Powells of Stonage Park, County Radnor, descended through Walter Powell, living in Queen Elisabeth's time, from Rhys Aap, King of South Wales.

Coat of Arms, 6 Lions heads -- Lions Rampant Or gold mullet and gold border.

Powells (Boughton Moncheusy, Co. Kent, Ednop Newtown), descended from Ethelystan, Glodrydd, Prince of Ferlys, of this family was Richard Powell, of Ednor, author of the Pentarchia, a short History of the Royal Tribes of Wales and their descendants, written in 1623. Sir Nathaniel Powell, of Ewherst, and H. was son of Meredith Powell, and grandson of John Ap Howell of Ednop.

In 1623, living in Virginia on the eastern shore, Thomas Powell and wife Gody.

In 1626, patent granted to Capt. Nathaniel Powell and nine others, Land on the northerly side of the James river.

His share was 600 acres.

In 1626, patent granted to Capt. William Powell and others in the territory of Tappahanna over, against James Ciltie. His share was 750 acres.

In 1635, July 24. From London to Virginia in the ship "Assurance," Samuel Powell, aged 19 years, and Elisabeth Powell, aged 17 years.

In 1635, a warrant from the Earl of Carlilse, sent Thomas Powell, to Barbadoes or Virginia.

In 1635, In the Brig "Matthews," from London to Virginia, Thomas Powell, aged 21 years, and in June, in the "Thomas," James Powell, aged 12 years.

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