JOHN1 ROCK SMITH in Stamford, Conn. in 1640, at Hempstead, L. I. in 1644, says that at Stamford he was called Rock John for distinction. There were several John Smiths in that settlement. He was a Judge. He was born about 1615, he d. 1706, and the Hempstead records show his long life to have been spent in an active, enterprising manner, surrounded by neighbors and friends who were ever ready to transact business with him, and hold him in good esteem.

The name of his wife does not appear in any of the deeds or exchanges of land or in his will. The names of his sons are of frequent occurrence, sometimes disposing of property jointly with their father.

Children of JOHN1 ROCK SMITH:

John2 m., died before 1690. Children, Richard, Timothy, Mary and Sarah.

  Joseph2 m. had son Joseph.
  Jonathan2 m. Grace Mott, dau. of Adam1 and Jane
  (Hewlett), he d. about 1724.
  Mary2 m. Samuel Denton.
  Martha2 m. Francis Chappel, she d. before her
  One dau.2 m. a Rushmore and had Ann and Mary.
  Hannah2 m. John Tredwell.
JONATHAN2 ROCK SMITH (John1) in 1698, a Lieutenant in the King's service, had commission
signed and sealed by Richard Earl, of Belmont, Commission is still in the possession of one of his descendants who bears the name of Rock Smith, and lives on the farm that he owned and occupied at Merrick, L. I. The old house has been moved back from the road and is kept as an heir loom.

Children of JONATHAN2 and Grace (Mott) Rock Smith:

  Thomas3 m. had dau. Grace, he d. previous to 1724.
  Jonathan jr.3 m. Elisabeth, he d. 1746.
  Mary,3 Jane,3 Grace.3
  Gersham m.
JONATHAN3 jr. and Elisabeth had:

  John4 m. Rachel.
  Henry Cornell.4
  Elisabeth4 b. 1708, m. 1725, Elias Cornelius, m. 2d
    Ezekiel Matthews.
  Jane4 m. Benjamin Haviland.
  Hannah4 m. Timothy Beadle.
JOHN4 ROCK SMITH (Jonathan3 Jonathan2 John1) m. Rachel and had:

  Joseph5 m. Elisabeth Gildersleeve.
  Son-in-law, Benjamin Smith, daus. Phebe,5 Ann5
    and Elisabeth.5
JOSEPH5 and Elisabeth (Gildersleeve) Rock Smith had the homestead, and son WILLIAM, who m. Amy Smith, dau. of George and had:

  Elijah m. Delia Fish. dau. of William.
GERSHAM3 ROCK SMITH (Jonathan2 John1) d. about 1732, had wife Mary, and children:

  Gersham,4 Thomas,4 Uriah,4 Israel,4 Mary,4 Martha,4,
    Sarah,4 Jane4 and Elisabeth.4
Children of Gersham4 Rock Smith and wife:

  Adam5 m. Elisabeth Raynor and had Raynor6
    Rock Smith, m. 1st (???), 2d Elisabeth.
  Richard,6 Thomas,6 Gersham,6 Catharine,6 m. a
RAYNOR6 R. SMITH (Adam5 Gersham4 Gersham3 Jonathan2 John1) and Elisabeth2 Moxon had:

dau, m. 1st Charles Powell, 2d m. Carman Cornelius.

ZOPHAR SMITH b. March 23, 1749, m. 1779, Glorianna Carman, b. May 10, 1756, he d. July 25, 1814, children:

  Benjamin b. 1780, m. (???), he d. 1820.
  Ruth b. 1781.
  James b. 1782, m. Elisabeth Duryea, he d. 1848.
  Hannah b. 1784. Mary b. 1786. Silas b. 1787.
  William b. 1789, m. 1817, Catherine Duryea.
  Clarissa b. 1791. Fanny b. 1792, d. 1795.
  Samuel b. 1794.
  Carman b. 1801.
JAMES SMITH and Elisabeth (Duryea) had:

  Gelston m. Esther Seaman, dau. of John and Mary
  Hewlett m. Nancy Post, dau. of Oliver and Mary
  Maria m. 1st Braddock Seaman, 2d m. John B.
WILLIAM SMITH of Huntington. d. before 1684, his sons were:

Thomas, Joseph, Nehemiah and Wait.

Benjamin Smith formerly of Huntington, L. I., with wife Sarah, lived at Milford, New Haven, in 1684.
JONATHAN SMITH (had sister Abbie Carpenter of Snarlington) m. 1st and had Sylvanus, m. Jane Ireland, dau. of Thomas; lived at Bethpage. Sylvanus had half sisters.

Phebe Dorland, m. Wait Wells.

Amy Dorland, m. a Wilson.

Sir John Underhill m. Mary Moseley.

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