Francis Weeks was at Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1636. When John Smith (Miller) was banished with Roger Williams, he asked to be allowed to take a boy named Francis Weeks with him, to Providence. The boy went and was allowed to join the 14 settlers, and signed the agreement, some time later, when he became of age. In 1657, he was on Long Island with his wife Elisabeth (Luther) and some children.

FRANCIS WEEKS b. 1616, m. Elisabeth Luther, he d. 1687, children:

  George m. Mary.
  Joseph m. st 1 Hannah Ruddick, dau. of Henry
    and Mabel, 2d Hannah Crooker, 1698, he d. 1754.
  John m.
  Samuel m. Elisabeth Ruddick, dau. of Henry and
  Thomas m. Isabella Harcourt, dau. of Richard.
  James m. had son Edward.
  Daniel m. Mary Alling, he d. 1697.
  Elisabeth m. Nicholas Simpkins.
  Ann m. Joseph Carpenter.
JOSEPH2 WEEKS (Francis1) and Hannah Ruddick had:

  Henry3 m. Susanna Alling.
  John3 m. Mercy Forman.
  Joseph3 m.
Samuel3 m. Hannah Ruscoe.
  Amy3 m. Daniel Hopkins.
  Sarah3 m. Tristram Dodge.
  Abigail3 m. Amos Weeks.
JOSEPH2 WEEKS m. 2d Hannah Crooker and had:

  Charles3 m. Anna Longhick.
  Micah3 m. 1741, Sarah Weeks.
  Mary3 m. Charles Ludlam.
HENRY3 WEEKS (Joseph2 Francis1) and Susanna Alling had:

  Freelove4 m. 1737, Richard Powell, b. 1704, d. 1774,
    she d. after 1744.
  Robert4 m. 1728, Jerusha Lewis, dau. of Jonathan.
    he d. 1741.
Freelove, wife of Richard Powell died about 1745, and he m. 2d 1748.

Jerusha (Lewis) widow of her bro. Robert Weeks.

SAMUEL3 WEEKS (Joseph2 Francis1) and Hannah (Ruscoe) had:

  Joseph4 b. 1725, m. 1st Phebe Underhill, 2d Sarah
    Peas, he lived at Northcastle, d. 1795.
  Samuel,4 Thomas4 and Benjamin,4 of Queens Co.,
    L. I.
  John,4 of Westchester and Jesse, of L. I.
Children of JOSEPH4 WEEKS and Phebe, of Westchester Co.

  Jesse5 b. 1752, m. 16, 12, 1773, Sarah, dau. of
    Joseph Carpenter.
  Thomas5 b. 1754, Samuel5 b. 1756, Richard5 b. 1758,
    Joseph5 b. 1761.
  Joshua5 b. 1763, m. Hannah.
  Phebe5 b. 1765, m. 1784, John Merritt, son of
Sarah5 b. 1767, m. James Merritt, son of Nathaniel,
    at Amawalk.
  Abel5 b. 1769, Amy5 b. 1772.
  Dorothy5 b. 1776, m. Zopha Jones.
SARAH (CARPENTER) widow of Jesse5 Weeks, m. 1784, Robert Dodge.

In 1794, Joseph Weeks and wife, Sarah, visit her son, Peas, in Nantucket.

THOMAS WEEKS m. Sarah Townsend, b. 1685.

  Thomas Weeks' Will 1761, says sons, George and
    Gilbert, grandson Richard, son of son Thomas.
RICHARD WEEKS b. 1746, m. Martha Rushmore, b. 1750, dau. of Jeremiah and Elisabeth, he d. 1829, children were:

  Hannah b. 1772.
  Phebe b. 1775, m. 1798, Stephen Loines, she d.
  Elisabeth b. 1776, m. Jacob Crooker, she d. 1828.
  Sarah b. 1779, m. Rowland Titus.
  Rachel b. 1781, Freelove b. 1783, d. 1805, R. d.
  Anne b. 1785. m. Phineas Carman, she d. 1802.
  Richard b. 1787, m. Samantha Mead.
  Silas b. 1789, m.(???), his son Isaac has the Bible.
  James b. 1791.
  Samuel b. 1793, m. Sarah Downing, he d. 1827.
  Martha b. 1795, m. at 50, Jacob Willis, she d. 1889.
  Mary,       m. John B. Thorne, he b. 1795, d. 1828,
    she d. 1879.

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