SIMEON1 SEARING shared in the first division of land, in Hempstead, in 1647. In 1674, Simeon Searing and others petitioned to have a minister, he sold land in Oysterbay to Christopher Hawxhurst, in 1655.

John2 son of Simeon Searing paid taxes in 1685, his Will dated 1713, names wife and children, John,3 James,3 Simeon,3 Jonathan.3

JAMES3 SEARING (John2 James1) m. Temperance (Williams) dau. of John and widow of David Seaman, and had children, (he d. 1746).



Sarah4 m. Jacob Fowler

Mary4 m. Daniel Williams.

JOHN SEARING b. 1734, m. Martha Smith, she b. 1737, and had:

  Samuel b. Aug. 5, 1756, m. Phebe Seaman, dau. of
    Zebulun and Phebe.
  Sarah b. Apr. 4. 1758. Daniel b. June 28, 1759.
    James, b. July 31, 1761.
  Ruth b. March 28, 1763. Susannah b. Feb. 7,
    1765. Mary b. June 26, 1767.
  John b. Sept. 8, 1769. Jemima b. Oct. 28, 1771.
    Martha b. Sept. 14, 1774.
  Jane b. July 30, 1776. Rebecca b. July 30, 1779.
JAMES SEARING b. 1761, m. 1786, Mary
    Fowler, b. 1767, and had:
  Cynthia b. 1788, James Smith b. 1791. John
    Parker b. 1794. Daniel b. 1797.
  Harriet b. 1799. Silas b. 1802. Samuel S. b.
    1804. George F. b. 1806.
  Agnes A. b. 1808. Silas C. b. 1813.
JOHN SEARING m. Mary Prior, b. 1738, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Powell), children:

  Mary b. 1764. John b. 1766. Amy b. 1768.
  Phebe b. 1773, m. 1795, Thomas Willis, dau. of
    Fry and Anna.
SAMUEL SEARING, son of John and Martha (Smith) had:

  John b. 1796, m. Annie Loines.
  Rebecca m. Townsend Hawxhurst.
  Leonard m. Rebecca Albertson.
  Richard m. Mary. Esther and Zebulun did not
DANIEL SEARING d. about 1763, sons John, Coe, Moses, James and Daniel, daus. Jemima and Sarah.

Will of John Searing, the elder in 1795, says wife Mary, and gives to Amos Searing, son of Michael. To children of John Marvin, Deceased, to wit, John Marvin, Susanna Smith and Sarah Willis. To two daus. of Jecamiah Marvin, to Jane Smith, widow of Timothy and her five children, viz: Deborah, Mary, Rebecca, Jane and John. To children of Sylvanus Smith, Deceased, Joseph, John, Timothy and Sylvanus, and to Elisabeth Hicks's children.

Abigail Embree's Will 1792, gives to sister Mary Searing, Dr. James Searing and his wife Sarah, and also to his six children. To Wm. Nichols, son

Samuel. To sister Hannah Hewlett's children and to Abigail Nostrant.

Will of Samuel Searing, wife Lavinia (Toffy) money to support my mother; granddaughter Phebe to be decently brought up. Remainder of estate to Elisabeth Hicks's children.

JOHN STRICKLAND'S FAMILY was from County Westmoreland, England.

He was an original settler of Charlestown in 1629-30. Made Freeman of Massachusetts in 1631. Became a member of the church at Watertown, afterwards was at Weathersfield and Fairfield, Conn. His son Thwaite settled at Weathersfield.

Son Samuel came to L. I. Of his daughters one, Elisabeth m. Capt. John Seaman.

Joanna m. Jonas Wood from Halifax.

In 1644. The Charter of Hempstead was granted unto John Strickland, Robert Fordham, John Ogden, John Carman, John Lawrence and James Wood.

In 1647. John Strickland shared in the first division of land. In 1650, Mr. Strickland of Hempstead, by his deputy, Jonas Wood, his son-in-law, drew a three hundred pound lot in Southampton.

In 1653. Mr. Strickland, Mr. Washburne and Mr. Gildersleeve were appointed by the authorities at Fort Amsterdam to administer the law and justice in the village of Hempstead to the best of their knowledge and information in accordance with their privileges and the laws of New Netherland.

1663. Strickland was of Jamaica, he d. 1672, a widower. He was in Dedham, Mass., in 1631. The children of his son THWAITE and wife Elisabeth, born in Dedham were Elisabeth b. 1647, John b. 1648, Joseph b. 1654, Jonathan b. 1657.

Edmond Strickland was on L. I. in 1656.
Jonathan Strickland had land in Hempstead Swamp, L. I., in 1669, had wife on L. I. in 1691.

Will of Nicholas Stilwell, of Staten Island, 1671, his wife's name was Ann. They had children:

  Elias, wife Rebecca, youngest son Jeremiah, others.
  Nicholas, wife Mary, daus. Mary m. Adam2 Mott,
    and others.
  Nicholas2 Will 1750, wife Mary, sons Nicholas and
    Thomas, daus. Catharine, Mary, Susanna, Ann,
    Francis and Sarah.
Died 1765. Samuel Stillwell, a merchant of New York.

William Stillwell m. Mary Powell, he b. 1757, d. 1797.

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