Capt. JOHN1 SEAMAN m. 1st Elisabeth, dau. of John Strickland, and had:
  John2 m. Hannah Williams.
  Jonathan2 m. Jane.
  Benjamin2 m. Martha Titus, dau. of Edmund and  Martha (Washburne).
  Solomon2 m. Elizabeth Linnington, dau. of Henry,  he d. 1733.
  Elisabeth2 m. John Jackson, son of Robert and Agnes (Washburne).
Capt. JOHN m. 2d Martha Moore, dau. of Thomas and Martha (Youngs), and had:
  Thomas2 m. Mary?
  Samuel2 m. Phebe Hicks, dau. of Thomas.
  Nathaniel2 m. 1695, Rachel Willis, dau. of Henry and Mary (Peace).
  Richard2 b. 1673, m. 1693, Jane Mott, dau. of  Adam2 and Mary (Stillwell), he d. 1749.
  Sarah2 m. John Mott, son of Adam1 and Jane Hewlett.
  Martha2 m. Nathaniel Pearsall, son of Henry.
  Hannah2 m. a Carman.
  Deborah2 m. a Kirk.
  (???)2 m, a Carman, d. before 1694.
  Mary2 m. Thomas Pearsall, of Henry.
  One2 did not marry.

JOHN2 SEAMAN (Capt. John1) and wife, had:
  John3 died.
  Joseph3 m. and had Joseph and others.
  Hannah3 m. William Mott.

JONATHAN2 SEAMAN (Capt. John1), m. Jane and had:
  David3 m. Temperance, dau. of John and Leah (Townsend) Williams, he d.
  Jonathan3 m. Elisabeth Denton, and went to Kakiat.
  John3 m. Hannah, dau. of John and Leah (Townsend) Williams.
  Joseph3 went to Kakiat.
  Caleb3 m.

DAVID3 SEAMAN (Jonathan2 Capt. John1) was a judge of the Court of Common Pleas in 1732, m. Temperance Williams, and had:
  David4 b. 1709, m. 1737, Mary Willets, b. 1721,  dau. of Jacob and Mary (Jackson), they had 15 children.
  Zebulun4 b. 1718, m. Phebe Valentine, dau. of Obadiah and Martha (Willets). He was in the Assembly at Albany from 1769 to 1775. The Assembly offered a premium for the best linen that the Assemblymen could produce. They to raise the flax, the wives to spin and (perhaps weave) the cloth. Zebulon raised the flax, Phebe spun the thread, and they took the premium. A piece of the homespun linen is in the hands of  the compiler of this.

ZEBULUN4 and Phebe, had:
  Leah5 b. 1744, m. Thomas Willets.
  Mary5 b. 1745, m. Jordan Seaman, son of Giles  and Letitia (Onderdonck), she d. 1790.
  Zebulun5 b. 1747, m. Jane Jackson, he d. 1806.
John W.5 b. 1749, m. Rebecca Demilt, he d. 1826.
  Martha5 b. 1755, m. Daniel Willets she, d. 1816.
  Leonard5 b. 1762, m. 1784, 1st Mary Titus, 2d
    Leah Simonson he d. 1821.
  Phebe5 Esther5 Rachel5 and George all died small.
  2Phebe5 m. Samuel Searing.

ZEBULUN5 SEAMAN (Zebulun4 David3 Jonathan2 Capt. John1) and Jane (Jackson) had:
  Richard6 m. 1st Margaret Simonson, 2d Mary Allen.
  Jacob6 m. a Conklyn.
  The children of RICHARD6 and Margaret were
  Jane7 m. Timothy Boerum.
  Zebulun7 m. Jane Cornwell.
  Leonard7 m. Mary Ann Allen.

JOHN W.5 SEAMAN (Zebulun4 David3 Jonathan2 Capt. John1) m. Rebecca Demilt and had.
  George6 m. Sarah Wright.
  Phebe6 m. Robert Mitchell.
  Mary6 m. Simeon Searing she d. 1815.
  Rebecca6 m. Simeon Searing she d. 1871.
  Martha6 m. Luther Anthony.
The children of GEORGE6 and Sarah (Wright) were:
  Jane7 m. John Gray.
  Elisa7 d. John7 W. d.

LEONARD5 SEAMEN, (Zebulun4 David3 Jonathan2 Capt. John1) and 1st wife Mary (Titus) had:
  Mary E. 6 b. Oct. 19, 1786, m. Silas Carle.
  Zebulun6 b. July 12, 1788, m. Amelia Clussman, he d. 1842.
Second wife Leah (Simonson) had:
  William6 b. Feb. 24, 1791 m. Hannah Weed March   3, 1813, he d. Jan. 19. 1832.
The children of ZEBULUN6 SEAMAN and Amelia (Clussman) were:
  Mary E.7 b. Apr. 19, 1819, m. William B. Scott.
  Caroline7 b. Dec. 29, 1820.
  Catharine L.7 b. Nov. 14, 1822.
  Amelia7 b. Aug. 25, 1825.
  John A.7 b. July 24, 1827.
  Wm. L.7 Silas C.7 George7 M.
The children of WILLIAM6 SEAMAN and Hannah (Weed) were:
  Mary E.7 b. Apr. 29, 1816, m. James A. Harriman,
  Margaret7 b. Feb. 12, 1818, m. Richard L.   Schoonmaker.
  Leonard W.7 b. May 14, 1820, d. Oct. 31, 1841.
  Martha7 b. Sept. 12, 1822, m. Henry MacDonald.
  Anna Leah7 b. Sept. 21, 1824, m. Gilbert Sayres,  of Jamaica, L. I.
  Hannah Maria7 b. May 26, 1827, m. James A.  Henry, of Jamaica, L. I.

JONATHAN3 SEAMAN (Jonathan2, Capt. John1), m. Elisabeth Denton (his will proved, 1755; dated in Orange county, N. Y.), and had:
  Jonathan4 went to Virginia, left one son and one daughter.
  Jonas4 m. Jane D. Moss, went to Virginia, had seven sons and seven daughters.
  Jecaniah4 m. Rachel Secor.
  John4 died.
  Elisabeth4 m. John Palmer.
  Martha4 m. Michael Vandervort.
  Phebe4 m. Samuel Coe.
  Hannah4 m. William Coe.

JECANIAH4 SEAMAN and Rachel (Secor), had:
  Jonathan5 m. Mary Conklin.
  Jonas5 m. Martha Anthony.
Elisabeth5 m. Isaac Odell. John Onderdonck is  their grandson.
  Hannah5 m. John Monroe.
  Esther5 m. Justin Monroe.
  Anna5 m. Richard Wilks.
  Phebe5 m. Daniel Lawrence.
  Martha5 Polly5 Catharine5 m. Robert Cayton.

JONATHAN5 SEAMAN and Mary Conklin, had:
  Phebe6 m. William Furman.
  Jecaniah6 and Catharine6 died.
  Amy6 m. William Furman.
  Rachel6 m. John Coe, live in Michigan.
  William6 m. Elisabeth Odell and had son Jonathan.
  Daniel6 m. Margaret Fritts11 and had Thomas and  William.

JONAS5 SEAMAN and Martha (Anthony) had:
  Rachel6 m. Jacob Young.
  Elisabeth6 m. Jesse Baldwin.
  Esther6 and Susan6 died.
  Martha6 m. Josiah Conklin. Sarah.6
  Phebe6 m. William Williams.
  John6 m. Elisabeth Fritts, and had: Charles,7
    Thomas,7 Anne,7 Elbert.7

JOHN3 SEAMAN (Jonathan,2 Capt. John1), m. Hannah Williams, dau. of John and Leah (Townsend,) and had:
  William4 b. June 28, 1706, m. 1743, Martha Seaman,  by Friends Ceremony.
  Robert4 m. 1743, by Friends Ceremony, Esther Williams, of Thos.
  Jonathan4 m. Elisabeth, dau. of John Willis and Abigail (Willets).

WILLIAM4 SEAMAN and Martha had:
  Edmund5 b. 1743, d. 1744, Micah5 b. 1745, d. 1746.
  Jane5 b. Nov. 16, 1746, m. 1780, David Ketcham.
  John5 d. 1748, Benjamin5 d. 1750, John5 d. 1756.

ROBERT4 SEAMAN (John3 Jonathan2 Capt. John1), m. Esther Williams, of Thomas and Mary (Willets), widow Scudder, and had:
  William5 m. Mary Jackson, he d. 22, 4, 1729.
Ch. of WILLIAM5 SEAMAN and Mary Jackson were:
  David6 b. June 12, 1770, m. Sarah Kirby.
  Mary6 b. 27, 9, 1774, m. Jacob Kirby.
  Hannah6 b. 1776, m. Samuel Willets.
  Esther6 b. 30, 4, 1779, m. Willet Robbins.

DAVID SEAMAN6 and Sarah (Kirby) had:
  Robert7 b. Oct. 31, 1792, m. Sarah Hicks, of Elias and Jemima.
  Hannah7 b. July 21, 1794, d. 1795.
  William7 b. July 21, 1796, m. Caroline Hicks, dau. of Valentine and Abigail.
  Phebe7 b. July 26, 1798, m. James C. Haviland, she d. 1863.
  Lydia7 b. Feb. 7, 1802, d. 1864.
  Esther7 b.     m. William Haviland.

ROBERT7 SEAMAN (David6 William5 Robert4
    John3 Jonathan2 Capt. John1), and Sarah had:
  Phebe8 died.
  Hannah8 m. Matthew F. Robbins.
  Willet8 d.
  Elizabeth8 m. 1839 Edward Willis.
  Elias H.8 m. Phebe Underhill.
  Willet8 m. Mary Wing.
  Mary8 m. Isaac Willis, son of Henry and Phebe.

Dr. WILLIAM7 SEAMAN (David6 Wm.5 Robt.4 John3 Jonathan2 Capt. John1), and Caroline, had:
  Valentine H.8 m. Rebecca Cromwell, dau. of David and Rebecca.
  Sarah8 m. Henry Cromwell, son of David and Rebecca.
  Samuel8 m. Hannah Husband, of Philadelphia.

JONATHAN4 SEAMAN (John3 Jonathan2 Capt. John1), and Elizabeth (Willis) had:
  Jemima5 m. Elias Hicks, the preacher, she d. 17, 3, 1829.
  David5 d. 10, 5, 1770.

CALEB3 SEAMAN (Jonathan2, Capt. John1), m. (???), and had:
  Caleb,3 Joshua.3
  Nehemiah3 he was drowned in the S. Bay.

ISAAC3 m. July 5, 1763, Phebe Jackson, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Townsend), and had:
  Daniel4 b. April 21, 1766, m. Mary Duryea, b. Oct.  20, 1771, he d. Aug. 3, 1844, she d. Sept. 7, 1861.
  James4 m. Jerusha Powell, dau. of Joseph.
  Children of DANIEL4 Seaman and Mary (Duryea),
  Phebe5 b. May 3, 1792, m. Epenetus Fleet, Feb. 26,  1814, she d. July 30, 1853.
  Jermima5 b. Sept. 13. 1798, m. Benjamin Seaman  son of Enoch, she d. Dec. 22, 1863.
  Ann5 b. Oct. 22, 1806, d. July 10, 1848.
  Alfred5 b. Sept. 12, 1809, m. Martha Powell, b.  April 13, 1816, she d. Oct. 6, 1861.

ALFRED5 SEAMAN and Martha (Powell), had:
  Thomas6 b. Feb. 22, 1835, m. (???), has Alfred7  m. and others.
  Mary E.6 b. Oct 22, 1837, m. Elbert Smith, son of   Hewlett and Nancy (Post).
Catharine6 b. May 5, 1841, m. John Wesley  Southerd.
  Esther6 b. Sept. 20, 1843, m.
  Daniel6 b. Aug. 7, 1847, d. Sept. 3, 1849.
  Anne6 b. July 13, 1850, m.
  Jemima6 b. Jan. 24, 1852, d. March 2, 1861.

JAMES4 SEAMAN (Isaac,3 Jonathan2, Capt. John1), m. Jerusha Powell, and had:
  Townsend5 m. a Smith.
  Fannie5 m. Samuel Nichols.
  Phebe5 m. Henry Nichols.

BENJAMIN2 SEAMAN (Capt. John1), m. Martha Titus, dau. of Edmond and Martha (Washburne), he d. 1733, and had:
  Benjamin3 b. 1685, m. Jane Mott, dau. of Joseph  and Mary (Mott), he d. 1729.
  Martha3 m. Jonathan Rowland.
  Jane3 m. Joseph Clements.
  Jacob3 m. Mary Seaman, dau. of Samuel and Phebe  (Hicks), he d. 1766.
  James3 m. Martha Seaman, dau. of Samuel and  Phebe (Hicks), he d. 1781.
  Phebe3 b. 1699, m. Jacob Townsend, b. 1692, he d.  1742, she d. 1774.
  Elisabeth3 m. 1st James Worden; m. 2d Thomas Rushmore.
  Temperance3 m. 1st a Kirk; m. 2d Joseph Wright.
  Solomon, m. 1740, Hannah Seaman, dau. of Thomas.
  Hannah3 m. a Denton.

BENJAMIN3 Seaman and Jane (Mott), had:
  Elisabeth4 b. 1710, m. Amos Underhill, they lived at Flushing.
  Martha4 b. 1711, m. 1743, William Seaman, b. 1706,  son of John and Hannah (Williams).
Jane4 b. 1713, m. 1731, John Robbins.
  Miriam4 b. 1716, d. 1729. Hannah, b. 1718, d.
  Benjamin4 b. 1719, m. Elisabeth Mott, dau. of Adam, of Staten Island.
  Ann,4 Phebe,4 Mary,4 Edmond,4 all d. early.

SOLOMON3 SEAMAN (Benj.2 Capt. John1) and Hannah had:
  Thomas4 he was a Schoolmaster, d. single.
  David4 he was a Saddler, d. single, Almy4 d single.
  Martha4 m. a Vandewater.
  Israel4 m. Sarah Rowland of Jonathan2 and  Hannah (Marvin.)
  Mary4 m. Joshua Buffett.
  Deborah4 m. June 20, 1773, Samuel Jackson, son  of Thomas and Mary (Townsend.)

ISRAEL4 SEAMAN and Sarah (Rowland) had:
 Solomon5 d.
  Benjamin5 m. Jane Rhinehart.
  Almy5 m. William D. Jones, son of David and  Elisabeth (Seaman).
Benjamin6 Seaman and Jane Rhinehart had:
  Israel6, Sarah5 not m. Almy5 not m. Mary Jane5
    not m. Benjamin6 not m. David5 d. an infant.
  John F.6 m. F. Jeanette Rogers.
  J. Milton6 m. Sarah L. B. Goodwin.
  Martha Ann6 m. Samuel L. St. John.

JOHN F. SEAMAN and Jeanette had:
  Agnes Gertrude7 Henrietta V. W.,7 and Adae7 d.   an infant.

J. MILTON6 SEAMAN and Sarah had:
  Tullius G.7 Alma7 George7 John7 and Milton7.
Benjamin5 and Jane and their families are of Canada.

SOLOMON2 SEAMAN (Capt. John1) m. Elisabeth, dau. of Henry Linnington and Catherine. They had two sons who went to Maryland besides:
  Solomon3 m. 1705, Mary Mott.
  Deborah3 m. 1702, Joseph, son of Hope Willets.

SOLOMON3 SEAMAN and Mary Mott had son SOLOMON4, who m. Hannah and had:
Samuel5 b. 1741 m. a Hall, he d. Dec. 11, 1837,  aged 96 years.
  Martha5 m. Epenetus Burtis.
  Jacob5 m. had Phebe6 Elisabeth6 Joseph6 James6  and Jane6 m. an Underhill.
  Thomas5 m. and had 11 children Adam6 m. Phebe Post Wm.6 m. Abigail Bedell, Thomas6 m. Ann Smith and Elisabeth Mott, Parmenus6 m. Sarah Post, Susan6 m. Jackson Post, Sally m. Isaac Post.

BENJAMIN5 m. 1st Mary and 2d Hannah  Denton and had:
  Mary6 m. Daniel Hewlett.
  Rhoda6 m. a Campbell.
  Jane6 m. Samuel Clowes.
  Cornelia6 m. Oliver Hewlett.

BENJAMIN4 SEAMAN (Benjamin3 Benjamin2 Capt. John1) m. Elizabeth Mott, and had:
  Edmond5 m. and had Catharine,6 Robert,6 and  John.6
  Benjamin5 m. and had George6 and Catharine.
  William5 m. and had Henry John,6 Benson,6 Elizabeth,6
    Harriet,6 Julia,6 William,6 Rebecca,6
    (???),6 Fannie,6 Susan M.6
  John5 died.
  Henry5 b. 1761, m. 1784, Sarah Billop, b. 1765, and had Billop,6 (she d. 1811, he d. 1799), who m. and had Henry J.,7 Hester M.,7 Catharine,7 and Edmond.7
  Jasper F.6
  Frances J.6 b. 1797, m. 1817, Wm. Wilmot Townsend,
    b. 1795, he d. 1827, she d. 1851.
  Henry J.6

JACOB3 SEAMAN (Benjamin2 Capt. John1) and Mary (Seaman) had:
  Jane4 m. Richard Jackson.
  Amy4 m. Obadiah Jackson.
  Deborah4 m. 1755, Thomas Williams.
  Jacob4 m. Margaret Birdsell, no ch.

JAMES3 SEAMAN (Benj'n2 Capt. John1), and Martha, had:
  Phebe4 m. John Birdsall.
  Mary4 m. 1st, a Hunt, m. 2d, Jordan Seaman.
  Benjamin4 m. 1758, Letitia Allen, dau. of Thomas  and Elizabeth (Seaman).
  Martha4 m. Benjamin Drake.

BENJAMIN4 SEAMAN and Letitia, had:
  Enoch5 m. Mary Smith, dau. of
  Esther5 m. Almy,5 m. Braddock Seaman, son of  Thomas and Martha (Jackson).
  Martha5 m. John Althouse.

ENOCH5 SEAMAN and Mary (Smith) had:
  James6 m. E. Nichols, and had Mary,7 she m. Stephen Jackson.
  Elisabeth6 d. Benj'n,6 John,6 Silas6 and Willet,6
    all d.
  Jacob6 m. Dorothy Haff, and had Enoch,7 m. E.  Box, and Wm.,7 m. E. Smith.
  Benjamin6 m, Jemima Seaman, dau. of Daniel and Mary (Duryea).
  Letitia6 m. Willet Seaman, son of John and Mary  (Whitson).

BENJAMIN6 Seaman and Jemima, had:
  Elizabeth7 d. small, another Elizabeth7 b. much  later, an interesting young woman, d. single.
  Phebe7 m. John Jackson Seaman.
  Mary Ann7 m. John Powell, son of Robert and  Mary (Cornelius).
  Martha7 m. Edward H. Seaman, son of Ardon and  Elizabeth (Merritt).
  Letitia7 m. Wm. S. Hicks, son of Whitehead and  Mary Ann (Merritt).
  Charlotte7 m. Daniel Valentine.
  Almy7 m. William Henry Jones, son of Elbert and  Mary (Seaman).
  Benjamin B.7 m. Rosena N. Lyle, Sept. 19, 1865.

SAMUEL2 SEAMAN (Capt. John1) m. Phebe Hicks and had:
  Samuel3 m. and had several children.
  Mary3 m. Jacob Seaman.
  Martha3 m. James Seaman.
Hicks3 m. 1726, Elisabeth Barnes. Went to live in Westchester co.; had a farm in 1764 near Croton river.

SAMUEL3 SEAMAN, "a freeholder in 1685 living with his father," had children:
  Phebe,4 Charity,4 Samuel,4 Deborah.4 There were  three later children:
  Amelia4 m. Jonathan Smith.
  Margaret4 m. Ambrose Seaman.
  Anna4 m. Peter Perbasco.

THOMAS2 SEAMAN (Capt. John1) and wife Mary? had:
  John3 m. Sarah Allen, he d. May 11, 1757. She  d. Nov. 11, 1775.
Samuel3 m. Ann Pratt.
  Thomas3 m. Hannah. His will proved March 29,  1762.
  Mary3 m. a Smith.
  Elizabeth3 m. (? Thomas) Alling.
  Richard3 m. Hannah Jackson, dau. of John and  Elizabeth (Seaman).
  Sylvanus3 m. Rebecca Jackson, dau. of James and  Rebecca.
  Abigail3 m. Samuel Jackson, son of John and Elizabeth (Seaman).
  Hannah3 m. 1732, Samuel Totton.

JOHN3 SEAMAN (Thomas,2 Capt. John1) and Sarah Allen had:
  Elisabeth4 b. 1774, m. Benjamin Smith.
  Zebulun4 b. 1726, m., he d. 1782.
  Mary4 b. 1731, m. Silas Smith.
  John4 b. 1734, m. Elisabeth Carman, he d. 1778.
  Thomas4 b. 1739, m. 1761, Martha Rowland b. 1741, dau. of Jonathan and Hannah (Marvin).

JOHN4 SEAMAN and Elisabeth Carman had:
  Mary5 b. 1757, m. James Birdsall.
  John5 b. 1761, m. Mary Stephens.
  David5 b. 1764, m. (???) Conklin, dau. of Jacob.
  Elisabeth5 b. 1766, m. Jeremiah Terry.
  Sarah5 b. 1771, m. Elisha Post.

JOHN5 SEAMAN and Mary Stephens had:
  Mary6 m. a Pearsall.
  William6 m. Cornelia Y. Briggs.
  Edward6 m. a Brown.
  Jane6 m. a Tredwell.
  John6 and Hannah6 d.

DAVID5 and wife had:
  Conklin,6 John,6 Carman,6 Elisabeth6 m. a Stewart

THOMAS4 SEAMAN (John,3 Thomas,2 Capt. John1) and Martha (Rowland) had:
  Jacob5 b. 1761, m. Anna Van Cott, no ch.
  Zebulun5 b. 1764, m. 1st Charlotte Birdsall, no ch.;  m. 2d Martha Combs.
  Almy5 b. 1768.
  Mary5 b. 1774, m. Zebulun Seaman, son of Jordan  and Mary, he d. 1838, she d. 1861.
  Rowland5 b. 1777, m. 1st Esther Smith, dau. of  Dorcas, and had Esther, m. Obediah Wells
    Rowland; m. 2d Ruth Buffett; m. 3d Ann Rowland.

ZEBULUN5 and Martha Combs had:
  Allen6 b. 1791, m. Mary Bryant, no ch.
  Ann6 b. 1795, m. James Shirley.
  Thomas6 b. 1797, m. Almenia Vail, had son William  and others.
  Esther6 b. 1800, d. 1828.
  Jacob6 b. 1803, m. Elisabeth Brush, no ch.
  Mary6 b. 1805.
  Hannah6 b. 1808, m. James Rowland.

SAMUEL3 SEAMAN (Thomas,2 Capt. John1) m. Ann Pratt and had:
  Obadiah4 m. 1st Deborah Smith; 2d Sarah Carman.
  Elijah4 d.
  Samuel4 b. Jan. 11, 1738, m. Mary Birdsall July  18, 1762, she b. Sept. 21, 1746, dau. of John and  Elisabeth (nee, Coe) (widow Pearce) Birdsall.

OBADIAH4 and Deborah had:
  Catharine5 m. 1st Willet Powell; 2d Jacob Willets.
  Isaac5 m. Sarah Mowbray.
  Jonathan5 m. Rebecca Douglas.
  Deborah,5 Ann,5 Silas5 and Stephen5.

SAMUEL4 SEAMAN (Samuel,3 Thomas,1 Capt. John1) and Mary (Birdsall) had:
  Samuel5 b. 1763, m. 1785, Charity Tredwell, she d. 1846, he d. 1850.
  Jemima5 b. 1766, m. John Jackson Seaman, son of  Thomas and Martha (Jackson).
  John5 b. 1769, m. Mary Whitson, dau. of Silas, b. Jan. 14, 1772, he d. 1849.
  Elijah5 b. 1772, m. Phebe Willets, dau. of Jacob.
  Elisabeth5 b. 1774, m. 1808, William Bunting, she d. 1833.
  Thomas5 b. 1777, m. Sarah (Smith, widow Williams),  dau. of Amos Smith.
  James5 b. 1779, d. 1837, Mary6 b. 1787, she d. 1849, David Sands b. 1791, d. 1793.

SAMUEL5 SEAMAN (Samuel,4 Samuel,3 Thomas,2 Capt. John1), m. Charity and had:
  Tredwell6 b. 1787, m. 1807, Hannah Hewlett, b.  Oct. 20, 1789.
  John6 m. Maria Carman, dau. of Joseph, had S. Carman.7
  Mary6 m. Jacob Townsend.
  Phebe6 m. Benjamin Smith.
  Elijah6 m. a Chichester.

TREDWELL6 Seaman and Hannah Hewlett had:
  Mary Ann7 b. June 10, 1822.
  Charity7 b. Aug. 10, 1824.
  Sarah Elisabeth7 b. March 17, 1827, m. Gideon  Searing.
  Hannah7 b. June 27, 1831, d. 1832, Sept. 9. Sarah.7
  Benjamin7 b. May 26, 1835, m. Elisabeth Helen  Townsend.

ELIJAH6 Seaman m. a Chichester and had:
  Mary Elisabeth7 and Samuel.7

JOHN SEAMAN5 (Samuel,4 Samuel,3 Thomas,2 Capt. John1) and Mary Whitson, had:
  Willett6 b. April 9, 1791, m. Letitia, dau. of Enoch  Seaman.
  Sarah6 b. Sept. 31, 1763, m. Thomas Elwood  Althouse.
  Jemima6 b. June 5, 1794, m. Samuel Seaman.
  Maria6 b. Oct 6, 1796, m. Walter Powell, son of  Benjamin.
  David Sands6 b. Sept. 3, 1798, m. Feb. 19, 1829,  Ann Maria Bunting, she was b. Dec. 21, 1808.
  Esther6 b. Jan. 1, 1803, m. Gelston Smith, son of James.
  Ann6 b. Jan. 12, 1809, m. John B. Post, she d. July 18, 1849.
  John Gilbert6 b. Sept. 9, 1813, m. Dec. 5, 1834,  Jane Althouse, dau. of Jackson.

WILLET6 SEAMAN and Letitia had:
  Almy7 m. Solomon Powell, son of Robert.
  Maria7 m. Arnold Fleet.
  Gulielina,7 Mary Louisa,7 Amanda,7 1st d.; Amanda,7  2d d.; Adelia7, d.
  John Enoch7 m. a Totton.
  James7 m. 1st Susan Duryea; m. 2d her sister.
  Gilbert7 m. Mary Jackson.

DAVID SANDS6 SEAMAN (John5 Samuel6 Samuel3 Thomas2 Capt. John1), m. Ann Maria Bunting, and had.
  William B.7 b. Nov. 30, 1829.
  Mary Elizabeth7 b. March 8, 1831, m. William  Jagger.
  Ellen Althouse7 b. Sept. 22, 1832, d. May 29, 1857.
  Maria Louisa7 b. March 15, 1834, m. Abraham  Willits.
  Sarah Jane7 b. Dec. 25, 1835, d. April, 1864.
Frances Forbes7 b. April 12, 1837, m. William  Laurie.
  Charles Lowell7 b. Oct. 28, 1839.
  John Whitson7 b. Feb. 16, 1843, m. 1st,     m.  2d, Ellen.

JOHN GILBERT6 SEAMAN (John5 Samuel4 Samuel3 Thos.2 Capt. John1) and Jane (Althouse) had:
  John Jackson7 b. Oct. 27, 1840.
  William Henry7 b. June 23, 1844, m. Sarah Maria  Post, dau. of John. Helen Louisa7 b. Dec. 2, 1850, died.

ELIJAH5 SEAMAN (Samuel4 Samuel3 Thomas2 Capt. John1), and Phebe, had:
  Avis C.6 m. James Birdsell, she d. March 26, 1865.
  Jacob W6 m. Mary B. Seaman, dau. of Thomas,  had Samuel.7
  Hannah6 m. Samuel Underhill.
  Samuel6 m. Charlotte English, and had Emma,7
    Amelia7 and Charlotte.7
  Richard W6., m.

THOMAS5 SEAMAN (Samuel4 Samuel3 Thos.2 Capt. John1) and Sarah (Smith) dau. of Amos, had:
  Thomas6 b. July 9, 1809, m. Hannah Allen, she b.  1804.
  James M.6 b. Jan. 2, 1811, m. 1st, 1838, Martha, m.  2d, Jemima Seaman.
  Elizabeth6 b. Sept. 5, 1814, m. Israel S. Jones.
  Mary B.6 m. Jacob Seaman.

THOMAS6 SEAMAN m. Jan. 8, 1829, Hannah Allen, and had:
  Elbert W.7 b. Jan. 7, 1835. Henry F.7 b. Feb. 2,  1838. Thomas W.7 b. Jan. 1, 1840. Wm. A.7
    b. Feb. 19, 1844, and Sarah Elisabeth7 b. Dec.  18, 1847.

JAMES M.6 SEAMAN and wife Martha, dau. of Samuel and Jemima Seaman (d. April 5, 1840), had:
  Sarah7 b, Dec. 22, 1835, m. Sidney L. Seaman, son  of Lawrence, he m. 2d, Jemima, dau. of Thomas  and Deborah Seaman, and had:
  Martha7 b. June 16, 1846.
  Agnes D.7 b. Nov. 19, 1848, m. a Towner.
  Thomas7 and James,7 twins, b. July 26, 1853, both m.
  Amelia7 b. 1857, d. 1860.
  Ella G.7 b, June 20, 1860, m. Frederick Kropp.

RICHARD3 SEAMAN (Thos2 Capt. John1) and wife Hannah Jackson had:
  Thomas4 m. Martha Jackson, dau. of John and  Kesia (Mott.)
  Richard4 m. and moved to Dutchess County.

THOMAS4 SEAMAN and Martha (Jackson) had:
  John Jackson5 m. Jemima, dau. of Samuel4 and  Mary (Birdsall) Seaman.
  Braddock5 m. Almy Seaman, dau. of Benjamin and  Letitia, no children.
  Rosetta5 m. a Townsend.
  Mary5 m. Townsend Jackson.
  Elisabeth5 m. David Jones.

JOHN JACKSON5 SEAMAN and Jemima had:
  Thomas6 b. Oct. 10, 1786, d. Nov. 10, 1829, m.  Deborah Birdsall, dau. of Joseph and Mary  (Clowes) b. Oct. 10, 1784, d. Nov. 21, 1862.
  Samuel6 m. Jemima Seaman, dau. of John and Mary (Whitson).
  Martha6|both lived single.

THOMAS6 SEAMAN and Deborah Birdsall had:
  Mary Ann7 b. July 6, 1810.
  Elisabeth7 b. Oct. 6, 1812, d. Nov. 3, 1815.
Braddock7 b. Feb. 13, 1815, m. Maria Smith, dau. of James, he d. Sept. 24, 1848.
  Amelia7 b. Feb. 28, 1818, d. 1864.
  John Jackson7 b. May 27, 1821, m. 1st Phebe b. 1723, dau. of Benjamin Seaman, 2d Sarah Dean.
  Jemima7 b. March 12, 1823, m. James M.6 Seaman,  son of Thomas and Sarah.
  Elisabeth7 b. Oct. 18, 1826.

  Braddock8 b. Feb. 3, 1852.
  Benjamin8 b. March 28, 1854.
  Edgar8 and 2d wife Sarah, dau. of Daniel Dean had: Gertrude8

SAMUEL6 SEAMAN (John J.5 Thos.4 Richard3
    Thos.2 Capt. John1) and Jemima had:
  Martha7 m. James M.6 Seaman.
  Mary7 m. Elbert Jones, son of Wm. D. and Almy  (Seaman).
  John Jackson7 m. Esther, dau. of Andries Seaman
    and had:
  Mary Ann8 Elbert J.8 Horace8 Edgar8 Antoinette8.
  Adelia8 Elmira8 Samuel8 Alice8 Sylvester.8

NATHANIEL2 SEAMAN (Capt. John1), m. 9, 8, 1695, Rachel Willis, dau. of Henry and Mary (Peace) Willis, she d. Aug. 20, 1759, he d. Oct. 9, 1759. Their children were:
  Rachel3 b. 1696, died.
  Nathaniel3 b. 18, 11, 1699, m. 1722, Sarah, dau. of Thomas1 Powell and Elisabeth, he d. 1774.
  Hester3 b. 8, 9, 1701, m. John Whitson, son of  Thomas and Martha (Jones).
  Jacob3 b. 10, 6, 1703, m. Mercy Powell, dau. of   Thos.1 and Elizabeth, he d. April 4, 1759, she d.  March 13, 1759.
Abraham3 b. 10, 11, 1706, m. Deborah Townsend,  dau. of James.
  Rachel3 b. 7, 1, 1708, m. 1738, Jeremiah Elfreth,  son of Phila.
  Hezekiah3 b. 4, 3, 1711.
  Thomas3 b. 2, 11, 1713, m. 1741 Hannah Willets,  dau. of Thomas and Catharine (Hallock).
  Samuel3 b. 13, 9, 1715, m. Martha Valentine, dau.  of Obadiah and Martha (Willets).

NATHANIEL3 SEAMAN (Nathaniel,2 Capt. John1) and Sarah Powell, had:
  Nathaniel4 b. 1724, m. Sarah, dau. of Richard Smith, d. Nov. 21, 1816, aged 92 years.
  Kesia4 m. Jacob Mott.
  Ambrose4 m. Margaret Seaman, dau. of Samuel,2  son of Samuel.1
  Stephen,4 Rachel.4
  William4 went to Penn'a.

NATHANIEL4 SEAMAN (Nathaniel,3 Nathaniel,2 Capt. John1) and Sarah Smith, had:
  Richard4 b. June 17, 1753, m. 1770, Elizabeth Lawrence,  b. Oct. 8, 1751, he d. 1799, she d. 1842.

AMBROSE4 SEAMAN (Nathaniel,3 Nathaniel,2 (Capt. John1) and Margaret, had:
  Samuel5 died.
  Noah5 m. 1st had William;6 m. 2d Martha Totten.
  Sarah5 m. Daniel Weeks.
  Nathaniel5 died. Hicks,5 died.
  Ibbe5 m.
  Ambrose5 m.
  William5 m.

NOAH5 SEAMAN and Martha (Totten), had:
  Margaret6 m. George Vanderwater, she d. 1864.
  Jacob6 m. Letitia Nostrant.
Fanny6 m. George Nostrant.
  Noah6 m. 1st an Underhill; m. 2d a Titus.
  Hannah6 m. Zebulen Powell.
  Andries6 m. Ann Nostrant.
  Gideon6 m. Elisabeth Lewis.
  Eliza6 m. Abraham Powell, son of Robert.

JACOB6 SEAMAN and Letitia Nostrant, had:
  Susan7 m. Jordan Seymour.
  Henry7 m. a Post.
  Elizabeth7 m. a Vanness.
  Noah7 m. a Post.

NOAH6 SEAMAN and his 1st wife m. Underhill, had:
  Martha7 m. a Samis.
  Abigail7 m. H. Lewis.
  Royal7 m.
  Esther m. an Underhill.

NOAH6 and 2d wife Titus, had:
  Emma7 m. a Conklyn.
  Samuel7 m.         d.
  Rosanna Cecillia7 m.

ANDRIES6 SEAMAN and Ann (Nostrant), had:
  Esther7 m. John Jackson Seaman, son of Samuel.
  Andries7 m.         Gideon7 m.

THOMAS4 SEAMAN (Nathaniel3 Nathaniel2 Capt. John1), m. Phoebe Hinton and had:
  Jacob5 m. Sarah Hewlett and had Elizabeth.6
  Stephen5 m. and had Thomas6 and Oliver.6
  Benjamin5 m. and had George6 and Sarah.6
  Isaac5 m. and had Conklyn,6 Selah,6 Henry.6
  Sarah5 m. a Snedecker.
  Phoebe5 b. March 17, 1775, m. Dec. 17, 1894, Ebenezer Rogers, she d. Jan. 12, 1854, they had 10
  David5 m., had Gideon6 and Eliphalet.6
  Amy sometimes called Abbie m. John Abbott.
  Ebenezer Rogers and family removed from L. I.  to Indiana about 1812 or 1814.

OLIVER6 SEAMAN and Hannah (Dodge) had:
  John D.7 m.
  Mary E.,7 Henry T.,7 Susan J.,7 Chas. W.,7 Elizabeth  J.,7 Platt,7 Hannah7 d, Hannah M.7

JACOB3 SEAMAN (Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) m. 1726, Mercy Powell, (d. 1759), dau. of Thomas1 and Elizabeth, and had:
  Jacob4 and Jemima4 b. Feb. 20, 1732, Jemima4 d.
    Jacob4 m. 1752, Ann Kirk.
  Amy4 m. Jacob Kirby, she d. 16th of 6th month, 1759.
  Gilbert4 and probably others.

ABRAHAM3 SEAMAN (Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) and Deborah (Townsend) had:
  James,4 Peleg,4 Stephen,4 Almy4 and Abraham.4

HEZEKIA3 SEAMAN (Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) and wife, dau. of Isaac Doughty had:
  Thomas4 Jacob4 Stephen4 and Almy.4

THOMAS3 SEAMAN (Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) and Hannah (Willets) had:
  Simeon4 b. Aug. 31, 1743, d. 1751.
  Gideon4 b. Dec. 5, 1744, m. Elizabeth Keese.
  Anna4 b. 25, 12, 1746, m. Aug. 1, 1770, Fry Willis.
  Hannah4 b. Aug. 3, 1749, m. William Jackson of   Penn.
  Rachel4 b. March 30, 1752 m. March 5, 1783, Jacob  Smith.
  Phebe4 b, May 9, 1755, m. John Loines.

GIDEON4 SEAMAN and Elisabeth (Keese) had:
  Mary5 m. 1800, Richard Willets, son of Richard  and Abigail.
  Rachel5 b. 1789, m. 1815, Abraham Hicks.

SAMUEL3 SEAMAN (Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) m. Martha Valentine, she was a dau. of Obadiah Valentine and Martha (Willets,) dau. of Richard and Abigail (Powell) Willets. Their children were:
  Willet4 m. Mary, dau. of Dr. Searing.
  Obadiah4 m. Deborah Valentine, dau. of Obadiah.
  Rachel4 b. 1742, m. Feb. 3, 1762, Silas Hicks, she  d. 1797.
  Martha4 m. Henry Titus, had Peter S. and Martha.
  Phebe4 m. Samuel Hicks, had Isaac and Samuel.
  Miriam4 m. Stephen Robbins, had Willet, Stephen  and others.
  Samuel4 m. Kesia Titus b. 1757, dau. of Thomas and Martha (Powell).
  Esther4 m. Samuel Sands.
  Abigail4 m. Richard Willets, son of Richard and  Ruth.

WILLET4 SEAMAN and Mary Searing had:
  Elisabeth5 m. Isaac Cock.
  John5 m. Charity Jackson.
  James5 d. Galielma5 d. Samuel5 died.
  Valentine5 b. April 2, 1770, m. July 11, 1794, Ann,  dau. of John Ferris d. June 1817.
  Mary5 m. William Thurston.
  Benjamin.5 m. Amy Cock.

JOHN5 SEAMAN and Charity (Jackson) had:
  Edward6 m. Mary Valentine, he d. March 14, 1825,  aged 26.
  Sidney6 b. 1800, m. Phebe Valentine, he d. June  14, 1827.

VALENTINE5 SEAMAN (Willett4 Samuel3 Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) and Ann Ferris, had:
  William Ferris6 m. Elizabeth Hicks, dau. of Isaac  and Sarah.
  Elizabeth,6 Mary Anna,6 d, Eliza,6 Anna,6 Percival.6
  John Ferris6 m. a Drake.
  James Valentine6 m.
  Willet6 m. a Jenkins.
  Mary Anna.6
  Eliza6 m. Augustus Leggett.

OBADIAH4 SEAMAN (Samuel3 Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) and Deborah Valentine, had:
Sarah,5 Samuel,5 Peter,5 Phebe,5 Martha,5 Keturah,5 all died early.

SAMUEL4 SEAMAN (Samuel3 Nathaniel2 Capt. John1) m. Kesia, dau. of Thomas Titus and Martha Powell, and had:
  Thomas5 m. Sarah Brown.
  Silas5 m. a Green, and had Willet,6 Phebe,6 Wm.,6
  Martha5 m. Josiah Hazard.
  John5 m. Amy Pearsall, dau. of Wait, son of Rowland  and Anna (Powell).
  William5 d., Isaac5 died.
  Rachel5 m. a Marshall.
  Samuel5 m. 1st, Anna, m. 2d, Phebe Pearsall, both  daus. of Wait, had 12 children.

THOMAS5 SEAMAN and Sarah Brown, had:
  Jacob6 m. Hannah Cock.
  Kesia6 m. a Cornell. Martha.6
  Ketura6 m. Peter S. Titus.

JOHN5 SEAMAN and Amy (Pearsall) had:
  Henry6 m. a Thorburn, and had Avis Robbins,7
    Adria Allen.7
  Wait6 died.
  Rachel6 m. a Bogart, lives in Plainfield, New   Jersey.
  Hannah6 m. Alfred Underhill, lives at Chappaqua.
  Martha K.6 m. George Brinkerhoff of Jamaica, L. I.
  Avis6 m. 1st, a Mosier, m. 2d, Laing, of Plainfield,  N. J.

RICHARD2 SEAMAN (Capt. John1), youngest son of Capt. John, m. 1695, Jane Mott, dau. of Adam2 and Mary (Stillwell). He was a minister in the Society of Friends and travelled extensively in the service, with Samuel Prior for a companion, and a minute of unity from the monthly meeting at Westbury; he visited, in 1725, the Friends in New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia; in 1740 Henry Pearsall accompanied him, with a minute, to visit Friends towards Carolina, and, in 1745, he had a minute to visit Friends westward; born in 1673; he d. 25, 7, 1749; she d. 21, 8, 1759. Their children were:
  Richard3 b. 1694, m. Sarah.
  Thomas3 b. 1696, m. 1722, Philadelphia Titus, dau. of John and Sarah.
  Tamar3 b. 1699.
  Jane3 b. 1701, m. James Titus.
  Adam3 b. 1704, m. 1730, Hannah Pine, R's will  gave him 10.
Sarah3 b. 1706, m. Henry Dusenberry, some rec. say Benjamin Dusenberry.
  Hannah3 b. 1710, m. 1733, Isaac Doty, she d. 1753.
  Giles3 m. 1735, Lititia Onderdonk, he d. 1782.
  Elisabeth3 m. a Townsend.
  Mary3 m. 1749, William Mott, son of James of   Mameroneck.

RICHARD3 SEAMAN (Richard,2 Capt. John1) and Sarah, had:
  Richard4 m. 1751, Sarah Searing, he d. 1784.
  Mary4 m. Richbell Mott.
  Sarah4 m. a Lake.

RICHARD4 SEAMAN and Sarah (Searing), had:
Richard5 b. Jan. 31, 1745, m. Sarah Searing, d. Oct.  6, 1843.
  Jacob5 m. and had Solomon, who went to Maryland.
  Benjamin, m. Jane Willis.
  John5 m. and had Christina,6 Wm. R.6 and Sarah   Maria,6 m. a Curtis.

RICHARD5 SEAMAN and Sarah (Searing), had:
  Martha6 b. 1779, m. James Walters.
  Mary6 b. 1781, m. Josiah Purdy.
  Eliza6 b. May 1, 1783.
  Richard6 b. April 28, 1785, m. Susan Keese.
  John6 b. Dec. 31, 1786, died. Jacob6 b. Oct. 2, 1788, died. Susan6 b. May 23, 1790. James6 b.  1794, died. Sarah, died.
  Samuel6 b. Feb. 25, 1792, m. Phebe Ann Pratt, and  had Samuel Augustus.7
  Richard,7 Elisabeth C.,7 Sarah Jane,7 James Alfred,7
   Caroline Amelia,7 Mary.7

THOMAS3 SEAMAN (Richard2 Capt. John1) m. 1722, Philadelphia, b. 1700, dau. of John3 and Sarah (Willis) Titus, and had: Sarah4 b. 1724, m. Daniel Hauxhurst, and had Seaman who m. a Carpenter and had Philadelphia  m. Reuben Haight, Sarah m. a Talcot, Phebe m. a Field.
  Obadiah4 b. Feb. 17, 1729, m. 1754, Maria Pearsall, and had Walter,5 James,5 Thomas5 and Richard.5
  Phebe4 b. 1733, m. 1753, John Wright, son of Joseph.
  Mary4 b. 1737, m. Henry Franklin.

ADAM3 SEAMAN (Richard2 Capt. John1) was Supervisor at North Castle, Westchester Co. in 1739, Will dated at Rye, Aug. 20, 1757, m. Hannah Pine, dau. of James and had:
  Adam,4 James,4 Israel,4 Richard,4 Samuel.4
  Letitia4 m. a Doughty.
  Jane,4 Hannah4 and Mary.4

GILES3 SEAMAN (Richard2 Capt. John1) m. 1735, Letitia, dau. of Hendrick and Mary (Foster) Onderdonk, and had:
  Jordan4 b. Feb. 17, 1743, m. 1764, by Rev. Samuel Seabury, Mary, dau. of Zebulun and Phebe Seaman.
  Giles4 b. 1748, m. Lydia Mott, had dau. Letitia5 m.  Elisha Carpenter, no children.
  Richard4 m. 1789, Sarah Smith, dau. of Edmond.  No children.
  Mary4 m. Jacob Hawxhurst.
  Hannah4 m. Henry Oakley.

JORDAN4 and Mary Seaman, dau. of Zebulun and Phebe (Valentine) Seaman had:
  Jane5 b. 1764, m. Garret Layton.
  Esther5 b. 1766, m. Peter Willets, she d. Sept. 14, 1834.
  Henry O.5 b. 1769, m. Almy b. 1773, dau. of Richard and Rosetta Jackson, she d. 1852, he d. 1825.
Zebulun5 b. Jan, 31, 1771, m. 1794, Mary, dau. of  Thomas Seaman (of Jerusalem), and Martha  (Rowland).
  Andries5 b. 1780, m. 1804, Sarah Underhill, dau. of Israel, b. 1780, d. 1864, he d. 1825.
  Rachel5 b. 1782, m. Isaac Underhill, son of Israel,  she d. 1829.
  Jordan4 Seaman was a Justice of the Peace at  Jericho many years.

HENRY5 O. SEAMAN and Almy (Jackson) had:
Jordan6 b. Jan 30, 1790, m. Elizabeth Mills, no
  Jane6 b. Oct. 22, 1792, d. 1793, another Jane C.6 b.  Aug. 28, 1804, lived single.
  Alanson6 b. Sep. 23, 1793, m. July 15, 1818, Elisabeth  Underhill, dau. of Israel.
  Rosetta6 b. Jan. 5, 1796, m. Coe S. Downing, she d. Sept. 6, 1824.
  Henry6 b. Jan. 11, 1798, d. Sept. 30, 1820, Jacob6,  b. Dec, 30, 1799, d. Oct. 21, 1839.
  Richard J.6 b. Oct. 12, 1806, m. Ann Duryea, d. Aug.  12, 1857.
  Thomas J.6 b. Sept. 5, 1808, m. 1827, Phebe Ann  Robbins, he d. July 14, 1856.
  Alexander Warren6 b. Jan. 21, 1811, d. May 19, 1846.
  Mary Almy6 b. Jan. 7, 1817, m. Sept. 12, 1836,
    William M. Valentine, d. 1838.

ALANSON6 SEAMAN (Henry O.5 Jordan4 Giles3 Richard2 Capt. John1) and Elisabeth, had:
  Caroline Elisabeth7 b. Jan. 27, 1827, d. Nov. 23, 1827.
  Mary Louisa7 b. Sept. 12, 1829, m. Sept. 18, 1850,  Timothy Carle.

RICHARD6 J. SEAMAN (Henry O.,5 Jordan,4 Giles,3 Richard,2 Capt. John1) and Ann (Duryea), had:
  Caroline Elisabeth7 b. Feb. 20, 1829, m. D. Conklin.
  Jane7 m. a Van Nostrand.
  Thomas,7 Alanson,7 Emila,7 Warren.7

THOMAS6 J. SEAMAN (Henry O.,5 Jordan4 Giles3 Richard2 Capt. John1) and Phebe Ann (Robbins) had:
  Emma R.7 b. March 7, 1842, d. March 11, 1845.
  Henry O.7 b. June 18, 1845.
  Thomas Edward7 b. Aug. 18, 1847.

ZEBULUN5 SEAMAN (Jordan4 Giles3 Richard2 Capt. John1), b. Jan. 31, 1771, m. Dec. 14, 1794, Mary, dau. of Thomas Seaman of Jerusalem, b. Aug. 11, 1774, she d. Sept. 19, 1861, he d. Sept. 7, 1838. Their children were:
  Ardon6 b. Sept. 5, 1795, m. 26, 3, 1817, Elisabeth  Merritt, dau. of Jesse.
  Mary L.6 b. May 11, 1799, m. June 4, 1818, Isaac Wigham.
  John G.6 b. Nov. 20, 1802, m. 31, 10, 1835, Ann R.  Wall.
  Charlotte B.6 b. Oct. 31, 1805.

ARDON6 Seaman, b 1795, m. 1817, Elisabeth Merritt, he d. 2, 4, 1875, she d. 3, 2, 1875. Children:
  Ann M.7 b. Feb. 19, 1818, m. 1838, Adam Emeigh.  she d. 26, 5, 1864, he d. 1883.
  Mary P.7 b. Feb. 27, 1820, m. 17, 10, 1839, Alexander  C. Bunker.
  Edward H.7 b. March 8, 1822, m. Jan. 18, 1848, Martha A. Seaman, dau. of Benjamin, he d. 12,  2, 1891.
  Caroline E.7 b. Feb. 20, 1829, m. Oct. 19, 1852,  William Garner, he d. 10, 1873.

JOHN G.6 Seaman and Ann R. Wall had:
  William Henry7 b. Nov. 1, 1836, m. Marianna Clark.

ANDRIES5 SEAMAN (Jordan,4 Giles,3 Richard,2 Capt. John1) and Sarah (Underhill), had:
  Mary6 b. Nov. 1806, m. Townsend Bailey.
  Lydia6 b. March 8, 1812, m. March 3, 1831, Jonathan G. Fleet.

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