ADRIAEN VAN BERGEN 1599, Dutch Rec. say that he was exporter and part owner of the turf boat that ran down the river to Breda, and by capturing the city, assisted in freeing Holland from the Spanish yoke.

Agatha Van Bergen, dau. of Adriaen m. (???) Van Der Donck, and was the mother of Adriaen Van Der Donck who came to New Netherlands in 1641, with W. Van Twiller, as sheriff of Rensalaer Wycke.

In 1645. Gov. Kieft in order to make presents to the Indians, was obliged to borrow money of A. Van Der Donck, Sheriff of Rensalaer Wycke.

The Prince Stadtholder of Holland, taking a Royal English wife, the dau. of Charles I. set the Dutch boys an example which many were willing to follow. "One of the most noted was Adriaen Van Der Donck; Dr. of both Laws."

"Married, Oct. 23. 1645, in the Reformed Dutch Church, at New Amsterdam: Adriaen Van Der Donck, j. m., Van Breda en Maria Douthy, j. d., of Van Hempstead." She was a dau. of Rev. Francis Doughty.

In 1648. Doughty departed for the English Virginias," he had previously conferred on his daughter Marie on her marriage in 1645, his farm on Flushing bay, now owned by Abraham and John J. Rapelye. Doct. Van Der Donck familliarly called the Y(or young Lord), obtained a patent for the farm in 1648. In 1649, Adriaen Van Der Donck, President of the Board of nine men, was called President of the Commonwealth of New Netherlands. He with two others was accredited to the "Mighty Sovereigns" and sent in 1650 to carry a Remonstrance written by himself on behalf of the People.

In 1652, April 26, while in Holland, "Adriaen Van Der Donck, of Breda, Patroon of the Colonie Nipperham, by him called Colendonck (Yonkers) was empowered to dispose of his Colonie and property by Will. His Will gave the Colonie to his wife. He returned in 1653. His wife, mother, brother, sister, &c., preceded him about a year.

"In 1655. Patent to Cornelius Van Der Donck land on the north side of Manhattan Island. The boundaries of New Netherlands extended to Cape Henlopen, 4 leagues south of Cape Cornelius, Lat. 38 degrees.

Adriaen Van Der Donck died 1655,-- his widow removed to Pawtuxent, Maryland with her father -- later m. 2d Rev. Hugh O'Neile.

Deleware papers say "in 1666, Van Der Donex, widow will enter again into possession of Nipperham. She claims also land in Maspeth, L. I." N. Van Amstel.

In 1664. The English purchased of the Indians all the land between West Chester and the North River, including the land which old Van Der Donck, his children and partners divided into Boweries and plantations, but which were deserted in the time of the massacre in 1655.

A Survey was made of 640 acres being a mile square upon the main patent belonging to (Yonkers) Van Der Donck, at Yonkers.
Three of the name supposed to be sons of Adriaen and Marie were on Long Island about 1672. They were Adriaen, Andrew Adriance and Hendrick Onderdonck, last named Baptized in N. Y. in 1665, Apr. 29,-- m. Mary Foster, lived at Fosters Meadow, L. I., he d. 1732. Had only a daughter, Letitia who m. 1735, Giles Seaman, son of Richard. Their grandson Henry Onderdonck Seaman was in the Assembly several years.

Letitia was baptised in the Dutch Church at Jamaica, Dec. 22, 1722. She afterwards became a member of the Society of Friends at Jericho.

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