In 1638 THOMAS1 TOWNSEND was a farmer at Lynn, Mass., with sons John2 d. 1669, Thomas,2 Henry2 and Richard,2 he d. 1660.

JOHN2 TOWNSEND (Thomas1) m. ? Elisabeth Montgomery, ? perhaps dau. of Robert Cole, they had children:
  John3 m. 1st Susanna Harcourt, dau. of Richard,  m. 2d Phebe, he d. 1709.
  Thomas3 m. 1st (???), m. 2d Mary Almy, widow of   Job.
  James3 m. 1st Elisabeth Wright, m. 2d Jane Ruddock,   m. 3d Delivered Pratt.
  Elisabeth3 m. Gideon Wright.
  Rose3 m. 1st John Wicks, m. 2d Samuel Hayden.
  George3 m. 1684 Mary Hawxhurst, had George4
    b. 1687, m. 1711 Rosanna Coles.

JOHN3 TOWNSEND (John2 Thomas1) and Susanna, had:
  James4 m. Audrey Almy, dau. of Job and Mary (Unthank).
  Thomas,4 Nathaniel,4 Hannah.4
  Elisabeth4 m. 1st Theophilus Phillips, m. 2d Thomas1 Powell.
Solomon,4 in Rhode Island in 1707.
  One more daughter.

JAMES4 TOWNSEND (John3 John2 Thomas1) and Audrey, had:
  Mary5 m. Thomas Jackson, son of James.
  Deborah5 m. Abraham Seaman.
JACOB5 b. 1692, m. Phebe Seaman, dau. of Benj. and Martha, and had:

BENJAMIN6 b. 1723, who m. Betty Frost, and had six children, he d. 1789.
  Frost7 b. 1749, d. James7 d. at sea 1790.
  Elisabeth7 m. Henry Mitchell.
  Phebe7 m. Samuel Talman.
  Benjamin7 m. Martha Powell, dau. of Henry and   Mary.
  George7 m. Elizabeth Bowne.
  Nancy7 m. Abraham Franklin.

BENJAMIN7 TOWNSEND (Benjamin6 Jacob5 James4 John3 John2 Thomas1) m. Martha (Powell), and had:
  Benjamin8 m. Lucy Buckley.
  Nancy8 m. Johannes Jenkins.
  Jacob Powell8 m. Mary A. Barrett.
  Mary8 m. Nathaniel Harcourt.

JACOB P.8 TOWNSEND (Benjamin7 Benjamin6 Jacob5 James4 John3 John2 Thomas1) m. Mary A. Barrett, and had:
  Elisabeth B.9
  William Henry9 m. Theophiler Handly, dau. of  Jacob.
  Thomas Powell9 m. Mary Clark.
  Caroline9 m. Dr Quick.
  Mary Powell9 died a young woman.
  Louisa P.9 m. L. P. Hait.
James Augustus9 m. Elisabeth Marvin.
  Amelia9 m. F. H. Laing.
  Harriet9 m. George Reynolds.
  Mary Ann9 died a young woman.
  George W.9 m. 1st Susan Underhill, m. 2d M. Louisa (Seaman) widow Carle.

GEORGE9 W. TOWNSEND and Susan, had:
  Harriet Reynolds.10
  Anna Louisa10 m. Howe Thornton.
  Mary Rushmore10 m. John Gorham.
The Jacob Powell Townsend family lived at Milton, Ulster county, N. Y.

THOMAS3 TOWNSEND (John2 Thos.1) m. 1st unknown, children:
  Temperance and Sylvanus died small.
John4 b. 1672, m. 1st April, 1692, Rebecca Almy, m. 2d Rose Wright, dau. of Peter, he d. 1709.
  Freelove4 b. 1674, m. Thomas Jones, from Rhode Island, settled at Massapequa, L. I.
  Sarah4 b. 1679, m. Abraham Underhill.
  Phebe4 b.-- she d. 26, 12, 1726.
Married 2d Mary (Unthank) widow of Job Almy and went in 1686 to Rhode Island to reside. On the death of his son John in 1709 he came back to Oyster bay. The last time he was on the Records was 1712. There is reason to suppose that he returned to Rhode Island and died there. In 1693 he bought Massapequa of the Indians and gave it to his daughter Freelove and her husband.

JOHN4 TOWNSEND (Thomas3 John2 Thos.1) called Rhode Island John and 1st wife Rebecca (Almy), had:
  Thomas,5 of Oblong, Philena5 and John.5
Second wife, Rose Wright, had:
  Penn5 m. 1739, Esther Parrish.  Rose (Townsend).
Children of Rose and Zebulun:
  Townsend and Henry.

GEORGE3 TOWNSEND (John2 Thos.1) m. 1684 Mary Hawxhurst, and had:
  Sarah4 m. Thomas Weeks.
  George4 b. 1687, m. 1711, Rosanna Coles, dau.of Nathaniel.
  Richard4 b. 1690, m. Susanna Weeks.
  Samuel4 b. 1692, m. Sarah Cooper, dau. of Robt.,  son of Simon.
Children of GEORGE4 Townsend and Rosanna:
  Rosanna5 b. 1712, m. Hezekiah Cock.
  George5 b. 1713, m. 1743, Rosanna Youngs, he d.  1802.
  William5 b. 1715, m. Elisabeth, dau. of Henry  Cock and Mary Feaks.
Children of SAMUEL4 and Sarah (Cooper):
  Joseph5 m. 1st Hannah Youngs, dau. Judith m.   James Fleet.

JAMES3 TOWNSEND (John2 Thos.1) m. 1st Elisabeth Wright, dau. of Peter, m. 2d, 1677 Jane Ruddock, dau. of Henry, m. 3d Delivered Pratt, he d. 1698. Children:
  Job4 Alice4 Daniel4 Thomas4 Ruddock4 Joseph.4
  Joshua4 m. Meribah Cock (she m. 2d Micajah Townsend).
REUMOURN4 b. 1698, d. 1740, m. 1728, Mary  Allen b. 1701, d. 1769. Children:
  Mary5 b. 1729, m. William Willis b. 1721, son of  John and Abigail.
  Sarah5 b. 1736, m. 1751, John Hewlett b. 1731, d.  1812, had son Divine.

JOSHUA4 TOWNSEND (James3 John2 Thos.1), son of James and Delivered Pratt, m. Miribah Cock, and had:
  Noah5 b. 1765, m. Margaret Wright, and had  Joshua, d. single.
  Widow m. 2d Daniel Thorne, m. 3d John Jackson.
John Townsend of Westchester m. Eliza Platt Horton, he d. 1862. Children:
  Dorinda m. Stephen Hyatt.
  Melissa m. Reuben W. Flowers.
  Caroline m. Thomas Wilson.
  John jr. m. Mary E. Adonis.
  Leander b. 1810, m. Ann Elisa Wood, dau. of  Joseph, and had Mary Elma m. Oct. 4, 1866,   James M. Coleman.
  John Townsend of Queens county, L. I., m. 1768  Susanna Shotwell of Elizabeth, N. J.

HENRY2 TOWNSEND (Thomas1) m. Annie Cole, dau. of Robert and Mary (Hawxhurst), had children:
  Henry3 m. Deborah Underhill, dau. of Capt. John.
  John3 m. 1693, Esther Smith.
  Mary3 m. John Wright, son of Nicholas.

HENRY3 and Deborah (Underhill) Townsend, had:

HENRY4 m. Eliphal Wright, dau. of John and Mary (Townsend), and had:
  Henry5 m. Elisabeth Titus, the beautiful Quakeress,
    dau. of Peter and Martha (Jackson) Titus.
  Abraham,5 Absalom.5

HENRY5 TOWNSEND (Henry4 Henry3 Henry2 Thomas1) m. Elizabeth (Titus), had:
  Nicholas6 m. Philadelphia Doughty.
Elisabeth6 m. John McCoun, and went to Troy.
  Sally6 m. Elisha Tibbetts.
  Henry,6 Peter6 and Absalom.

NICHOLAS6 and Philadelphia Townsend, had:
  Elisabeth7 m. James Hallock.
  Hannah7 m. Jacob Cock.
  Philadelphia7 m. Wm. Cock.

JOHN3 TOWNSEND (Henry2 Thomas1) m. Esther Smith, and had:
  Zerviah4 m. Dr. Matthew Parish, and had: Townsend2
 Parish, who m. Freelove Dodge, and had son Jacob3 Parish, who m. Freelove Powell, dau. of Henry4 and Mary (Keen), and had Henry4 m. Susan M. Delafield, Daniel4 b. 10 Nov. 1796, m. Mary Ann Harris, Martha4 m. Allen M. Sherman.
Daniel4 Parish (Jacob3 Townsend2 Dr.Matthew1) and Mary Ann had: John,5 Sarah, Elisabeth, m. Robert J. Dillon.
Mary Powell5 m. John J. Kingsford, and had nine children.
Henry5 m. Elisabeth Wainright, and had seven children.
Martha4 and Allen M. Sherman, had: Margaret,5 Ann,5 Thomas5
Richard2 Townsend (Thomas1) was a farmer, his 1st wife was Deliverence, dau. of Robert and Mary Cole. They were all residents of Warwick, R. I., in 1655. The children of Richard and Deliverance, were:
  Dinah m. Thomas Willets, son of Richard and  Mary.
  Leah m. John Williams, son of Robert and Sarah.
In 1657, Richard Townsend and his older brothers were all living at Jamaica, L. I., but in 1658 Richard settled at Pawtucket, where he married 2d Elizabeth, dau. of John Wicks, one of the original settlers of Warwick who had changed his place of abode on account of persecution for not joining the authorities against Quakers and others. Richard2 Townsend died at Jericho, L. I., about 1671. He and his family, and the brother and sisters of both his wives having all removed and settled with their families in Queens Co., L. I. The children of Richard2 and his 2d wife Elisabeth Wicks, were:
  John3 m. 1st Phebe, dau. of Robert Williams, m. 2d  Mercy (???), he d. 1721.
  Richard3 m. Ruth Marvin, dau. of John and Hannah   (Smith).
  Hannah,3 Mary,3 Deliverance.3
Richard2 Townsend's widow m. John Smith of Hempstead, whose first wife was a dau. of Richard and Experience (Gildersleeve), Smith died in 1694. Will gives some property to Richard3 Townsend, he to provide for his mother and sister Elisabeth Smith.

RICHARD3 TOWNSEND (Richard2 Thomas1) was living at Hempstead, L. I. in 1693. was married there -- bought a farm at Cedar Swamp in 1717, where he died in 1737. His wife was Ruth Marvin, dau. of John and Hannah (Smith). Children:
  Richard4 b. 1706, died single 1797.
  John4 b. 1708, m. 1732 Phebe, dau. of Thomas  Carman, he d. 1797, she d. 1798.
  Mary4 m. 1738, Samuel Jackson.
  Timothy4 m. 1738, Sarah Hewlett.
  Sylvanus4 m. 1st Susanna Jackson, m. 2d Letitia  Hedges.

JOHN4 TOWNSEND (Richard3 Richard2 Thos.1) m. Phebe Carman, lived at Westbury, had children:
  Ruth5 m. Samuel Titus.
  Samuel5 m. Elisabeth Smith.
Thomas5 b. 1732, m. Mary Loines b. 1734, he d.  1779.
  Mary5 m. Richard Hewlett.
  Richard5 b. 1740, m. 1st 1761 Mary Titus; m. 2d  1770 Rosetta Seaman.
Children of THOMAS5 Townsend and Mary Loines, dau. of William:
  William6 b. 1756, m. Elisabeth Doughty, went to  Cornwall, had children: Mary7 Elisabeth7 and  Townsend.7
  Anna6 b. 1759, m. 1777, Thomas Hanford, went to  Nova Scotia.
  Jervis6 b. 1761, and John b. 1765, both died.
  Pamela6 b. 1763, m. 1784 Richard Underhill.
  Phebe6 b. 1767, m. Stephen Rushmore.
  John6 m. Sarah Townsend.
  Obadiah6 m. Phebe Lawrence, dau. of Joseph.
  Mary6 m. Joseph Wood.
OBADIAH6 and Phebe (Lawrence) Townsend had:
  Mary7 Sally7 Lydia7 Thomas7 Effingham7 and
  JOSEPH7 m. 1st Margaret Sherman, dau. of Isaac  no ch.; m. 2d Hannah Whitson, and had:  Thomas S. and Rebecca.
  Joseph8 Mary8 m. George Titus.
  Phebe8 and Lydia.8

RICHARD5 TOWNSEND (John4 Richard3 Richard2 Thos.1) and 1st wife Mary Titus had:
  Richard6 b. 1762, m. 1781 Mary Hewlett, he d. 1813.
  Mary6 m. Samuel Titus, son of Samuel and Ruth.
Second wife Rosetta Seaman had:
  Thomas S.6 b. 1771, m. Margaret Nostrant.
  John S.6 Jacob S.6 Wm. S.6 and Jackson S.

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