THOMAS1 POWELL, born 8th mo 1641, died at Westbury, L. I. 28, 12, 1721, Ist wife unknown, children:
  Thomas2 m. Mary Willets 6, 9, 1691 at Bethpage,
    he d. 27, 9, 1731.
  Abigail2 b. 18, 4, 1668 m. Richard Willets 15, 3,
    1690 at Huntington L. I., she d. 2, 9, 1757.
  Elizabeth2 m. Samuel Titus 6, 9, 1691 at Bethpage,
    she d. 9, 2, 1704.
  John2 m. Margaret Hallock 10 mo 1704, he d. 1738.
  Jonas2 m. Anna.
  Caleb2 m. Sarah, he d. 1741.
  Wait2 d. 1750 m. no ch.
  Elisha2 m. Rebecca, he d. 1739.

THOMAS1 POWELL, m. 2d Elisabeth Phillips of Jericho, L. I. 2, 9, 1690, (at Edmund Titus' in Westbury), children.
  Hannah2 b. 28, 5, 1691, m. Wm. Willis 1712 at
  Phebe2 b. 10, 6, 1693 m. Henry Willis 1712 at
    Bethpage she d. 1751.
  Rachel2 m. Thomas Willets 1719.
  Mercy2 b. 1702, m. Jacob Seaman 1726 she d. 13,
    3, 1759.
  Solomon2 m. Ruth Carman 1730, he d. 23, 2, 1736.
  Sarah m. Nathaniel Seaman 1722.

Elizabeth Phillips was prob. dau. of John2 Townsend
    and widow of Theophilus Phillips of Flushing m.
    Theophilus 1685, he d. 1686, she was his3d wife.

THOMAS2 POWELL (Thomas1) m. Mary dau. of Thomas Willets of Jericho and Dinah Townsend and had children:
  Thomas3 b. 30, 5, 1663 m. 12, 1724 Abigail Hallock
    he d. 1, 3, 1757.
  Mary3 b. 4, 11, 1694, died 2 mo. 1695.
  Abigail3 b. 13, 12, 1695 m. 1733 Peter Hallock.
  Mary3 b, 16, 3, 1697 m. 16, 8, 1728 Samuel Prior b.
    1692 she d, 21, 5, 1776.
  Wait3 b. 29, 9, 1698 m. 15, 1, 1723 Mary Mudge,
    he d. 1782.
  Amos3 of Islip b. 9, 5, 1700 d. single 14, 1, 1749.
  Moses3 b. 4, 5, 1702 m. 1732 Catharine Hallock,
    he d. 1774,
  Richard3 b. 17, 4, 1704 m. 1737 Freelove Weeks m.
    2d 28, 7, 1748 Jerusha Week, he d. 7, 3, 1774.
  Elizabeth3 b. 11, 10, 1705.
  Hannan3 b, 18, 7, 1707 m. Henry Whitson, b. 1705
    she d. 1790,
  Joshua3 b. 18, 5, 1709 m. 1744 Phebe Post dau.
  Isaac3 b, 4, 1711, m. 2, 1, 1733 Martha Whitman
    he d. 1794.
  Martha3 b. 29, 6, 1713 m. Francis Keen she d. 24,
    3, 1773.
  Deborah3 b, 28, 10, 1715, m. 1744 John Whitson.
Thomas2 lived and died at Bethpage. Their home was the first house built in that vicinity. There were Indian Wigwams in the neighborhood.

In the year 1747, Amos Powell accompanied John Woolman through Connecticut, when he Woolman was on a Religious visit to New England.

THOMAS3 POWELL (Thomas2 Thomas1) m. 24, 12, 1724 Abigail dau. of John Hallock (and Hannah) of Brookhaven, L. I., children:
  Samuel4 b. 10, 11, 1725, m. 23, 3, 1748 Mary Wood,
    he d. 1797.
  Elizabeth4 b. 2, 7, 1727, m. 1761 Micah Post.
  Thomas4 b. 3, 2, 1729, m. 1757 a collier.
  Ruth4 b. 31, 3, 1731, m. 1748 Jehu Mott.
  Joshua4 b. 9, 12, 1732, m. Margaret (called Gretie)
  Joseph4 b. 25, 12, 1735, m. 1757 Deborah Scott he
    d. 12, 2, 1789.
  Elisha4 b. 20, 12, 1737, m. 1766 Rachel Ham, she b.
    9, 8, 1749, d. 27, 8, 1825, he d. 22, 2, 1824.
  Mary4 b. 30, 10, 1739 m. 3, 8, 1765 John Cornelius,
    she d. 21, 3, 1826.
  Amos4 b. 20, 10, 1741, m. 1st 1767 Jerusha Allen,
    2d Annie nee Willets, wid. Powell.
  Israel4 b. 17, 2, 1744, m. dau. Amos Seaman.
  Jesse4 b. 7, 8, 1746, m. Margaret called Peggy.
  Thomas and Abigail lived, died and buried at   Bethpage.

SAMUEL4 POWELL (Thomas3 Thomas2 Thomas1) m. 23, 3, 1748 Mary Wood, children:
  Samuel m. 1787.
  Martha m. 1784 Jesse Brundige.
  Jacob, a weaver, m. 1793 Hannah Pearsall, dau. of
    John, moved to New York in 1804.
  Mary b. 1754, m. William Stillwell, he b. 1757, d.
    1799, she d. 1844.
  Abigail m. Caleb Wood, he d. 4, 9, 1828.
  Kesia m. 1794 John Darby.
  Hannah m. 1793 John Pearsall, dau. of John.
Stillwell children of Wm. and Mary:

  Abigail b. 1781, m. Jonah Powell, she d. 1825
Samuel b. 1787, d. 1790.
Wood children of Caleb and Abigail:

  Elkanah m. 1st Annie Rushmore, dau. of James
    Rushmore and Deborah Whitson, dau. of John
    and had: Dr. James R. Wood of New York, b.
    9 mo, 1816. He was a noted surgeon.
  Samuel Darby, mariner, and Hannah, his wife, came
    to L. I. from Salem, Mass. in 16--.

SAMUEL5 POWELL (Samuel4 Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m 1787 Kesia and went to Coeymans, N. Y., children:
  James6 m. and had eel potpie for his wedding
  Mary6 m. a Halstead.

THOMAS4 POWELL (Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1757 a Collier. In 1762 moved with his family from Bethpage, L. I., into the limits of Purchase. Monthly meeting. Was at Stephentown now Somers 24, 9, 1792. Children:
  Thomas5 b. 4, 4, 1758, m. Catharine Ham, she b. 13,
    3, 1753, he d. 1840.
  John5 m. and lived in Westchester county, N. Y.
    Unknown,5 killed by a shark.

THOMAS5 POWELL (Thos.4 Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Catharine Ham, b. 13, 3, 1753. Children:
  Elisha6 H. b. 15, 12, 1793, m. Hannah Powell b. 2,
    7, 1795, dau. of John and Phebe (Halstead)
  John H.6 had son Edward.
Some of their descendants still live at Coxsackie. Children of ELISHA6 H. and Hannah (Powell) Powell were:

  Phebe7 b. Aug. 24, 1814.
  Katharine7 b. Feb. 28, 1816.
  Coenrad,7 b. Jan. 27, 1817, m. Martha G. Bedell, dau.
    of Daniel and Miriam and had Alice and Ella.
  Luman7 b. Jan. 27, 1819, m. Abigail Bedell, dau.
    of Daniel and Miriam.
  John Wm.7
  Hannah Jane7.
  Elisha B.7
  Thomas Collier,7 m. had ch. Omar Powell and
Children of LUMAN7 and Abigail (Bedell) Powell:
  Alonzo G.8 m. and had Maud, Clarence, Mabel,
    Satie and Stanley.
  Daniel E.8 m. and had Edith and Arthur.
  Benjamin B.8 m. and had Lela.
  Jennie H.8 m. a Slingerland and had Luman and Claude.

JOSHUA4 POWELL (Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1757 Margaret Ellis. He was disunited with Friends 1757 for bearing arms to save paying his fine, children:
  Sally5 m. Richard Totton.
  Abigail5 m. Cornelius Van Cott, son of Gabriel.

JOSEPH POWELL (Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1757 or 1760 Deborah Scott, b. 1739, children:
  Catherine5 b. 1760, m. Jacob Covert.
  Martha5 b. 1761.
  Abigail5 b. 1764, m. Richard Whitson.
Rachel5 b. 1766, m. Isaac Whitson.
  Jerusha5 b. 1776, m. Jas. Seaman.
  Joseph4 Powell was a carpenter, lived at Bethpage.
Huntington Rec. give account of a verbal Will made in 1789 after a severe injury caused by the giving way of a ladder upon which Joseph4 Powell was standing while engaged in building a house; his death followed soon and the will was allowed.

ISRAEL4 POWELL (Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) resided in Dutchess county, N. Y., m. a dau. of Amos Seaman, children:
  Annie b. 5, 3, 1760.
  Stephen b. 10, 2, 1768.
  Charles b. 2, 8, 1772, and perhaps Phebe and Abigail.

ELISHA4 POWELL born at Bethpage, settled in Dutchess county, about 100 years ago. He took his family to Medway in Greene county. There he made a home, reared his family and when he died in 1824, Feb. 22, he was buried in a beautiful little cemetery of his own selection on his farm. His wife and many of his descendants lie around him A grand-daughter and her husband and family were living on the farm in 1890.

ELISHA4 POWELL (Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1766 Rachel Ham, b. Aug. 9, 1749, she d. Aug. 27, 1825, children:
  Mary6 b. Feb. 17, 1767, m. Thomas Hallock.
  Thomas E.6 b. July 22, 1768, m. Catharine
  Frederic6 b. Feb. 5, 1771, m. Deborah O'Blenis.
  Abigail6 b. Jan. 17, 1773, m. Wm. Bedell.
  Elisha E.6 b. July 12, 1777, m. Rachel Carmen.
  Elisabeth6 b. Nov. 8, 1778, m. Henry O'Blenis.
  John E6 b. Sep. 22, 1782, m. Sarah Smith.
  Margaret6 b. Oct. 21, 1783, m. Jonathan Miller.
  Israel6 b. Aug. 15, 1785.
  Samuel H.6 b. Oct. 12, 1787, m. Jane Smith.
  Henry6 b. Dec. 16, 1789, prob. d. young.
  Oliver6 b. Dec. 4, 1794, m. Deborah Rundle b.
    1795, d. Aug. 5, 1886, he d. Dec. 6, 1866.

OLIVER5 POWELL (Elisha4 Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Deborah Rundle, children:
  Samantha m. Reuben Washburn.
  Perline m. Oliver Marcus Daboll.
  Ann P. m. Isaac Smith.
  Susan H.
  Israel B. m. Amanda Shepherd.
  Jane m. Benj, Hilton.
  Araminta m. Stephen Washburn.
  Mary Elisabeth.
  Warren B. m. Lydia Newman.

AMOS4 POWELL (Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1767 Jerusha Allen, 2d Annie nee Willets, widow of Z. Powell, children:
  Thomas5 m. Stacy Conklin.
  Allen m. a Birch.
  James m. Elisabeth Van Cott.
  Anne m. a Den Eyke.
  Martha m. R. Whitson.
  Willet d. single and wealthy in the West Indies.

THOMAS5 POWELL (Amos4 Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Stacy Conklin, children:
  Jerusha m. Joshua Carman.
  Conklin m. Esther Wanzer.
  Ann m. Wm. Wanzer.
  Phebe m. a Noel.
Sylvanus m. Martha Haff and had a son.

JAMES5 POWELL (Amos4 Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Elisabeth Van Cott, children:
  Mary Weeks.
  Martha m. R. Tooker.
  James m. Amelia Ketcham.
  Elizabeth m. Dennis Middleton.

JESSE4 POWELL (Thos.3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Margaret, and went to Nova Scotia after the War of Independence, children:
  Samuel T.

WAIT3 POWELL (Thos.2 Thos.1) b. 1698, m. 1723 by a justice of the peace Mary Mudge b. 1701, dau. of Moses and Mary, children:
  Jane4 b. 2, 22, 1725, m. 1742 Samuel Willets of Islip.
  Mary4 b. 11, 31, 1727, m. 1749 Nathaniel Whitson,  son of John.
  Anna4 b. 7, 22, 1730, m. 1748 Rowland Pearsall, son of Henry.
  Wait4 b. 4, 30, 1733, m. Hannah Willets b. 1734, dau. of Amos.
Jemima4 b. 1, 31, 1736, m. 1762 Samuel Cocks, son   of Henry.
  Esther4 b, 2, 23, 1738, unm.
  Sarah4 b. 8, 23, 1745, m. Silas Whitson Aug. 10, 1772.
Esther Powell's will, 1781, gives her property to niece Mary wife of John Seaman, sister Mary Whitson, niece Jemima Willets wife of Amos Powell, Amos Powell, Jemima Cock.

WAIT4 POWELL (Wait3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1756 Hannah Willets, children:
  Willets b. 1757, m. 1781 Ruth Whitson b. 1761,  and had Charles b. 1783, Sarah b. 1788, Hannah
    b. 1792, Wait b. 1795.
  Rachel b. 1759.

MOSES3 POWELL (Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1732 Catharine, dau. John and Hannah Hallock of Brookhaven, will dated 1774 at North Castle, Westchester county, N. Y., children:
  Moses4 b. 26, 1, 1733, d. 1737.
  John4 b. 11, 10, 1734-5, m. 1745-6, 11, 11, Elisabeth   Kipp b. 1738, 4, 9, dau. of Benj. Kipp.
  Anna4 b. 26, 10, 1737, m. 1757, 3, 17, Samuel  Quimby and had Catharine and Jane.
  Nathaniel4 b. 1739, m. 1767 Anna Sutton b. 1751, 11, 1,  dau. of Joseph and Deborah, he d. 12, 2, 1807.
  Moses4 b. 5, 11, 1741, m. Hannah Wheeler.
  Hannah4 b. 5, 11, 1742-3, m. 1761, 12, 17, Benedict  Carpenter.
  Obadiah4 b. 16, 5, 1744.
  Catharine4 b. 30, 3, 1746, m. a Hunt and had Mary  Ann and Rebecca.
  Edward4 b. 5, 3, 1748, m. had children.
  James4 b. 25, 12, 1750, m. 1st unknown, 2d Martha  Townsend, April 1, 1804.
Samuel b. 30, 9, 1752.
  Elisabeth b. 25, 1, 1755, m. 7, 20, 1775, Zebediah
    Dickinson and had Daniel, Isaac and Jacob.
  Mary b. 23, 5, 1757, m. a Gleason.
  Isaac b. 8, 8, 1759, m. 1788 Phebe Fowler.
In 1754 Moses Powell sold his home and lands at Bethpage to Joseph Prior, and removed to Westchester county, N. Y.

JOHN4 POWELL (Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 11, 11, 1754-6 Elizabeth, dau. Benj. Kipp, she b. 1738, 4, 9, children:

JACOB5 POWELL (John4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. (???), children:
  James6 died.
  Henry J.6 m. Judith Rider.
  James6 m. had five children.
  Ammon6 m. had five children.
  Ruth6 m. 1st (???) Booth, m. 2d Benjamin Shelden.

HENRY J.6 POWELL (Jacob5 John4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Judith Rider and had children:
  Jonathan K.7 m. 1st Elizabeth Stark, 2d Anne Morrell.
  Wilson M.7 m. Sarah, dau. of Samuel Browne.
  Albert G.7 m. Eva.
  Maria7 m. Edwin Blackburn.
  Louisa7 she died Nov. 27, 1884.

JONATHAN K.7 POWELL (Henry I.6 Jacob5 John4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1st Elizabeth Stark, 2d Anne Morrell and had children:
  Henry A.8 m. Julia.
  Lefferts M.8
  Anna L.8

WILSON M.7 POWELL (Henry I.6 Jacob5 John4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1), a noted lawyer of New York city, m. Sarah, dau. of Samuel Browne and Rachel (nee Hopper), dau. of Isaac T., had children:
  Samuel B.8
  Rachel H.8
  Henry I.8
  Wilson M.8

ALBERT G.7 POWELL (Henry I.6 Jacob5 John4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Eva, had children:
Arthur Albert.
  Eva m. Christopher Howard.
  Henry Yarwood d. early.
  Yarwood Henry, d. early.

NATHANIEL4 POWELL (Moses3 Thomas2 Thomas1) m. Anna Sutton, dau. of Joseph and Deborah. Removed from North Castle, Westchester county, to Salt Point, Dutchess county, 12 miles north-east of Poughkeepsie in 1772, 7, 14. Children all born at Salt Point.
  Stephen5 m. had three chiidren.
  Joseph5 m. had seven children.
  Nathaniel5 m. Martha Haight.
  Henry5 not married.
  Anna5 m. a Hoag, several children.
  Phebe5 m. a Hoag, several children.
Elisabeth5 m. a Halstead, five children.
  Catherine5 m. a Duel, two children.
  Emma5 m. a De Garmo, seven children.
  Mary5 not m.
  Hannah5 m. a Bowman, four children.
  Esther5 m. a Ryder, four children.
  Lydia5 m. a Culver, three children.
  Deborah5 m. a Quimby, three children.

STEPHEN5 POWELL (Nathaniel4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Children:

JOSEPH5 POWELL (Nathaniel4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. had children:

NATHANIEL5 POWELL (Nathaniel4 Moses3
  Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Martha Haight, had children:
  Ruth Ann6 m. Henry Dickinson.
  Esther Maria.6
  Caleb H.6 m. Mary Jane Haight.
  Probably there were others.

MOSES4 POWELL (Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Hannah Wheeler, children:
  John5 b. 16, 4, 1771, m.1 Phebe Halstead, m.2 Rebecca
    Hallock, he died 19, 11, 1859.

JOHN5 POWELL (Moses4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) born at North Castle, Westchester Co., lived at Coeymans, m1 Phebe Halstead (dau. of Joshua and Mary), she b. 15, 1, 1767, children:
  Hannah6 b. 2, 7, 1795, m. Elisha6 H. Powell, son
   of Thos.5 & Catherine.
  Joshua6 b. 13, 11, 1796.
  Moses6 b. 13, 1, 1798, m. Jerusha Hicks of (???) &
  David6 b. 19, 1, 1800.
  Mary6 b. 21, 8, 1801.
  Isaac6 b. 11, 4, 1803.
  Phebe6 b. 12, 10, 1804.
  Prudence6 b. 16, 4, 1806.

JOHN5 POWELL m.2 1829, 3, 29, Rebecca Hallack, dau. of Edward and Susanna, she b. 13, 11, 1780, one child:
  Phebe6 b. 5, 7, 1823.

OBADIAH4 POWELL (Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. had children:

JAMES4 POWELL (Moses3 Thos2 Thos.1) m. 1st unknown, 2d Martha, children:
  George5 m., had several children.
  Moses5 m.
  James5 unm.
  Amy5 m. Shepherd, three children.
  Phebe5 m. Montross, six children.
  Catharine5 m. Combs, four children.
  Elizabeth5 m. Fedenburgh, four children.
  Sarah5 m. Dean, five children.
  Dorcas5 m. John Bedell, seven children.
  Deborah5 unm.

JAMES4 POWELL m. 2, 1804, 4, 5, Martha, dau. of John Townsend and Susanna (Shotwell), children:
   Jane5 m. Macy, two children.
   Townsend5 m. Catharine Macy.
   Susan5 m. Mulineaux, nine children.
   Grace F.5 m. 1st Ricketson, one son, 2d Robinson.
   Shotwell5 m. Clapp, dau. of Thomas, three children.

TOWNSEND5 POWELL (James4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Catharine Macy of Hudson, dau. of Abraham Macy and his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Elihu Coleman, children:
  Aaron M.6 m. Anna Rice, had one dau. d. an infant.
  Elisabeth6 m. Bond, one son Edwin Bond. She is
    a widow and is now Dean of Swarthmore College,
  George6 m. Marcia, has several children, and is a
   noted agriculturist living in Ghent, N. Y,

SAMUEL4 POWELL (Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Phebe Fowler, had children:

ISAAC4 POWELL (Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Phebe Fowler, had children:
  Henry5 m. Phebe Haight.
  Caleb5 m. 1st Elisabeth Barnard, 2d Crosby.
  Caleb5 and Elisabeth had dau. Phebe, m. Oliver
    Macy, and had two sons.

HENRY5 POWELL (Isaac4 Moses3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Phebe Haight, dau. of Reuben and Sarah (Wright) Haight, b. 1794, she died 1883, 12, 16, aged nearly 90 years, children:
  Sarah C.6 m. Isaac D. Brown of David S., and has
    two children, son Franklin7 Brown, m. Jennie
    Crosier, and dau. Louisa,7 m. Edward Cornell,
    their son Franklin Edward8 Cornell.
Henry H.6 m. Emma Blanchard, has two children:
    Edna and Irene.

Henry5 Powell and Phebe lived at Poughkeepsie, son Henry H.6 still lives there.

The Brown family live in Brooklyn, N. Y.

One of the descendants of De Garmo and Emma,5 dau. of Nathaniel Powell, is at present President of Swartmore College, Penn.

3, 30, 1739. To the Monthly Meeting of Friends at Westbury:
DEAR FRIENDS -- These lines may acquaint you that I am under concern of mind for my misstep in ye way that I was married.

Which was on this wise. I having made my application to her that is now my wife, not doubting but that we might come before the meeting and be allowed to pass the same, and having gone so far that we could not reverse our desires and being discouraged from making application to the preparative Meeting by some of the members thereof, did unadvisedly and without ye counsel and advice of Friends procure a license from the Governor and was married by a Justice of the Peace.

Which hasty and unadvised marriage, contrary to the practice and good order used and established amongst Friends I do condemn, and do desire that for the future I may walk more circumspectly.

                     From your friend,
                        RICHARD POWELL.

Richard Powell's acknowledgment was accepted by the Meeting, as satisfactory, and he remained a useful member of the Society the rest of his life.


"In the matter of Henry Powell marrying out of the unity of his Friends, to his first cousin, which was again resumed and considered of, it appears to be the sense and judgment of the meeting that inasmuch as he was sufficiently treated with, in a dissuasive manner to desist from proceeding in marriage with his near kinswoman before marriage, and he hath not received the counsel and advice of Friends, but gone contrary to the rules of our Discipline, and left Friends. Therefore, he is disowned as a member in unity with us, until he is sensible that he has gone contrary to the order of Truth and condemns the same with sincerity of mind to the satisfaction of Friends.

     Signed by order of the Meeting by
                      SAMUEL WILLIS,  Clerk.

RICHARD3 POWELL (Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1737 Freelove Weeks, dau. of Henry Weeks & Susanna Alling. They lived and died at Bethpage, L. I., near Mannatts Hill, children:
  Henry4 b. 1741, m. his cousin Mary Keen, dau. of
  Richard4 m. 1762 Phebe Whitson.

RICHARD3 POWELL m.2 1748, 7, 28, Jerusha (nee Lewis), widow of Robert Weeks, brother of his first wife, child:
    Silas4 m. 1780, April 30, Ann Allen. They had
       son Daniel5 who m. 1808 Julianna Carle and had
       son Timothy,6 who m. and had son Allen7

HENRY4 POWELL (Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Mary dau. Francis Keen and his wife Martha3 Powell, dau. Thos.2 The marriage was at St. George's church, Hempstead, L. I., 19 Dec. 1762, by Samuel Seabury, Rector, children:
  Freelove5 m. Jacob Parrish.
  Jacob5 not m.
  Thomas5 m. Mary Ludlow.
  James5 was drowned 1782.
  Martha5 m. Benjamin Townsend.
  Elisa5 m. William Seymore.

THOMAS5 POWELL (Henry4 Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1802 Mary Ludlow, dau. of Robert, children:
  Henry6 not m.
  Robert Ludlow6 m. Louisa Orso.
  James Augustus6 drowned 1828.
  Jacob6 died 1816.
  Francis Elisabeth Ludlow6 m. Homer Ramsdell,
    he died 1894, their children were: Leila Rains
    Ramsdell, Homer Stockbridge Ramsdell, m.
    Maud Clarkson; James Augustus Powell Ramsdell
    m. (???) Van Nostrant; Thomas Powell
    Ramsdell, died 1893 or 4; Francis Josephine, m.
    G. W. Rains, U. S. A.

ROBERT6 LUDLOW POWELL (Thomas5 Henry4 Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Louisa A. Orso, dau. of Jean Baptiste Orso. She was a Creole. Children:
  Francis E7 died young.
  Mary Ludlow7 m. Isaac Sebring Fowler.
  Henrietta7 m. W. A. M. Culbert.
  Children of Isaac Sebring Fowler & Mary6 Ludlow
    were: Robert Ludlow Fowler, Julia Fowler,
    Thomas Powell Fowler and Isabella Fowler

RICHARD4 POWELL (Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1762 Phebe Whitson, dau. of John and Martha (Whitman) Whitson, children:
  Richard5 b. 14, 7, 1769, m. 1790 Amy Saxton.
  John5 b. 9, 7, 1773, m. Sarah Latting.
  Henry5 b. 1782, m. Sarah Wood, of West Hills.
  Esther5 b. 10, 1, 1768, m. 1789 Charles Willets, no
  James5 b. 1, 7, 1784, m. 1808 Prudence Peters.

RICHARD5 POWELL (Richard4 Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Amy Saxton, dau. of , children:
  Ephraim6 m. widow of French, ex. of Mannetto
  John6 not m.
Ann6 m. Capt. Kendal Towne, and had:
    Rebecca m1 Aaron Oakley, m2 Samuel Post.
    Ruth m. Ira Ketcham.
    Sarah m. Abner Chichester, of West Hills.
    Hattie not m.
    Kendall m., he had two children.
    Anne m. Frederick Bunce of Babylon.
    Lana m. Willett Powell of Hempstead.
    Phebe m. John Wood of Amityville.
  Abner and Sarah Chichester had Josephine & Irving;
    Frederick and Anne had Virginia Bunce;
    John Wood and Phebe had Hannah; Wait Powell
    and Lana had Annie and Harriet.

JOHN5 POWELL (Richard4 Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Sarah Latting, children:
  Oliver6 m. Charlotte Wood, no children.
  Henry0 m. Rachel Colyer.
  Elwood6 m. Susan Kortwright.

HENRY6 POWELL (John5 Richard4 Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Rachel Colyer, children:
  Charles7 died.

ELWOOD6 POWELL (John5 Richard4 Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Susan Kortwright, children:
  John K.7 m. Ida Cornelius, dau. of John & Ida.
  Sarah Emma7 m. Epenetus Ketcham and had
    Susan and Alexander.

HENRY5 POWELL (Richard4 Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Sarah Wood, children:
  Andrew6 m. Jane Duryea of Norwich, and had
    Esther m. Benjamin Willis.
  Esther m. Jesse Bryant of Comac, had Esther m.
    Ira Hubbs.
  Elisa6 m. Wait Powell of John and Ruth.

JAMES5 POWELL (Richard4 Richard3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Prudence Peters, children:
  Richard6 unm.
  Phebe6 m. James Powell of John and Ruth.
  Ansalem6 m. Hannah Ketcham of Amityville.
  Charles6 m. Eliza Ann Weeks of Mannetto Hill.
  Janett6 unm.

ANSALEM6 POWELL (James5 Rich'd4 Rich'd3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Harriet Ketcham Powell, had:
  Antoinette7 m. Carle Baylis of Melville, and had
    Alice, Alexander, Gertrude and George.
  Alexander7 m. Nellie Thomas.
Mary Alice7 m, James Davy of Flatlands, children:
    Bessie and Hattie.
  George W.7 m. Hattie Boroughs of Brooklyn,
    child: Herbert.
Ansalem7 m. Anna Powell of Brooklyn, children:
    Mabel and Wesley.
  Josephine7 unm.
Thomas7 unm.
  Willie7 died.
Children of Charles6 and Eliza Ann (Weeks) Powell:
  Mary Celia.7
  Mary Lavina.7
  Charles Augustus7
  Phebe Emma.7
  Sarah Elisabeth.7
  Hattie7 died.

The children of Francis and Martha Keene were:
  Mary m. Henry4 Powell, son of Richard.3
  Martha m. Jacob Titus.
  Thomas m.
  Isaac m.
Francis Keen was noted for being very active and quick motioned. They lived at Herricks, North Hempstead, L. I., after selling their place at Bethpage.

Martha Keen was dau. of Thomas2 and Mary (Willets) Powell.


I Richard Powell of Bethpage in the Township of Oysterbay in Queens County on Nassau Island in the Province of New York -- being this seventh day of third month called March in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and seventy-four in perfect health of body though pretty far advanced in years yet judgment and memory quick and good not knowing how soon my final change may come being therefore willing to set my house in order do make and ordain the present writing to contain my last Will and Testament in manner following First I do order and direct that all my just and lawful debts and funeral charges be fully paid and satisfied by my executors herein after named before any division be made in my estate in general.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my Daughter-in-law Jemima Weeks one Bed and full furniture and so much money as to make the whole amount to thirty pound as it may be appraised.

Item I give and devise to my eldest son Henry Powell all the Land that lyeth at Cold Spring that I have any right to under what circumstances soever it may be to him and his heirs and assigns forever, also the one equal half of a piece of Plains Land containing twenty one acres, and two thirds part of an acre cituate in the Township of Oyster Bay and in the Williams Purchase it being a piece of land given me by my brother Amos Powell. Item I give and bequeath to my son Henry above named the full sum of one hundred pound currant lawful money to be paid unto him in some Reasonable time after my decease. Item I devise to my son Richard Powell, the dwelling house that he now lives in together with barn and improvements thereto belonging, also the land whereon it now stands, and the lot of land lying before the south of the house as the fence now standeth, also all the land northwardly up the Hollow on the west side of the road, I also devise to my son Richard a certain lot or parcel of land lying the east side of said hollow to extend northwardly to a certain line fixed as a bounds between my son Richard and my son Silas Powells land, and to extend eastwardly to the road that leadeth from Bethpage to John Whitson's, comprehending all the land lying the south side of the division line, to the land belonging to Francis Keen and Tice Lane extending eastwardly to the road that leadeth from Bethpage before mentioned together with one other piece of land lying westward from my dwelling house and near the great plains -- it being the lot lying before or south of Silas Smith's house, beginning the northeast corner of said lot and running southwardly as the fence now standeth to Silas Smith's land thence westwardly to the next fence, all which several pieces of land above mentioned I give and devise unto my son Richard Powell to remain unto him and to his heirs and assigns forever.

Item, I give and devise unto my youngest son Silas Powell all my buildings as house and barn and also all the land of my homestead extending westwardly to Silas Smith's land and the land given to my son Richard -- and northerly to a piece of land belonging to Silas Smith, thence extending eastwardly straight with Silas Smiths line until it comes to the road that leads from Joshua Powell's to Mannetto Hill, also a piece of plain land lying westward and near Silas Smiths as the enclosure now stands, Also a piece of wood land lying the south side and eastwardly and joining Tice Lane's land, southwardly to the Country road and also all the land lying northwardly of a certain line above mentioned as a bounds between my two sons, Richard and Silas Powell, also one other piece of land lying the east side of the road that leads from Bethpage northwardly to John Whitsons--containing about twelve acres more or less all which pieces of land above given to my son Silas Powell I do ratify and confirm unto him to his heirs and assigns forever.

Item, I also give and bequeath unto my son Silas Powell above mentioned the full sum of one hundred and fifty Pound currant lawful money to be paid to him at some Reasonable time after my decease. Item, I give and devise all my other lands and rights of lands, meadows and plains land that I have in the Township of Oysterbay or the Township of Huntington to be equally divided between my two sons Richard and Silas Powell -- to be equally divided between them and to remain unto them in severalty to them and to their heirs and assigns forever, Item -- my will farther is that my son Silas Powell should have one bed and full furniture, and that all my other moveable estate after legacies are paid, should be equally divided between my three sons namely Henry, Richard and Silas Powell, and my will farther is that if my son Silas should die before he doth arrive at lawful age or without lawful issue -- that in such case the portion above given him should be equally divided between his surviving brothers or their heirs.

Lastly I do constitute ordain and appoint my son Richard Powell and Nathaniel Whitson and Thomas Pearsall, all of Bethpage in the Township of Oysterbay my executors of this my last Will and Testament, giving and hereby granting unto them or either of them full Power and Authority to execute this my Last Will and Testament in every part thereof.


JOSHUA3 POWELL (Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1744 Phebe Post, dau. of Richard and (?) Phebe, children:
  Hannah4 b. 15, 10, 1745, m. 1765 Jacob Willets,   son of Daniel, of Islip.
  Willets4 b. 11, 6, 1747, m. 1779 Catharine Seaman,  dau. of Obadiah, children: Deborah and Udall,
Phebe4 b. 17, 9, 1749, m. 1774 Amos Willets, of
  Amos4 b. 27, 4, 1752, m. 1773 Jemima Willets, dau.
   of Samuel & Jane, he d. 1828.
  Joshua4 b. 15, 10, 1754, m. 1891 Phebe Willis, dau.
    of John, he d. 1817.
  Richard4 b. 2, 11, 1757, m. 1781, Jemima Pratt, no
    children, he died 1836.
  Benjamin4 b. 13, 2, 1760, m. 1792 Elsie Smith.

AMOS4 POWELL (Joshua3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Jemima, had children:
  Jervis5 b. 1774.
  Joshua5 b. 1775-6, m. had Joshua6 1807, Rachel6 1809.
  James5 b. 1779.
  George5 b. 1783, m. Sarah Powell, dau. of Thomas
   & Martha.
  Phebe5 b. 1787.

GEORGE5 POWELL (Amos4 Joshua3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Sarah, had:
  Willets6 b. 1820, m. Mary Jane.
  Ruth W.6 b. 1824.

WILLETS6 & Mary Jane Powell, had:
  Antoinette7 b. 1843.
  Wait7 b. 1849.
  Mary Seaman7 b. 1852.
  Charles7 b. 1862.
  Jennie7 and Willet7 died.

JOSHUA4 POWELL (Joshua3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Phebe (Willis) had:
  Edmond5 b. 17, 2, 1785, not m., he d. 1844.
  Elisabeth5 b. 18, 8, 1786, not m.
  Mary5 b. 2, 7, 1788, m. 1810 Samuel Titus, son of  Stephen & Phebe.
  John W.5 b. 29, 5, 1790, m. 1813, Sarah M. Johnson,   dau. of Wm. & Anna, of New York.

Phebe5 b. 12, 12, 1796, not. m.
  JOHN5 W. POWELL (Joshua4 Joshua3 Thos.2
   Thos.1) and Sarah had:
  Mary6 m. Adam Mott, son of Henry.
  Mathilda6 m. Stephen Rushmore, son of Isaac.
  Sarah6 m. Jacobs Willets son of Samuel.
  Phebe6 m. Jehiel K. Hoyt.
BENJAMIN4 POWELL (Joshua3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1792 Elsie Smith, children:

  Richard5 S. m. Sarah Underhill, dau. of Richard.
  Walter5 m. Maria Seaman, dau. of John.
  Damaris5 m. James Whitson, son of Eliphalet.
  Phebe5 single.
  Hannah5 m. Samuel Robbins, son of Scudder and
   Elisabeth (Cornelius).
RICHARD5 S. POWELL (Benjamin4 Joshua3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Sarah had:

  Phebe6 b. 1829, m. Harrison Young.
  Thomas6 m. Hannah Ann Ketcham.
  Hannah6 m. Robert Carpenter.
  Walter6 m. Lucy Harned, dau. of Andrew, have
   Sarah7 T. and Ruth.7
  Caroline6 m. James Reed.
  Pamela6 unm.
Children of Phebe6 (Powell) and Harrison Young:

  Frank m. Phebe C. Smith, dau. of Ephraim and
    Sarah Jane (Powell) Smith.
  Sarah P. m. Hewlett Nostrant.
  Harrison, Jr. m. Martha Smith of Elbert.
Children of Hannah & Robert Carpenter:

  A. Lincoln.

WALTER5 POWELL (Benjamin4 Joshua3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Maria Seaman, children:
  Mary Alice6 unm., died.
  Benjamin6 unm.
Edward Harnett (ord, sometimes spelled one way, and sometimes the other) and family, were at Salem, Massachusetts, in 1640, and later suffered for harboring Quakers. Their son Edward, Jr. m. Elisabeth Porter, dau. of Jonathan and Eunice, and came to Huntington, L. I. about 1653 with the Porter family. Jonathan Porter died 1660, left wife and children, viz.:
  Eunice Porter m. James Chichester.
  Mary Porter m. Stephen Jervis.
  Elisabeth Porter m. Edward Harned, Jr.
In 1672 Jonathan Harned was on the Huntington Records, in 1714 he was at Huntington, West Neck, a brother-in-law of Elias Cornelius. In 1790 Jacob Harned joined Friends Meeting at Bethpage, and in 1816 Mary Harned also became a member amongst Friends.

ISAAC3 POWELL (Thos.2 Thos.1) m. 1733-4 in the Church at Huntington Martha Whitman, dau. of Zebulum and Sibbel (Lewis). The youngest son of Thomas2 Powell. Isaac and his descendants have always occupied his father's homestead, it being the original first house built in the Bethpage purchase, children:
  Martha4 m 1756 Thomas Titus, son of William.
  Zebulun4 m. Nov. 11, 1773 Anna Willets, dau. of Samuel and Jane.
  Sibbel4 b. 31, 7, 1747, m. 1778 Jonas, son of Daniel  Powell, she d. 9, 4, 1785.
  Thomas4 b. 1752, m. 1774 Martha, dau. of James  and Annie Cox Titus.
Jonah4 m. July 28, 1779 Jane Ryder.

ZEBULUN4 POWELL (Isaac3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Annie (Willets), children:
  Sarah5 m. 1797 Libni Pinkham, had Zebulun and
  Jonah5 b. 22, 12, 1776, m. 1798 Abigail Stillwell,
    dau. of William.
  Amy5 unm.
  Zebulun5 died a young man.

JONAH5 POWELL (Zebulun4 Isaac3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Abigail, had:
  Wm. Stillwell6 d. 1798.
  Samuel6 d. 1801.
  Mary Ann6 d. 1803.
  Eliza6 b. 1805, m. 1st Col. Stone, 2d (???) Allen.
  William Stillwell6 1806, m., had several daughters.
  James Edwin6 b. 1813, unm.

SAMUEL6 STRINGHAM POWELL b. 1715, m. Huldah A. Frazier, had sons who died early, one son
Thomas7 b. 1837, m., lived in Brooklyn.
Samuel6 S. Powell was mayor of Brooklyn in 1857-58-59-60, again in 1872-3, was city controller in 1875-76, was treasurer of Brooklyn at his death in Feb., 1879.

Libni Pinkham was son of Ebenezer and Elisabeth of Nantucket, who removed to Nine Partners, N. Y. after the Revolutionary War. Libni had certificate from Nine Partners to Jericho Monthly Meeting in 1793.

THOMAS4 POWELL (Isaac3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Martha Titus, children:
  Isaac5 b. 1774, m. 1797 Ruth Post.
  James5 b. 1777, m. Susanna.
John5 b. 1780, m. Ruth Whitson, dau. of John.
  Annie5 b. 1782, m. Eliphalet Whitson, son of John.
  Sarah5 b. 1787, m. George Powell, son of Amos.
  Willet5 b, 1792, m.
  Phineas5 b. 1795.
  Jarvis5 b. 1797, m. Sarah Bedell.
  Jonah5 b. 1801, m.1 Rachel Mott, m.2 Mary Hubbs,
    dau. of Selah.
  Whitman5 b. 1805.

JOHN5 POWELL (Thos.4 Isaac3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Ruth Whitson, children:
  James6 b. 1, 7, 1784, m. Phebe Powell, dau. of
    James & Prudence (Peters).
  Wait6 m. Eliza Powell, dau. of Henry & Sarah
  Sarah Ann6 not m.
  Mary6 not m.
  Ruth Ann.6
  Hannah6 m. Charles Wood.

JAMES6 POWELL (John5 Thos.4 Isaac3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Phebe, had:
  Emiline7 not m.
  Charles Sylvester7 m. Antoinette Powell.
  John J.7 m. Louisa Powell.
  James W.7 m.1 Emma Travis Sanders, m.2 Mary

CHARLES7 SYLVESTER POWELL & Antoinette had Wellington8 & Charles Sylvester.8

JOHN J.7 & Louisa Powell had Antoinette8 & Phebe Mary.8

JAMES7 W. and Emma1 Powell had Emma,2 and by second wife May had Charles,8 Catherine Emmeline.8

WAIT6 POWELL (John5 Thos.4 Isaac3 Thos.2 Thos.1) and Elisa, had:
  Ruth7 m. William Remsen of Jamaica.
  Zebulun7 not m.
  Mary Emma7 m. Richard Van Wyck Powell.
  Elisabeth7 died.
  Celestine7 not m.

JONAH4 POWELL (Isaac3 Thos.2 Thos.1) m. Jane Ryder, July 25, 1779, had children:
  Phebe5 m. a Hageman.
  Martha5 m. John Dorland.

JOHN2 POWELL (Thomas1) m. 10th mo. 1704 Margaret, dau. of John Hallock and Abigail (nee Swazye) had children:
  John3 b. 24, 10, 1705, m. Jan 11, 1739, Martha
  Philena3 b. 12, 10, 1707, not m.
  Clement3 b. 27, 12, 1709, m. 1731 David Whitson.
  Mary3 b. 22, 8, 1713, m. 1736 Daniel Powell.
  Phebe3 b. 13, 6, 1716, m. 1765 John, father of Elias
    Hicks, the celebrated Quaker Preacher. She
    was his 2nd wife, she had been clerk of Westbury
    Monthly Meeting of Friends several years previous
    to her marriage.
  Amy3 b. 6, 1, 1718, m. 1745 or 6 Daniel Willets.
  Rachel3 b. 1, 4, 1720, m. 1754 Thomas Pearsall, she
    d. 1759. They had one daughter.
  Sarah3 b. 10, 2, 1723, m. 1755 Thomas Underhill.
  Hannah3 b. 17, 6, 1725, m. 1744 Jacob Willets, son
    of Amos.
John2 Powell lived and died at Bethpage, widow Margaret m. 1640 Richard Willets of Secatague, see Willets, Gen.

From David Whitson descended Edward H. Magill, A. M., Ex-President of Swarthmore College, Pa.

JOHN3 POWELL (John2 Thos.1) m. Dec. 24, 1739, Martha Oakley, had children:
  John4 b. 1740, m1 Elisabeth Underhill, dau. of
    Thomas, m2 Phebe Post, children.
  Isaac4 b. 1744, m. 1769 Margaret Powell, dau. of   Daniel & Mary.
  Martha4 b. 1747, died 1748.
  William4 in 1775 had certificate from Bethpage to  Purchase.
  Sarah, dau, of John, Powell, perhaps John,3 m.  1767 Joseph Walters of Cortland Manor.

JOHN4 POWELL (John3 John2 Thos.1) m. Elisabeth Underhill, dau. of Thomas and Sarah, children:
  Martha5 b. 3, 3, 1767, m. Willet Leaycraft.
  Sarah5 b. 27, 6, 1769, m. a Hawhurst.
  Ann5 b. 5, 5, 1771.
  Jeffrey5 b. 16, 3, 1773.
  Ezra5 b. 25, 9, 1775.
  Thomas5 b. 1, 8, 1777, m. 23, 5, 1803, Esther Lax.
John4 P. m. 2, Phebe Post, children:
  William5 b. 17, 8, 1783, m. Harriet Valentine.
  Eliza5 b. 10, 9, 1785, m. Samuel Leggett.
  John5 b. 18, 10, 1787, m. Elisabeth Cox, dau. of
    George, she b. 1796, he d. 1873,

THOMAS5 POWELL (John4 John3 John2 Thos.1) and Esther (d. of Thomas and Isabella Lax) b. in Eng. 15, 10, 1783, had children:
  Ann Isabella6 b. 1804, m. William R. Whiting.
  Elisabeth6 b. 1805, m. John M. Ferris and had 3
    children who died.
  Thomas L.6 b. 1811, m. Sarah Ann Snedeker.
  John Ferdinand6 b. 1814, m. Eliza Farrington.
  George Edgar6 b. 1817, m. Harriet Farrington.

Esther L.6 b. 25, 9, 1818, m. Samuel Poole.
  Mary L.6 b. 1823, m. Daniel Duryea Cox, son of
    Peter, of Richard, of Samuel and Jemina (Powell).
THOMAS6 L. POWELL (Thos.5 John4 John3 John2 Thos.1) and Sarah Ann, children:

  George S.7 m. Hannah Jackson, dau. of George and
  Charles C.7 m. Gertrude Burt.
  Whitney7 m. Jane Lent.
  Mary Esther7 m. George Paine.
JOHN5 POWELL (John4 John3 John2 Thos.1) and Elisabeth Cox Clinton, children.
  William6 b. 1827, d. 1828.
  Martha6 b. 1829, m. Jacob Valentine.
  Sarah6 b. 1830, d. 1848.
  Harriet6 b. 1831, m. Van Rensalaer Abbott.
  Adaline6 b. 1835, unm.

ISAAC4 POWELL (John3 John2 Thos.1) m. 1769 Margaret, dau. of Daniel Powell and Mary, children:
  Rachel5 lived and died at Samuel I. Underhill's,
  Jacob5 m. Elisabeth Sands, went to New York
    where his descendants still live.

JACOB5 POWELL (Isaac4 John3 John2 Thos.1) and wife Elisabeth Sands had children:
  Platt6 one son, m. (???) Joralemon, dau. of Joralemon,
    formerly owner of the Brooklyn Joralamon
    street property a part of which is still in the
    possession of his grandson Tunis Powell, son of
  Mary Ann6 m.
  Eliza6 m.

JONAS2 POWELL (Thomas1) m. Anna (???), believed to have had a family of whom one named  Daniel3 m. 1st a dau. of Caleb Powell of Huntington, 2d Mary, dau. of John1 and Margaret Powell  of Bethpage.
1699, Jonas Powell bought land at Jericho of John and Mary Dole.
1761, Daniel Powell requested to be received a member amongst Friends of Westbury Monthly Meeting, lived at Bethpage.

In 1719 Jonas Powell and Anna his wife sold land to Wait Powell, described as all Lusum joining Jacob Willets, that Richard Willets bought of Hope Williams and Garret Albertson.

It seems probable that Jonas Powell married into either the Champion or the Eastlake family, and went to New Jersey with them, taking most of his family with him.

Anna wrote her name to the deeds of land when they sold the different pieces. Most of the women of that day made only a mark.

DANIEL3 POWELL (Jonas2 Thos.1) m1 dau. of Caleb Powell, no children, m.2 Mary Powell, dau. of John and Margaret, and had children:
  Jacob4 b. 2, 6, 1737, drowned in the South Bay.
  Deborah4 b. 10, 10, 1739, not m.
  Margaret4 b. 11, 12, 1743, m. 1769 Isaac Powell,
   son of John4.
  Jonas4 b. 24, 4, 1745, m. 1778, Sibbel4 Powell, dau.
   of Isaac,3 he d. 24, 2, 1815.
  Daniel4 b. 22, 1, 1749, m.
  Rachel4 b. 17, 2, 1753, d. 1759.
  Mary4 b. 29, 1, 1755, m. John Whitson, son of
    John & Martha (Whitman).

JONAS4 POWELL (Daniel3 Jonas2 Thos.1) and Sibbel4 had children:
  Martha5 b. 1779, m. John Plummer, son of Enoch
    & Abigail, she d. 1843.
  Mary5 b. 1782, not m., she d. 1854.
  Sibbel5 b. 29, 12, 1784, m. 1810 Stephen Loines,
    son of John, she d. 1864.
Children of Sibbel5 & Stephen Loines:
  Mary b. 1811, d. 1814.
  Jonas b. 1814, d. 18--.
  John b. 21, 2, 1818, m. 1843 Mary Bunker, he d.
    5, 3, 1854.
  Jonas P. b. 27, 4, 1821, m. Martha Macy, he d. 15,
    12, 1873.
  Robert b. 17, 5, 1824, m. Caroline.
Children of Martha5 & John Plummer:
  Mary m. 1839 Richard Titus had one son died early.
  Abigail m.1 Jarvis Whitson and had Mary Malvina6
    and Sidney, he d. 1891 or 2, she m2 Isaac
    Coles, she d. 1891 or 2.
  John J.6 m., has a family.
Enoch Plummer, an Englishman in King George's Army. married at Hempstead, L. I., Abigail Batty, dau. of David Batty & his wife Abigail (nee Seaman), widow of Samuel Jackson.

CALEB2 POWELL (Thomas1) m. Sarah, children:
  Sarah3 m. John Albertson, of Derrick.
  Caleb3 m. 1742 Clement Hallock, dau. of John  and Hannah of Brookhaven. They removed  from Oyster bay to Westchester county, N. Y.,   in 1742.


Know all men by these presents that I, Caleb Powell of Oyster Bay in Queens county on Nassau Island on the tenth day of ye fourth month Called June, in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and forty one, being but weakly in body and subject to infirmity, but my understanding sound and memory quick and good -- for which I return thanks to God for the same -- do make and ordain this and no other to be my last Will and Testament in manner following

Payment of just debts etc. etc.
I do will and bequeath to my Son in law Daniel Powell the sum of six shillings -- and upon receipt of the same ye sd Daniel Powell shall give a full acquitance and discharge to Executors -- I do will and bequeath to my daughter Sarah the wife of John Albertson 1 pound, and the household goods already delivered to her and she to give a full discharge to my executors.
I will and bequeath to my only son Caleb Powell all and every part of the remainder of my whole estate of what nature or kinds whatsoever.

                             CALEB POWELL.
 Thomas Powell.
Witnesses|Henry Whitson.
 Jesse Willets.
Executors|Richard Powell.
Wait Powell of Oyster bay.

ELISHA2 POWELL (Thos.1) m. Rebecca. His will proved 3 mo. 1739, says: Sell my negro boy Ben and Oxen and give my wife Rebecca the proceeds thereof, etc. Children:
Isabel3 m. Thomas Davis, had son Elisha mentioned
    in his grandfather's will.
  Abigail3 m. May 30, 1738, Samuel Pearce.
Thomas Davis and his family had a home willed to them by her father. It was located in the eastern part of the Bethpage purchase.

Portions of land were also given to the single daughters for their homes, and the rest of his large land estate was ordered to be sold and the money divided amongst them all.

WAIT2 POWELL (Thomas1) m., had no children: His will proved 1750, made in 1746.

                                 Joseph Clement.
                      Witnesses|Sarah Seaman.
                                 Samuel Willis.
Gave 50 to Wait4 the minor son of his (cousin) Nephew. The Estate to Wait3 Powell jr., father of said minor.

1710, Nathaniel Seaman and Thomas Powell were appointed by Westbury Monthly Meeting of Friends to speak to Wait2 Powell and John Fry about their attending the marriages of two of their neices, Hannah and Mary Willets, daughters of Richard Willets, dec., said marriages were accomplished by the assistance of a Priest.

1724, Another Committee reported to the Monthly Meeting that they had spoken with Wait3 Powell about his marriage out of the order of Friends -- also with his uncle Wait2 about assisting him in said marriage.
Thus with no children of his own he, Wait2 Powell, seems to have been a convenient uncle to help other people's children to have their own way.

SOLOMON2 POWELL, son of Thomas1 and his second wife Elisabeth, was the only one that was born at Bethpage. He was young when his mother died and his father soon took him and some of his sisters to Westbury to reside. He never had a home in Bethgate afterwards, his share in his father estate being money, 200. His will dated 23, 2, 1735 or 6, executors, Henry Willis, Jacob Seaman & Baront Van Wyke. He m. 1730 Ruth Carman, dau. of Thomas, had children:
  Stephen3 b. 1731, m. Jan. 5, 1754, Elisabeth Petitt.
  Thomas3 b. 1733, m. 1755 Sarah Sands, he d. 1781.
  Solomon3 b. 1735, m. 1758 Jerusha Hinton.
(Baront Van Wyke m. Hannah Carman, sister of Ruth.)

STEPHEN3 POWELL (Solomon2 Thos.1) m. Elisabeth Petitt and had children:
  Stephen4 m. Abigail Smith.
  Ruth4 m. a Mott.
  Betsy4 m. a Carman.
  Mary4 m. a Mott.

STEPHEN4 POWELL (Stephen3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Abigail (Smith) had children:
  Thomas5 m. Sarah Cornwell dau. of William and
    Sarah (Culver) Cornwell.
  Benjamin5 m.1 Fannie Southard, m.2 Mary Ann
  Harry5 m. Bertha Mills.
  Joel5 m. Jemima Ingard.
  Robert Townsend5 m. Wealthy (???).
  Charles5 m. Fanny Bedell.
  Sarah5 m. a Bailey.
Phebe5 m. a Brower.
  Maria5 m. a Carman.

THOMAS5 POWELL (Stephen4 Stephen3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Sarah (Cornwell) had children:
  William,6 Henry6 S, Stephen,6 Gideon,6 Thomas,6
    David6 B. reside in Hempstead.

CHARLES5 POWELL (Stephen4 Stephen3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Fannie (nee Bedell) had children:
  Charles6 m. dau. of Raynor Rock Smith.
  And others.

CHARLES6 and wife (Rock Smith) had children:
  Charles7 postmaster at Freeport, L. I., in 1894, m.,
    has daughter.8
Daughter7 m. Harvey Rock Smith, has children:

THOMAS3 POWELL (Solomon2 Thos.1) m. Sarah Sands, dau. of Samuel Sands and Mary (nee Pell.), children:
  Solomon4 b 1756, m. (???) Smith.
  Samuel4 b. 1759, no children.
  Thomas4 b. 1762, m. 1781 Martha Smith.
  Mary4 b. 1765, m. 1783 James Peters.
  Richard4 b. 1768, m. Elisabeth Jackson.
  James4 b. 1774, m. Sarah Smith.
  David4 b. 1777, no children.
Mary Pell was daughter of Thomas Pell, whose wife was said to be the daughter of an Indian chief, so say the records. Town records say that, "in 1684 Indians granted to Henry Pell 50 acres at Matinecock, L. I., as he has married an Indian woman named Jane, one of our own nation, the Narragansetts." The Youngs and Coverts now have the place.
The above Thomas3 Powell d. 1681; gave silver tankard to his wife, Sarah Powell.

SOLOMON4 POWELL (Thos.3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and wife had children:
  Solomon5 m. and had George6 Joshua6 Catherine.6
  Thomas5 m. Ann Strattan, had Thomas,6 William,6
    Susan,6 Catherine.6
  Mary5 m. John McFall.
  Sarah,5 no children.
  Oliver,5 no children.

THOMAS4 POWELL (Thos.3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Martha (Smith). Children:
  Thomas5 m. Elizabeth Stymits; had but one child,
    Martha, b. April 13, 1811, m. Alfred Seaman,
    b. 1809. She d. Oct. 6. 1861.
  Joshua5 m. Elizabeth Covert.
  James5 m. Jane Covert.
  John5 m. Catherine Smith.
  Jarvis5 m. Deborah Saxton.
  Samuel5 m. Deborah Ketcham.
  George5 m. Maria Mitchell.
  Charles5 m. Mary Wood, and had Charles6 and
  Epenetus5 m. Martha Van Wyke, and had Benj.,6
    Annie,6 John6 and Mary.6
  Nancy5 m. Gershom Saxton.
  Sarah5 m. Eliphalet Hendrickson.
  Ruth5 died.

JOSHUA5 POWELL (Thos.4 Thos.3 Solomon2 Thos.1) m. Elisabeth Covert, and had:
  Jane6 m. John Jarvis.
  Letty6 m. William Jervis.
  Naomi6 m. (???) Garret.
  Nelson6 m. Hannah Nichols.
  Elisabeth6 m. Henry Bedell.
  Ruth6 m. James Van Size.
  Maria6 m. Jervis Whitson.

JAMES5 POWELL (Thos.4 Thos.3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Jane Covert had:
  William6 m. Leonora Nostrant.
  Martha6 m. George Smith.
  Sarah Jane6 m. Ephraim Smith.
  Samuel6 m. Harriet Perry.

JOHN5 POWELL (Thos.4 Thos.3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Catharine (Smith) had:
  Smith6 m. Sarah Ann Nichols.
  George6 m. 1st (???) Gildersleeve, 2d Sarah Bumford.
  Charles6 m. Delia Ketcham.

JARVIS5 POWELL (Thos.4 Thos.3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Deborah (Saxton), had:
  Phebe6 m. Thomas Sulivan.
  Ruth6 m. Jesse Conklin.
  Charry Ann6 m. James Barrett.
  Susan6 m. Edwin Smith.

SAMUEL5 POWELL (Thos.4 Thos.3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Deborah (Ketcham) had:
  Margaret6 m. John Robbins.

GEORGE5 POWELL (Thos.4 Thos.3 Solomon,2 Thos.1) and Deborah (Mitchell) had:
  Thomas6 m. Martha Ann Post.
  George6 m. Ann, school teacher.
  Martha6 m. Gowdy.

JAMES4 POWELL (Thos.5 Solomon2 Thomas1) and Sarah Smith had children:
  Sands5 m. Rachel Boylson, she d. 1886.
  David5 m. Mary Johnson.
  Samuel5 m. Ellen Marsden, had Mary and Margaret.
William5 m. Maria Baldwin, had Samuel and Willets.
  Elisabeth5 m. Pettit.
  Ann Amelia.5

SANDS5 POWELL (James4 Thomas3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Rachel Boylson had:
  James6 m. Cornelia Wood and had Percy7 and May.7
  Adaline6 m. Robert Hendrickson and had Bertha7 C.
  Annie S.6 m. Eugene Bedell and had Viola7 Sands Bedell.

DAVID5 POWELL (James4 Thos.3 Solomon2
   Thos.1) and Mary Johnson had:
  Calvin,6 who m. and has three children, Helen7
    Clifford7 Calvin.7

RICHARDSON4 POWELL (Thos.3 Solomon2 Thos.1) m. Elisabeth Jackson and had:
  David5 died without children.
  Richard5 m. Mary Baldwin and had John6 and
  Jackson5 m. Letitia Powell of Stephen Ch. Elisebeth6
    m. (???) Hicks and Stephen.6

STEPHEN5 POWELL (Mary4 Thomas3 Solomon2 Thos.1) m. Phebe Stymits and had:
  Allie6 died.
  John6 m. Margaret M.
  Letitia6 m. Jackson Powell.
  Stimusson6 m. Mary Bergen, 2d m. Mary Wiggins.
  Joseph6 m. Jane Lott.

STIMUSSON6 and Mary (Bergen) Powell, children of:
  Jacob7 m. Sarah A. Oakley and had Stimusson8 M.
    and Lucretia O.8
Stephen B.7 m. Jane Cox and had Cora.8
  Phebe Ann7 m. Henry A. Manolt and had Edmond
    Willets8 Mary Emma8 and Harry.8

SOLOMON3 POWELL (Solomon2 Thos.1) m. 1758 Jerusha Hinton, children:
  Abraham4 m. 1784 Mary Dickerson.
  Robert4 b. 1767, m. Mary Cornelius.
  Amy4 m. James Mott of Richard.
  Charles4 b. 1774, m. Mary Baldwin.
  Phebe4 m. Petitt.

ABRAHAM4 POWELL (Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Mary Dickerson had:
  Abraham5 m. (???) had son Abraham.6
  Phebe.5 This family lived somewhere up the Hudson River.

ROBERT4 POWELL (Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Mary (Cornelius) had:
  Benjamin5 m. Phebe Carman.
  Henry5 m. Ruth Post.
  Ann5 n. m.
  Abraham5 m. Eliza dau. of Noah Seaman.2
  Jerusha5 m. Jeremiah Jackson.
  Elisabeth5 n. m.
  Solomon5 m. Almy dau of Willet Seaman.
  Mary5 m. Charles Powell.
  John5 m. Mary Ann Seaman of Benj. This family  lived near Jerusalem, L. I.

BENJAMIN5 POWELL (Robert4 Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Phebe Carman had:
  Susan6 John Tredwell6 (single) William.6
  Mary Jane6 m. (???) Smith.
  Phebe Ann6 m. Andrew Bryant.

HENRY5 POWELL (Robert4 Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Ruth (Post) had:
  Iantha6 m. Joseph W. Clark.
  Charlotte6 m. Richard Hart.
  Sarah Elisabeth6 m. Andrew Foster.

ABRAHAM5 POWELL (Robert4 Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) m. 1st Eliza Seaman, dau. of Noah and Martha and had:
  Rebecca6 m. Henry Justan.
  Margaretta6 m. Sylvester Smith.
  m2 (???) (???) and had

SOLOMON5 POWELL (Robert4 Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) m. Alma Seaman, dau. of Willet and Letitia (Seaman), children:
  Emily C.6 b. 6, 2, 1842, m. Gilbert B. Allen and had  Solomon and others.
  Henry6 b. 3, 2, 1846, m.1 Mary E. Monfort, m.2
    1872 Livia L. Remsen, no children.
  Mary Letitia6 b. 4, 3, 1849, she d. 1863.

HENRY POWELL6 (Solomon5 Robert4 Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) and Mary E. (Monfort) had:
  Percey7 b. Nov. 20, 1868.
Mary E. (Monfort) Powell died, and Henry m. 1872 Livia L. Remsen, she died very soon, and in 1877 he married her sister, Jennette M. Remsen, they had children:
  Alma S.7 b. July 8, 1879, she d. June 28, 1880.
  Mabel R.7 b. Oct. 19, 1882.

JOHN5 POWELL (Robert4 Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) m. Mary Ann, dau. of Benjamin and Jemima (Seaman), children:
  Julia6 died early.
  Robert6 m. Fannie Douglass.
  Solomon6 died in youth.
  Phebe6 m. William S. Kitchell.
  Albert6 died.
  Adelbert6 died in youth.
  Annie6 m.

CHARLES4 POWELL (Solomon3 Solomon2 Thos.1) m. Mary Baldwin, dau. of John and Esther, children:
  Robert5 m. Catharine Vandewater and had Mary Esther6, Phebe6, Laura6, Prudence6, Jerusha6 and Charles6 Powell.
  John5 m. Ann Petitt and had Matilda6 and John.6
  Esther5 m. Robert Hilliard.
  Charles5 m. 1st Eliza Smith, dau. of Joseph and Harriet Smith, had one child, Mary,6 m. Gilbert  Smith. Charles m. 2d Mary Powell, dau, of Robert, and had Annie, m. Jesse Tyrrell.

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