail, dau. of Joseph Powell.
  Isaac5 m. Rachel, dau. of Joseph Powell.
  Silas5 m. 1772, Sarah, dau. of Wait Powell.
  Ruth5 b. 1761, m. 1781, Willets Powell, son of
  Phebe5 m. Richard Powell, son of Richard.
  Rachel5 m. Benjamin Mott, she d. 1835.
  Martha5 m. a Collier.
Children of NATHANIEL4 and Mary (Powell) Whitson:

  Esther5 b. 1755, m. 1778, David Jackson, son of
    Thomas and Mary (Willets), of Jericho.
  James5 b. 1750.
  Sarah5 b. 1757, m. a Jackson.
JOHN5 WHITSON (John4 John3 Thomas2 Henry1) and Mary (Powell) had:

  Eliphalet6 m. Annie Powell.
  Ruth b.--m. John Powell.
ISAAC5 WHITSON (John4 John3 Thomas2 Henry1) and Rachel had:

  Jane6 m. Solomon Oakley.
  Ann6 m. 1809, Amos Whitson.
  Rebecca6 m. a Mitchell.
  Hannah6 m. a Mitchell.
  Rachel6 m. Abraham Weeks, son of Isaac.
  Henry6 m. a Carle and had son Isaac.7
SILAS5 WHITSON and Sarah, dau. of Wait Powell and Mary had:

  Mary6 b. 1773, m. John Seaman, son of Samuel.
ELIPHALET6 Whitson and Annie Powell had:

  James7 m. Damaris Powell.
  Jarvis7 m. Abigail Plummer.
  Daughter7 m. a Lawrence.
DAVID3 WHITSON (Thomas2 Henry1) and Clement Hallock had:

  Ruth4 b. 1732.
  Mary4 b. 1736.
  Amy4 b. 1739, perhaps Ancestress of Edward Magill.
  Solomon4 b. 1741, m. 1766, Phebe Willis, dau. of
Children of 2d m., family removed from Bethpage to Buckingham, Penn'a., about 1761. Edward Magill of Swathmore College is a descendant of David3 Whitson.

David4 b. 1743.

Clement4 b. 1751.

HENRY3 WHITSON (Thomas2 Henry1) m. 1739, Hannah Powell, dau. of Thomas2. They always lived on the old Whitson Homestead, at Bethpage, they had children:

  Mary4 b. 1740, m. a Jackson.
  Hannah4 b. 1742, m. a Cary.
  Henry4 b. 1745, m. 1772, Clementine Underhill,
    dau. of Abraham and Phebe (Hallock).
  Thomas4 b. 1747.
  Kesia4 b. 1753, m. 1777, Isaac Coles, she d. 1789.
  Children of HENRY4 WHITSON and Clemma.
  Mary5 m. Jarvis Jackson, son of David and Esther.
  Abraham5 m. 1803, Mary Jackson, dau. of David
    and Esther.
  Thomas5 m. 1804, Ann Willets, dau. of Jacob.
  Hannah5 m. Charles Willets, son of John and ?
    Anna Jones or? Sarah.
  Phebe5 m. 1825, John Cromwell, she d. 1860.
  Henry5 b. 1786, m. 1811, Sarah Collier
  Kesia5 b. 1788, m. 1813, Silas Albertson.
  Sarah5 m. 1819, Thomas Underhill.
Children of ABRAHAM5 WHITSON and Mary (Jackson):

  Esther6 m. Edward S. Willets.
  Amy6 m. Edward S. Willets.
  Samuel6 m. Phebe Jackson, dau. of George and
Children of THOMAS5 WHITSON and Ann (Willets):

  Hannah6 m. Joseph Townsend.
  Martha6 m. Edmond Willets.
  Daniel6 m.
  Jacob6 b. 1813, died.
  Ann6 b. 1814, m. William Willets, she d. 1833.
  Jacob H.6 b. 1818, m.
  Thomas6 b. 1821, m. Mary Willets, dau. of Isaac and
  Phebe6 b. 1824, m. James Wright, son of John D.
THOMAS3 WHITSON (Thomas2 Henry1) m. 2d in 1747,-- by a Priest, makes acknowledgment, is retained a member of the Monthly Meeting and says that he and his son, Thomas, being about to remove into the Jersies, desire certificates to Bethlehem, M. M., that for the son to express clearness of marriage engagements. Thomas3 sold his homestead in Bethpage, in 1739, to his son John.

Westbury Monthly Meeting issued certificates in 1761, to Buckingham, M. M., for David Whitson, one son and three daughters.

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