From 1638 to 1681, there was a Thomas Powell living in New Haven with wife named Priscilla. They were members of the first Church there, and we find by the Church Records, and his Will dated 1681, that they had five children, viz: (he d. 1681.)

  Hannah b. 1641, baptised 1643. m. 1661, Thomas
    Tuttle. she d. 1710.
  Priscilla b. 1642, baptised 1644, m. 1666, John
  Mary b. 1645, m. 1669, Ephraim Sandford, of
  Martha b. 1651, died early.
  Esther b. 1653, died early.
No connexion has been traced between these New Haven Powells and our first Thomas Powell, of Long Island, and the subject would not have been alluded to, if Thompson's History of L. I. had not suggested that he, of Newhaven, was identical with the L. I. Thomas Powell,--and we should not have gone to N. H. to search for a possible father of our Thomas.

                                            M. P. B.
Some Powell marriages by license from Gov. of New York.

  1761. Elisabeth m. John Etherington.
  1761. Edmond m. Mary Rowland.
  1759. James, a mariner, m. Ann Bruce.
  1764. James m. Eleanor McKenney.
1768. Eleanor m. Pierce Donoven.
  1769. Thomas Washburton m Elisabeth McEwen.
  1778. Ruth m. Robert Petit.
  1779. Elisabeth m. Benjamin Carman.
  1781. James, a Refugee, m. Elisabeth Smith, of
  1804. James m. Martha Townsend.
  1819. Cornelius Powell, of Westbury, son of
    Reuben and Ann, m. Rachel Healy, dau. of
    Christopher and Alice.
  Born 1765, Jane, dau. of James and Elaniah
Thomas. son of John Allen Dyer, of Norwich was admitted to Cambridge in 1624.

Roger Alling, Deacon of Church at New Haven, he d. 1674. His wife was Mary Nash, she d. 1683.

Peter C‘sar Alburtus was at Flatlands in 1641; his daughter Francena Alburtus, born 1654, m. John Allen.

Samuel Allen was at Hempstead, bought land of Joseph Young, in 1664.

John Allen, Freeholder in 1666, at Newtown, L. I. Capt. John Allen or Alline.

Nathaniel Alline on Record, in 1671.

William Allen, a Quaker at Newtown in 1676.

John Allen at Foster's Meadow 1681, 1684, at Maspeth Hills, sold his land at Foster's Meadow to Henry Maybe, land was laid out to John Ellison.

Thomas Allen ? of 1698.

Samuel Allen, Proprietor of New Hampshire, purchased the right of Mason in 1697.

Henry Allen bought land of Abel Smith, in 1711, once Thomas Champion's.

Sarah Allen m. 1723, John Seaman.
David Allen m. 1724, Mary Birdsall.

Henry Allen m. 1731, Phebe Williams -- in 1733, they sold the place on Mad Nan's Neck, to Mary Allen, widow of Henry, father of the present Henry.

Mary Allen b. 1701, dau. of Henry and Mary Allen, of Great Neck, m. 1728, Reumourn Townsend.

John James was Town Clerk of Hempstead, several years, being chosen first, in 1657. His Will dated 1660, makes it appear that he had no near relatives in this country, and no family of his own.

I, John James, of Cardiffe, in the County of Glamorgan, in principality of Wales -- being at present sick in body, but blessed be God, of good & perfect memory; do by these presents for ye well ordering of ye blessings of God bestowed upon me, for my relief; I bless his name for it & for his merciful providence over me all ye days of my life.

Imprimis, My Will is yt my debts shall be paid in ye oats & other grain in my lodging of each a part, yt is to say one hundred & seven Gilders, eighteen Stivers unto Mr. Samuel Dryssius minister of ye church of Christ at Manhattans. Item unto Mrs. Bridges twenty-one pound of butter Dutch weight, there is sufficient on my book to pay it.

Item I give and bequeath unto John Smith Rock junior my feather bed & bowlster and two blankets one red & another blue, to be given at the death of his parents or on his day of marriage, or when he shall keep house with his parents consent.

Item I give unto Hanna Smith my Byble, and if her brother die without issue my bed and appointments.
Item, I give & bequeath unto Joan Brudnell six pounds sterling to be paid in oats & other grain a month after my decease, I doubt not but there will be so much overplus, when my debts are paid. It is to buy her part of a house.

Item, I give unto Thomas Jeacock's children 3 1-4 of trading cloth, that is on my bed to cloathe them. Item I give and bequeath unto Richard Hicks one sheet for a winding sheet -- To Josias fforman one sheet,-- to goodwife Champion one sheet, and ye other to make a winding sheet for myself. Item I bequeath to William Scaddin one English ell of Holland;-- and to John Smith Rock ye remainder for his children. I bequeath unto John Beadle my Dublet & black cloth breaches & 40s his father owes me to keep him to school. Item I give unto Mr. Hicks the use of my books of Arithmetick Item I give unto Mr. Gildersleeve my chair and ffree of all accounts between us. Item I give my table and bench & cupboard to John Smith Rock & doe appoint him to be executor of this my last will & testament & Wm Scaddin to assist him. Item I give & bequeath my white blanket to goodwife Simmons, living near ye wall on Mr. Dryssius land at Manhattans. She is a washer woman pray send it safe to her. Item I desire my executor to see me decently buried, & to have so much wine or drams as may in moderation be drank. Iff I have been too large in giving I leave to their discretion. If there be any thing over to give unto pious uses -- half to help repair ye meeting house ye other half to ye church at Flatbush, and thus in conclusion I commend my poor soul into ye Merciful hands of God, hoping to enjoy ye kingdom of Heaven forever more.

DATED at Hempstead ye 13 day off March 1660.

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