Silas Titus d. 1637; Constatia d. 1667.

Robert Titus of St. Catharines, came to New England in 1635. He was born 1600, wife, Hannah b. 1604, she died in Huntington, L. I., in 1679. They came in the "Hopewell" with children, John aged 7, and Edmond aged 5 years; other children: Samuel, b. 1635, Susanna, Abial, Content b. at Weymouth, Mass., 1643.

Robert Titus signed a Covenant with others and settled at Seakunk in 1644.

In 1653 Robert Titus, his son John and one other son settled at Oyster bay, L. I.

Edmond Titus came to Long Island in 1650, married Martha, dau. of Wm. and Jane Washburn, she b. 1637, d. 1727. They settled at Westbury, L. I. He died 1715.

EDMOND2 TITUS (Robert1) and Martha had children:
  Samuel3 b. 1658, m. 1691, Elisabeth Powell, dau. of
    Thos.1, she d. 1704, he d. 1732.
  Phebe3 b. 1660, m. 1st Samuel Scudder (son of
    John), he d. 1688; m. 2d Robert Field.
  Martha3 b. 1663, m. Benjamin Seaman, son of
    Capt. John.
  Mary3 b. 1665, m. William Willis, she d. 1747.
  Hannah3 b. 1667, m. Benjamin Smith.
  Jane3 b. 1670, m. James Denton.
  John3 b. 1672, m. 1st 1695, Sarah Willis; m, 2d
    1732, Mary, widow of John Smith, he d. 1781.
  Peter3 b. 1674, m. Martha Jackson, dau. of John,
    he d. 23, 10, 1753, she d. 10, 12, 1753.
  Silas3 b. 1676, m. Sarah Haight, dau. of Samuel and Sarah, he d. 1750.
  Patience3 b. 1678, m. 1704, Nicholas Haight, dau. Hannah m. Isaac Thorne.
  Temperance3 b. 1681.

SAMUEL3 TITUS (Edmond2 Robert1) and Elisabeth (Powell), had:
  Phebe4 b. 1693, m. 1716, John Haight.
  Temperance4 b. 1695, she d. 15, 2, 1704.
  Martha4 b. 1696, m. Epenetus Wood.
  Samuel4 b. 1704, m. 1725, Mary Jackson, dau. of  John and Elisabeth (Hallett), he d. 19, 2, 1750.
  Samuel3 Titus m. 2d Elisabeth (Bowne), widow  Prior.

SAMUEL4 TITUS (Samuel3 Edward2 Robert1) and Mary (Jackson), had:
  Stephen5 b. 24, 12, 1737, m. 1750, Sarah Mott, dau.  of Samuel.
  Elisabeth5 b. 16, 8, 1729, m. John Keese, son of  John and Mary of Flushing.
  Mary5 b. 7, 6, 1732, m. Samuel Titus, son of Jacob.
  Samuel5 b. 4, 9, 1734, m. 1761, Ruth Townsend, dau.  of John, son of Richard.
  Richard5 b. 16, 11, 1736, m. 1770, Abigail Weeks,  dau. of Samuel and Deborah (Valentine).
  Phebe5 b. 15, 11, 1739, m. Nicholas Holmes.
  Jemina5 b. 16, 1, 1742, m. 1765 William Thorne,  son of Isaac and Hannah (Haight), she was dau. of Nicholas Haight and Patience Titus.


WILLIAM THORNE came from Sandwich in 1642, was in Flushing in 1645, one of the first settlers with wife Sarah, they had children:
  William2 m. Winifred2 Linnington, dau. of Henry  of Hempstead.
  John2 b. 1643, m. Mary.
  Joseph2 m. Mary Bowne.
  Samuel2 and Susanna.
Children of JOHN2 and Mary, were:
  William3 m. 1708, Meribah Allen.
  John3 m. Catharine.
  Joseph3 1695, m. Martha Joanna Bowne.
  Mary,3 Elisabeth.3
  Hannah3 m. Richard Cornell, b. 1675.
  Sarah3 m. Joshua.
Children of JOSEPH and Mary m. 1680:
  Hannah3 b. 1680, Joseph3 b. 1682, William3 b. 1683.
  Mary3 b. 1686, m. 1709, John Shotwell, son of John.
  Hannah3 b. 1688, John3 b. 1690.
  Thomas3 b. 1693, m. 1725, Penelope Coles.
  Benjamin3 b. 1694, Abraham3 b. 1696, Isaac3 b. 1698,   Jacob3 b. 1700.
  Sarah3 b. 1702, m. 1725 (one record says 1716),   James Jackson.
  Isaac3 m. 1722, Hannah Haight, and had William,4
    m. Jemima Titus, and nine more.

WILLIAM4 THORNE and Jemima, had:
  Samuel5 m. Phebe Dean.
  Phebe5 m. Nehemiah Merritt, and William.5

SAMUEL5 THORNE and Phebe Dean, had:
  Jonathan6 m. Lydia Ann Corse.
  Mary6 m. Peter Keese.
  Anna6 m. Anson Lapham.

STEPHEN5 TITUS (Samuel4 Samuel3 Edmond2 Robert1) and Sarah Mott, and had:
  Stephen6 m. Phebe Willets, dau. of Jacob and  Hannah (Powell).
  Samuel6 m., son Obediah, m. Mary Townsend.
  John6 m. 1st Thorne, m. 2d Haight, m. 3d a Vincent.
  Anne6 and Mariam.6
Stephen's5 will says, Joseph Hicks, my wife's brother, presumably his 2d wife.

STEPHEN6 TITUS (Stephen5 Samuel4 Samuel3 Edmund2 Robert1) and Phebe (Willets), had:
  Hannah7 m. Samuel Underhill, dau. of Israel.
  Samuel7 b. 1788, m. 1810, Mary Powell, dau. of  Joshua and Phebe, he d. 1823.
  Stephen7 m. Hannah Underhill, dau. of Israel, and  had Sarah b. 1817 and Elisabeth b. 1820.
  Stephen6 Titus d. 1762, widow Phebe (Willets) m.  2d George Townsend, and had Mary m. Obadiah  Titus of Dutchess county.

SAMUEL7 TITUS b. 1788 and wife Mary Powell, had:
  Elisabeth P.8 b. 18, 11, 1815, m. 1835, William  Willets, b. 1808, son of Robert.
  Stephen8 b. 1813, m. Sarah Saterthwaite.
  Samuel8 m.

JOHN6 TITUS (Stephen5 Samuel4 Samuel3 Edmund2 Robt.1) and 1st wife (???) Thorne had:
Second wife Sarah Haight had:
  Margaret7 Richard7 Stephen, Nicholas.7
  Elisabeth7 m. Stephen Sweet.
Elias,7 third wife (???) Vincent, had:
  Daniel7 Stephen7 and Samuel.7
Children of Elisabeth and Stephen Sweet, George and others.

SAMUEL5 TITUS (Samuel4 Samuel3 Edmund2 Robt.1) and Ruth Townsend had:
  Samuel6 m. Mary Townsend, no ch.
Stephen6 m. Betty Holmes, and had:
  Phebe7 m. Thomas Tabor.

RICHARD5 TITUS (Samuel4 Samuel3 Edmund2 Robt.1) m. 1760, Abigail Weeks, she d. 1820, dau. of Samuel and (Deborah Valentine, dau. of Richard) Weeks, and had:
  Mary6 b. 1770, m. 1795, Joseph Lundy, son of  Thos. of Hardwick.
  Phebe6 b. 1772, m. Wicks Seely.
  George6 b. 1774, m. Jemima Downing.
  Deborah6 m. Azariah Howland.
  Abigail,6 Amelia and Richard d.
  Jemima6 b. 1780, m. Wm. Paul Osborne.
  Miriam6 b. 1782.
Children of Mary and Joseph Lundy:
  Mary m. a Barnard, lived in Philadelphia, had ch.

JOHN3 TITUS (Edmund2 Robt.1) m. 1695, Sarah Willis, dau. of Henry and Mary (Peace) had children:
  Mary4 b. 1696, m. 1717, Henry Pearsall, son of
    Thomas and Mary (Seaman).
  John4 b. 1698, m. 1721, Sarah Pearsall, dau. of
    George, he d. 1757, she d. 28, 1, 1753.
  Philadelphia4 b. 1700, m. Thomas Seaman, son of
    Richard and Jane.
  Jacob4 b. 1703, m. Margaret Gormon.
  William4 b. 1705, m. 18, 9, 1730, Elisabeth Seaman,
    dau. of Thomas of Jerusalem, he d. 18, 4, 1750.
  Sarah4 b. 1708, m. 1st Edmund Titus, m. 2d Isaac  Doty.
  Phebe4 b. 1710, m. John Ridgeway.

JOHN4 TITUS (John3 Edmond2 Robert1) and Sarah Pearsall, had:
  Henry5 b. 1722, m. Sarah Birdsall, his will 1749.
  Mary5 b. 1724, m. 1751, John Mott, son of James  of Rockaway.
  James5 b. 1730, m. Annie Cox, dau. of Samuel and  Martha.
  Elisabeth5 b. 1733, m. 1757, Samuel Cock.
  Sarah5 b. 1737.
  Jonathan5 b. 1743, m. 1767, Mary Whitson.

HENRY5 TITUS and Sarah Birdsall, had children:
  Sarah6 b. 1753, 2, 2, m. Charles Clement.
  William6 b. 1754, 10 mo., m. Mary Birdsall.
  John6 b. 1757, m. Elisabeth Mugglesford.
  Samuel6 b. 1760, m. 1st Mary Field, m. 2d Mary  Pearsall.
  Daniel, b. 1762, m. 1783, Amy Willets, dau. of  Samuel and Jane (Powell).
  Johanna6 b. 1765.

DANIEL6 TITUS and Amy (Willets), had:
  Henry7 b. 1784, m. Phebe b. 1786, dau. of Joshua  and Hannah (Titus).
  Annie7 b. 1785, m. Amos Willets, son of Robert  and Mary (Robbins).
  Mary7 b. 1786, d. 1821, Sarah b. 1788, d. 1819,
    Phebe d. 1818.
  William7 b. 1799, m. Phebe Willets, dau. of Robert and Mary.

HENRY7 TITUS and Phebe, had:
  James8 m. Caroline Valentine, dau. of Elwood.
  Anne8 m. James Willets, son of Richard and Mary.

JAMES5 TITUS (John2 John3 Edmond2 Robert1) m. Annie Cox, dau. of Samuel and Martha, and had:
  Martha6 m. Thomas Powell, son of Isaac3 and Martha.
John6 m. Phebe Titus, dau. of Thomas and Martha (Powell) Titus.
  Joshua6 m. 1785, Hannah Titus, dau. of John and Sarah (Robbins).
  Willet,6 Sarah.6

JOHN6 TITUS (James5 John4 John3 Edmond2 Robert1), and Phebe, dau. of Thos. and Martha Titus, had family and went to Cornwall on the Hudson.

JOSHUA6 (James5 John4 John3 Edmond2 Robert1), and Hannah, had:
  Phebe7 b. 1786, m. Henry Titus, son of Daniel6 &
  Mary7 b. 1788, Sarah7 b. 1704, and Joshua7 b. 1797.

JACOB4 TITUS (John3 Edmond2 Robert1) and Margaret Gormon, had:
  Timothy5 m. Charity, dau. of Simon Losea, he d.  1804.
  Phila5 m. Adam Carman.
  Phebe5 m. Silas Rushmore.
  Jacob5 m. Martha Keen, dau. of Francis and Martha,  he d. 1808.
  Margaret5 m. Charles Titus.
  Sarah5 m. Joseph Doty.
  Elisabeth5 m. Sampson Crooker.
  Samuel5 m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Titus.

TIMOTHY5 TITUS (Jacob4 John3 Edmund2 Robt.1) and Charity had:
  Timothy6 m. Margaret Titus, dau. of Jacob and Martha (Keen).
  Henry6 m. Jane Smith.
  Isaac6 Edmund6 Jacob6 Willis.6
  Margaret6 m. a Robbins.
  Sarah6 m. a Dickinson.
  Jemima6 m. a Van Cott.

JACOB5 TITUS (Jacob4 John3 Edmund2 Robt.1) and Martha Keen had:
  Margaret6 m. Timothy Titus.
  Rowland6 m. Sarah b. 1779, d. 1844, dau. of Richard  Weeks.
  Mary b. 1781, m. George Van Cott, she d. 1852,
    he d. 1868.
  One m. David Nostrant.
Children of ROWLAND6 Titus and Sarah Weeks:
  Phebe7 m. George Valentine.
  Silas7 m. Mary Titus.
  Robert7 m. Eliza Chapman.
  Richard7 W. m. Mary P. Plummer.
  Elisabeth7 m. Sidney Alley.
  Rachel7 m. Edward Robbins.
  Lydia7 m. Samuel Mosier.

WILLIAM4 TITUS (John3 Edmund2 Robert1) m. 1730, Elisabeth Seaman, dau. of Thomas of Jerusalem, and had:
  Elisabeth5 b. 1731.
  Hannah5 b. 1733, m. Joseph Willets, son of Amos.
  Phebe5 b. 1735, m. Stephen Loines.
  Thomas5 b. 1738, m. 1756, Martha4 Powell, dau. of  Isaac.3
  John5 b. 1743, m. 1765, Sarah Robbins, dau. of  Jeremiah.

THOMAS5 TITUS and Martha (Powell) had:
  Kesia6 b. 23, 2, 1757, m. Samuel Seaman, son of  Samuel.
  William6 b. 4, 3, 1759, m. Mary b. 1761, dau. of   Henry Cock and Elisabeth (Robbins).
  Phebe6 b. 29, 7, 1761, m. John Titus of Cornwall-on-the-Hudson,  son of James.
  Isaac6 b. 26, 4, 1764, m. 1st a Coles, m. 2d Mary Betts.
Martha6 b. 28, 7, 1778, m. Jabez Green.

WILLIAM6 TITUS and Mary (Cock) had:
  Martha7 b. 1789, m. David Irish of Oblong.

ISAAC6 TITUS, m. 1st (???) Coles, had Daniel7 who m. and d. young.
Married 2d Mary Betts, had son Samuel7 B., after the death of the father his mother changed his name to Isaac7 B., he m. and had a family. All these went from L. I. to Cornwall.

JOHN5 TITUS (William4 John3 Edmund2 Robert1), m. Sarah Robbins, and had:
  Hannah6 b. 1766, m. Joshua Titus, son of James  and Annie (Cox) Titus.
  Elisabeth6 b. 1768.
  Mary6 b. 1769, m. 1788, James Underhill, son of  Jacob, no children.
  Richard6 b. 1771.
  Jane6 b. 1773, m. 1793, Samuel Post, m. 2d Lewis Valentine.
  David6 b. 1775.
  Phebe6 1777.
  John6 b. 1779, m. Sarah Post, dau. of Henry.
  Sarah6 b. 1782, m. Alvan Hyatt.
Children of JOHN6 and Sarah:
  Henry7 m. a Conklin.
  Maria7 m. Stephen Willets.
  Lydia7 m. Robert R. Willets.
  Wm. P.7 m.

JOHN3 TITUS (Edmund2 Robert1) m. 2d, 1732, Mary (widow of John Smith, son of Richard) and had son:

RICHARD4 who m. 1st (???), m. 2d Elisabeth Palmer, and had:
  Margery5 b. 1762, Samuel5 b. 1765.
  Elisabeth5 b. 1767, m. 1786, Jordan Wright.

PETER3 TITUS (Edmond2 Robert1) m. Martha Jackson, he b. 1674, d. 1753, their children were:
  Sarah4 m. a Barnes.
  Hannah4 m. (? Thomas) Seaman.
  Daniel4 d. 1756, gave property to brothers, sisters,
    E. Townsend, and Mary wife of James Titus for  her daughters Parafine and Sarah.
  Richard4 m. 1736, Mary Peters, dau. of Dr. Charles,
    he d. 1784.
  Peter4 m. Mary Scudder.
  Elisabeth4 m. Henry Townsend.
  James4 m. Mary, he d., left son James5 who m. Jane  Seaman.
  John4 m. Amy Barker, dau. of Samuel.
  Mary4 m. Jecamiah Scott.

RICHARD4 TITUS (Peter3 Edmond2 Robert1) and Mary Peters, had:
  Charles5 m. Margaret Titus.
  Peter5 m. 1765, Elisabeth Mudge.
  Mary5 m. Richard Townsend.
  Zipporah5 unm.

PETER5 TITUS (Richard4 Peter3 Edmond2 Robert1) and Elisabeth (Mudge), had:
  Mary6 b. 1765, m. 1784, Leonard Seaman, she d.  1788, and had: Zebulun Seaman m. Amelia  Clussman, and Mary Elizabeth b. 1786, m. Silas Carle.
  Sarah6 b. 1767, d. 1829, m. Oliver Hewlett and had
    Mary, Elisabeth, Oliver, Peter, Joseph, Charles,
    Robert, Susan, Mary and Charlotte.
  Phebe6 b. 1770, m. Jacob Carle and had Ann,
    Mary, John, Elisabeth and Edward.
  Michael6 b. 1772, m. Alice Hicks.
  Margaret6 b. 1774, m. 1795, Whitehead Hicks, d.  1836.
George6 b. 1776, m. 1806 Mary Carle, b. 1781, dau.
    of John and Phebe.
  Robert6 b. 1779, Susan b. 17--, Zipporah, b. 1786.

MICHAEL6 TITUS (Peter5 Richard4 Peter3 Edmond2 Robert1) and Alice (Hicks) had:
  Phebe,7 Peter,7 Robert,7 Wm. H.,7 George7 and Allen.7

GEORGE6 TITUS (Peter5 Richard4 Peter3 Edmond2 Robert1) and Mary (Carle) had:
  Robert7 and Silas.7
  Margaret6 and Whitehead Hicks had Gilbert, Robert,7
    Mary, Elisabeth, Jane, Margaret, Susan,
    Ann, Catharine and Henrietta.

PETER4 TITUS (Peter3 Edmond2 Robert1) m. Mary Scudder and had:
  Samuel5 b. 1748, m. 1773, Abigail Robbins, dau. of  Jeremiah and Hannah (Carr) he d. 1809.
  Jacob5 not m., Robert5 not m.
  Henry5 m. Martha Seaman.
  Phebe5 m. John Van De Water.

SAMUEL5 TITUS (Peter4 Peter3 Edmond2 Robert1) and Abigail (Robbins) had:
  John6 b. 1774, d., Stephen6 b. 1776, d., George b.
    1778, d. 1780.
  Rosetta6 b. 1779, m. Daniel Post.
  Hannah6 b. 1781, m. Jacob Mudge.
  Mary6 b. 1783, m. Dec. 4, 1812, Richard Willets.
  Elisabeth6 b. 1785, m. Nicholas Hallock, she d. 1838.
  Samuel B.6 b. 1787, m. Phebe Frost, dau. of Charles  and Mary (Rushmore).
  David6 b. 1788, m. Jane Collins.
  Martha6 b. 1790, m. Jacob Valentine, son of Lewis.
  Peter6 b. 1792, m. Sarah Reynolds.
  Ann6 b. 1794, m. Stephen Valentine, son of Lewis.

To our dear friends and brethren at Flushing:

This is to Certify that Silas Titus hath given us good Satisfaction concerning his buying his brother's goods when took from him on Truth's account having condemned the act, desiring our forgiveness for the same.

Signed at the Monthly Meeting of Westbury held 29, 9, 1704, by

Edmond Titus, Benjamin Seaman, Richard Seaman, Thomas Powell, John Titus, Nathaniel Seaman, Thomas Pearsall, Thomas Powell, jun., William Willis, John Hallock.

SILAS3 TITUS (Edmond2 Robert1) b. 1676, m. Sarah Haight, dau. of Samuel and Sarah of Flushing, and had:
  Edmond4 b. 1705, m. Sarah Titus, dau. of John  and Sarah (Willis), he d. 1756.
  Temperance4 b. 1707, m. 1730, Thomas Hicks,  son of Jacob.
  Silas4 b. 1709, m. Sarah Townsend, dau. of Thomas,  and went to Pennsylvania.
  Sarah4 b. 1712, m. Wm. Walmsley, went to N. J.
  Hannah4 b. 1714, d.
  Phebe4 b. 1717, m. 1736, Benjamin Hicks, son of  Jacob.
  David4 b. 1719, m. 1741, Hannah, dau. of Jacob  Hicks, he d. before 1747.
  William4 b. 1722, m. 1747, Sarah, dau. of Samuel   Bowne and lived on the old place at Westbury.
  Mary4 b. 1725, m. 1754, Thomas Walton, son of  Jeremiah and Elisabeth of Pennsylvania.

EDMOND4 TITUS (Silas3 Edmund2 Robt.1) and Sarah had:
  Phebe5 b. 22, 4, 1733, m. 1753, Joseph Prior, son of  Samuel and Mary (Powell).
Sarah5 b. 27, 8, 1735.
  Martha5 b. 24, 1, 1737, she d. 1769.
  Mary5 b. 17, 7, 1740, m. 1761, Henry Post, son of   Richard and Mary.
  Hannah5 b. 12, 7, 1745, m. 1764, Willets Kirby,  son of William and Sarah (Willets).

WILLIAM4 TITUS (Silas3 Edmund2 Robert1) and Sarah (Bowne) had:
  Abigail5 b. 1755, Elisabeth b. 1758, Sarah b. 1760,  Silas b. 1765 and Mary b. 1769.

SAMUEL2 TITUS (Robert1), of Huntington, says, in 1683, My father and two of my brothers were freely admitted as inhabitants and Townsmen of Oysterbay about 30 years ago.
Children of SAMUEL2 Titus, of Huntington:
  Hannah3 b. 1669, Rebecca b. 1675, Patience b. 1679, Experience b. 1680.
Children of Abial,2 son of Robert1:
  Mary3 b. 1673, Rebecca3 b. 1676, Abial3 b. 1678,
Henry3 b. 1681, John3 b. 1684.

CONTENT2 TITUS, son of Robt.1 b. 1643 at Weymouth, Mass., m. Elisabeth, dau. of Rev. John Moore and Margaret (Howell). Children:
  Robert3 lived in Deleware.
  Silas3 m. 1715, Sarah, dau. of Ephraim Hunt, lived  at Newton, L. I.
  Timothy3 lived at Hopewell, N. J.
  Hannah3 unm.
  Phebe3 m. Jonathan Hunt.
  Abigail m. George Furness.
Children of Silas3 and Sarah (Hunt) Titus:
  Ephraim4 b. at Hopewell, N. J.
  Edward4 John4 Sarah4 and Susanna.4

Will 1725. Henry Titus of Huntington says, bro Johns son Henry, bro Abials sons Abial and Timothy. Wife Rachel, Executor bro John Pugsley of Westchester.

Will 1754. John Titus of Huntington wife Martha; children Platt Jonathan, Zebulun, Israel, Joseph, John, Abial, Elisabeth Titus, and Mary Hugens, Grandsons, John and Jonas.

Will 1754. Henry Titus of Huntington says, wife Sarah, and son Henry. He mentions three brothers, Jonathan, Platt and Zebulun, Loving uncle Amos Platt and brother Isaac Smith Executors.

Will 1750. Philip Titus, wife Charity eldest son Philip and son Samuel, daughters, Rebecca, Mary and Martha quite young, bro Abial of Huntington. Ex.

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