John1 Richbell of Southampton, England had two sons, John2 and Robert. The later Richbells are from Robert; John came to America, had land in Delaware first, was in Oysterbay in 1663. In 1669, he became first Proprietor of Mamaroneck, one account says "8, 6, 1661, John Richbell of O. B. purchased Mamaroneck," he d. 1684, wife Anne d. 1700. They had no son. Her will says son-in-law John Emerson, dau. Ann Emerson, son-in-law Capt. James Mott, dau. Elisabeth, grand-daughters Ann Gedney, Mary Williams and Mary Mott, grandson James Mott, son of Capt. James Mott. Elisabeth3 Richbell m. Adam Mott, Ann3 Richbell m. John Emerson of Talbot Co., New Jersey, Mary3 Richbell, m. Adam's son James2 Mott.

ANN the wife of John2 Richbell was a dau. of Margaret Parsons, other grandaughters of John and Ann were, Anna, Grace, Elisabeth and Jane.

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