HENRY1 PEARSALL one of the early settlers of Hempstead, d. 1667, wife Ann, sons-in-law Timothy Halstead, and John and Joseph, sons of Michael Williams. Sons:

  Nathaniel2 m. Martha Seaman, dau. of Capt. John,
   she d. 1712, he d. 1703.
  Daniel2 m.
  George2 m. had son Henry, and dau. Sarah m.
  1721, John Titus jr. she d. 1753.
  Thomas2 m. Mary Seaman, youngest dau. of Capt.
Children of NATHANIEL2 PEARSALL and Martha Seaman:

  Nathaniel3 b. 1676, d. 1679.
  Thomas3 b. 1679, m. 1708, Sarah Underhill, dau.
   of John and Mary.
  Martha3 b. 1681, m. Henry Cock, and had son
  Hannah3 b. 1683, d. 1689.
  Sarah3 b. 1686, m. Thomas Townsend.
  Elisabeth3 b. 1688, Hannah3 b. 1690, d. 1718,
    Phebe3 b. 1693, d. 1702.
  Samuel3 b. 1695, d. 1720, Nathaniel3 b. 1699, d.
  Mary3 b. 1703, m. 1726, Thomas Franklin, of Rye,
    son of Henry, of Flushing.
THOMAS3 PEARSALL and Sarah (Underhill) had:

  Thomas4 b. 1710, Nathaniel4 b. 1712, m. 1735,
    Mary Latham, dau. of Joseph.
  Sarah4 b. 1714, m. 1740, Richard Mott and had
    James, m. 2d 1747 Richard Alsop.
  Phebe4 b. 1717, Martha4 b. 1719, d. 1721.
  Hannah4 b. 1721, m. Benjamin Hawxhurst, son of
    Samson and Hannah.
  Samuel4 b. 1724.
  Mary4 b. 1727, m. 1754, Obadiah Seaman.
THOMAS4 PEARSALL (Thomas3 Nathaniel2 Henry1) m. and had (he was of Hempstead Harbor).

  Israel5 b. 1733, Thomas5 b. 1735, Nathaniel5 b.
    1737, Mary5 b. 1742, Martha5 b. 1743.
THOMAS2 PEARSALL (Henry1) and Mary (Seaman) had:

  HENRY3 b. 1690, m. 1717, Mary Titus, dau. of
   John and Sarah (Willis) and had, (he d. 1750).
  Rowland4 m. 1748, Anna Powell, dau. of Wait and
   Mary (Mudge).
  Anna4 b. 1722, m. 1740, Silas Willis, son of Henry
   and Phebe (Powell).
  Thomas4 b. 1735, m. 1st 1754, Rachel b. 1720, d.
   1759, dau. of John Powell and Margaret.
  John4 m. Hannah.
ROWLAND4 PEARSALL and Anna, of Bethpage had:

  Jane5 b. 1749.
  Henry5 b. 1751, m. 1785, Abigail, dau. of John
  Mary5 b. 1755, Phebe5 b. 1757, m. 1791, John
  William5 b. 1759, m. Elisabeth Gaunt, b. 1767,
   dau. of Samuel.
Amy5 b. 1761, Silas5 b. 1764, was living at Bethpage
        in 1785.
  Thomas5 b. 1766, Rowland5 m.
  Wait5 b. 1770, m. Hannah Brush. Anna b. 1772,
   m. 1st an Allen, 2d m. 1814, Stephen Lines,
   she d. 1840.
Children of WILLIAM5 PEARSALL and Elisabeth Gaunt.

  Samuel G.6 b. 1787.
  Amy6 b. 1788, m.
  Richard O.6 b. 1791. Jane6 b. 1792, d. 1793.
  Daniel G.6 b. 1794. Mary6 b. 1796.
  Elisabeth P.6 b. 1800, m. Edward Ballenger b.
    1800, she d. 1888.
  Martha6 C. b. 1802.
  William6 b. 1804, m. Mary.
  Edward B.6 b. 1807. George T.6 b. 1809.
Children of ELISABETH6 P. (Pearsall) and Edward Ballenger:

  William b. 1829, Mary Elisabeth b. 1831.
  Jane Elisabeth b. 1834, m. Jacob Capron.
  Edward b. 1836.
WAIT5 PEARSALL (Rowland4 Henry3 Thomas2 Henry1) and Hannah Brush had:

  Amy6 m. John Seaman, son of Samuel and Kesia
  Rowland6 m.
  Anna6 m. Samuel Seaman, son of Samuel and
   Kesia, Anna d.
  Phebe6 m. Samuel Seaman, his 2d wife.
Wait5 Pearsall and Hannah requested, in 1797, to have their two little children, Amy and Rowland, joined in membership with Friends.

  JOHN4 PEARSALL m. 1771, Hannah, lived at
   Bethpage and had:
  Hannah5 m. 1793, Jacob Powell, son of Samuel.
John5 m. 1793, Hannah Powell, dau. of Samuel.
THOMAS4 PEARSALL (Henry3 Thomas2 Henry1) m. 1st Rachel Powell and had:

  Sarah5 b. 1756, unm. m. 2d Ann Williams, dau.
    of Thomas and Mary, grandaughter of Thomas
  Samuel5 b. 1764, m. Margaret Hicks, b. 1767, dau.
    of Gilbert, she d. 1833.
  Rachel5 b. 1765, m. 1785, Samuel Willis, son of
    John and Elisabeth.
  Jacob5 b. 1767.
  Edmond5 b. 1768, m. 1794, Rachel Willets.
  Mary5 b. 1770.
  Esther5 b. 1772, m. Gilbert Lawrence.
  Amy5 b. 1773, m. Henry Lawrence.
  Robert5 b. 1776.
Thomas4 Pearsall of Bethpage had Certificate of Removal to Flushing in 1786, for self, wife and 8 children.

Children of SAMUEL5 and Margaret (Hicks) Pearsall.

  Mary H.6 b. 1790, d. 1811.
  Ann6 b. 1791, m. 1818, Seaman Willets, son of
    Daniel and Martha, she d. 1851.
  Gilbert H.6 b. 1699, he d. 1879.
  Sarah6 b. 1800.
  Samuel6 b. 1802, d. 1805.
  Margaret H.6 b. 1810.
In 1767, Mary Pearsall, widow of Nathaniel, and 4 daughters, Mary, Sarah, Hannah and Jane moved to New York and had certificate to Flushing Monthly Meeting.

In 1751, Mary Pearsall, widow of Henry had certificate to Little Egg Harbor, N. Jersey, signifying her clearness from Marriage engagements.

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