Capt. JOHN UNDERHILL born in Warwickshire, England about 1596, came with John Winthrop and his 900 emigrants to Boston in 1630 -- his wife Helena was a member of the "Old South Church" in 1633. She was the mother of John2 baptised 1642. She died at Southold, L. I. 1658. John2 married Elisabeth, dau. of Henry Winthrop, and wife Elisabeth. After his fighting the Indians successfully in N. E., the Dutch Government invited him to come to New Amsterdam in 1649, and help them. He came then; and again in 1653, the Mass. Government allowed him, and Capt. Edward Hull to come and fight the Indians on L. I. He bought (1657) a place in Southold and brought his family in 1658, but losing his wife soon, he sold his home in 1659, to Thomas1 Moore, -- came west, and receiving a grant of land in Oysterbay, settled again, at a place which he named Kenilworth, joined the Society of Friends, raised a family, and died at his home, 21, 7, 1672.

Capt. John Underhill was one of the 8 men to assist the Governor of New Netherlands in 1648-9.

1639. Petronella Underhill, wife of Ulrich Leopold had money, lived west end of L. I.

1642. John Underhill, at Flatlands, bought land of Andries Hudd.
1674. Humphrey Underhill, west end of L. I. refused to pay for the support of the clergy.

1646. Deborah, dau. of Capt. John Underhill was at Flatlands,

1697. Jemima Underhill m. Benjamin Wyncoop.

1695. Sarah Underhill m. Joseph Budd.

1654. John Underhill was at Southold, L. I.

Elisabeth, dau. of Capt. John and Helena Underhill b. 1636.

Capt. JOHN1 UNDERHILL and 2d wife Elisabeth Winthrop had:

  Deborah2 b. 1659-60, m. Henry Townsend.
  Nathaniel2 b. 1663, m. 1685, Mary Ferris, dau. of
    John and Mary.
  Hannah2 b. 1666, m. Thomas Alsop, son of
    Richard, she d. 1751.
  Elisabeth2 b. 1669, m. Isaac Smith.
  David2 b. 1672, m. Hannah.
JOHN2 UNDERHILL (John1) m. 1668, Mary Prior, b. 1651, she d. 1698, was dau. of Matthew and Mary Prior. John2 b. 1631, d. 1693, had:

  John3 b. 1670, m. 1st Elisabeth Willets, dau. of.
    Thomas and Dinah, 2d Susannah Birdsall.
  Daniel3 b. 1672, d    Samuel b. 1674, died early.
  Mary3 b. 1677, m. Wright Frost, son of William.
  Abraham3 b. 1679, m. Sarah Townsend, dau. of
  Deborah3 b. 1682, m.
  Samuel3 b. 1685, m. 1700, Hannah Willets, dau. of
    Thomas and Dinah.
  Sarah3 b. 1687, m. 1708, Thomas Pearsall.
  Jacob3 b. 1689, m. Mary Wright, dau. of John and
    Mary (Townsend).
  Hannah3 b. 1690, m. 1716, Thomas Bowne, son of
JOHN3 UNDERHILL (John2 John1) and Elisabeth Willets had:

  Daniel4 b. 1700, m. Abigail Cruger.
  Amos4 b., m. 1729, Elisabeth b. 1710. dau. of
    Benj'n. and Jane (Mott) Seaman:
  Isaac4 d. 1723.
  Deborah4 m. Joseph Prior.
  Thomas4 m. Sarah Powell, dau. of John of Bethpage.
AMOS4 UNDERHILL and Elisabeth Seaman had:

  Isaac5 b. 1732, m. Mary Cock, b. 1730, dau. of
    John and Sarah.
  Annie5 b. m. Townsend Drick.
  David5 b. 1743, m. 1773, Elisabeth b. 1747, dau. of
    William Mott of Hempstead.
  Solomon5 b. 1749, m. 1780, Lydia Mott, dau. of
    Adam and Sarah, he d. 1827.
  Edmond5 b. 1754, m. Frances Carpenter.
  Amos5 m. Mary Woodhull.
  Benjamin5 m. Letitia Townsend.
  Deborah5 m. Richard Townsend.
  Hannah5 m. Willett Bowne, son of William.
DAVID5 UNDERHILL and Elisabeth (Mott) had:

  William6 b. 1774. Elisabeth b. 1778. Miriam b.
SOLOMON5 UNDERHILL and Lydia (Mott) had:

  Isaac6 b. 1781. Sarah6 b. 1783. Elisabeth6 b. 1786,
    d. 1801. Samuel6 b. 1788, Henry6 b. 1790.
ABRAHAM3 (John2 John1) and Sarah (Townsend) Underhill had:

  Thomas4 a mariner, m. Freelove Alling.
  Sarah4 m. James Dickinson, William m.
BENJAMIN5 UNDERHILL and Letitia (Town?? send) had:

  Elisabeth6 m. John B. Coles, and Townsend6 m.
    Almy, dau. of Dr. James Townsend.
SAMUEL3 UNDERHILL (John2 Capt. John1) m. Hannah Willets and had:

  Anne4 b. 1702.
  Dinah4 b. 1705, m. 1737, John Bowne.
  Samuel4 b. 1708, m. 1737, Ann, dau. of Joseph and
    Mary Carpenter of O. B.
  Abraham4 b. 1715, m. 1754, Dinah, dau. of Isaac
    and Clement Willets.
Children of SAMUEL4 UNDERHILL and Ann Carpenter:

  Joseph5 b. 1738.
  Samuel5 b. 1740, m. 1770, Ann b. 1768, dau. of
    Richard and Hannah Willets, of Islip.
  Robert5 b. 1742.
  Mary5 b. 1745, m. 1765, James Mott. son of Richard
    and Sarah,
  Andrew5 b. 1746, m. 1774, Deborah Willets, son of
    Richard and Hannah.
  James5 b. 1751, d. 1752. Hannah b. 1727, d. 1760.
  Thomas5 b. 1755.
Children of SAMUEL5 (b. 1740) UNDERHILL and Anna (Willets) b. 1748).

  Richard6 b. 1772, m.
  Hannah6 b. 1775. Robert6 b. 1778. Mary b. 1780.
    Joseph6 b. 1783.
  Anna6 b. 1785, m. 1810, William Willis, son of
    Edmond and Abigail.
ANDREW5 UNDERHILL (Samuel4 Samuel3 John2 John1) and Deborah (Willets had:

  Samuel6 b. 1774, m. 1796, Elisabeth W. dau. of
    Phineas and Mary Buckley.
Ann6 b. 1780, m. 1808, Asa Moore, son of Thomas
    and Elisabeth, of Va.
  Elisabeth6 b. 1783, m. 1708, Abraham Bradbury,
    son of Abraham and Phebe Norley.
  James6 b. 1787.
ABRAHAM4 UNDERHILL (Samuel3 John2 Capt. John1), and Dinah (Willets) had:

  Israel5 m. Mary, dau. of John and Phebe (Seaman)
Children of ISRAEL5 and Mary (Wright) Underhill:

  Samuel6 b. 1778, m. 1809, Hannah Titus and had
    Jordan Underhill, m. Hannah Willets.
  Sarah6 b. 1781, m. Andries Seaman, son of Jordan.
  Charles6 b. 1783.
  Phebe6 b. 1787, m. 1st Daniel Underhill, 2d Jacob
  Isaac6 b. 1789, m. 1809, Rachel Seaman, dau. of
    Jordan, he d. 1832.
  Mary6 b. 1791, m. Saul Alley.
  Hannah6 b. 1793, m. Stephen Titus.
  Willet6 b. 1786, m. 1st a Prior, 2d m. Susan Hopkins.
  Elisabeth6 b. 1798.
  Rebecca6 b. 1701, m. a Cox.
ISSAAC6 UNDERHILL and Rachel Seaman had:

  Abraham.7 Wm. S.7 m. Elisabeth Wigham.
WILLET6 UNDERHILL and (???) Prior had:

  Elisabeth7 m. Absalom J. Barrett Susan m.
    George Townsend, son of Jacob P.
2d wife Susan Hopkins had:

  Isaac7 m. a Voorhees, and had several children,
THOMAS4 UNDERHILL (John3 John2 John1) and Sarah (Powell) had:

  Adonijah5 m. Phebe, dau. of Daniel Willets and
    Phebe (Powell.
  Jacob5 m. Catharine Willets.
  Elisabeth5 m. John Powell, son of John and Martha.
  John5 m. a Prior.
  Freelove5 m. Penn Frost.

  Daniel6 m. 1st 1793, Mary Jackson, dau. of John,
    2d Phebe Underhill, dau. of Israel.
  Rachel6 m. Obadiah Jackson.
DANIEL6 UNDERHILL and Mary (Jackson) had:

  Samuel7 J. b. 1797, m. 1824, Mary Willets, dau. of
    Samuel and Hannah.
  Adonijah7 m. Phebe Hicks, dau. of Valentine, no
  Amy7 m. Isaac Willets, son of Samuel and Hannah.
2d wife Phebe Underhill had:

  Jackson7 m.
  Mary7 m. Samuel A. Barrett.
  Elisabeth7 m.
  Children of SAMUEL7 J. UNDERHILL and
  Daniel8 b. 1826, m. 1st Caroline, 2d Catharine Post,
    daus. of James and Phebe.
  Phebe8 b. 1830, m. Elias Hicks Seaman, son of
    Robert and Sarah (Hicks).
JACOB5 UNDERHILL (Thomas4 John3 John2 John1) and Catharine Willets had:

  James6 m. 1788, Mary, dau. of John Titus and
  Mary6 m. Thomas Leggett.
  Richard6 m. 1784, Pamela Townsend, dau. of
    Tho's. and Mary (Loines).
RICHARD6 UNDERHILL and Pamela had:

  Thomas7 m. Sarah Whitson, dau. of Henry.
  Wm.7 m. Elisabeth Kissam. Jacob7 single.
Adonijah7 m. Sarah Underhill, dau. of Israel, and
    had dau. Sophia.
  Mary7 single. Catharine7 single.
  Phebe7 m. William Willets.
  James7 m. Margaret Rogers.
  Samuel7 m. Hannah W. Seaman, dau. of Elijah.
  Sarah T.7 b, 1803, m. Richard S. Powell, son of
  Alfred7 m. 1st Jane Underhill, 2d Hannah Sutton,
    3d Rebecca Burling, 4th Hannah Seaman.
  Rebecca7 m. Henry M. Carpenter.
ALFRED7 and Jane Underhill had:

  Phebe8 m. Ezekiel Miller. Caroline8 m. Joshua
NATHANIEL2 UNDERHILL (Capt. John1) and Mary Ferris had:

  Nathaniel3 b. 1690, m. Mary Honeywell, dau. of
    Israel -- son Israel m. Mary Lispenard.
  Thomas3 m. Phebe Davenport,
  Abraham3 m. Hannah Cromwell.
  Benjamin3 and perhaps others. John, Mary and
Children of THOMAS3 UNDERHILL and Phebe Davenport:

  Isaac4 b. 1732, m. Mary b. 1730.
  Phebe4 b. 1734, m. Joseph Weeks.
  Thomas4 b. 1738, m. Sarah Weeks.
  Benjamin4 m. 1st Amy Weeks. 2d Elisabeth Dean.
  Samuel4 m. Phebe Dodge.
  William4 m. Mary Sutton.
  Nathaniel4 m. Phebe Weeks.
  James4 m. Prudence Rogers.
  Caleb4 m. Hannah Carpenter.
  Charity4 m. 1st Joseph Thorn, 2d John Church, 3d
    Jesse Weeks.
Mary4 m. Joshua Hutchins.
  Sarah4 m. Robert Dodge.
ABRAHAM2 UNDERHILL (Nathaniel John1) and Hannah (Cromwell) had:

  Abraham3 m. 1746, 1st Phebe Hallock, 2d Kesia
  Mary3 m. a Horton.
  Isaac3 m. 1756, Sarah Field.
  Jacob3 m. 1747, Amy Hallock.
  Hannah3 m.
  Martha3 m. Jabez Lockwood.
ABRAHAM3 UNDERHILL and Phebe Hallock had:

  Abraham4 m. Phebe Pugsley.
  John4 m. a Fowler.
  Isaac4 m. Fanny Pugsley and had Tabitha m, John
  Phebe4 m. Foster Hallock.
  Clementine4 m, Henry Whitson,
Children of 2d marriage:

  Hannah4 m. James Birdsall.
  Sarah4 m. Samuel Sutton.
  Daniel4 m. 1786, Sarah Cox, dau. of Reese and
  Martha4 m. Walter Haight.
  Israel4 m. Zervia Haight.
  Amos4 m. Amelia Baxter.
  Amy4 m., Isaac Pierce, son of James and Martha.
  Joseph4 single. Rebecca.4 Ann.4
  Solomon4 m. Phebe Conklin.
ABRAHAM5 UNDERHILL (Abraham4 Abraham3 Nathaniel2 John1) and Phebe Pugsley had:

  James6 m. 1st Lydia Carpenter, 2d
Phebe6 m. James Carpenter.
  Hannah6 m. Josiah I. Underhill.
JAMES6 UNDERHILL and Lydia Carpenter had:

  Abraham7 m. Eliza Ostrander.
  Phebe7 m. Job Carpenter, she d. and Job m. her
  Bailey7 m. Mary Griffin.
  Maria7 m. Job Carpenter.
  Jane7 m. Thomas Carpenter.
  Daniel7 m. Mary Carpenter.
  Elias H.7 b. 1826, m. Elisabeth Underhill, dau. of
  of 2d m. Cyrus m. Sarah Ann Kipp.
DANIEL5 UNDERHILL (Abraham4 Abraham3 Nathaniel2 John1) and Sarah (Cox) had:

  Adonijah6 m. a Sutton.
  Stephen6 m. 1712, Phebe Cornell. dau. of Ben'j.
    and Alice, of Scarsdale.
  Andrew6 m. Sarah Upton.
  David6 m. Sarah Pierce.
  Abraham6 m. Elisabeth Buckley.
  Israel.6 Ephraim.6
  Esther6 b. 1800, m. 1824, Robert Haviland.
  Hannah6 m. 1st John Griffin, had John L. 2d,
    Solomon Haviland.
  Deborah6 m. Stephen Archer.
ISRAEL6 UNDERHILL (Abraham4 Abraham3 Nathaniel2 John1) and Zervia (Haight) had:

  Sarah6 m. Adonijah Underhill and had Sophia,8 m.
    Henry T. Willets.
  Phebe6 m. Thomas Carpenter.
  Charlotte6 m. Charles Carpenter.
SOLOMON5 UNDERHILL (Abraham4 Abraham3 Nathaniel2 John1) and Phebe (Conklin) had:

  Caroline6 m. Aaron Quimby.
  Jane7 m. Alfred Underhill.
  Isaac6 m. Jane Underhill, dau. of Adonijah.
  Townsend6 m. Emily Smith.
  David6 m. Emeline Brady.
  Elias6 m. Jane Carpenter.
  John6 m. Sarah Young.
ISAAC4 UNDERHILL (Abraham3 Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) m. Sarah Field and had:

CALEB5 Underhill m. Elisabeth Quimby and had:

  Josiah I.6 m. Hannah Underhill, dau. of Abraham.5
  Aaron6 m.
  Richard Mott6 m. Hannah Griffin.
  Alexander6 m. 1st Phebe, 2d Caroline Albertson,
    daus. of Silas.3
  William6 m. Phebe Griffin.
  Willett6 m. Phebe Smith.
  Phebe6 m. Stephen Wood.
Children of JOSIAH I.6 UNDERHILL and Hannah:

  Euphemia7 m. 1st John Haskins, 2d a Beardsley.
  Phebe T.7 m. John Yellott.
  Susan7 m. Rev. Joshua Butts.
  Elisabeth7 m. George Jackson, son of Jarvis.
  Mary7 m. Daniel Smith.
  Ann7 m.
  Clarkson7 m.
  Aaron.7 Howard.7 Jane7 m.
JACOB4 UNDERHILL (Abraham3 Nathaniel2 John1) m. 1747, Amy Hallock and had:

  Amy5 m. 1781, Jordan Frost, b. 1754, d. 1835, she
    d. 1799, moved to Rensselaerville, in 1803.
James5 m. 20, 4, 1785, Phebe Cock, dau. of Reese
    and Hannah (Robbins).
JACOB5 m. Ann Conkling, dau. of David, and had:

  David6 m. Hannah Hatfield and had Elisabeth m.
    Elias H. Underhill.
  ? Joseph Underhill m.        his sister Martha,
    m, 1778, Stephen Loines, she d. 1845.

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